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Austria Formally Declares War on Servia; Russia Moving Troops; Peace of Europe In Kaiser's Hands
NewYorkTimes ^ | July 28, 1914 | Special Cable

Posted on 07/27/2002 11:33:34 AM PDT by swarthyguy

Austrian Emperor to Take Command at Vienna Headquarters War Fever at Capital

Crowds Cheer Outbreak of Hostilities and Demonstrate at Friendly Embassies Outbreak of Food Riots

Prices Soar as Hostilities are Declared and the Government Steps in to Regulate There

Manifesto From Emperor

Forced to Grasp the Sword, He Says, to Defend the Honor of His Monarchy

France Fears a Great War

Army Moves to the Frontier - Belief in Paris That Russia Will Not Desert Servia

VIENNA, July 28- Upon the issue of the formal declaration of war against Servia today Emperor Franz Josef gave orders for the removal of the Summer Court from Ischl to the capital. His entourage tried to persuade him that Vienna air would not suit him, but the aged Emperor replied:

"I do not want the air of Vienna. I want the atmosphere of headquarters." The opening of the war has caused the imposition of all kinds of restrictions upon public business. All the railways, of course, are under military control, and the telegraphs are being reserved entirely for the service of the State. The hope is still entertained here that the war will be confined to Austria-Hungary and Servia. The report that Russia and France have intervened in Vienna is incorrect. In official circles here it is maintained that any action by those powers must be supported by the third party to the Triple Entente, namely, Great Britain. It is known that Great Britain and France do not want a European war. Peace among the great powers or war among the great powers must depend on the action of St. Petersburg.

At the Foreign Office here it is freely stated that now that war has begun Austria-Hungary will be bound to no more conditions such as she propounded prior to the outbreak of hostilities.

Food Prices Up in Vienna.

There was an abnormal rise in the price of provisions today, which caused great indignation on the part of the public, who flocked to the markets to lay in stores in anticipation of a possible scarcity. Vegetables in many cases trebled in price. Feeling ran so high that in many instances stallkeepers in the markets were mobbed or assaulted, and the police and to be called out to restore order. The authorities declare that the sudden increase in the prices of provisions and vegetables is totally unwarranted.

A permanent committee appointed to deal with the question of provisioning the country, sat today to discuss the regulation of prices in order to prevent the public being cheated. A similar meeting with the same object also was held in the Diet.

It was officially asserted that there was no reason for apprehension with regard to the food supply, and that it was needless for citizens to start the accumulation of stores of provisions. The only effect of such procedure, it was added, would be to still further raise prices.

Official arrangements have been made to take care of families of reservists called to the colors. In the event of a reservist being killed or reported missing an allowance of about 25 cents per day for each adult and 12 1-2 cents a day for children will be continued for six months.


Notice Sent to the Powers of the Opening of Hostilities: Servian Vessels Seized:

Sharp Fighting, Begins Along the River Drina on the Bosnian Frontier:

Counter Invasion Plan: Montenegrin and Serb Armies to Invade Bosnia and Start a Rebellion There:

Grey's Peace Plan Fails: Kaiser Declines to Join in Conference to Exert Pressure on Austrian Ally: But Reply Is Conciliatory: And London Still Has Faith That His Influence Will Avert General Conflict

Czar's Forces Mass on Eastern Border: His Capital Expects War and Counts Confidently on England's Aid: Mobilization Order Ready: German, Official Says Its Issue Would Mean Launching of Kaiser's Army

Text of Austria-Hungary's Declaration of War

Russia Announces Its Wish to Remain at Peace Yet Is Determined to Guard Its Interests


Warburg Is Won, Hitchcock Thinks: Expects Nominee for the Reserve Board to Appear Before Committee: Secret Conference Here: Banker Is Made to Understand There Is No Discrimination Against Him: Technical Point Explained: Charles R. Crane Called to White House, Presumably to Get Offer of Jones's Place

Mme. Caillaux Freed by Jury: Wild Tumult in Court After the Verdict -- Mobs in Streets Display Anger: 'Murderess!' Cries Crowd: Spectacle of Opposing Counsel Embracing Calms the Uproar for a Moment: Mme. Caillaux Receives: Attired in an Evening Gown, Is Congratulated by Her Friends -- says Labori Obtained Acquittal

TOPICS: Foreign Affairs; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: austria; balkans; greatwar; historylist; serbia; wartoendallwars; worldwar1; worldwarone
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1 posted on 07/27/2002 11:33:35 AM PDT by swarthyguy
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To: swarthyguy
Oh man, the markets are gonna tank on Monday.


