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Religious right fuels war: Web sites such as Tanker Bob's are the reason the U.S. will go to war
The Halifax Daily News, NEWS; Pg. 21 | December 12, 2002 | Mark Parent, Parent in Politics

Posted on 12/12/2002 11:32:42 AM PST by new cruelty

Religious right fuels war: Web sites such as Tanker Bob's are the reason the U.S. will eventually go to war

'Tanker Bob" is an expert in the workings of personal data assistants (PDAs) and, in particular, Palm Pilots and the Palm Pilot software. He is also the reason why the United States will go to war against Iraq, no matter what the UN inspectors conclude from their current mission.

I first came across Tanker Bob while surfing on the Internet for discussion groups regarding the Palm Pilot software system. I am one of the computer geeks within the Progressive Conservative Caucus and am often approached for help with computer-related problems and, particularly, with probelms fellow members have with their PDAs. I soon came to realize that Tanker Bob knew his stuff, and I would often access his PDA Web site to expand my knowledge. One day, however, as I was looking for Tanker Bob's analysis of the battery life of a Sony Clie T655 versus a Palm 515, I punched in the wrong address and ended up on "Tanker Bob's" home page. It was a surreal experience, patriotic music began to play and, suddenly, a cartoon picture of the Statue of Liberty appeared on the screen.

In this cartoon image, the Statue of Liberty is depicted holding a small baby in her arms wrapped in the American flag. In her free hand, the Statue of Liberty holds a revolver, while on her face is a snarl of anger. Beside the cartoon are the words "the most dangerous place in the world is between a mother and her children."

Tanker Bob's home page is dedicated to the "Lordship of Jesus." Tanker Bob, it turns out, teaches an adult Sunday School class and is a committed member of the Presbyterian Church of America. He is also a devotee of George Bush Jr., praising God that (to use Tanker Bob's words); "He has raised up a moral leader of godly character to lead this great nation in this time of trial!"

What is interesting about Tanker Bob's home page is its combination of conservative Christianity and American civil religion -- the Lordship of Jesus and the motherhood of the Statue of Liberty.

Although extremely active in the United States, religion usually has not been a dominant force in political decision making. In part, this is because the United States has tolerated a plurality of religious expressions and lack of unanimity between denominational groups and religions has blunted any political influence. However, as Robert Fowler points out in his book Religion and Politics in America, when religious traditions do co-operate, they exert tremendous political clout.

Such co-operation happened during the Civil War and, more recently, during the civil- rights movement. It is also happening now. For various reasons -- revenge, fear of the growth of Islam a concern with changing moral values -- there is a coalescing of religious traditions in the United States forming a very sizeable voting block. The strength of this voting block was evident in the recent midterm elections when the Republican party, led by George Bush Jr., took control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

It is the reason why -- along with legitimate security concerns and the need to ensure a stable oil supply -- no matter what happens with the UN inspection teams, the United States and, albeit somewhat unwillingly, Canada will be at war.

The only good news, I suppose, is that the existence of this religious voting block means that war will not happen for another year or so. To wage war too early would be to risk losing the political advantage that this voting bloc gives to Bush and the Republican party.

Mark Parent, an ordained minister, is the MLA for Kings North

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Government; Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: internet; iraq; politics; religion; war
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To: Charlie OK
ok, Charlie.

my only cause thus far has been to find articles of interest and post them for others to read and comment (as they wish). on occasion, i will include my comments, though they are usually in agreement with those already posted.

though with witty banter and barbs like yours, it is an added treat when people like you assume i am trying to pick a fight or that i hate americans and christians.
21 posted on 12/12/2002 12:08:12 PM PST by new cruelty
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To: new cruelty
Thanks for the post - intersting and sad!

Mark Parent has missed the entire point! Another foreigner with US-envy, no doubt!

Tanker Bob, of course, has nothing to do with whther the US is going to war with Iraq! Irag has EVERYTHING to do with whether the US is going to "...put a boot in [their] a$$, that's the American way" (Thanks to Toby Keith for those words).

