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Puget Sound Chapter Seattle DOUBLE FREEP After Report
Libertina | October 6, 2002 | Libertina

Posted on 10/06/2002 10:42:35 PM PDT by Libertina

The Washington State Puget Sound Chapter AFTER RALLY Report on Baghdad Jim McDermRAT and the Seattle Anti-War march was a great success!
We arrived at Baghdad Jim’s Town Hall meeting. When McDermRAT arrived we surrounded him and called out “Stay in Baghdad” and held up signs. The sign I was especially proud of read:
”Saddam GOOD
Bush BAD”
This is Bagdad Jim’s
mind on drugs.

LOL The quotations marks drove the lefties up the wall because they said they weren’t his exact words. I suggested they get over it. Patriot62, his friend, father, and 3 of my GOP friends were present. We asked the police if we could go inside with our signs, they shrugged their shoulders – so IN we went LOL! I stayed outside when the others went in so I could continue Freeping latecomers. A policeman walked over to me and said, “Unofficially your sign is the best.” Referring to the mind on drugs sign. About a half hour late, a large group of dirty , young, sign carrying protestors walked up. They couldn’t get in because the building was too full, so they just turned around and left. They didn’t even stay for ONE minute. Funny. Outside there were plenty of liberals to have words with and I did. Interestingly enough, Jim’s Republican opponent, Carol Cassady , also came and campaigned out side with us. LOL

Inside, Traitor Jim called President Bush an emperor, said the US was responsible for the Iraq’s Leukemia, and worked his people into a nasty frame of mind for the march through Seattle. FReepers were interviewed by several papers, including independent rags. See this thread for Patriot62’s report on McDermott (Sunday Freep #1 ). Patriot62’s report Before leaving I went to use the bathroom. When the “lady” in there with me realized I was a Republican she said it was unbelieveable that “their” taxes paid for the Community Center and how dare “Republican groups” used the facilities. Pretty overdeveloped sense of ownership don’t you think?

By this time we were pumped and ready for Freep #2. It was 2:30, we got into the car and made our way into the belly of downtown Seattle, Westlake Park. We finally set up across the street, but along the “parade” route - directly in front of a Star Bucks coffee shop. Right away we attracted a lot of attention –. I came prepared with a relevant sign “Morning protest, Afternoon Latte. Seattle lefties are a joke. Protest somewhere that matters.” We were joined by SleavelessinSeattle, MarkM, Aria, Elcie30, several people who happended to walk by and see us, and some assorted KVI listeners who heard about the rally on radio. About 31 in Patriots in all. (I have AMAZING photos coming.)

The great Unwashed were VERY unwashed. McDermRAT marched with them. There were about 5000 protestors, carrying huge paper mache figures, a large world, Praxis artists, and I met a man who was employed by lawyers as an “official observer.” Of course he was looking for any incidents of “violence” so he could generate a lawsuit. I give a word of thanks to the DC FREEPERS, because through their last rally report I had heard about these people and knew what they were doing. BTW We were joined by a wife and husband who had special talent. Her husband was a Notre Dame Marching Band Alum and he had played the previous day at South Bend when Norte Dame whipped Stanford. He brought his coronet and played The Star Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful and we all sang! It was wonderful and uplifting. I really wonder, how many of the great unwashed who watched us, secretly longed to be singing along? We said the Pledge of Allegiance and really saw their mouths hang open. :)

Some pf the protestors in the park got a little out of control and angry at our presence but we had the road between us. Someone had a BUSH SUCKS sign. Our side called out “Wasn’t that another administration”??? LOL There was not one American flag as we looked out upon them. One nutburger woman kept pointing at us then putting her finger down her throat. Very strange. We just laughed. Vile language and signs were common.

