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10 Questions for Adel al-Jubeir (The loud-mouthed wimp)
NRO ^ | 12/4/2002 | Stephen Schwartz

Posted on 12/04/2002 6:48:14 AM PST by geedee

EDITOR’S NOTE: Adel Al-Jubeir, foreign-policy adviser to Saudi’s Crown Prince Abdullah and Kingdom spin doctor, has saturated U.S. media in recent days defending the Kingdom against accusations of collaboration with or funding of the 9/11 attacks on the United States and other terrorist activities, as he often does. Here, Stephen Schwartz, a critic of the Saudis, proposes ten questions al-Jubeir should be asked, but hasn't been, during his press tour.

1. Prince Nayef, the Saudi minister of the interior, recently repeated the claim that 9/11 was a product of a Zionist conspiracy. Does Adel al-Jubeir agree or disagree with this charge?

2. If as Adel al-Jubeir claims, the Saudis have "pursued terrorists relentlessly and punished them harshly," when will the current suspects' names be released to the American media? Al-Jubeir makes the ridiculous argument that they cannot be identified for fear of harming the innocent. Thus, he wishes us to believe that a legal system without real provision for defense representation and that beheads those found guilty, has more concern for the rights of the accused than ours. This is a grotesque insult, of a piece with his despicable complaints about the investigations and reproaches emanating from our media and elected officials. Adel al-Jubeir should stop lecturing us as if the Saudi royals were our ruling family.

3. Regarding these suspects, will there be a public trial of the Saudis involved in 9/11?

4. Will it include all of the perpetrators, no matter how high their influence may extend? Why have only two names, those of Wael al-Julaidan and Yasin al-Qadi, been disclosed?

5. If as Adel al-Jubeir claims, the Saudi regime is the target of al Qaeda, where have any Saudi institutions or personalities been attacked by al Qaeda? Al-Jubeir yesterday repeated common Saudi claims about the Riyadh bombing of 1995. In that incident, five Americans and an Indian were killed. The bomb was aimed at foreigners, not Saudis. One such incident inside the kingdom hardly compares with the attacks suffered by the U.S. and other countries. And U.S. investigators were impeded from examining the case.

6. Where has bin Laden ever denounced, by name, the Saudi regime or anybody in it?

7. Where has bin Laden ever called directly for the overthrow of the Saudi state?

8. If, as Adel al-Jubeir claims, "we have not found a direct link between charity groups and terrorism," why is it that the Muslim government of Bosnia-Herzegovina, with much smaller resources, found such links and completely shut down the Saudi-based charities so involved? Al-Jubeir has the nerve to claim that Bosnian branches of Islamoterrorist charities had nothing to do with their Saudi home offices, as if the Bosnians started this activity on their own. The Bosnians are poor and have no charity to dispense. They never supported Wahhabism. The attempt to divorce Saudi-Wahhabi charities in Bosnia from their Saudi origin is absurd. So is the claim al-Jubeir has made that the Bosnian charities were busted thanks to the Saudis. It was the Bosnians who busted the Saudi terror charities, not vice versa.

9. Why does Adel al-Jubeir argue, in effect, that 9/11 was the product of an accounting glitch?

10. When will the Saudi state take action as dramatic as 9/11 was, to stop the support of terrorism from within the kingdom and to restore trust with the American people?

The problem is not one of poor regulation of charities. The problem is that of Wahhabism.

The Saudi state is founded on Wahhabism, the most extreme, violent, puristic, fundamentalist, and rigid form of Islam in the history of the religion. It attacks non-Wahhabi Muslims, it calls for genocide of Shias, it preaches contempt and hatred of Christians, Jews, and Hindus.

The Saudi state has only one option: to fully investigate its subjects' involvement in 9/11, followed by full disclosure to the American people, arrests, and trials, and a final, irrevocable break of the Saudi monarchy with the Wahhabi ideology and its international network.

TOPICS: Foreign Affairs; Government; News/Current Events
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Did y'all see this wimp yesterday on TV? I still say he needs a good 'ol Texas a$$ whuppin'.
1 posted on 12/04/2002 6:48:14 AM PST by geedee
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To: geedee
"...I still say he needs a good 'ol Texas a$$ whuppin'..."

Do you honestly believe that this pencil neck could even survive a Texas Asswhipping?

Better he should suffer an east-coast-finger-wagging.

He could probably survive that.

2 posted on 12/04/2002 6:55:55 AM PST by DWSUWF
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To: geedee
Two more questions for Adel Al-Jubeir,
foreign-policy adviser to Saudi’s Crown Prince Abdullah.

1) Who in the kingdom HAD, or paid to generate, the Sept. 2001
Arabic calendar which predicted 911 Atrocities months in advance?

2) Who in the kingdom KNEW, or paid for them to create,
the 911 Atrocities?

For reference, the last photo of dying Americans is
an amazing blow-up of the most upper right corner of first photo.
Look closely and remember how many of the perps were from the House of Saud's control?.

Thank you. We look forward to your erudite and substantive answer
but suspect when your e-mail or post doesnt appear,
that it will be you.

