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Parents Protest 'Homosexual Rights' in Virginia School District (Update) ^ | 7/26/02 | Lawrence Morahan

Posted on 07/26/2002 4:36:38 AM PDT by kattracks

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1 posted on 07/26/2002 4:36:38 AM PDT by kattracks
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To: kattracks; Chairman_December_19th_Society; Holding Our Breath
2 posted on 07/26/2002 4:44:41 AM PDT by Neets
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To: SkyPilot
Ping and bump. V's wife.
3 posted on 07/26/2002 4:46:38 AM PDT by ventana
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To: kattracks
Trojan horses

Nice double entendre. But a worthwhile resistance to an insidious cause. If God has no place in our schools, then neither does Heather, her two mommies, or Bruce the Leather-Clad Swinger.

4 posted on 07/26/2002 5:06:49 AM PDT by IronJack
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Comment #5 Removed by Moderator

To: IronJack
If God has no place in our schools, then neither does Heather, her two mommies...

I am waiting for the sequel, Mommy has a Penis.

6 posted on 07/26/2002 5:28:21 AM PDT by Always Right
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To: kattracks; BufordP

On Thursday night, the Fairfax County School Board indefinitely postponed a vote on the "sexual orientation" proposal, until it receives guidance from the state attorney general on whether such a vote would be legal under state law.

We won the first battle! Related thread:
Fairfax County School Board considers addition of "sexual orientation" to anti-discrimination policy
Now, all Virginians need to contact the Attorney General, Jerry Kilgore. If this goes through in Fairfax County, they'll be trying it in other school districts as well.

7 posted on 07/26/2002 5:41:24 AM PDT by Ligeia
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To: Always Right
I am waiting for the sequel, Mommy has a Penis.

God, no! Imagine the reviews!

Freedom, Wealth, and Peace,
Francis W. Porretto
Visit The Palace Of Reason:

8 posted on 07/26/2002 5:55:37 AM PDT by fporretto
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To: kattracks; vin-one
July 26, 2002

Fairfax schools defer vote on gays
By Vaishali Honawar

The Fairfax County School Board yesterday put off a vote on adding the words "sexual orientation" to its employee-nondiscrimination code and decided to seek the state attorney general's opinion on the issue after a board member questioned the legality of such a change.

At-large member Rita Thompson cited past opinions issued by the attorney general — including one issued in April — that say the General Assembly would have to pass enabling legislation to allow counties to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation.

"I think we need the attorney general's opinion in this case," Mrs. Thompson said. "The county does not have the authority to add the words 'sexual orientation' without the General Assembly's consent."

Board Chairman Stuart Gibson said he decided to pull the item off the agenda after considering Mrs. Thompson's objections and discussions with other board members.

"We will have to see what the attorney general says we have the power to do," Mr. Gibson said, adding that the School Board needs to ensure it is doing the right thing before voting on the change.

Mr. Gibson said he was disappointed that the matter had been blown out of proportion.

"I have been on the board seven years and never seen any issue generate this kind of heat," Mr. Gibson said. "Both sides are out of control."

The board took up the anti-discrimination proposal after staff members complained their jobs were being threatened and they were being harassed because of their sexual orientation.

At-large member Robert Frye, who submitted the proposal, said he believed there was a need to ban discrimination against homosexual workers and expressed disappointment that the item was deleted from the agenda.

"I would have much preferred to vote the issue up or down," Mr. Frye said.

County residents on each side of the issue have flooded board members with hundreds of e-mails over the past few weeks.

Those lobbying for the change say it is important that the school system protect employees from discrimination, while those against it say it is a step toward bringing homosexuality into schools.

"I am sure the Fairfax County School Board will find a way to say they won't discriminate against students and teachers," said Robert Rigby, a special-education teacher at Hayfield Secondary School who heads the area chapter of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.

Meanwhile, some county groups who oppose the change organized a rally yesterday before the School Board meeting at Luther Jackson Middle School.

Peter LaBarbera, senior policy analyst at the Culture and Family Institute and a rally organizer, said the past opinions issued by the attorney general show the proposed change "should never have been an issue."

