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Ten Reasons to be Glad Al Gore Isnít President ^ | September 25, 2002 | Chris Weinkopf

Posted on 09/24/2002 11:49:32 PM PDT by Coeur de Lion

ELECTION 2000 may now seem long ago, but it's worth taking a moment to recall with joyful relief the butterfly ballot, the Electoral College, and the landmark Supreme Court decision in Bush v. Gore. For without these godsends, would-be president Al Gore wouldn't merely be delivering asinine speeches to the Commonwealth Club of California, he would be making asinine policy in the White House.

Lest anyone forget how tremendously fortunate we are that the election turned out exactly the way it did, Gore inadvertently provided (at least) ten examples in Monday's address. In chronological order, they are:

1. "To begin with, I believe we should focus our efforts first and foremost against those who attacked us on September 11th and have thus far gotten away with it. … I do not believe that we should allow ourselves to be distracted from this urgent task [by a war on Iraq] simply because it is proving to be more difficult and lengthy than predicted. Great nations persevere and then prevail. They do not jump from one unfinished task to another." Actually, great nations are capable of tending to more than one task at a time, especially when those two tasks are intimately related. Gore's presumption that the U.S. cannot simultaneously hunt down what's left of al Qaeda and dismantle the Iraqi threat is simplistic nonsense. Al Qaeda is a single, far-flung outfit operating in dozens of countries. Capturing and/or killing each and every one of its members will be a long-term project, the completion of which shouldn't forestall other, pressing national concerns — like thwarting Saddam Hussein's nuclear program.

Presumably, if Gore had been president in 1944, there would have been no invasion of Normandy, at least not until the Allies had secured victory in the Pacific Theater. After all, great nations do not jump from one unfinished task to the other.

2. "We also need to look at the relationship between our national goal of regime change in Iraq and our goal of victory in the war against terror. In the case of Iraq, it would be more difficult for the United States to succeed alone, but still possible. By contrast, the war against terror manifestly requires broad and continuous international cooperation. Our ability to secure this kind of cooperation can be severely damaged by unilateral action against Iraq." Gore's premise is that the War on Iraq has nothing to do with Sept. 11 and the War on Terror. Missing is a realization that the two are one in the same. Al Qaeda may have orchestrated the 9/11 atrocities, but al Qaeda functions and prospers in a dysfunctional Middle East where corrupt tyrants and morally bankrupt regimes provide terrorists aid and sustenance.

The purpose of the War on Terror — a defensive war fought in response to the most vicious attack on Americans in the nation's history — is to eliminate not only the likes of al Qaeda, but also anyone else who directly or indirectly supports the terrorist enterprise. Anything less would be insufficient, and it would invite only more attacks in the future.

3. "President George H. W. Bush purposely waited until after the mid-term elections of 1990 to push for a vote [in support of the Gulf War] at the beginning of the new Congress in January of 1991. President George W. Bush, by contrast, is pushing for a vote in this Congress immediately before the election." Gore the sanctimonious hypocrite is back. Here the former vice president has the nerve to denounce Bush for politicizing the war — in a speech that politicizes the war and lays the groundwork for his next presidential campaign.

Not that there's anything wrong with making the most important issue facing the nation the stuff of political campaigns. Americans deserve to know where their elected officials stand on national security, and they would be fools not to consider the matter in the voting booth. If Gore wants to make the war a campaign issue, more power to him. It will guarantee his next defeat.

4. "Regarding other countries, the Administration's disdain for the views of others is well documented and need not be reviewed here. It is more important to note the consequences of an emerging national strategy that not only celebrates American strengths, but appears to be glorifying the notion of dominance. If what America represents to the world is leadership in a commonwealth of equals, then our friends are legion; if what we represent to the world is empire, then it is our enemies who will be legion." A commonwealth of equals? Gore seems to think that the only acceptable alternative to "empire" and "dominance" is granting the likes of China, France, and Syria veto power over matters of vital national security. Adding insult to injury, he then endorses the outrageous claim that America's anti-terrorist policies have created its enemies, and not the other way around.

Absent is an understanding that global cooperation should be a vehicle towards, not an obstacle to, national security. Our true friends will support us in our just cause; our false ones deserve whatever "disdain" they get.

5. "We have no evidence, however, that (Hussein) has shared any of those weapons [of mass destruction] with terrorist group. However, if Iraq came to resemble Afghanistan — with no central authority but instead local and regional warlords with porous borders and infiltrating members of Al Qaeda then these widely dispersed supplies of weapons of mass destruction might well come into the hands of terrorist groups." So it is preferable, then, to let Hussein continue on his merry way until we have produced firm evidence that his weapons have made their way into terrorist hands? What exactly, would such evidence be — the disintegration of a major American city?

