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Islam's voice of hatred, war and insanity | July 25, 2002 | Mark Rauch

Posted on 07/25/2002 8:01:24 AM PDT by 1bigdictator

Islam’s Voice of Hatred, War and Insanity

July 25, 2002 by Marc J. Rauch

We’ve all heard the continuing harangue that Islam is a religion of peace and love; that despite what we've witnessed and continue to see all around us, Islam and its followers are only victims of misunderstanding. It’s just the “radical element,” we’ve been told, that are trying to expropriate Muhammad’s venerable doctrines, and to corrupt an otherwise beautiful theology.

Well, to dispel all notions of the purported peace, love and beauty of Islam, I give you Islamic Voice, a twenty-year old print (and now also online) publication that professes pragmatism and objectivity in addressing Islamic issues. The Islamic Voice “does not believe in being controversial, sensational, grievance-minded or simply a spokesman of the community,” so they state. Within their mandate of providing realistic, and matter-of-fact reporting, one of their stated goals is to combat malicious propaganda directed against Islam and Muslims.

Here’s how they handle their lofty mission: In response to the September 11th attacks against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, Islamic Voice presents a feature review of the book “L’Effroyable Imposture” (The Horrible Fraud). Written by French author Thierry Meyssan, this work “dismisses the whole episode as ‘a loony fable’ patched together by the White House and the U.S. Department of Defense.” In short, Meyssan claims that Muslim extremists did not hijack the jets that crashed into the buildings, but that the airplanes were empty, pilot-less drones directed by remote control (by U.S. agents) from the ground. This story was published in the July 2002 edition of Islamic Voice. Considering that we have admissions of guilt by Osama bin Laden and his people, as well as the acknowledgement of Islamic leaders such as Hosni Mubarak that bin Laden and al-Qaeda were responsible for the acts, the use of this story to defend Islam is unconscionable. There is nothing pragmatic or objective about it. It merely fuels the fires of hatred for the West within the Islamic community.

In a discussion about dietary laws, their expert, Dr. Zakir Naik, blames the frequent “American practice of wife-swapping” on eating pork. He concludes that this activity is becoming rampant within the pig-eating (Hindu) community in Bombay. There’s nothing controversial, sensational, or grievance-minded about this bit of scientific drivel, is there? Nah, that’s just the kind of tolerant understanding that Muslim’s have for their non-Islamic brothers. It’s similar to their libelous claims that Jews kill Gentile children to drink their blood during religious ceremonies. Gosh, you don’t think that Dr. Zakir could be a faker, do you?

Islamic Voice also provides oodles of other near-hilarious reports, such as the one about Muhammar al-Qaddafi (the Libyan terrorist/leader/dictator) hosting peace talks between India and Pakistan. Just think, one of the world’s most notorious murderers hosting a peace powwow under his tent: the wolf inviting a lamb for dinner; and the lamb is the dinner.

However, most revealing, and reviling of all is the link that Islamic Voice provides to something called “A Brief Chronology of Muslim History.” The chronology breaks down Muslim history century by century, from the 6th through the 20th. In such a chronology, one might expect to find numerous references to wondrous achievements, scientific discoveries, literary and artistic accomplishments, and events that would distinguish Muslims as humanitarians or enlightened leaders of a true faith.

No, not at all, it’s an incredibly extensive list of all the wars, destruction, violence, and murder that Muslims have engaged in for about 1,500 years.

Now, I’m the first to admit that other religious and ethnic groups have committed or participated in horrible infamy during their respective histories, but I can’t imagine a circumstance in which any other major group would only highlight violence as their primary contribution to world society. Particularly so in a “brief chronology,” where there might be the attempt to portray only positive aspects. A chronology of Christian history might include the Crusades and Inquisition, but they would probably also list the founding of cities, universities, scientific advancements, artistic creations, and so on. I can conceive of two exceptions to this gross oversight: First, a chronological history of Star Trek’s Klingons would only list wars, battles, and destruction. Second, if persons wishing to defame Islam created the chronology.

However, this chronology is part of a Muslim produced website that is hosted by USC (yes, USC, as in University of Southern California). The website is the “Islamic Server of MSA-USC.” Their mission statement is “This evolving server provides information about the fundamentals of Islam and other aspects which make this religion a universal way of life. We here at MSA-USC pray that Allah finds the information contained in this site pleasing to Him. We also hope that you find the information useful to you. Please make a du'aa for those people who have graciously contributed content to the site: may Allah reward them mightily.”

So here we have a website paid for and supported, at least in part, by one of our country’s leading educational institutions, that declares its most important accomplishments as being the death and subjugation of non-Muslims. And they pray that Allah finds this pleasing.

Based upon the foregoing, it seems to me that “malicious propaganda about Islam and Muslims” would be to call it a religion of peace and love. Muslims, like Klingons, clearly honor intolerance and destruction. Therefore, allow me to be among those who do not malign Islam, and state with all assuredness that it is a religion of hatred and war! Can I get an Amen brothers and sisters?

