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Jose Padilla as John Doe #2 theory gains as ties to Benevolence International are uncovered
CNN via ^ | June 15, 2002 | John Berger

Posted on 06/15/2002 11:59:45 AM PDT by spycatcher

Latest Developments

BREAKING NEWS: Padilla Associate Nabbed By Feds In Florida, Had Ties To Benevolence International Foundation

If you've plodded through the Padiila-BIF-Terry Nichols stories (listed below) patiently, wading through the tedious speculation, wishing a real connection would emerge, well, your wait has ended! The feds have nabbed the missing link between the Benevolence International Foundation and Jose Padilla!

Who is John Doe #2 news and information clearinghouse

CNN - Feds arrest man linked to 'dirty bomb' suspect

TOPICS: Breaking News; Crime/Corruption; Foreign Affairs; Government
KEYWORDS: bif; dirtybombplot; jd2; okcbombing; padilla; terrorists
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To: spycatcher
I've read thru 159 posts and most seem to say it's possible. Very few insist they know for sure it's true. What bothers me though, is that I am seeing a lot of posts from people who I don't recognize, name calling, and insisting this isn't the guy. Why? Reminds me of the anthrax "nothing here", tune awhile back. CD
161 posted on 06/16/2002 12:11:36 PM PDT by CindyDawg
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To: Texaggie79
He is not allowed to post here because he knows what really happened?
162 posted on 06/16/2002 12:21:12 PM PDT by carenot
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To: carenot
Him and Elvis both....
163 posted on 06/16/2002 12:25:32 PM PDT by Texaggie79
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To: nunya bidness,Dixie Mom,PhiKapMom,archy,lawdog,glorygirl,spycatcher,MizSterious,thinden,aristeide
With respect ot reply #144:

Could Padilla have been involved? Yes, I have not ruled him out

Padilla may have helped McVeigh and Nichols. THey seemed to have a lot of help in Kansas and in Oklahoma before the bombing and Padilla could have been one of the helpers.

The man seen by three witnesses (interviewed by the FBI and shown sketches) with Nichols and a Ryder truck in Newkirk Oklahoma on April 18, 1995 had curly black hair and looked Middle Eastern like the John Doe sketch with the baseball hat. The Iraqi Al Hussain Hussain has curly black hair and the John Doe in Newkirk looked like Huassaini.

Was the Iraqi Al Hussaini involved at the scene with McVeigh? Absolutely yes. THe best witness for Hussain was Kay Heron who saw Hussaini in the fleeing late model Brown Chevy truck the subject of the FBI APB. Heron revealed details of Hussaini that no one else knew until they saw him up close and these details match John Doe #2 including a special tatoo and curly black hair. William Jasper of the New American interviewed Heron and I met and spoke with her at her interview in 1995.

Hussaini was again seen up close by a KFORTV reporter and her attorneys when he came to OKC in 1997-1998 to attend a deposition as part of Hussainis lawsuit against a KFORTV reporter. Hussaini once again as seen at the deposition fit the description of the man seen by Kay Heron on April 19, 1995 fleeing the scene. THe same man Hussaini had been seen with McVeigh in OKC with McVeigh prior to the bombing as well according to at least three KFORTV witnesses. and KFORTV broadcasts.

THe FBI and District attorney knew Hussaini was in town and never tried to question him even though Heron was an excellent FBI witness. Hussaini's attroney, Gary Richardson, was Governor Frank Keatings law partner and associate in Tulsa for HUD properties. Richardson is now running for governor of Oklahoma.

164 posted on 06/16/2002 12:48:54 PM PDT by OKCSubmariner
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To: river rat,Betty Jo,Plummz,B4Ranch,Gary Aldrich,roughrider,Squantos
Please see reply #164
165 posted on 06/16/2002 12:54:46 PM PDT by OKCSubmariner
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To: Mo1
I just showed those pictures to my hubby and he said the drawlings look just like the guy
Then I took him the drawling was of John Doe #2 ..
The hubby's eyes just popped wide open

show hubby this

166 posted on 06/16/2002 1:09:39 PM PDT by mv1
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To: CIBvet

Uh huh... well it was Ann Richards. A LIBERAL DEMOCRAT!

Sorry, the Blame GW for everything from time immemorial won't work for this one.

And BTW, I don't recall the PRESIDENT, William Jefferson Clinton or his Co President/wife saying anything while little children, men and women burned to death in that raging inferno, do you? All I recall is that the volunteer fire departments were not allowed near the fire when it might have helped. They were forced to wait until nothing was left but ashes.

167 posted on 06/16/2002 1:11:33 PM PDT by IVote2
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To: Honorary Serb
We don't just have the name of Project Bojinka in Serbocroatian. We also have that notebook page found in Afghanistan entitled "Explosivija za Oklahomu" with explosive formulas including nitroglycerin.
168 posted on 06/16/2002 3:12:15 PM PDT by aristeides
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To: PeaceBeWithYou; fred mertz; plummz; hchutch; browardchad; the magical mischief tour; okcsubmariner
In June 1994, Jose Padilla officially became known as Ibrahim, following a hearing before Broward Circuit Judge John A. Frusciante at the courthouse in Fort Lauderdale. Padilla prayed and studied at Darul Uloom from 1995 to 1997.

A court document showing Padilla was in Florida in June '94. But still only the word of the head of the Darul Uloom mosque on where Padilla was in '95.