Gore is right that in a post-Hussein Iraq, the U.S. will have to pay close attention to what becomes of Saddam's stockpile. That is not, however, an argument for letting Hussein stay in power.

6. "Two decades ago, when the Soviet Union claimed the right to launch a pre-emptive war in Afghanistan, we properly encouraged and then supported the resistance movement which, a decade later, succeeded in defeating the Soviet Army's efforts." Gore chooses the words "pre-emptive war" carefully. Throughout the speech, he denounces the Bush "Pre-emption Doctrine," and later complains that "President Bush now asserts that we will take pre-emptive action even if we take the threat we perceive is not imminent." Thus by characterizing the 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in the same language, Gore dabbles in some of the most obtuse and repugnant sort of moral equivalence imaginable, likening a war of American self-defense to a naked act of Communist imperialism.

7. "But Congress should also urge the President to make every effort to obtain a fresh demand from the [U.N.] Security Council for prompt, unconditional compliance by Iraq within a definite period of time. If the Council will not provide such language, then other choices remain open, but in any event the President should be urged to take the time to assemble the broadest possible international support for his course of action." Welcome to the party, Al. Bush has already asked the Security Council for precisely such a measure. The council is still deciding whether it wants to be on the right or wrong side of history, and in the meantime, Bush is examining the "other choices" to which Gore here only cowardly alludes, but elsewhere denounces — unilateral action.

8. "An unspoken part of this new [pre-emption] doctrine appears to be that we claim this right for ourselves — and only for ourselves. It is, in that sense, part of a broader strategy to replace ideas like deterrence and containment with what some in the administration [sic] 'dominance.'" Here is Gore's logic, borrowed, apparently, from the likes of Gerhard Schroeder: Bush wants to protect the U.S. from deadly attack, ergo he wants to dominate the world. That sort of talk might be common among the croissant, sauerkraut, and Jesse Jackson crowd, but it has no place coming from a man who would be (and almost became) president of the United States.

Deterrence requires having safeguards in place should deterrence fail. Clearly, "deterrence" as practiced during eight years of the Clinton-Gore Administration did nothing to stop Hussein from continuing his weapons program. The swift end of his regime, however, would certainly deter any other petty tyrants from pursuing his same course, and it would contain his nuclear program while containment still remains an option.

9. "At the same time, the concept of pre-emption is accessible to other countries. There are plenty of potential imitators: India/Pakistan; China/Taiwan; not to forget Israel/Iraq or Israel/Iran. ... What this doctrine does is to destroy the goal of a world in which states consider themselves subject to law, particularly in the matter of standards for the use of violence against each other." More moral equivalence. Here, for the second time, Gore compares American self-defense to Communist imperialism, a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. He then disparagingly throws the notion of an Israeli preemptive strike against Iran or Iraq into the mix, seemingly forgetting that had Israel not preemptively struck against an Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981, Hussein would almost surely have the bomb today.

10. "There is a case to be made that further delay only works to Saddam Hussein's advantage, and that the clock should be seen to have been running on the issue of compliance for a decade: therefore not needing to be reset again to the starting point. But to the extent that we have any concern for international support, whether for its political or material value, hurrying the process will be costly." In other words, it's better that the U.S. give Saddam all the time he needs to finish his arsenal than to make the U.N. bureaucrats put in a full day's work and deliver a quick authorization.

Be very, very glad this man is not president.

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1 posted on 09/24/2002 11:49:32 PM PDT by Coeur de Lion
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To: Couer de Lion
2 posted on 09/25/2002 12:01:37 AM PDT by gitmo
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To: Couer de Lion
3 posted on 09/25/2002 12:05:41 AM PDT by bluefish
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To: Couer de Lion
Here's an opinion from one of FR's finest on this topic:

Al Gore turns out to be one of those really creepy sort of politicians, the kind that want high office so they can be somebody, as opposed to someone who has a vision or idea of what they would like to do.

We know this because while Gore pursues high office, his positions about what to do seem to vary with the wind.

How can anyone reconcile what Gore said yesterday with this, which is the same Gore, but in a different election cycle. The problem with electing a man like that to any office is that one can never be certain which Gore would show up on any given day.

For a guy who claims to have invented the Internet, Gore is surprisingly blind to the ways in which this technology changes politics. Clinton is probably the last of his species, the media-powered liar who could tell the public X today and Y tomorrow, and except for a few opposition newspaper columnists off in the corner screaming about it, never get called on it.