Marc J. Rauch was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1952, and lived in the metropolitan area until “emigrating” to the West Coast in the early ‘80s. He is a multi-award winning TV/film writer, producer, and director, and has been a broadcasting and marketing executive since the 1975. Marc regularly lectures on various subjects concerning broadcasting and new media at conferences and seminars throughout the U.S. and Europe. In 1994, he authored a book on advertising and has had several business and industry articles published in a variety of related magazines. After the events of September 11, 2001, Marc began writing about U.S./Arab relations and the Middle East conflict. He has since had several articles published on these subjects.

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© Marc J. Rauch

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Foreign Affairs; Government; Israel; News/Current Events; Philosophy
KEYWORDS: islamists; jihadinamerica; subjugation; warmongers
Islam reminds me of the evil forces at work in Lord of the Rings...
1 posted on 07/25/2002 8:01:24 AM PDT by 1bigdictator
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To: 1bigdictator; monkeyshine; ipaq2000; Lent; veronica; Sabramerican; beowolf; Nachum; BenF; angelo; ..
If you want on or off me Israel/MidEast/Islamic Jihad ping list please let me know.  Via Freepmail is best way.............


2 posted on 07/25/2002 8:02:26 AM PDT by dennisw
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To: 1bigdictator
Islam reminds me of the evil forces at work in Lord of the Rings...

3 posted on 07/25/2002 8:11:01 AM PDT by Alouette
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To: 1bigdictator

4 posted on 07/25/2002 8:17:01 AM PDT by mhking
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To: mhking
your map is missing the Isle of Zion...
5 posted on 07/25/2002 8:25:26 AM PDT by Fudd
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To: Fudd
Touche = I'll have to look for a better map (I can't claim to have done this one; I ran across it on another message board...)
6 posted on 07/25/2002 8:27:17 AM PDT by mhking
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To: Alouette
Note the family resemblence to your post 3.

7 posted on 07/25/2002 8:29:17 AM PDT by SJackson
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To: 1bigdictator
The Arabic Muslim world has also seized upon the translation of "Mein Kampf" as a blueprint for their conquest of the West. But once they have managed the somewhat impractical (and face it, highly unlikely) feat of consuming and subduing the West, what shall they do with us? They do not seem to have the necessary discipline to effectively maintain control of such a fractitous bunch of bloodythirsty pirates as would administer any imposed regime in this country.

Study the Koran. In the words of that tome, there may be the seeds to utterly and devastatingly destroy that apostasy known as Wahhabism, and finally generate the reformation Islam so desperately needs.

8 posted on 07/25/2002 8:50:23 AM PDT by alloysteel
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To: 1bigdictator
Also see the forthcoming -

  Islam Unveiled: Disturbing Questions About the World's Fastest Growing Faith by Robert Spencer

9 posted on 07/25/2002 9:27:12 AM PDT by flamefront
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To: mhking
interesting atheist map

No thank you!

10 posted on 07/25/2002 9:27:38 AM PDT by Taiwan Bocks
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Comment #11 Removed by Moderator

To: alloysteel
"They do not seem to have the necessary discipline to effectively maintain control of such a fractitous bunch of bloodythirsty pirates as would administer any imposed regime in this country."

OTOH they do have plenty of discipline when it comes to spreading wars and rumors of wars. IMHO their ultimate goal is to destroy the economy and reduce us to their level, a bunch of savages living in mud huts. (About the same goal as the environmentalists, come to think of it)

12 posted on 07/25/2002 9:36:28 AM PDT by HangThemHigh
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To: 1bigdictator
Here is the Muslim history link referred to in the article:

Muslim/Islamic History

13 posted on 07/25/2002 9:46:52 AM PDT by ZeitgeistSurfer
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To: The Ghost of Richard Nixon
I disagree with the Muslims = Klingons equation. Besides being a warrior race, the biggest thing about Klingons is sense of honor. They like a fight, but they like an honest fight. They don't hide behind the backs of women and children. They don't hide behind nice and empty words. The are pretty much straightforward, even in their intrigues. They are aggressive, rude and very much barbarian, but not the liars, cheaters and cowards. (Some of them who were shown to do it are "bad" Klingons). They keep their word, even if it disadvantageous. In their crude way they do respect life.

I am not a big fan of Klingons ways, but do respect the honor when I see it.

On a side note: One of the Arab princes persisting through the Tom Clancy books (Ryan series), is shown first of all as a man of honor. Where did Clancy found him?

14 posted on 07/25/2002 11:17:01 AM PDT by Tolik
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To: 1bigdictator
"We here at MSA-USC pray that Allah finds the information contained in this site pleasing to Him."


