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California School Bans the Game of Tag (says it lowers 'self-esteem')
Fox Channel ^ | Thursday. June 20, 2002. | Anita Vogel

Posted on 06/21/2002 4:06:48 AM PDT by spetznaz

Edited on 04/22/2004 12:34:00 AM PDT by Jim Robinson. [history]

SANTA MONICA A Santa Monica elementary school has banned the game of tag, once synonymous with youth and innocence, because they say it creates self-esteem issues among weaker and slower children.

"We had some children who were not playing 'it' appropriately. How do you differentiate between those that are playing correctly and those that aren't?" asked Franklin Elementary School Principal Pat Samarge.

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This is simply the dumbing of America! In REAL LIFE there will always be winners and losers, and banning a game will not remove that fact. I personally think kids should be made to value themselves, but making them think that forces in the real world will step in and 'soothe their feelings' is setting them up for pain and failure.

I am sorry to those who think that everyone 'should be nice and plant daffodils and go to their local pond and skip stones,' but the world out there (and i do not mean just the US) is rife with hyper-competition. And while we are telling our kids not to be competitive because it may hurt the feelings of those who lose other nations around the world are enhancing their education systems (and note in the near future the workplace will be truly global...actually it has already started, just ask those worker in the IT industry).

And what is more sports like football because the losing team will find themselves lacking? Or no exams because some students might fail and start crying?

Actually the following is a post i put forth earlier today on a similar topic...that of some school systems doign away with Failing grades since they may make some students feel inferior:

This is an appalling trend in the education and tutoring system of the United States that really does not bode well for the US in the near future and onwards. The distressing thing is that while our US education structure atrophies those of other nations are going through sustained and unremitting leaps and jumps in a myriad of areas apart from one…accents!

I know it sounds ludicrous that I listed ‘accents’ as the only ‘lacking factor’ in foreign education systems…but literally that is the only viable weakness inherent in them. Foreign based education systems have become extremely competitive and exceedingly comprehensive. Your average foreigner would have better grades in every single subject…including English….with his/her only weak point being the oral smoothness brought about by the accent (and note I am not saying the English is grammatically incorrect…it is actually perfect, just with either some nuance or shadow of an intonation, inflection or brogue in the enunciation).

And in scrutinizing this subject area I will delve in the educational systems of India, Taiwan and Kenya high school systems (which by the way are the world’s hardest in that order) and compare them with the US high school educational system, which sadly is not considered a forte when it comes to preparing students for college and life! In the case of all these nations you will notice that there is a practical necessity for the comprehensiveness and toughness of their educational systems….and that is that it is grueling hard to acquire meaningful employment over there! The competition for every single placement is crazy, and having straight As is not a guarantee or a job offer. Hence the education systems have gone into overdrive to create a slew of virtual ‘ubermenchs’ in a bid to best prepare the kids for an ultra-competitive environment!

Now to tie in the US into this mix. The US high school system is sadly not up to the mark….however our university system is one of the best in the world…if not the best (which is somewhat ironical considering the state of the high schools). Hence these students from the foreign high schools come to the US for a tertiary education in an American university (since universities in the US are quite effective in developing the whole person instead of just cramming facts and figures…which is the bane of other tertiary systems like the that of the British) and thus they get to have their analytical and inter-personal communicative abilities developed in the US (and note they already have a grasp of the ‘facts and figures’ aspects from their education in their home countries).

What happens then? Suddenly the foreign students (at least the ones who came here for an education and not to just enjoy the American way of life or learn how to fly planes into buildings) become much superior to their American counterparts. They have a stronger work ethic, are more learned, read through the night, are extremely meticulous, do not complain, do not expect curves and handouts from their professors, and take learning as an opportunity instead of as a chore! Hence their grades are straight As and so on.

Then let us take a frenetic jump into graduation day and the search for employment in the US. Ok…..we have an American kid with a GPA of 3.1, and an Indian kid with a GPA of 3.9. The Indian kid is willing to work for a tenth of what the US kid even begins to expect, and the Indian kid is exposed to a wide variety of stresses and strains, and was taught from back home how to not only thrive under pressure but to excel! And his work ethic is just crazy!