Gore's comments to the BBC in June of 2000 have not vanished into the ether, and no one has to run down to the library and fiddle with microfilm spools to find out what he said. Like every other fact in the Universe, Gore's previous positions are now one click away from any other fact about him.

Gore cannot play politics the way Clinton did. He cannot be "committed to the overthrow of President Saddam Hussein" in one election, and totally opposed in the next. Not if he wants to be taken seriously. If he tries, as he has done here, he will be exposed as an opportunistic liar. Since no one can tell whether he was lying then or is lying now, no one should -- or will -- trust him to hold either position. He'll say anything that he thinks will give him an advantage right now. He watched Clinton do this successfully through most of the Clinton presidency. But even for Clinton, by 1998 or so the Internet was already making an impact on Clinton's ability to tell the Big Lies.

Gore seems to have totally missed what this means. The era of the media-powered blow-dried empty suit is pretty much over in politics. People with basic principles, whether on the left or the right, are reasonably safe in this new environment, but the guy whose act was always to say 'the right thing for right now' -- figuring no one will remember what he said yesterday -- is in a world of hurt.

The technology of politics has passed Albert Gore Junior by, and he doesn't seem to have noticed. He's still out there telling us what he thinks we want to hear, but now it's too easy to see that's all he ever does. He doesn't mean anything by what he says, he's just making noises with his mouth, hoping to tap into the public passions of the moment. He stands for nothing, except wanting to be the Chief that people Hail to.

His is not a type that ever should have been elected to high office. He's a little man, with little ambitions and little thoughts, mostly about himself. Good riddance to him, and to his type.

posted on 9/25/02 2:08 AM Eastern by Nick Danger

4 posted on 09/25/2002 12:09:02 AM PDT by MHGinTN
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To: Couer de Lion
Yup. The U.N bureaucrats won't ever deliver the authorization we want. So we'll have to go it alone after all. That's what has Algore's panties all in a twist - that the U.S might actually get rid of Saddam instead of just talking about doing it.
5 posted on 09/25/2002 12:09:05 AM PDT by goldstategop
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To: Couer de Lion
100 Reasons to be Afraid of Gore

AL GORE for president? Amazingly, there are people who think that would be a good idea. Here are 100 reasons why it wouldn't:

1. In his first year as vice president, Gore cast the tie-breaking vote to wrap the largest tax increase in world history around the necks of American taxpayers.

2. Gore's vote also passed America's first retroactive tax increase -- an amazingly unfair precedent that raised taxes on historical events. Imagine paying your income tax bill and then later getting a bigger bill for the same year because the government wants more money. Gore thinks that's okay.

3. But anybody who wants to cut taxes in view of record surpluses is peddling a "risky tax scheme."

4. Liar, liar (#1): "I found a little place in upstate New York called Love Canal." Gore's environmental credentials are based on lies.

5. He wouldn't french-kiss Tipper in front of guests at his dining room table. But he was gauche enough to do it at the Democratic convention in front of 4,400 delegates, 12,000 members of the press, and a nationwide TV audience. Why? Because his advisors told him it would make him a Manly Man. And he's not man enough to know it won't.

6. Fed up with a slumlord who wouldn't fix the overflowing toilets, clogged drains, and moldy walls in their house, the Mayberry family finally gave up and moved out in July. The slumlord? Al Gore.

7. Listen to a liberal: "[Gore is] a classic Washington insider, who has been trained ... to tailor his views to what he thinks the voters want to hear ... He is a hypocrite" -- Jonathan Sallet, Democratic National Committee staffer, in a 1992 memo to his bosses.

8. Gore refused to promise that as President he woouldn't interfere with the criminal justice process on Bill Clinton's behalf.

9. Listen to a liberal: "A president can lead only if other politicians believe that he keeps his word.... But Gore has displayed a Clintonesque tendency to say or do whatever is expedient" -- David Broder in The Washington Post, Sept. 27, 2000.

10. He reacted to Clinton's impeachment by cheering the man who had sullied the Oval Office, betrayed his wife, lied under oath, obstructed justice, and dragged America through the gutter for over a year. Clinton, Gore said, "will be regarded in the history books as one of our greatest presidents."

11. Liar, liar (#2): "I ... walked through the elephant grass, and I was fired upon" in Vietnam. This is nonsense. Actually, his CO was under orders to "protect him" because he was a senator's son. As a military reporter, Al carried a pencil in Vietnam. A senior photographer assigned to keep an eye on Al says "you could have worn a tuxedo" on all his field assignments.