15 posted on 07/26/2002 7:39:36 AM PDT by ecomcon
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To: ZeitgeistSurfer
A sampling: (emphasis mine)

633: Campaigns in Bahrain, Oman, Mahrah Yemen, and Hadramaut. Raids in Iraq. Battles of Kazima, Mazar, Walaja, Ulleis, Hirah, Anbar, Ein at tamr, Daumatul Jandal and Firaz.

634: Battles of Basra, Damascus and Ajnadin. Death of Hadrat Abu Bakr. Hadrat Umar Farooq becomes the Caliph. Battles of Namaraq and Saqatia.

635: Battle of Bridge. Battle of Buwaib. Conquest of Damascus. Battle of Fahl.

636: Battle of Yermuk. Battle of Qadsiyia. Conquest of Madain.

637: Conquest of Syria. Fall of Jerusalem. Battle of Jalula.

638: Conquest of Jazirah.

639: Conquest of Khuizistan. Advance into Egypt.

640: Capture of the post of Caesaria in Syria. Conquest of Shustar and Jande Sabur in Persia. Battle of Babylon in Egypt.

641: Battle of Nihawand. Conquest Of Alexandria in Egypt.

642: Battle of Rayy in Persia. Conquest of Egypt. Foundation of Fustat.

643: Conquest of Azarbaijan and Tabaristan (Russia).

644: Conquest of Fars, Kerman, Sistan, Mekran and Kharan.Martyrdom of Hadrat Umar. Hadrat Othman becomes the Caliph.

645: Campaigns in Fats.

646: Campaigns in Khurasan, Armeain and Asia Minor.

647: Campaigns in North Africa. Conquest of the island of Cypress.

648: Campaigns against the Byzantines.

651: Naval battle of the Masts against the Byzantines.

652: Discontentment and disaffection against the rule of Hadrat Othman.

656: Martyrdom of Hadrat Othman. Hadrat Ali becomes the Caliph. Battle of the Camel.

657: Hadrat Ali shifts the capital from Madina to Kufa. Battle of Siffin. Arbitration proceedings at Daumaut ul Jandal.

658: Battle of Nahrawan.

659: Conquest of Egypt by Mu'awiyah.

660: Hadrat Ali recaptures Hijaz and Yemen from Mu'awiyah. Mu'awiyah declares himself as the Caliph at Damascus.

661: Martyrdom of Hadrat Ali. Accession of Hadrat Hasan and his abdication. Mu'awiyah becomes the sole Caliph.

662: Khawarij revolts.

666: Raid of Sicily.

670: Advance in North Africa. Uqba b Nafe founds the town of Qairowan in Tunisia. Conquest of Kabul.

672: Capture of the island of Rhodes. Campaigns in Khurasan.

674: The Muslims cross the Oxus. Bukhara becomes a vassal state.

677: Occupation of Sarnarkand and Tirmiz. Siege of Constantinople.

680: Death of Muawiyah. Accession of Yazid. Tragedy of Kerbala and martyrdom of Hadrat Hussain.

682: In North Africa Uqba b Nafe marches to the Atlantic, is ambushed and killed at Biskra. The Muslims evacuate Qairowan and withdraw to Burqa.

683: Death of Yazid. Accession of Mu'awiyah II.

684: Abdullah b Zubair declares himself aS the Caliph at'Makkah. Marwan I becomes the Caliph' at Damascus. Battle of Marj Rahat.

685: Death of Marwan I. Abdul Malik becomes the Caliph at Damascus. Battle of Ain ul Wada.

686: Mukhtar declares himself as the Caliph at Kufa.

687: Battle of Kufa between the forces of Mukhtar and Abdullah b Zubair. Mukhtar killed.

691: Battle of Deir ul Jaliq. Kufa falls to Abdul Malik.

692: The fall of Makkah. Death of Abdullah b Zubair. Abdul Malik becomes the sole Caliph.

695: Khawarij revolts in Jazira and Ahwaz. Battle of the Karun. Campaigns against Kahina in North Africa. The' Muslims once again withdraw to Barqa. The Muslims advance in Transoxiana and occupy Kish.

16 posted on 07/26/2002 10:16:22 AM PDT by watchin
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To: watchin
Hey, sign me up. You guys have been doing a great job so far!

--Lucifer S. Beelzebub

17 posted on 07/26/2002 10:22:34 AM PDT by ZeitgeistSurfer
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To: Fudd; cardinal4
In 1980-82, my kids went to the Parents Cooperative School (PCS) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. My wife was involved with bringing school supplies in. The school had ordered an inflatable globe for a geography class. All supplies had to pass through saudi customs. Upon receipt of the globe, my wife opened up the package, which had been inspected, and found the globe. Attempts to inflate the globe were stymied. A saudi customs inspector had cut out the outline of Israel, your Isle of Zion, thus rendering the globe uninflatable.
18 posted on 07/26/2002 10:25:27 AM PDT by Ax
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