After all, the Israeli intel service provided unequivocal proof that Iraq had bankrolled both WTC attacks immediately after 9/11! The WOT has nothing to do with religion (there are even those who maintain that islam is a philosophy, not a religion), it has to do with a bunch of islamics who want to kill everyone not islamic, as they are directed by the koran! If the WOT means take out Iraq, c'est la vie!

As for that outstanding cartoon by the 17 y-o highschool student of "mommy liberty" (do a google search on "mommy liberty"), Mark Parent again has no clue! Maybe liberal canada wants to become another state tied forever to the pathetic loser image France has created with their surrenders and "compromises" over the centuries??

22 posted on 12/12/2002 12:19:05 PM PST by mil-vet
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Comment #23 Removed by Moderator

To: BlueLancer
Lancer, I like the way your mind works (little "Taken" paraphrase there)!
24 posted on 12/12/2002 12:24:47 PM PST by mil-vet
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To: new cruelty
I posted without viewing your posting history and without you lending your own comments on the article, I assumed that you were the same person that has been doing these hit and run pieces and changing their screen-names every time they get banned. We have had a person doing that quite a lot lately and I figured it was him again. I should not have jumped to conclusions that you were the same person that has been doing this.

Usually if I post an article that I know will stir up controversy, I put in a comment of my own to let people know that I am not flaming so they will not address their heated comments to me directly. Sincerest apologies.

25 posted on 12/12/2002 12:37:50 PM PST by Charlie OK
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To: Charlie OK
oh. ok. no harm, no foul.
26 posted on 12/12/2002 12:50:40 PM PST by new cruelty
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To: new cruelty
So this is what passes for Baptist theology in Canada:
Mark Parent, Spirit Scapes (Northstone Publishing) $19.95

Alternative medicine, the new physics, Gaia, near-death experiences, the New Age, fundamentalism, revivalism, feminist and liberation theology -- everywhere we turn, new ways of thinking about the divine, about the Earth and the cosmos and our place in it, are surfacing like bubbles from some subterranean spring. Clearly, North Americans have embarked on a spiritual quest. This book provides an overview and analysis of nine of the most significant spiritual movements of our time, and shows their potential to influence both contemporary religion and society.

A keen observor of religious issues, Mark Parent has published numerous articles in several religious periodicals and, in 1993, a book entitled Enigmatic Answers. Mark is minister at Pereaux United Baptist Church and teaches in the Department of Continuing Education at Mount Allison University. Haligonian by birth, adopted into Port Williams, Mark Parent moved to Bolivia, South America at an early age and spent his formative years in Oruro and La Paz. Mark and wife Catherine have three children, Jeremy, Meaghan, and Kaitlyn.
27 posted on 12/12/2002 1:22:38 PM PST by PAR35
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To: new cruelty
Interview with "Tanker Bob"...
28 posted on 12/12/2002 1:47:26 PM PST by general_re
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To: BlueLancer
I love that post. Never tire of reading it.

God Save America (Please)

29 posted on 12/12/2002 1:57:16 PM PST by John O
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To: American For Life
Mexican-Americans will be the largest voting bloc in the history of the United States.

"More than 300,000 Mexican Americans served in the armed forces during World War II. Most enlisted in the army, and based on their percentage of the total population, more Chicanos served in combat divisions than any other ethnic group…. Their valor helped them garner proportionately more military honors than any other ethnic group. Of 14 Texans awarded the Medal of Honor, five were Mexican Americans. By the end of the war 17 Mexican Americans had earned the Medal of Honor. Five were awarded posthumously. "

30 posted on 12/12/2002 3:09:36 PM PST by LadyDoc
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To: Shermy; All
Attention liberals! (preaching to the choir alert!) whether or not ahmed islamakazi is your enemy, YOU are still HIS ENEMY! What part of that don't you understand? </rant>
31 posted on 12/12/2002 4:02:50 PM PST by notdownwidems
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To: LadyDoc
Can I put in my plug here to bring back the Mexican constitution of 1824?
32 posted on 12/12/2002 5:42:47 PM PST by no-s
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To: LibWhacker
That's funny, but it gave me a headache!! LOL!
33 posted on 12/12/2002 8:56:39 PM PST by potlatch
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