12. Gore claims his favorite book is The Red and the Black, a novel written in 1830 by the French author Stendhal. Puh-leez. This is just sophmoric posturing.

13. "I learned from my dad the respect for the environment that all farmers who farm their own land have" -- Gore at a Boone, Iowa campaign stop. But Gore kept for decades on his Tennessee property an open waste dump near a river. It was filled with pesticide containers, farm chemicals, aerosol cans, unrecycled cans and bottles, used tires, used oil, and other waste. When confronted with these facts, Gore blamed his dead father. This guy is just a creep.

14. Listen to a liberal: "Gore is trying to scare farmers. The fact is he's not for the family farmer. The fact is after years under the Clinton-Gore administration and policies the family farmer is worse off today."
-- Rep. George Miller, D-Calif

15. Private schooling for the Gores, but not a penny for vouchers that might rescue poor inner-city kids from crummy public schools. Why? Education unions donate tons of money and poor inner-city families don't. How's that for racial profiling?

16. Asked whether his opinion of Bill Clinton changed when Juanita Broaddrick charged that Clinton had raped her in 1978, Gore replied: "Whatever mistakes he made in his personal life are in the minds of most Americans balanced against what he has done ... as president." Rape is just a "personal mistake" to Gore.

17. He wants gasoline to cost even more. "Higher taxes on fossil fuels ... is one of the logical first steps in ... a more responsible approach to the environment" -- Al Gore, Earth In The Balance, p. 173. This will hit the poor the hardest.

18. Liar, liar (#3): He told seniors in Florida that his mother-in-law pays $108 a month for the same arthritis medicine he gets for his dog for $37.80. This is not even remotely true. Gore is perfectly willing to lie to your grandmother.

19. Listen to a liberal: "He waged a relentlessly negative campaign, engaging in distortions and misrepresentations"
-- Al Hunt in The Wall Street Journal, Feb. 3, 2000.

20. For a campaign manager, Gore chose Donna Brazile, who in 1988 was fired from the Dukakis campaign for spreading filthy rumors about George Bush's private life. Gore hires rumor-mongers.

21. And for his first campaign chairman, he chose Tony Coelho, a political shakedown artist and influence-peddler who left Congress under an ethical cloud. Good leaders hire good people. Gore hires political hatchet-men.

22. Gore will "fight for the little guy?" Besides being a slumlord, Gore donated only $353 to charity in 1997 on an adjusted gross income of $197,729. Gore is a hypocrite.

23. Stung by bad publicity on his charitable giving, Gore upped his donations the following year -- and then issued a press release trumpeting his generosity. ["...I asked him why he dressed, with twenty pounds of headlines, stapled to his chest" -- Bob Dylan]

24. He boasts that he was a co-sponsor of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance bill, a scandalous and patently unconstitutional proposal to silence grassroots activists, muzzle political speech, and prevent challengers from raising the money they need to compete against incumbents.

25. Liar, liar (#4): "Co-sponsor"? Gore left the Senate before McCain-Feingold was ever introduced.

26. He cozied up to loathsome race-baiter Al Sharpton in a private meeting in his daughter's Manhattan apartment -- then had his aides deny that any such meeting was taking place. Gore is unscrupulous.

27. Listen to a liberal: "Why should we believe that you will tell the truth as president if you don't tell the truth as a candidate?"
-- Bill Bradley, Jan. 26, 2000.

28. Gore in the White House means four years of being talked down to like we're a class of unusually slow 5th-graders.

29. "I was raised a good part of my life on a farm. I've cleaned out hog lots. I've planted. I've harvested. I've taken up hay all day in the sun, and then ... helped neighbors take it up by moonlight before the rain came." Puh-leez. He grew up in a D.C. hotel with maid service.

30. Liar, liar (#5): "I accompanied James Lee Witt down to Texas when those fires broke out."

31. He chose a running mate independent-minded enough to oppose affirmative action, favor school vouchers, and back partial privatization of Social Security -- then forced him to recant on all three.

32. He is so unhinged on the subject of global warming that he compares it to the Holocaust.

33. Listen to a liberal: "Gore is manifestly willing to lie for political convenience"
-- James Fallows, The Atlantic Monthly, July 2000.

34. He tries to demonize George W. Bush for admiring Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia -- without mentioning that he voted to confirm Scalia in 1986.

35. He says support for gays in the military will be a litmus test for anyone he names to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. How about a litmus test on the Joint Chiefs' ability to run the military and defend the nation? Not a word.

