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(Musician) Henry Rollins Calls For Drastic Action On Iraq
Launch/Yahoo! Music ^ | 10.11.02

Posted on 10/15/2002 8:20:39 AM PDT by mhking

(Musician) Henry Rollins Calls For Drastic Action On Iraq

(10/11/02, 5 p.m. ET) -- Henry Rollins's 1999 spoken word album Think Tank spoke about the singer's concerns about terrorism and the threat posed to the world by Iraq's dictator Saddam Hussein. Rollins continues to be concerned about Hussein, and is outspoken and strident in his criticism of the dictator, to the point of suggesting drastic action.

Rollins spoke to LAUNCH about Hussein's evasion of U.N. weapons inspections. "If he didn't have anything to hide, then why is he saying, 'Oh you can't go there.' I think a full 100-percent daylight, lights on, everything known, inspection needs to be had, if not, then it needs to be leveled. 'Let's just say, anywhere you don't allow us to check we just drop a bomb on it. How 'bout that?' I am so down with that. 'Well, I'll put women and children in it.' Well, then you can tell the world that you killed them because we told you what we're going to do. And now it's up to you to put the women and children in that mosque or take them out."

Rollins added, "We should promise, not threaten, we should promise. And if the women and children get killed the blood is not on our hands. That is a really harsh point of view, way harsher than I usually am and way more to the right than I usually am, but this guy is screwing up."

Rollins continued, "I think that if Saddam Hussein wants to be in the world picture and have his sanctions lifted, he should put the entire world at ease and give unlimited access to U.N. weapons inspectors."

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1 posted on 10/15/2002 8:20:39 AM PDT by mhking
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To: mhking
Let's just say, anywhere you don't allow us to check we just drop a bomb on it. How 'bout that?' I am so down with that.

Sounds like I might need to head to the record store (OK, OK, CD store - I'm 'old school,' OK?) and pick up a new album (yes, I know, CD).

2 posted on 10/15/2002 8:22:54 AM PDT by mhking
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3 posted on 10/15/2002 8:24:20 AM PDT by Michael Barnes
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To: mhking
Rollins is a very interesting character. He used to be the lead singer for Black Flag, one of the original US punk/hardcore bands from the late 1970s.

About ten years ago a close personal friend of his was shot to death by a mugger and died in his arms. Since then, I think he's been a more hard-headed realist, more aware of the nature of evil, than some of his more sheltered musical compatriots.

4 posted on 10/15/2002 8:25:04 AM PDT by wideawake
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To: mhking
Don't get excited this guy is *not* in any way a conservative, a republican or even a patriot.....
5 posted on 10/15/2002 8:25:34 AM PDT by oline
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To: mhking
I don't think I could have put it any better. Wow!
6 posted on 10/15/2002 8:26:42 AM PDT by Jack Wilson
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To: oline
I like his music...what's his bio?
7 posted on 10/15/2002 8:32:27 AM PDT by scoopscandal
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To: oline; mhking
Don't get excited this guy is *not* in any way a conservative, a republican or even a patriot.....

I agree, oline.
His "spoken word" routine was on TV recently and he spent quite a long time ripping conservatives in general and the President in particular.