2 posted on 07/27/2002 11:38:35 AM PDT by dighton
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To: swarthyguy
Czar Nicholas was responsible for WWI the Serbs then were like the Palestinians now. If Russia hadn't interfered Austria would have moved in and killed a bunch of terrorist then left. Woodrow Wilson was responsible for the horrible World Order that emerged after Versailles( as well as being the father of American socialism).
3 posted on 07/27/2002 11:53:19 AM PDT by weikel
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To: Tropoljac
It was Wilsons fault mainly. Wilson was a communist he insisted on deposing the Hohenzollrens and Hapsburgs if they were left in place the Nazis never would have risen.
7 posted on 07/27/2002 12:24:46 PM PDT by weikel
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To: belmont_mark; ianync; tet68; one_particular_harbour; *History_list
9 posted on 07/27/2002 12:38:19 PM PDT by swarthyguy
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To: Goetz_von_Berlichingen
10 posted on 07/27/2002 12:39:30 PM PDT by wardaddy
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To: swarthyguy
By cracky we'd better get that Kaiser and make him pay this time.
11 posted on 07/27/2002 1:51:53 PM PDT by nofriendofbills
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To: swarthyguy
Something bad could come from this -- let's call it the Twentieth Century....
12 posted on 07/27/2002 1:54:08 PM PDT by Snickersnee
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To: Deutsch
That's right, Austria declared war on Serbia, and then everyone declared war on Germany even though Germany actually hadn't done anything but enter into some severely misguided treaties.
13 posted on 07/27/2002 1:58:34 PM PDT by RightWhale
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To: weikel
I have to agree that Wilson entering the World War was one of the most bone-headed moves in American history.
14 posted on 07/27/2002 2:18:26 PM PDT by Chi-townChief
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To: wardaddy
By an odd co-incidence, I was listening to a recording of Der Gott, der Eisen wachsen liess when I logged on this afternoon.

The NYT was as medacious in 1914 as it is now. When they say that peace is in the Kaiser's hands, what they mean is that the Kaiser should roll over and let Austria-Hungary be trashed by the Russians. And maybe if Germany is real real lucky, the English won't just attack the High Seas Fleet without bothering to declare war, as suggested by Lord Fisher.

Had Kaiser Wilhelm been as unprincipled as his Opa and Prince Bismarck, he would have let Austria-Hungary be dismembered by the Russians, Servians, and Italians, and stepped in to pick up deutsch-Oesterreich as the price of betrayal. But he wasn't . . . so HM and Prussia have been vilified ever since by Anglo-American "historians."

Es lebe das Haus Hohenzollern!
Hoch, Habsburg!

15 posted on 07/27/2002 2:18:38 PM PDT by Goetz_von_Berlichingen
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To: Goetz_von_Berlichingen
Still you have to put your own country 1st. I would have joined up with Russia rather than risk being two fronted in a similiar situation.
16 posted on 07/27/2002 2:22:36 PM PDT by weikel
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To: swarthyguy
I just reread Frederic Morton's Thunder at Twilight: Vienna 1913/1914, which is out in a new paperback edition. Recent events have made me more receptive to conspiracy theories, and I have long been aware of suspicious circumstances regarding Franz Ferdinand's fatal visit to Sarajevo: he went there on the most sacred day of Serb nationalists, Vidovdan, St. Vitus Day (the anniversary of the Battle of Kosovo,) despite warnings from the Serbian ambassador; his route in Sarajevo was published in the press; the governor of Bosnia was kept in the dark about the trip, so that security was curiously deficient; Franz Ferdinand and his party, having escaped an attack in the morning, were urged on by the military governor of Bosnia to visit the wounded from the earlier attack; Princip's attack on the prince only succeeded because the prince's car came to a stop (the car ahead of it had taken a wrong turning, and had to back up.) A lot too much like Dallas 1963.

But what a rereading of Morton reminded me of is what reasons people in the Austrian government had for wanting to be rid of the heir apparent Franz Ferdinand. Kaiser Franz Josef had nearly died in the spring, and Franz Ferdinand had made clear his hostility both to the Army commander Conrad and to the Hungarian premier Count Tisza. I strongly suspect that those who felt threatened by his policies and by Serbian irredentism saw a way to be rid of both threats: let Serb hotheads kill him, and then he's gone, and Austria is free to attack Serbia.

I don't know if my suspicions are right, but, if World War One, which nearly resulted in the extinction of Western civilization, was caused by a government conspiracy in Vienna, I find that thought disturbing in the extreme.

17 posted on 07/27/2002 2:28:20 PM PDT by aristeides
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To: weikel
To an extent, Prussia's greatness was founded on the unprincipled conduct of Frederic II, whose theft of Silesia was inexcuseable. Prince Bismarck followed in that tradition with his 1866 war that completed the exclusion of Austria-Hungary from German affairs.

I consider Kaiser Wilhelm II the most honourable of the Hohenzollerns, on a par with Friedrich Wilhelm I. It is one of history's tricks that Prussia's destruction (or, more hopefully, abeyance) was brought about precisely because the German Kaiser did not regard his alliance with Austria-Hungary as a "scrap of paper," even when it would have been in his nation's best material (but not moral) interest to do so.

18 posted on 07/27/2002 2:37:41 PM PDT by Goetz_von_Berlichingen
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To: Goetz_von_Berlichingen
The great and Illustrious Fredirick almost lost his throne over seizing Silesia despite his efforts he had to fight on 3 fronts at once only the death of Empress Elizabeth saved him from deposition and probably the gallows.
19 posted on 07/27/2002 2:40:35 PM PDT by weikel
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