36. Say good-bye to your car: Gore has proclaimed "the strategic goal of completely eliminating the internal combustion engine."

37. Liar, liar (#6): "The size of the federal government will go down in a Gore administration." This is a laugh. It simply isn't possible with the approximately $700 billion in new spending programs, federal giveaways, and new regulations Gore has proposed.

38. Gore sold his 1991 Gulf War vote to the highest bidder. According to former Senator Alan Simpson, Gore offered to support whichever side "would offer him the most and the best speaking time." The night before the vote, he barked at the GOP Senate secretary, "Dammit! If I don't get 20 minutes tomorrow, I'm going to vote the other way." Joe Lieberman who supported the Gulf War and was the Senate's Democratic vote counter was with Simpson and witnessed Gore's solicitation. Tellingly, Lieberman has not come to Gore's defense.

39. He mocks conservative activists as "the extreme right wing, the extra-chromosome right wing." An extra chromosome is what causes Down syndrome. Gore is shameless.

40. On a tour of Monticello in 1993, Gore paused before some sculpted busts to ask, "Who are these people?" The unfamiliar faces: George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. Gore is no brainiac.

41. Listen to a liberal: "Gore means gridlock"
-- David Broder in The Washington Post, Oct. 22, 2000.

42. His explanation for not realizing that his fund-raising calls from the White House were soliciting hard-money contributions was that "he drank a lot of iced tea during meetings, which could have necessitated a restroom break." Puh-leez. Are we supposed to believe a man who has spent over 20 years as an elected official is an affable dunderhead when it comes to fund raising?

43. Then a memo to Gore from the White House Counsel was found warning "no fund-raising phone calls or mail may emanate from the White House." So Gore then claimed he charged them all to a Democratic National Committee credit card account. Phone records then proved that the calls had been on the taxpayer's dime. Gore piles lies upon lies.

44. So Gore then trotted out that there was "no controlling legal authority" that applied those laws to him as VP. In other words, he said, "I'm above the law."

45. Oh, yes, there was controlling legal authority. It has been illegal since 1883 to solicit campaign contributions in government buildings.

46. Listen to a liberal: "There's no end to his betrayal ... He exudes a lack of credibility"
-- Ralph Nader (as reported in the LA Times, Oct 21, 2000)

47. Gore created the Internet. "During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet." -- Al Gore, CNN's Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer, March 9, 1999. This even though Gore is not a computer expert. "I'm not an expert on computers." -- Al Gore, Fox's Special Report With Brit Hume, June 14, 2000.

48. He'll exploit anything for political advantage: In his convention video, he made a point of showing off a nude drawing of his wife. Gore has no class.

49. Listen to a liberal: "Visions do count. Gore doesn't have one."
-- Alexander Cockburn, Oct 25, 2000

50. Rather than present a positive vision for America (or at least face his own campaign failings head-on), Gore has decided to take the low road, to take his opponent down into the gutter with him. Gore has launched an all-out anti-Bush TV ad blitz nationwide. Gore apparently believes that he can succeed only by destroying others.

51. Listen to a liberal: Gore ran Citizenship USA, a scheme to subvert the 1996 elections by naturalizing a million immigrants in time for them to vote. To achieve their targets "all safeguards to keep criminals from becoming citizens were sidestepped." Subsequently the Clinton-Gore Justice Dept directed that pertinent INS/GAO records be destroyed.
-- David Schipper, Democratic Chief Counsel for the Judiciary Committee and former Chicago prosecutor.

52. Liar, liar (#7): "I will not engage in negative personal attacks against Governor Bush." Yet his campaign spokesman, his Web site, and his new TV ads are literally trashing George W. Bush personally, and in the harshest terms. They disparage his good name, berate his intelligence and question his ability to lead. All are precisely "negative personal attacks". Gore is perfectly willing to engage in the politics of personal destruction.

53. Gore's tax ethic is 'what's mine is mine and what's yours is negotiable.'

54. Listen to a liberal: "Al Gore distills in his single person ... almost every unalluring feature of the Democratic Party"
-- Jeffrey St. Clair, Editor, CounterPunch

55. Gore's campaign literature touts his record as a "brilliant student" while insinuating that Bush is dumb. But Gore flunked out of Vanderbilt Divinity School with F's in five of the eight classes he took. He then dropped out of law school. And his grades at Harvard were no better than Bush's at Yale. And Bush went on to earn his MBA from Harvard. Gore is no brainiac.

56. Gore, champion of the low-flush toilet, had a utility dump an extra half-billion (Yes, BILLION with a B) gallons of water into a New Hampshire river to accommodate a photo op of himself in a canoe to buoy his sinking image. In reality, Gore is cavalier toward the environment.