Now, based on the law of economics, who do you think will get hired! I really doubt the workforce would let go of such a gem just because his accent has a little inflection pertinent to East Indian cultures! After all eh competes and even excels in every other facet and aspect when it comes to his educational background, and he is meticulous (probably even more so due to the ‘hostile’ conditions back home that require him to ensure his work is perfect just to ensure job security), and he is willing to work for a salary no self-respecting American counterpart would deem appropriate! A parallel analogy is to have to cars for sale… is a brand new Chevrolet and the other is a brand new Jaguar. However the Jaguar is selling for either the same price as the chevy, or for less! Most people would opt for a Jaguar.

And although the analogy is rather crude I can say I have had some experience in this. In my university I was frisking through the honor rolls (the Presidents by the way for students with 4.0s) and almost every person was international! And in my classes I always know my greatest competition in class will come from an international student! And I also did a stint a couple of years ago at one of the Kenyan educational systems (they have like 4 or 5 parallel programs) and I was just astonished at the level of absolute and total flawlessness when it came to learning. Actually the top tiers of that particular educational system actually had teachers whose only job was to ‘indoctrinate’ the students into believing they are better than every one else, and making them get such superiority complexes that they go into any situation already ‘knowing’ they have won. And their levels of scholarship and focus were so impressive that I think the best word is not that they were getting educated but that they were being turned into erudite individuals.

Anyway my point is that our US high school system needs to stop being so darn politically correct and start actually educating students (instead of debating whether it is ‘appropriate’ to teach kids about homosexuality and such stuff). After all kids go to high school to do two things: be educated (if not being turned into erudite individuals) and to learn how to get along with others and integrate themselves into society! Fighting over ‘rights’ to teach them about same-sex marriages, or lifting up skirts to ensure they are not wearing thongs (that crazy case in the news recently) should be secondary….although in my opinion such stuff is best left at home (although sadly few families are capable to assist their kids grow into mature responsible adults).

Anyway that is my experience....and my opinion.

1 posted on 06/21/2002 4:06:48 AM PDT by spetznaz
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To: swarthyguy; AmishDude; goldstategop; JohnHuang2; DallasMike; paul51; PsyOp; Crazymonarch
The dumbing of America Major Ping!
2 posted on 06/21/2002 4:09:50 AM PDT by spetznaz
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To: spetznaz
Sounds like something out of a Rand novel.
3 posted on 06/21/2002 4:17:12 AM PDT by freedom9
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To: spetznaz
The dumbing of America

More like the "Pussification of America".

4 posted on 06/21/2002 4:24:15 AM PDT by chemicalman
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To: spetznaz
And a very good opinion it is!

This latest from the socialist west coast is a perfect example of just how out of touch Political Correctness is with the real world. Just look at how indoctrinated these children have become to social engeneering.

5 posted on 06/21/2002 4:28:24 AM PDT by yoe
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To: spetznaz
Young Eloi in the making.
6 posted on 06/21/2002 4:34:27 AM PDT by PJ-Comix
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To: spetznaz
We used to play Army, King of the Hill, Cowboys and Indians, have rock fights (the wounds were minor), snowball fights, fist fights, and all of that without one conflict resolution class. No stress management class. Yet we all survived and grew up to be law abiding citizens (well, most of us did.) If you did any of that today there would be no students left. They would all be expelled.
7 posted on 06/21/2002 4:37:47 AM PDT by Movemout
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To: freedom9
If you are referring to Ayn Rand, i thought her novels were the opposite of the p*ssyfication advocated by that school system. She was extremely Nietzschean and quite Machiavellian.....unless i am mistaken.

In such a case i think (working from her works) one could say that she insinuates it is better to have a superiority complex than an inferiority complex, and that everyone who decides to not be their best in a bid to be 'nice' and be utilitarian is a sot!

Althoug Ayn Rand has her own issues when it comes to her philosphies, and is depicted as a cult symbol by some and as a pariah by others. Some of her issues is that she does not believe in God (she says religion is making people suffer suppression, repression and oprression in this world in the 'hope' that they shall get a 'reward' in some 'future perfect heavenly world' that for her does not exist), and she also was at loggerheads with some cultural propriety (for similar reasons as the religion thing).

However no matter what Rand has to say the fact still remains that what that Cali school is trying to do is so silly i dare say it is stupid! After all the kids will find competition everywhere...and it is only going to INCREASE! And taking out the game of tag is just not only ludicrous but asinine!