3 posted on 12/04/2002 7:06:02 AM PST by Diogenesis
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To: geedee
I wish you were at the new conference asking these questions, not the PC questions that were asked.
4 posted on 12/04/2002 7:09:03 AM PST by Tuco-bad
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To: geedee
A better question..."Why does Saudi Arabia support Mosques and Madhrases around the world that teach anti-western Islamicism, and have been a meeting and breeding ground for Al Qaeda?"
5 posted on 12/04/2002 7:42:30 AM PST by Hugin
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To: geedee
I have seen this guy on TV many times, and he always looks like a walking corpse to me. What's really disgusting is that his eyelids have this unnatural pumpkin-like color to them. He looks like he's been beaten or sleep-deprived for weeks on end.

If I were to rank the disturbing visages I see on the nightly news, I would rank him slightly below Michael Jackson (Wacko Jacko) at this point. I can barely look at this guy without getting sick to my stomach, and that's before he opens his mouth and starts spewing vile Saudi propaganda!
6 posted on 12/04/2002 7:48:13 AM PST by bourbon
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To: geedee
I heard him on NPR yesterday, I enjoyed how he said, 'We are guilty before tried' - seemingly rhetorically, though his words were probably true. BTW, NPR portrayed him very sypathetically - your tax $$$ at work.
7 posted on 12/04/2002 8:20:33 AM PST by jonatron
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To: Hugin
An even better question is, why do we allow these seditious institutions to exist in the US?
8 posted on 12/04/2002 8:23:45 AM PST by Inkie
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To: Tuco-bad
Ya know, so do I. Until I found Free Republic I was ready to commit hari-kiri. I thought I was the only goofball in the universe so pi$$ed off. Now, forgive my honesty and please take no offense, I know there's a lotta goofballs like me out here. And I truly believe we can make a difference.

I posted something the other day . . . something about conservative college students getting fed up . . . and I noticed the colleges website was down three times when I check during the day. My guess is fellow FReepers were bombarding the socialist educators with complaints. And I posted something about Clinton last night and . . . get this . . . eight-six minutes later there were over 68 responses. The internet and Free Republic is energizing the hell out of us goofball conservatives.

9 posted on 12/04/2002 9:17:26 AM PST by geedee
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To: Diogenesis
Smite the hip and thigh...
10 posted on 12/04/2002 9:26:45 AM PST by sheik yerbouty
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To: geedee
10 Questions for Stephen Schwartz

1. Why did the Bosnian government grant Osama bin Laden a passport in 1993, through their embassy in Vienna? (See Dani, September 24, 1999, a Bosnian Muslim newspaper)?

2. Why did the Bosnian government grant Mehrez Aodouni, a known Al Qaeda terrorist, a passport?

3. In February of 1996, NATO forces raided the training center of the Bosnian Muslim secret police (AID), located in the ski resort near Fojnica, and arrested several persons for planning terrorist actions. Iranian instructors were teaching future terrorists from AID how to make bombs disguised as children’s toys and plastic ice cream cones. Yet you have consistently claimed that the Bosnian government is an "ally" of the U.S. in the fight against terorism -- so what's up with that?

4. Why don't you ever mention the pro-Al Qaeda "muhajedeen" in Kosovo and Bosnia, who fought alongside your beloved Kosovo "Liberation" Army fighters and were granted citizenship, passports, and state support for their terrorist activities?

5. The Dayton peace agreement, that ended Bosnia’s civil war, ordered all foreign soldiers to leave the country: but hundreds of these foreign fighters, connected to Bin Laden, remain in Bosnia and Kosovo -- why don't your Bosnian-KLA friends arrest them?

6. Why don't you ever state in your numerous articles that you are a Muslim convert?

7. You have been quoted as saying: ""We Muslims know that Allah permits us to take up the sword. We know that Allah permits us to fight the Jihad. That Allah permits us to fight the Jihad in Allah’s way...As it says in the Quran: ‘Never say of those who have died in Allah’s way that they are not with us, They are with us even though you cannot see them.’" Do you deny this?

8. Your Muslim name is "Suleyman Ahmad." Have you changed it back to "Stephen Schwartz"?

9. Back when you were a Commie (of the Trotskyist variety) you called yourself "Comrade Sandalio." What's up with all the phony names?

10. On May 6, 1987, the following account was published in the San Francisco Examiner:

"When 'New Age Rightist' Stephen Schwartz discovered graffiti calling him 'the philosophical whore of North Beach,' the former Trotskyite turned red with rage. He uncapped his felt-tipped pen and was printing a reply to the scurrilous scribblings when he was busted by Mayor [Diane] Feinstein's anti-graffiti police squad on a charge of malicious mischief, defacing the wall of a Vallejo Street construction site. Schwartz...has demanded a trial to exonerate his exercise of free speech. 'I was just going to answer that I was not the philosophical whore of North Beach,' said Schwartz, 37."

So, what was the upshot of the trial, Stephen -- ARE you "the philosophical whore of North Beach," or not?

11 posted on 12/04/2002 11:21:01 AM PST by Justin Raimondo
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To: Justin Raimondo
Good questions . . . about topics, in my West Texas ignorance of such things, I've never heard of before. Perhaps he will give us some answers.
12 posted on 12/04/2002 11:44:34 AM PST by geedee
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