57. Gore imagines himself an intellectual policy wonk, with a tremendous grasp of legislative and budgetary details. The last such President to hold such credentials? Jimmy "Malaise" Carter (who at least was well educated). A Wonk is the opposite of a Leader.

58. Gore's plan for Social Security: credit to Social Security the interest saved by paying down the nation's debt. The idea of crediting unpaid interest has been hooted at as double counting even by many Democrats. From Dan Crippen, director of the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, "It's like if I go to the Price Club and the checkout guy says, 'You just saved $50 by shopping here.' If I say, 'So credit the $50 to my credit card,' he'd laugh." Gore has absolutely no long-run proposal to keep the system solvent.

59. Gore's history on Social Security: As VP, Gore voted to increase taxes on Social Security recipients. As senator, Gore supported increasing the age of eligibility from 65 to 67. For all his talk about keeping our solemn promise to America's seniors, Gore has broken that promise.

60. Gore proposed spending $2 million to clean the air by reducing cow farts. Worse yet, this was part of his Reinventing Government (REGO) program -- "All Too Human", George Stephanopoulos's White House memoir. Both Clinton and Stephanopoulos laughed behind Gore's back on this one.

61. Listen to a liberal: "Gore's thralldom to the teachers' unions strikes us as an impediment ... His political clumsiness and know-it-all manner raise questions about his ability to inspire the country and work with Congress ... His team of advisers on international and domestic policy is unimpressive ... Gore's characterization of himself as an 'imperfect messenger' for reform [is an] understatement ... There is a risk he may meddle in economic matters better left alone, and thereby derail growth"
-- Washington Post Editorial, Oct 22, 2000 (and the Post likes Gore!)

62. Liar, liar (#8): He claimed he visited a Florida school that was so overcrowded lunch began at 9:30 in the morning. Not true.

63. Gore believes that returning surplus tax collections to their rightful owners is a "government expenditure".

64. Liar, liar (#9): Gore claimed that half of his 1988 presidential campaign staff were women. Not even close to being true. Gore is perfectly willing to lie to and about women.

65. The Unabomber had a copy of Gore's book "Earth in the Balance" in his shack.

66. Candidate Gore has proposed cutting chemotherapy (cancer treatments) in doctors' offices, as part of a Medicare package. (New York Times, Aug 6, 2000)

67. Environmentalists are angry with Gore for misleading them over repeated 1992 campaign promises to close a controversial hazardous waste incinerator near a school in Ohio. Gore never even tried to address the issue once he was in office. Gore's campaign promises aren't worth the breath used to make them.

68. Gore said he would veto every measure that unions oppose (such as free trade) that comes to him.

69. While in the Senate, Gore pulled such stunts as standing in the hallway pretending to read a physics textbook. His eyes, not on the book, watched for pedestrians coming his way. Senate colleagues laughed at his sophmoric posturing.

70. Gore personally was involved in setting up a secret computer system and secret email accounts so he and his staff could evade the federal record-keeping and campaign laws and thwart scrutiny by Congress, federal law-enforcement agencies, federal courts, the press and, ultimately, the American people. -- Insight magazine, Oct 20, 2000. This guy sounds like Nixon more and more.

71. Gore to a woman's group: "This pledge is in honor of my mother: an equal day's pay for an equal day's work." Meanwhile, US News reports that payroll records show women staffers for Gore earn about 86 cents for every dollar his male staffers earn. Let's see now: Gore dishonors his mother, lies to women, and, according to his own hollow rhetoric, he is an unfair employer. That's a triple whopper in just one sentence. Wow!

72. Gore's 1996 Democratic Convention speech was an emotional and graphic recollection of the death of his sister from lung cancer. He passionately told of how he held her as she died. And that her death is why he had dedicated his life to fighting the tobacco industry. (This is a contemptible exploitation of a family tragedy for political gain.)

73. Gore failed to mention in his convention speech that he had already broken his pledge by accepting major contributions from big tobacco companies after her death. No matter how big or how personal the issue, Gore has his hand out.

74. In case you think tobacco money was just a temporary lapse, you should also know that Gore hired top tobacco lobbyist Carter Eskew to be a lead strategist in his current campaign.

75. In case you think these lapses in fighting tobacco are a just a few isolated incidents, Gore also forgot to mention that for several years after his sister's death, he grew and sold tobacco. In fact Gore bragged about his tobacco-growing prowess to tobacco farmers at a campign rally after his sister died. Gore is so reprehensible, it is hard to comprehend.

