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Saving Black Babies
Christianity Today ^ | 01/10/2003 | Sheryl Blunt

Posted on 01/11/2003 4:54:06 AM PST by toenail

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To some prolife activists, Sanger's Negro Project and the Black Church Initiative seem eerily similar. "As far I'm concerned, their Black Church Initiative is the same thing, repacked," says Johnny M. Hunter, national director of LEARN, Inc. "[Veazey's] going along with a group that's doing the KKK's work for them."
The White Aryan Resistance's official position on abortion, in part: "Among non-Whites, invest in ghetto abortion clinics. Help to raise money for free abortions. Abortion clinic syndicates throughout North America, that primarily operate in non-White areas and receive tax support, should be promoted."

The Road to Abortion [FR thread]

1 posted on 01/11/2003 4:54:07 AM PST by toenail
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To: mhking; Coleus
2 posted on 01/11/2003 4:55:51 AM PST by toenail
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To: toenail
This is disgusting, and it should get more publicity (although I doubt that it will).

Does anybody remember that when Jesse Jackson started out, many, many years ago, he was strongly opposed to abortion and in fact regarded it as an attack on blacks? Of course, when he sold his soul to the Democratic Party, he conveniently forgot all that.
3 posted on 01/11/2003 5:01:06 AM PST by livius
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To: rdb3; Khepera; elwoodp; MAKnight; condolinda; mafree; Trueblackman; FRlurker; Teacher317; ...
Black conservative ping

If you want on (or off) of my black conservative ping list, please let me know via FREEPmail. (And no, you don't have to be black to be on the list!)

Extra warning: this is a high-volume ping list.

4 posted on 01/11/2003 5:26:30 AM PST by mhking
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To: livius
JJ was one of many who had to sell their soul to remain a RAT. Gore was another. Democrats = Lucifer.

One day the veil will be lifted from the eyes of those who have fallen for the Demo/lib/leftist trap.

Then there will be gnashing of teeth.

5 posted on 01/11/2003 5:46:45 AM PST by happygrl
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To: toenail
Thanks for a wonderful article. It tells a hard truth that is bitterly resisted in Black America. First of all, there is simple denial--as in "Well, whites have just as many abortions, but they go to private doctors, so nobody really knows." Then there's the "Maybe so, but it's racist to bring up stuff like this."

I know this because I worked for many years in a predominately Black college, where listening to students' abortion stories finally convinced me that the pro-choice position was a fraud and that abortion-on-demand debases those who are caught up in its web of killing. When I finally spoke out, my colleagues (and employers)were horrified

Like the breakdown of the African-American family, of which the abortion mania is a part, the destruction of so many unborn babies (possibly, as the article indicates, a majority of those conceived) is a "dirty little secret" in Black America. It will take churchmen of great integrity, African-American churchmen, to combat it effectively. But precious few of them will raise their voices this MLK Holiday.

6 posted on 01/11/2003 6:10:05 AM PST by madprof98
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To: madprof98
"When I finally spoke out, my colleagues (and employers)were horrified."

What happened after that?

7 posted on 01/11/2003 6:17:25 AM PST by Artist
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To: toenail
Bookmarked. Thanks, toenail.
8 posted on 01/11/2003 6:18:21 AM PST by Artist
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To: toenail
The “population controllers” – could be nothing more than responsible people making sure they replicate themselves after marriage and with forethought. The acceptance of sex as a sport, has reduced the population of wanted children to a plethora of unwanted pregnancies.

Prior to the ‘pill’ we had a fairly moral society of young men and women who practiced judgment, decency, respect and responsibility. All that flew out the window with the advent of the pill and drugs. The billions of dollars spent on sex education, for the most part, merely titillated and stimulated the minds of the mindless and poorly raised young people. So sex became a sport with pregnancy the outcome. Is it any wonder that the marathoners have multiple un-wanted pregnancies?

How many of the unborn were the result of incest, rape, crack or some other lethal drug? Is it safe to say these unhatched children were already aborted in the womb? The result of crime, lust, TV as the teacher rather than a responsible parent, print and media, soap opera, a president who glorified for millions the art of the BJ?

Perhaps if political correctness were not the prevalent factor in our educational system, sex education would have remained with a responsible parent and unwanted pregnancies not the norm. Children that are born, no longer have the luxury of being just children before they are subjected, nay, bombarded with titillating behavior way beyond their can’t expect them to respect the unborn when they have no respect for themselves, not even a clue.

Color is not the problem.

9 posted on 01/11/2003 6:19:32 AM PST by yoe
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To: toenail
Blacks vote democrat over 90% of the time. That is a lot of missing votes for democrats. If not for abortion, a lot of elections in the past decade would have went democrat if they had an extra 10 million democrat votes.

For example: Florida would certainly have went for Gore in 2000 if abortion had been illegal in Florida.

