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A List of the Democrat Morons who are blasting Bush and how they voted for Intelligence Budget Cuts

Posted on 05/18/2002 12:43:38 PM PDT by Hillary's Lovely Legs

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To: Hillary's Lovely Legs
I thought we dropped Jerry Nadler on an Al Qaida encampment in Kanduz?
41 posted on 05/18/2002 1:51:42 PM PDT by ArneFufkin
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To: tall_tex
welcome new guy bump
42 posted on 05/18/2002 1:52:30 PM PDT by mustapha mond
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To: wardaddy
"LOl...he probably had better luck with Buddy....may explain Buddy's suicide."

Buddy just knew too much. Arkinside...

43 posted on 05/18/2002 1:52:41 PM PDT by cibco
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To: jigsaw
Remarks Of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on 9/11 Warnings
Sen. Clinton Press Release

May 16, 2002

Remarks Of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton
on 9/11 Warnings

On The Floor Of The United States Senate

As Prepared

Mr. President, I rise today out of respect for, and to speak on behalf of, the people of New York. I am especially mindful today of the memory of the people in New York who were lost on September 11, and their family members and loved ones, who grieve for them to this day.

We learn today something we might have learned at least eight months ago: that President Bush had been informed last year, before September 11, of a possible Al-Qaeda plot to hijack a US airliner.

The White House says that the President took all appropriate steps in reaction to that warning.

The White House says that the warning did not include any specific information, such as which airline, which date, or the fact that a hijacked plane would be used as a missile. Those are all important issues, worthy of exploration by the relevant committees of Congress. The goal of such an examination should not be to assign blame, but to find out all the facts.

And I also support the effort by Senators Lieberman and McCain to have an independent National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon The United States, which was reported out of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee in March.

Such a panel can help assure the people of New York and all Americans that every facet of this national tragedy will be fully explored, in hopes that the lessons we learn can prevent disasters in our future.

I appreciate the Senator from Connecticut's remarks on the floor earlier today indicating his desire to offer this proposal as an amendment at the earliest possible convenience. Because we must do all we can to learn the hard lessons of experience from our past and apply them to safeguard our future.

That is why I also support the call by the distinguished Majority Leader, Mr. Daschle, for the release of the Phoenix FBI memorandum and the August intelligence briefing to Congressional investigators, because, as Senator Daschle said this morning, the American people "need to get the facts."

Mr. President, I know some things about the unique challenges faced by the person who assumes the mantle of Commander in Chief. No one but those individuals who have that responsibility can truly know the full scope of the burdens of that office. But I've had the privilege of witnessing such history up close. And I know there is never any shortage of second-guessers and Monday morning quarterbacks, ready to dismantle any comment, or critique any action taken, or not taken.

Having experienced that from the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, I will not play that game, especially in this circumstance.

I am simply here today, on the floor of this hallowed chamber, to seek answers to questions. Questions being asked by my constituents. Questions raised by our newspapers in New York, such as the one with the headline "Bush Knew." The President knew what? My constituents would like to know the answers to those questions. Not to blame the President or any American. But just to know. To learn from experience. To do all we can to ensure that a 9/ll never happens again.

The pain of 9/ll is revisited every time a scene of the flaming towers appears on the television. It is revisited every time we see a picture of the cleanup at Ground Zero. It is revisited every time the remains of a fallen hero is recovered. And it is revisited today, with the questions about what might have been, had the pieces of the puzzle been put together in a different way before that sad day in September.

I cannot answer the questions my constituents are asking. I cannot answer the concerns raised by the families of the victims.

As agonizing as it is to even think that there was intelligence suggesting the possibility of the tragedy that occurred, particularly for the family members who lost a loved one, it's a subject that we are absolutely required to explore.

As for the President, he may not be in a position to respond to all of those concerns. But he is in a position to answer some of them, including the question of why we know today, May 16, about the warning he received, and why we did not know this on April 16, or March 16, or February 16, or January 16, or December 16, or November 16, or October 16, September 16........or August 16?

And I hope that the President will assume the duty that we know he is capable of fulfilling, exercise the leadership that we know he has, and come before the American people at the earliest possible moment to answer the questions so many Americans are asking today. That will help. My constituents would appreciate it.

After all, it's the not knowing that hurts the most.

HLL..." Pardon me while I hurl".

44 posted on 05/18/2002 1:56:04 PM PDT by Hillary's Lovely Legs
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To: Hillary's Lovely Legs
Thank you so much for researching and putting this all together! You ROCK! :-D

I just *hate* that Nadler is my congresscritter, and we'll never get rid of him. So, a few years ago, I adopted a nice, solidly conservative Republican from another state and pretend that he's my congressman. I even send him a couple of campaign contributions every year. Heck, this guy has been more supportive and voted to help lower Manhattan more than Nadler the Hutt has.

45 posted on 05/18/2002 1:56:05 PM PDT by NYC GOP Chick
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To: Miss Marple
We might as well bark at the moon. These subhuman demonRat scum are in office because they know how to pander to their constituents who just don't have what it takes to maintain a democracy.
46 posted on 05/18/2002 1:56:46 PM PDT by Righty1
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To: Hillary's Lovely Legs
Thank you for your efforts to keep us informed. Will have to read Hitlary's comments later, when I feel that my stomach and BP can take it.
47 posted on 05/18/2002 2:03:38 PM PDT by scholar
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To: swheats
Joe Lockhart, Nancy Sauderberg(sp) for starters today has come out on Fox with the marching orders on how diligent Clinton/admin was. These people are truly sick.