76. Liar, liar (#10): Gore claimed his father was a leader in the civil rights movement, when in fact, the opposite is true. Gore Sr. voted against this type of legislation, including the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964. Gore will lie about his own family for political gain.

77. Advanced encryption technologies from American companies were transferred to the Chinese Academy of Sciences Laboratory of Information Security, a Chinese army unit that specializes in computer security and encryption technology. Who approved the export license? Gore, of course. He had been secretly appointed by Clinton to be chairman of the Commerce Department's "Interagency Working Group" that determined export policy. Who received campaign finds secretly funneled from Chinese government sources? Clinton-Gore, of course. The implications are mind-boggling.

78. He may just be the nastiest campaigner in national politics. An incredible number of acquaintances and friends characterize Gore as just plain "mean."

79. "I'm proud we're holding this hearing into the disgusting filthy lyrics coming out of the record companies." -- Gore (1985) "I was against holding that hearing into filthy lyrics, and I apologize." -- Gore (campaign fundraiser with music execs, 1999.) Not a single word that comes from Gore's mouth can be believed.

80. When Gore's son was hit by a car and severely injured 11 years ago, the accident "changed my priorities totally" -- Gore on Oprah Winfrey. So much so he arranged a press conference, over Tipper's objections, to witness his 6-year-old son being discharged from the hospital. And he sent his Senate staff scrambling for a more family-friendly shirt so he would look more like "home, dad" for the photo-op. Apparently it changed his priorities for the worse.

81. Listen to a liberal: "If you want to be president of the United States, you better start by being accurate."
-- an exasperated Michael Dukakis to presidential candidate Gore in 1988

82. In 1992, Al Gore said, "We have an environmental crisis, a health insurance crisis, (and) substandard education. It is time for a change." It's eight years later, and Gore is still carping about the same crises. What has he been doing for the last eight years?

83. Liar, liar (#11): Gore asserts "the big drug companies [are now] spending more money on advertising and promotion than they are on research and development." Actually, advertising is but a small fraction of the $21 Billion spent on R&D by the drug companies (Kaiser Family Foundation, July 2000). And much of the advertising cost is government-mandated spending on "full-disclosure" and "consumer education" information. Gore just made up this factoid. Gore is perfectly willing to use lies to demonize any group. Wasn't this one of Hitler's tactics?

84. Gore voted for more spending than Ted Kennedy in six of the eight years they served together in the Senate. In two of those years, the National Taxpayers' Union identified Mr. Gore as the biggest spender in Congress.

85. Bill Clinton picked Gore as his Vice President. While this is being damned with faint praise, it is also arguable Gore was selected to make Clinton look good in comparison.

86. Liar, liar (#12): He claimed his uncle was gassed in the Balkans during World War II. Not true. No U.S. serviceman has ever served in the Balkans (until Clinton sent them, of course).

87. Liar, liar (#13): He claimed he helped launch the Strategic Oil Reserve. Not true. It was established two years before he entered Congress.

88. Liar, liar (#14): He claimed his mother sang the "union label" song to him as a child. Not true. The song was not written until he was 27.

89. While taking illegal donations hand-over-fist from Chinese sources, Gore has sat on his hands while government reports show that China is preparing for a future war with us. Gore is perfectly willing to put all of America at risk for the purpose of securing elected office for himself.

90. Liar, liar (#15): He claimed he "got a bunch of people indicted and sent to jail" as an investigative reporter in the 1970's. Not true.

91. Liar, liar (#16): He claimed he supported a nuclear test ban treaty. Not true. He opposed it.

92. Liar, liar (#17): He claimed he wrote the laws that created Superfund. Not true. It was created and funded before he came to Washington.

93. Liar, liar (#18): "I'll put Medicare in an iron-clad lock box where the politicians can't touch it" -- Gore's magical and impossible "lock box" is at least a cynical ploy; the real danger is that he actually believes it.

94. Liar, liar (#19): He claimed he wrote the laws that created the Earned Income Tax Credit. Not true.

95. Liar, liar (#20): Gore claimed that he had a private meeting with Mikhail Gorbachev in the 1980s. Not true.

96. Liar, liar (#21): "I sponsored the Environmental Justice Act." Wrong again, Al.

97. Liar, liar (#22): Gore claimed that he negotiated Internet protection for children. Not true.

98. Liar, liar (#23): During congressional agriculture hearings in 1979, Gore said: "I have raised chickens myself; 10,000 at one time, 5,000 in each of two houses." Not true. While not particularly relevant to the current race, it does sound eerily similar to some of his other lies indicating a life-long pattern of lying.