"We know [school board members] are determined to get this through. We want to show the board that parents and the community care about homosexuality being promoted in schools," Mr. LaBarbera said.
9 posted on 07/26/2002 6:14:59 AM PDT by Ligeia
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To: kattracks
10 posted on 07/26/2002 6:33:56 AM PDT by EdReform
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To: kattracks; scripter; All
""These sexual orientation codes in the schools become Trojan horses for a much wider agenda, which includes pro-gay curricula, pro-gay diversity training for teachers, and gay-oriented books in the schools," he said."

Flooding the Schools With Propaganda - How Homosexual Activists Are Taking Their Messages to the Public Schools

Tolerance in schools a homosexual ploy, conservatives say

Research Group Warns Schools of Homosexual Propaganda

11 posted on 07/26/2002 6:48:38 AM PDT by EdReform
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To: kattracks
Soon you will not be able to discriminate against child molesters in public schools.
12 posted on 07/26/2002 6:51:22 AM PDT by Khepera
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To: EdReform
School board delays discrimination vote
Journal staff writer

Fairfax County School Board Chairman Stuart D. Gibson, Hunter Mill District, Thursday night postponed the board's vote to include sexual orientation in the schools' nondiscrimination policy until the board receives legal advice from the state.

The announcement was made as more than 350 onlookers packed the auditorium at Luther Jackson Middle School in Falls Church.

The postponement was prompted by uncertainty about the board's authority under state law to change its policy without legislation from the General Assembly. Such a change could make the board vulnerable to lawsuits.

The change would add sexual orientation as a protected characteristic against discrimination for students and employees along with race, gender and religion.

School Board member Rita S. Thompson, at large, requested the board seek legal advice from the state before making the change. Arlington, Alexandria and the county Board of Supervisors have voted to include sexual orientatioin in their nondiscrimination policies.

``It was my understanding that the attorney general informed Arlington and the county Board of Supervisors that they needed legislation from the General Assembly to enact the decision," Thompson said. ``My position is we need to enforce the law that is already in the books. Adding language doesn't do anything."

The board will next send a letter to Del. Vincent F. Callahan Jr., R-McLean, asking him to request opinion about the policy change from Attorney General Jerry W. Kilgore.

Gibson said before the meeting that he would act in accordance with the state law after advice was received from the state.

``I'm really disappointed," said Manny Solon, a proponent of the change. ``They could take action and if someone wants to take them to court and say they couldn't [change the language], fine, let them take them to court."

In the weeks leading up to Thursday's meeting, board members received hundreds of e-mails from opponents and supporters of the change.

Supporters argued they wanted to make the schools safer for all residents, while opponents objected to a policy they said would advocate homosexuality in schools.

School Board member Robert E. Frye, at large, proposed the vote.

``I wanted to note that this proposal to add sexual orientation is a very basic one," Frye said. ``It is a golden rule. Do unto others as you would want [done to you]."

In May 2001, the School Board added sexual orientation to the harassment policy in the student handbook. The rule prohibits students from harassing other students because of their sexual orientation.

The rule in May passed by a 9-3 vote. School Board members who voted against the change said they believed students already were protected against all harassment or bullying.

Last year's vote did not receive as much attention from community members opposed to the inclusion of sexual orientation.

``I think that both sides have misapprehended what the original intent [of the policy change] was," Gibson said before the meeting.

Officials from the Arlington and Alexandria school jurisdictions said they have not experienced any controversy as a result of changing their policies.

Arlington Public Schools added sexual orientation to its nondiscrimination policy for employees in 1995, said Arlington County School Board member Mary Hynes. The county added the language to its nondiscrimination policy for students in 2000, she said.

``It wasn't an issue here and I think it's based on the fact that we want kids to do well," Hynes said.