Now things got very interesting. As the huge mass of unwashed protestors appeared at the top of the hill, marching down to their finish line, 2 RAT policemen allowed the protestors across the street from us to CROSS our yellow tape barricade and break up our group physically. I contested this action but he smirked and said it was a “public area.” At that point there were some confrontations with the lefties and we were told by the police they couldn’t (or wouldn’t) protect us. Though when the marchers got abreast from us I actually went into the street to get pictures. People were hanging on lampposts and swarming everywhere. (Remember, this city is where the Mardi Gras party resulted in a big melee and a death. – you can understand why.) However, because the Oregon Act Up and terrorist WTO people weren’t there so I never felt in danger. (Perhaps just to busy taking photos to knowJ

One group had a sign “Americans who HATE America.” Another was “Anarchist’s against War” vile (but powerful) costumes included a man dressed in a George Bush mask and suit with dripping blood coming out his mouth. A man figure in a small bathtub with his erect male appendage a missile, Bush Murders women and children, F*ck the War, and an odd “I heard Reagan’s Administration was bad.”

I will be posting pictures in a day or two and will ping all who wish. These people are so ignorant, so simplistic, so hateful to this country that it is simply shocking. Well, we had a full day, and actually had fun! WE ended with a lovely dinner (without the unwashed) at Ivar’s with wine. We got interviews by 2 AP people, UP, a television network, numerous reporters. FR was given credit for organizing the rally. So far, the news media has blocked out ALL of our images, even the one at McDermRATS town hall meeting. They presented it as 100% support. Disgusting, yes. Biased, yes. Surprising, no. However, I’ll get the newspapers tomorrow and see if we are in print. Thanks for reading my After Report fellow Freepers. God Bless Free Republic, my beloved country, and my President George W. Bush!

TOPICS: Activism/Chapters; Breaking News; Free Republic; News/Current Events; Politics/Elections; US: Washington
KEYWORDS: antiwar; antiwarrally; appeasement; baghdadjim; bombiraq; bush; freep; freeps; givepeaceachance; greatunwashed; hussein; iraq; jimmcdermott; kumbaya; lefties; liberalmorons; mcdermott; peaceniks; protestmarch; pugetsoundchapter; saddam; saddamhussein; seattle; sedition; traitor; treason; washingtonstate
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To: Diver Dave
We did it in Modesto and Condit is soon to be history
You guys were awesome!
21 posted on 10/06/2002 11:13:29 PM PDT by Libertina
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To: Mama_Bear
And what is with the police saying that they couldn't or wouldn't protect you?!
Funny isn't it? The protestors would be the first to call him a pig, but HE sides with them! (Only those 2 were snippy though, the one other was fine. )But they did leave us on our own... that's Seattle for ya.
22 posted on 10/06/2002 11:16:02 PM PDT by Libertina
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To: Libertina; All
Again, night all. I have to get up early for work so sweet dreams :)
23 posted on 10/06/2002 11:17:31 PM PDT by Libertina
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To: Libertina
By the way I saw you on the News tonight and some freeper gal was seen speaking for about 10 seconds.
24 posted on 10/06/2002 11:18:11 PM PDT by TheErnFormerlyKnownAsBig
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To: Libertina
I will look forward to those pictures.

We truly have sappers within the perimeter, but with enough patriots manning the choke points, we can keep them from destroying us.

Again, God bless you for being there and standing so resolutely.

25 posted on 10/06/2002 11:18:14 PM PDT by Jeff Head
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To: Libertina
Great job!! Looking forward to the pictures!
26 posted on 10/06/2002 11:37:28 PM PDT by Jim Robinson
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To: Libertina

My 14 year old was disgusted at the news here in the Bay Area regarding all of the anti-war protests. I think he is warming up his trumpet for a Star Spangled melody over at the next SF FReep anti-anti-war protest.

27 posted on 10/07/2002 12:24:52 AM PDT by thunderdome
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To: Libertina
Good work!

Fyi - I spoke with the SPD at McTraitor's speech and in the course of things, asked why SPD didn't wear the American flag patch on their uniforms (Every policman in the America I grew up in wore theirs proudly, and it might be kind of nice to support our country now too).