99. Liar, liar (#24): He claimed he wrote key lines in Hubert Humphrey's 1968 Democratic convention speech. Besides being untrue, it is also a fairly bizarre claim.

100. Liar, liar (#25): He claimed that his late sister was the very first Peace Corps volunteer. Not only is this not true, but he told this whopper when he didn't gain anything by making the claim and simply had to know it was false.

101. Liar, liar (#26): "There has never been a time in this campaign when I have said something that I know to be untrue."

102. Gore's surreal pattern of lies is the problem. For over 20 years, Gore has lied about everything, private and public, denials and assertions, when it's important and when it's just plain silly to lie. He lies, not in the calculated, deliberate way that Clinton lies, but casually, from the hip. Gore can't stop lying, even after numerous warnings from advisors to stop - the trademark of an compulsive serial liar. That's very bad. And if Gore truly doesn't think he's lying, that's delusional and dangerous.

Oops - over 100 already -- and we haven't even mentioned the fundraising felonies at the Buddhist temple, or the creepiness of his numerous fake personae, or his secret and illegal acquiescence to Russia's nuke exports to Iran, or his Hollywood hypocrisy, or China's theft of top nuclear secrets on his watch, or his willingness to race-bait, or his incredibly inept oversight of US tax dollars funneled into Russia, or his general untrustworthiness as highlighted by his persistent violation of debate rules, or his willingness to engage in class warfare, or his "reinventing government" sham, or his sweetheart deals with Occidental Petroleum, or his abortion hypocrisy, or the environmental hypocrisy of his ongoing profiteering from a polluting zinc mine, or ... enough already!!!

How many reasons do you need? If over 100 won't convince you this person is bad for you, your family, and all of America, nothing will.

Special note of thanks to columnist Jeff Jacoby for the idea and much of the above, with columnists Mona Charen, Thomas Jipping, Dan Frisa, David Limbaugh, Debra J. Saunders, Linda Bowles, Paul Sperry, and David Keene making additional contributions. Plus quotes from the LA Times, Washington Post, Washington Times, and NY Times. And a special acknowledgement, of course, to Al Gore for providing so much source material.
6 posted on 09/25/2002 12:34:01 AM PDT by polemikos
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Former Republican Sen. Alan Simpson was so disturbed by Gore's campaign ad distorting his Gulf War vote that he wrote an article to correct the record. Incidentally, if you are unfamiliar with Senator Simpson, he is universally considered to be a plainspoken person. Even those who disagree with him know he tells the truth, which means you can rely on his version of this event.

Simpson said that the congressional vote to approve then President Bush's decision to send half a million American soldiers to fight against Iraq's Saddam Hussein was of sobering importance. Experts were predicting heavy American casualties. "I can't think of anyone who didn't have a lump in his or her throat as they weighed the situation." The night before the debate, said Simpson, Al Gore stepped in to the Republican cloakroom where Simpson and Senator Dole were discussing the upcoming Gulf War vote. Gore got right to the point. He offered to sell his vote -- to support President Bush -- if the Republicans could guarantee him a prime time speaking slot that would ensure him plenty of coverage in the news cycle. Simpson said that while in his ad Gore says he "broke with his own party to support the Gulf War," it's much closer to the truth to say he broke for the cameras to support the Gulf War. While Gore insists that he is "fighting for us," said Simpson, his Gulf War vote shows he is "usually fighting for Al."

7 posted on 09/25/2002 12:51:02 AM PDT by Howlin
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To: goldstategop
The U.N bureaucrats won't ever deliver the authorization we want.

I'm hoping the UN will render itself irrelevant over this, maybe even to the point that US public opinion will demand their ouster from our soil. Wishful thinking, I suppose. They'll probably fold and give in to Bush.

8 posted on 09/25/2002 1:13:15 AM PDT by Jeff Chandler
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To: Couer de Lion
You mean beside the fact that he's an INTELLECTUAL SLUT?


9 posted on 09/25/2002 1:14:10 AM PDT by Dick Bachert
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To: Dick Bachert
I'm warning you!
10 posted on 09/25/2002 1:29:15 AM PDT by Jeff Chandler
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To: Jeff Chandler
11 posted on 09/25/2002 1:35:59 AM PDT by nopardons
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To: Couer de Lion
Saddam can unleash his WMD's with 45 minute notice - the same amount of time it takes Algore to put on his makeup.
12 posted on 09/25/2002 2:32:27 AM PDT by Oldeconomybuyer
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