8 posted on 06/21/2002 4:38:45 AM PDT by spetznaz
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To: yoe
The dumber they are, the better robocitizens they become. A good example of this theory was the Florida election where they couldn't cast a ballot. If the entire population could be this stupid, we would be ready for the ultimate NEW World Order.
9 posted on 06/21/2002 4:40:17 AM PDT by meenie
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To: PJ-Comix
Eloi........ummmmmm. Yum,Yum.
10 posted on 06/21/2002 4:44:45 AM PDT by Chief
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To: spetznaz
Next they will be banning all competive sports because someone might lose and damage there self esteem. Being competative is what makes this country work.
11 posted on 06/21/2002 4:48:15 AM PDT by reader25
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To: reader25; meenie; Movemout; PJ-Comix; chemicalman; freedom9
And do you know what will be next? CAPITALISM!

After all capitalism is the essence of competition! It is the distillation of everything competition is in the realm of finance, economy and pertinent areas!

So will these folks also do away with capitalism because 'it makes some people rich, and those who do not become rich will become we should make everyone happy and remove capitalism.'

If you follow their logic and extrapolate it you can see some strands of ther logic progressing to capitalism! It will probably never go that far, but if the game of tag is 'detrimental to self-esteem' what about capitalism that makes some very rich and others not as wealthy? Will not those who are not as oppulent feel 'sad and unworthy?'

I have to say the California school that came uo with this probably has a very atrophied logical acumen if they did not see how flawed there decision was!

12 posted on 06/21/2002 4:56:52 AM PDT by spetznaz
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To: spetznaz
Living under pc tyranny lowers self esteem.
13 posted on 06/21/2002 4:57:54 AM PDT by boomop1
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To: spetznaz
So will these folks also do away with capitalism because 'it makes some people rich, and those who do not become rich will become we should make everyone happy and remove capitalism.'
What do you think is the objective of all this modell?

Kids, there's a simple solution if you don't like "tag"...don't play!. Of course that's something else the PC schools would just as soon not encourage: opting out of group activities. Might instill anti-social attitudes such as individualism, you know.

-Eric -Eric

14 posted on 06/21/2002 5:02:54 AM PDT by E Rocc
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To: spetznaz
Ooops! I forgot Dodge Ball, that evil game played indoors on a rainy day.

You're right capitalism is the ultimate scoring game. A friend of mine had a plaque on his wall that stated "He who has the most toys when he dies Wins."

15 posted on 06/21/2002 5:06:27 AM PDT by Movemout
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To: spetznaz
Actually, this is a perversion of the real idea of self-esteem, which is based on two pillars: I am and I can. As I can do more and more things, my self-esteem rises. But the school idiots have perverted the entire idea to I'm no one and I'll never be able to do nuttin, not even spell.

If a teacher is worried that some kids never win at tag, she should be smart and creative enough to devise a game or contest the slow or dull kids can win. Or, for heaven's sake, perhaps the teacher could actually TEACH the kids how to play tag.

16 posted on 06/21/2002 5:11:26 AM PDT by PoisedWoman
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To: Movemout
Hey, while we are dealing with capitalism and dodge ball, why not include war! After all when the US military goes and bombs some al Queda bastions it makes the terrorists feel 'inadequate' since the US is playing 'unfair' by sending B-2 stealth fighters when they (the Jehadis) only have kalashnikovs and other small arms.

Or what about the feelings of Saddam? Will he not feel saddened and inferior when the US navy 'unfairly' starts lobbing Tomahawk cruise missiles at him when he cannot retaliate in an equal manner? He might get depressed since the playing field is not equal!

Oh my....!

17 posted on 06/21/2002 5:14:09 AM PDT by spetznaz
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To: spetznaz
Now Spetnaz, don't get your Russian woolen undies in a bunch. We will get there soon. The UN will dispose of the war criminal machine out of the USA as soon as they can figure out how to tax us and make us pay for the prosecutions.
18 posted on 06/21/2002 5:26:38 AM PDT by Movemout
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To: spetznaz
"Little kids were coming in and saying 'I don't like it.' [The] children weren't feeling good about it,"

And when these little children grow up...they're going to be able to hold a job exactly HOW?

19 posted on 06/21/2002 5:50:07 AM PDT by Right_in_Virginia
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To: spetznaz
First: This sounds like forced organized recess, that won't work

Second:"Tamara Silver, a parent of a fifth-grader at Franklin Elementary ........"
What is a fifth grader (about 10 years old) doing playing tag.
My son quit playing tag after the first grade.

I'm so glad I live in a republican state (Texas)

20 posted on 06/21/2002 5:59:25 AM PDT by marrsstar4
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