I was told they were *prohibited* from doing so! The American flag is, quote, "Not Authorized", unquote. They could wear a little (thumbprint-sized) push-pin decal above their nametag if they chose (neither of the two cops, who were very nice, did).

Later, I did see a full-size American flag tucked into the buttcrack of some freak dragging it down Broadway behind him. He was walking just ahead of a prominent Seattle-based 'palestinian' terror-front group who used the Volunteer park staging area to rake in cash for 'humanitarian' needs.

Just another day in freak land.

28 posted on 10/07/2002 12:34:37 AM PDT by Abar
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To: Libertina; sleavelessinseattle
Great job! Please ping me for the pix.
29 posted on 10/07/2002 12:34:39 AM PDT by Jen
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To: Libertina
Beautiful report and job well doone.
30 posted on 10/07/2002 12:38:26 AM PDT by Freedom'sWorthIt
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Comment #31 Removed by Moderator

To: AntiJen
Yo AJ! Let me throw in a pic of the LT in full voice...Can you spot the limp wristed greenie weenie in this photo?

32 posted on 10/07/2002 1:09:58 AM PDT by sleavelessinseattle
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To: sleavelessinseattle
Cheerfully stealing the conservative foundation...Note They were very vocal about us leaving the area as in...Freedom of Expression?...not for YOU!!! MORONATHON!!!

33 posted on 10/07/2002 1:14:23 AM PDT by sleavelessinseattle
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To: sleavelessinseattle
The VASTLY outnumbered but seldom equalled in IQ by the unwashed throng...Puget Sound FREEPERS!
34 posted on 10/07/2002 1:18:08 AM PDT by sleavelessinseattle
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To: sleavelessinseattle
And do you think that this multitude showed civility of a sort because of some deep seated respect for the 1st Amendment? NAY!!! Any decorum was easily attributed to the most excellent presence of Seattle's FINEST!

35 posted on 10/07/2002 1:21:38 AM PDT by sleavelessinseattle
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To: sleavelessinseattle
The future of activism...NOT!

It was all I could do to refrain from introducing some heads to a poster stake several times. Note to self: No Starbucks before counter protests...bad for Blood Pressure!/8-@

36 posted on 10/07/2002 1:28:16 AM PDT by sleavelessinseattle
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To: sleavelessinseattle
Great pictures...
so... exactly how does an "anarchist" get something this big organized? (What an oxymoron!)

Thanks for the news and info...

I get more here than on the TV these days.
37 posted on 10/07/2002 1:30:39 AM PDT by bonesmccoy
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To: dr_tomorrow
Everyone agrees the man's rather dim...

No, we don't agree. The man has much more education than Gore, for instance, and comes across as much more intelligent to any thinking person.

They just realize there isn't much of a place for them in the SOCIETY.

In the immortal words of Dean Wormer, "Fat, lazy and stupid is no way to go through life, son." Being unwashed, smoking dope, and demanding the benefits of modern industrial society ("free" medical care, Starbucks lattes, etc) without being willing to work diligently for them, demanding others provide same - you're right, there isn't a place for them in my society. They need to grow up.

38 posted on 10/07/2002 2:51:29 AM PDT by FreedomPoster
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To: Libertina; Jim Robinson; ladyinred; chadsworth; jkphoto; mtngrl@vrwc; gracie1
Thank you for being there and thank you for the report!! You guys really rock. I'm looking forward to the pictures. Please keep me on your ping list!
39 posted on 10/07/2002 3:40:19 AM PDT by JustAmy
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To: Libertina
Wow thanks for your report. What a lot of ugly things Seattle contributes to this country. Defacing the flag???
I am disgusted. I don't think I would have been able to stay as calm as you apparently did.
I am glad you are safe.
40 posted on 10/07/2002 4:48:10 AM PDT by MarMema
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