8 posted on 10/15/2002 8:41:42 AM PDT by Constitution Day
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To: mhking
This is soooo beautiful!!! Why can't we all just get along?
9 posted on 10/15/2002 8:47:24 AM PDT by Tacis
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To: scoopscandal
Henry Rollins is one of the smarter punkers out there, an original South Bay (LA) punk with muscles, tattoos and clear thinking, who ridicules the passivity of GenX. I've read a couple of his books, (yes, books!) and they are ...interesting, very honest. Freepers: few of you will like this guy, but he at least stays sober, in shape, and has strong opinions about the underclass and spoiled white kids. I appreciate any American who lives a black sheep existance (bikers, punks, canyon hermits, militia types, etc) and who keeps his wits about him and stays within the law. Last I checked, this was STILL America.
10 posted on 10/15/2002 8:51:11 AM PDT by moodyskeptic
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To: moodyskeptic
I'm a fan of Rollins, but he lost some shine with me with his recent track "Hollywood Money-Go-Round", where he excoriates Hollywood and entertainment in general. Then he turns around and hosts the new "Junkyard Wars" spinoff on TLC! Just another hypocrite...but does his band ever smoke!
11 posted on 10/15/2002 8:57:08 AM PDT by GodBlessRonaldReagan
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To: mhking
I seem to recall that immediately after the Gulf War in '91, Rollins and a handful of other musicians were pretty vocal in criticizing America for the damage we had done to Iraq. They were also very critical of CNN for being too pro U.S. in their coverage.

What a difference a decade makes!
12 posted on 10/15/2002 8:58:44 AM PDT by Behind Enemy Lines
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To: All
FYI this is his take on 9-11 (from his website, posted Oct 5, 2001):

Of course, this newsletter comes in the wake of the events of September 11. It would be trite and evasive not to address this topic. I have been putting off writing this to you because of exactly that reason. I knew I would have to deal with it in some way and I was not looking forward to it. It is no fun to dwell on such catastrophic news. I would be out of line to think that I could add anything of worth to what has already been said, but like you, I have been thinking about it on many levels.

Yesterday I was on one of the local radio stations here and of course the interviewer wanted my take on the current events. It was the first time I had been live-on-air addressing the topic. I felt very on the spot and knew I had to use caution as I proceeded. There’s no way I was going to able to talk about this for half an hour and not piss someone off if I didn’t choose my words carefully. Some of my statements surprised me.

I don’t think that America deserved what it got in any way. I can’t say I was surprised though. There are people in other countries who plainly see our way of life as repellent. My manager said to me the other day, "A lot of people in other countries hate Americans." He and I both travel extensively and often and have found this to be true. To anyone who travels often, this is nothing new. I have encountered rudeness, indifference and outright hostility when visiting other countries. These instances are very rare and you can have the same experience in America on any given day, of course, but the fact is that there’s a perception of Americans in other countries that one almost has to go out of one’s way to disprove.

Many cultures all over the world see America as crass and destructive, exploitative and manipulative. America does a lot of good and a lot of not-so-good. No country is perfect, of course, but no country on earth does things in such a grand fashion as America. The Hollywood industry could have never come out of Europe. I am not talking about making movies; I am talking about Hollywood as an attitude, a power and a presence. Whenever I see an actor getting into the political arena it makes me sick. I can’t imagine what other countries must think. When Florida couldn’t get their votes tallied in the last presidential election I winced thinking about how hard the rest of the world must have been laughing. It also occurred to me that forces that dislike America could take in that information and reckon that we don’t have it together and that it’s a good time to attack.

When you live as well as America does (and America lives very, very well), you have to protect it and you have to deal with the fact that there’s millions of people all over the world who don’t have a fraction of what the average American has. From material possessions to basic freedoms--America is the rockstar nation.

I think the American media should stop the "Boy are we surprised!" type of reportage. Wake the fuck up. America, you’re hated. Terrorism happens all over the world all the time. I heard someone say on CNN the other day, "America used to be the world. Now America is part of the world."

It’s an all time low and we gotta deal. The flag waving "U-S-A" chanting is a too little too late. The knee jerk patriotism is corny to me. If you want to be a patriot, then be one all the time, not just when you feel your homeland attacked. It’s not just about being vigilant against attack, it’s about knowing that until racism is gone, illiteracy and semi-literacy is gone and myriad other social ills wiped out, then no one is totally free. That’s my kind of patriotism. No more ghettos, no more idiots, no more of the blind, brutal ignorance that keeps progress at a crawl. I have at least said way too much.