Yep. I saw Joe "Running Deer in Headlights" Lockhart on TV earlier and I almost hurt myself laughing when he claimed that the Sinkmaster was obsessed with getting bin laden.

Of course, that explains his refusal to accept bin loony handed to him on a silver platter.

If Clinton had anything other than teeny, tiny micro-'nads, he would have quietly accepted the offer, made sure that bin laden had a "serious accident" on the way over and then just let the world wonder where he is.

48 posted on 05/18/2002 2:03:52 PM PDT by NYC GOP Chick
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To: ArneFufkin
Don't get my hopes up like that!
49 posted on 05/18/2002 2:04:24 PM PDT by NYC GOP Chick
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To: Righty1
Well, woof! I am not giving up. Although I am convinced Nadler retains his seat through payoffs and vote fraud, I think his constituents should at least be shamed. I don't want them to enjoy having him as their congressman.
50 posted on 05/18/2002 2:04:39 PM PDT by Miss Marple
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To: joyful1
Mike DeWine is LDS? News to me...
51 posted on 05/18/2002 2:05:58 PM PDT by Utah Girl
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To: Hillary's Lovely Legs
Wonderful information! I am furious about what is going on and we are probably in the sights for another attack.

I will send this information to my email list.

I think it is time for us on FreeRepublic to use whatever we can to fight the terrorists. We could do any number of things as long as we band together and make ourselves heard.

52 posted on 05/18/2002 2:07:22 PM PDT by ClancyJ
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To: Miss Marple
Considering that we have some of the most left-wingnut neighborhoods in the country in our district, I am not surprised that he wins every two years. We have the Upper West Side (the last bastion of socialism, now that the Soviety Union has been disbanded), Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Soho, and all the other artsy-fartsies down here.

And most of them are proud of him.

53 posted on 05/18/2002 2:07:35 PM PDT by NYC GOP Chick
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To: Hillary's Lovely Legs
Great article, HLL! I saw Hillary last night blasting away at President Bush. It scared me, the vile hate coming out of her. Her eyes were absolutely dead, just a reptile's eyes would be. I saw it three times, and I wasn't looking for it at all. C-Span, C-Span 2, and Lehrer played in it's entirety, and I also saw it on CNN (just a clip.) Truly disgusting.
54 posted on 05/18/2002 2:07:48 PM PDT by Utah Girl
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To: NYC GOP Chick
Oh, heck! I didn't know Nadler was YOUR congressman! Now I feel really bad!

How the heck does he stay in? I surmise vote fraud, myself. What is the explanation?

I like the idea of adopting a congressman. In fact, I think it is an idea that should go national. We could start a registry in which people indicated they disavowed their congressman. When it got to be a large enough number, investigations on vote fraud could be started.

"Please register here if you did NOT vote for Nadler."

I think this might have possibilities.

55 posted on 05/18/2002 2:08:34 PM PDT by Miss Marple
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To: Hillary's Lovely Legs
Thanks for #44.

Kinda reminds me of, "Your Honor, I didn't kill my husband. I only helped him stop breathing."

Or, "But mommy, I didn't take the cookies. They jumped into my mouth."

Or, "I didn't have sex with that woman....."

Hillary and the democrats are as Bush said, The Asses of Evil.

56 posted on 05/18/2002 2:11:43 PM PDT by jigsaw
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To: NYC GOP Chick
So, you are in a district that has been carved to include all the liberals, eh? That is rough. They would like him, I suppose, judging from most of the people at my daughter's art school.

What the Republicans need is to get a flamboyant, artistic person whose sexuality appears iffy to run for that seat. Nothing need be said, but appearances count with some in that group, I think.

Meanwhile, my new congressman will probably be Steve Buyer. You are welcome to adopt him. I am actually glad we got redistricted, as Dan Burton is getting a little squirrely.

57 posted on 05/18/2002 2:12:29 PM PDT by Miss Marple
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To: tall_tex
Welcome to freerepublic and yes you have noticed quickly that it is addictive. You will find the most intelligent, insightful, friendly, not so friendly people on the site. You wont't get along with everybody but that is what is so so so so real about this forum. People from all walks of life voicing their opinions which is what this beautiful country is all about. I am a relatively new republican/conservative and I learn something new on this forum every darn day.

Again welcome and enjoy learning and don't be afraid to give your input.

58 posted on 05/18/2002 2:13:30 PM PDT by GUIDO
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To: Registered
Paging Registered!

How about a Cafe Press T-shirt showing the democrat party donkey and printed underneath the phrase:   The Asses of Evil

59 posted on 05/18/2002 2:14:39 PM PDT by jigsaw
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To: Miss Marple
Yes, it's a cross we have to bear. And I don't think he needs vote fraud or any other typical democrap cheap tricks to win.

I like the idea of a national registry for people who disavow their congresscritters and want to "adopt" a more appropriate one.

I originally adopted my new one because he was a House Manager, but since then I've agreed with at least 95% of his votes and stated positions.

60 posted on 05/18/2002 2:14:54 PM PDT by NYC GOP Chick
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