Alexandria City Public Schools added sexual orientation to its sexual harassment policy June 20. The language was added to its equal education opportunity policy in October 2000.
13 posted on 07/26/2002 6:51:46 AM PDT by Ligeia
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To: kattracks; Ligeia; Jimmy Valentine's brother
I brought Bharni, a friend of mine, with me. We arrived around 6:50pm. There was already a large crowd gathered around a table that the The Concerned Women for America (Virginia) had prepared. They had fliers and information packets detailing the reasons to oppose "sexual orientation" codes in schools. I'd say there were about 80 people there to oppose the "sexual orientation" proposal. A smaller crowd had also assembled outside nearby that was there to express their approval for the proposal. We found later when we entered the auditorium that the crowd was more evenly divided.

Peter LaBarbera started the meeting outside by leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance then we sang God Bless America.

Peter introduced Rita Thompson, a member of the school board. She said she did not believe the issue would come to a vote that night because she brought the Dillon Rule (another perspective on the Dillon Rule) to the board's attention. She explained that earlier this year the Virginia AG, Jerry Kilgore, prevented another school district within the state from instituting similiar changes to their discrimination policy using the Dillon Rule.

Peter then introduced Robert Knight, formerly of the Family Research Council and now Director of the Culture and Family Institute and recipient of Bryant GBumbel's infamous "F***ing Idiot" remark. He spoke eloquently about why it is foolish to teach children that it is okay to be gay. He explained the deleterious consequences that result from homosexual behavior. He also used some clever analogies such as (I'm paraphrasing) "If you thought your children were going to smoke you wouldn't teach them to use filters. If you thought your children were going to do drugs you wouldn't teach them how to use a syringe.".

While Robert was speaking the opposition crowd began entering the auditorium. Robert warned us that the auditorium was beginning to fill up so most of us left and entered the auditorium to find it packed with people holding signs reading "YES!", "Gays Rock", etc. It was standing room only for an auditorium that holds 500 people.

Bharni and I took seats in the middle of the back row. Ligeia found us then Jimmy Valentine's Brother and another friend of mine, Randy, arrived. The board started us off with the Pledge. When we said the Pledge our side of course accentuated the words "under God" while the other side accentuated the words "and justice for all". But the collective weak "and justice for all" pailed to Randy's "under God". He got EVERYONE's attention.

As for the rest of the meeting I don't need to echo what has already been reported on the thread. What I do want to say is this thing is not over. The board is stacked with those who want to push this agenda. The opposition was there in large numbers. They are vigilant and they will not give up. We will have to fight this on a continuing basis as long as we are beholding to a public school leviathan. As long as we are forced to pay tax dollars for public education let's make sure those dollars are spent wisely. And let's work on removing these officials and creating a competitive market for education so we never(?) have to face these issues again.

We may need to meet again in several weeks. If so I'm sure the opposition will work on increasing their numbers. We need to do the same. Be prepared!

14 posted on 07/26/2002 7:25:45 AM PDT by BufordP
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To: EdReform
Excellent work!

Thanks for the ping, bump.
15 posted on 07/26/2002 7:31:33 AM PDT by scripter
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To: kattracks
parents claim the measure is unnecessary and could be used to undermine the religious convictions

Incrementalism at its finest.

16 posted on 07/26/2002 7:48:11 AM PDT by Clint N. Suhks
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To: Ligeia
by the way, I coached Mr Gibson's daughter, When I see him later this school year,
He will know my position on this. I think he is a democrat, but a pretty nice guy.
I have had discussion about our schools in the past, he is open to talk. At least in the past
17 posted on 07/26/2002 7:58:38 AM PDT by vin-one
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To: BufordP
I must have been standing right behind you guys, I also yelled Under God,
The ladies next to me fromCWA liked that. I thought I would be the only one.
I also had to cough really loud while Frye was playing the Race Card.
That guy made me mad, I almost yelled out why compare the two.
There were a couple of big ladies behind you guys, that scared me...
18 posted on 07/26/2002 8:02:23 AM PDT by vin-one
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To: kattracks
And the homofascists say they have no agenda...LOL!
19 posted on 07/26/2002 8:03:43 AM PDT by Guillermo
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To: vin-one
You mean Frye didn't make you cry? You heartless ba$tard! ;-)

Sorry we missed you. We had a good time at Sweetwater afterward. We'll have to work out the logistics better next time so we can meet.
20 posted on 07/26/2002 8:12:55 AM PDT by BufordP
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