13 posted on 10/15/2002 8:58:52 AM PDT by JameRetief
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To: GodBlessRonaldReagan
you have to get henry's books and rants to understand him. i'd say he's more of a libertarian than democrap or republican. he's very cool.
14 posted on 10/15/2002 9:03:16 AM PDT by contessa machiaveli
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To: mhking
I loved Black Flag, and I do love Henry....
15 posted on 10/15/2002 9:03:49 AM PDT by Bella_Bru
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To: Constitution Day; oline
Oline, some of us do not demand that our entertainers hoild the same political views we do.
16 posted on 10/15/2002 9:04:48 AM PDT by Bella_Bru
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To: Bella_Bru
I don't demand it either.
I was just making an observation... did you see his special?
17 posted on 10/15/2002 9:22:17 AM PDT by Constitution Day
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To: Constitution Day
I know you don't demand it. I just hit reply on your post. :-)

And yes, I did see it.

18 posted on 10/15/2002 9:23:34 AM PDT by Bella_Bru
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To: JameRetief
Another Henry Rollins quote (please turn your sense of sarcasm on):

...and also, there's this place called Iraq, and they have all this poisonous gas, and this has a little bit more priority to me than who's fucking who in any fucking city anywhere. One little spot of anthrax on your lung and you are one *dead* motherfucker.
I came up with another idea, reckoning that America is going to be like a nation of pussies, I think at this point we're living so good, look at this place, beautiful, look at all kinds of nice places in America, you go to
other countries, other motherfuckers don't have it as good as we have it, I think we're getting a little soft, a little too plump. I think we're getting too overweight, and we're going to get taken out, and we won't even be
*awake*. We'll be on the fucking reclining chair with the satellite dish and the remote when people come to fuckin' kill us.
So, I reckon we should put on a way more meaner image for the rest of the world to see, and here's some ideas I came up with, like...
Remember a couple of weeks ago, they killed that woman? Y'know, the first woman to be executed in the country since the Civil War?
Okay, they should have done it at half-time at some major football game, at the 50 yard line. And basically, what they should have done is got the local baseball team to surround her with baseball bats, close in, and club
her to death like they did to Mussolini. Just fuckin' flatten her until she was a body bag of broken bones and fucked-up entrails, then they should have hacked her in pieces, flown the parts to the White House, and hung the parts off the trees, videotaped it, and sent the tape to the Middle East to say "See what kind of crazy motherfuckers we are? Ah ha ha, AHHHH!"
They should execute Death Row prisoners at every half-time at every game, there's enough of them! There's tons of them waiting on Death Row to go, they should be killing them at every Superbowl, at every World Series, at
every playoff game half-time there should be a killing.
And there should be a three camera shoot, every hip director or video director in America gets to do it; Tarantino gets to videotape his, and like cut it together, put it to some cool music, and like put it out on MTV, and
just have like "Murder Television", worse than Cop TV, just show the actual brains flying out, mutilation and torture, and say to the rest of the world
"We do this shit all the time. We're fuckin' insane. IYEE IYEE YAHHH!"
And just take abstract European tourists, take them down to Miami and just kill'em, like all the time. "But I have a family." BAM-BAM-BAM-BAM! "You have a family... in mourning!" And then you hack them up and you hang them
from trees at the White House. And the rest of the world will go "They're fucking crazy."
And the next time we say "Iraq, put your fuckin' shit down,", they'll go "Cool! That's cool. You still got the rotten head of that woman you killed?"
"Yeah, I still got it, it's on my fuckin' bedpost. AYIEEAHHH!"
19 posted on 10/15/2002 9:30:53 AM PDT by gura
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To: Bella_Bru
It was great.

Somewhere I have the thing on tape where he's imagining what it would be like to be "Iron Man" (from the Black Sabbath song).
That is hilarious!

Take care Bella, and say 'hey' to SCGOP for me.


20 posted on 10/15/2002 9:36:40 AM PDT by Constitution Day
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