169 posted on 06/16/2002 3:19:59 PM PDT by aristeides
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To: aristeides
We don't just have the name of Project Bojinka in Serbocroatian. We also have that notebook page found in Afghanistan entitled "Explosivija za Oklahomu" with explosive formulas including nitroglycerin.


170 posted on 06/16/2002 4:56:26 PM PDT by Honorary Serb
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To: Andy from Beaverton
I think there may be a connection. Always wondered why they were in such a hurry to kill McVeigh. Heard it is hot up your way today. My roomie is from Vernonia. Wide spot in a narrow road.
171 posted on 06/16/2002 5:08:34 PM PDT by willyone
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To: OKCSubmariner
I knew it wasn't a white guy that was John Doe #2! Odd you should mention Richardson -- I find him beneath my contempt for advertising on TV right after 9/11. I wrote him a nasty email and said that it was inappropriate and for him to be advertising so early in a campaign was beneath my contempt.

Well Richardson shows up for the Norman Christmas parade and moves to slow as to block the everyone from seeing the bands from the front. No cheers BTW as he went by.

I won't put my real opinion of Frank Keating on this forum but suffice it to say that I am not sorry to see him go and anyone associated with him! Not soon enough for me BTW! Interesting how this is all coming out!

172 posted on 06/16/2002 6:26:09 PM PDT by PhiKapMom
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To: Texaggie79
>Where is Michael Rivero when you need him.................

Reality is 5 times stranger than anything MR can come up with, so he quit.

173 posted on 06/16/2002 8:37:36 PM PDT by Dialup Llama
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To: Dialup Llama
He was banned.
174 posted on 06/16/2002 8:58:50 PM PDT by Plummz
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To: PhiKapMom,all
There is a article on FR somewhere about Frank Keating's brother's book that he wrote before OKC bombing, but was too similar to what actually happened, even to the point that the main character was Tom McVeigh. If you remember, please link.
175 posted on 06/16/2002 10:32:33 PM PDT by TexKat
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To: spycatcher
176 posted on 06/16/2002 10:47:49 PM PDT by PGalt
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To: PhiKapMom
Governor Frank Keating is the second chief executive in Oklahoma history -- and the first Republican -- to win election to two consecutive terms. First elected in 1994 and re-elected by a landslide in 1998, Keating has been one of Oklahoma’s most reform-minded and active governors. Under his leadership, Oklahoma has become a true two-party state, a Right-to-Work state and has made significant progress in education reform, tax relief, roadbuilding, environmental protection, economic development and public safety. Beyond Oklahoma’s borders, Frank Keating is widely recognized as one of America’s most articulate and able political leaders. Born in St. Louis on February 10, 1944, Keating moved with his family to Tulsa before he was six months old. He graduated from Cascia Hall School in Tulsa and attended Georgetown University, where he completed a degree in history and served as student body president. He earned his law degree from the University of Oklahoma in 1969 and became a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, serving in west coast field offices in a variety of duties. Among his investigative targets were new left terrorists. Keating returned to Tulsa and became an assistant district attorney. In 1972 he was elected to the Oklahoma House of Representatives, and in 1974 he won a seat in the Oklahoma State Senate, where he served for seven years, ultimately rising to the position of minority leader. In 1981, President Ronald Reagan appointed Frank Keating as United States Attorney for the Northern District of Oklahoma. He was soon chosen chairman of all of the U. S. Attorneys, and in 1985 he was named Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, beginning seven years of Washington service that would make him the highest ranking Oklahoma in the Reagan and Bush administrations. Keating also held the positions of Associate Attorney General in the Department of Justice and General Counsel and Acting Deputy Secretary at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. In Washington, Keating oversaw the operations of virtually every federal law enforcement agency, including the Secret Service, U. S. Customs Service, ATF, the U. S. Marshals Service, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the Immigration and Naturalization Service and all 94 U. S. Attorneys. He was also the American representative to Interpol and was chairman of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia. At HUD, Keating joined Secretary Jack Kemp in cleaning up that troubled agency. Near the end of President George Bush’s administration in 1992, the President appointed Keating to the federal appeals bench, but partisan wrangling in Congress delayed his confirmation until after the 1992 election, when it was scuttled by the incoming Clinton administration. Keating then returned to Oklahoma and ran for Governor in 1994,
177 posted on 06/16/2002 10:51:56 PM PDT by TexKat
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To: PhiKapMom
Found it. Does anyone have a copy of this book. It was written in 1991 by Martin Keating, Governor Frank Keating's brother.

Government Editorial Source: Author: Devvy Kidd Posted on 06/20/2001 16:42:12 PDT by sirgawain


178 posted on 06/16/2002 11:39:46 PM PDT by TexKat
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To: TexKat
According to Amazon the published date is June 1996. I don't remember any OKC similarities or a character named Tom McVeigh either. But it did have a hijack plot similar to 9-11 in it. Perhaps the terrorist got the idea from the book.

Still is a good read. As good as Tom Clancy's stuff. Advise checking it out from a library as I did, unless it's in paperback now.

179 posted on 06/17/2002 2:42:45 AM PDT by PeaceBeWithYou
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To: Victor
I've only seen one poorly shot college photo of Brescia, so I'll have to take others at their word. He would have been fairly young, maybe 24, possibly as young as 22. Did anyone's description give an approximate age range?
180 posted on 06/17/2002 7:11:28 AM PDT by KirkandBurke
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