10 posted on 01/11/2003 6:25:27 AM PST by waterstraat
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To: toenail
Perhaps it is time for more families to adoopt these beautiful black infants instead of stepping over them in the rush to adopt out of country babies.
11 posted on 01/11/2003 8:12:15 AM PST by mlmr
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To: madprof98
The main motivation of PP here is not, in my opinion, limiting the black population. It's money. It's a for-profit killing business, pure and simple. African-Americans are just easier targets, unfortunately. Their leaders won't speak out on this issue...
12 posted on 01/11/2003 11:34:19 AM PST by HumanaeVitae
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To: mhking; toenail; yoe
Veazey says his group "absolutely does not promote abortion in any way." But an RCRC listing of online resources says, "Our primary role is educating the public to make clear that abortion can be a moral, ethical, and religiously responsible decision." It is glaring to see the duplicitous mindset that can make the underlined statement above, then follow it with the next contradictory sentence ... and from a supposed minister of God? What mind has become so degenerated that it can claim hiring a serial killer to routinely slaughter preborn individual human beings is 'a moral, ethical, and religiously responsible decision'? Black babies? ... Color is but a minor detail someone ought note when serial killing of a completely disenfranchised group of fellow Americans is at issue. These are our posterity being slaughtered! These are OUR innocent children.

Yoe, you have nailed the deeper fundamental issue ... whom rasies our children and what teaches them their moral imperatives. When degenerates like Jesse Jackson, bill clinton, Al Gore, and the collection of servants of evil in the above named 'religious association' are the selected for leadership, the society will decline precipitously. Do the collected citizenship of this nation have a fundamental right to censor what is spewed forth into society in the name of profit? Absodamnlutely! The sooner we repudiate this PC liberal bilge spittle that freedom means allowing anything to ooze forth into the public, the sooner we will begin to take back this nation and stand for something besides 'if it feels good and you want it, do it'.

As MLKing's day approaches, I would add, no matter what else one believes of Martin, he DID work to bring America to live up to the values it espoused regarding equality of opportunity in right to life and liberty. That's a notion I can wholeheartedly embrace. Would that my fellow Americans could reject the duplicitous posturing of the Jesse Jacksons and Carlton Veazeys, and see these demonic imps for whom they truly serve.

13 posted on 01/11/2003 12:11:45 PM PST by MHGinTN (Every individual human lifetime begins at conception and continues on life support from someone)
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To: waterstraat
I think you're missing the point. If abortion COULD be illegal in Florida, then the Republican party would probably cease to exist. The outlawing of abortion would be detrimental to the survival of the Republican coalition. Are you saying that we shouldnt work against one of the main tenets of the Republican platform because we might lose an election??? The point of politics is to achievegoals, not simply to win.
14 posted on 01/11/2003 12:27:58 PM PST by Blackyce
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To: toenail; mhking; 2ndMostConservativeBrdMember; afraidfortherepublic; Alas; american colleen; ...

Abortion: Black Genocide!

The Negro Project

Dr. Gamble heir to the Proctor and Gamble fortune


I remember someone who spoke against this program before the Long Branch Housing Board of Commissioners and the audience (mostly Black--including residents and Parents and TWO FREEPERS)sitting there, they listened, and after the meeting they approached the speaker and thanked him for alerting them to the fact that Planned Parenthood and Margaret Higgins Sanger were eugenicists and wanted the Black Race annihilated. So, he asked, "Did you vote against the Program or speak against the program" the man responded, "No, the summer program is good for the kids and doesn't mention abortion" So, Go figure!!!!!! Let's face it, when you mention the words "program" "for the kids" "choice" blacks, democrats, etc. fall for it!!!

Camp class under fire

Published in the Asbury Park Press 8/16/01

LONG BRANCH -- A family planning organization that runs a self-esteem class at a local city day camp is coming under fire from a small group of pro-life activists.

The class, taught by Planned Parenthood at the Long Branch Housing Authority's summer camp, teaches children from ages 5 to 12 about how self-esteem affects attitude and behavior.

But a group of about six pro-life activists, who attended a Housing Authority board of commissioner's meeting at Garfield Court last night, said they believe Planned Parenthood has a hidden agenda to start reaching out to young children -- although the subjects of abortion or contraceptives is not discussed in the program, which includes personal hygiene.

"They are getting their name out that they are people to trust," said Rita Duenas, of Freehold, who believes the organization should not be associated with the camp.

But several residents of the housing authority, including the acting executive director, said they support the program because it is not sexual in nature, and gives children positive activities to take part in.

"I'm against abortion, but a strong supporter of Planned Parenthood. They teach the children awareness and self esteem," said Jeanette Platts, who lives in the Woodrow Wilson complex. "It's not about abortion; it's about good hygiene."

Michael Winnick, acting executive director at the Housing Authority, said Planned Parenthood has been teaching the same classes at the camp for three years. The program was approved by the previous executive director, Winnick said. Planned Parenthood's education department comes in for one hour a week for about five weeks in the summer and conducts activities with the children.

"I understand the concerns of people who feel there is an underlying reason for Planned Parenthood to be there," said Winnick. "But this is coming from an abstinence-based curriculum." He said parents are monitoring the classes closely, and the organization's name is not on materials given to the children.

Winnick said he has received few complaints from people who live in housing authority buildings. And he said there are no plans to eliminate the program.

Phyllis Kinsler, CEO of Planned Parenthood of Central New Jersey, said she was not surprised to learn that there were people opposed to the organization's arrangement with the camp.

"There are people who think we shouldn't do anything, anywhere, anytime," said Kinsler, who said the camp program is constructive and age-appropriate.

Kinsler said in one of this summer's projects, the children had pictures of themselves taken and then decorated picture frames with items that said something about their personality.

"We're a small part of a comprehensive effort to do good things for their kids," Kinsler said.

Keith Roberson, who is the drug elimination program coordinator at the Housing Authority and a reverend, said he has no problem with the program.

"I've spot checked and talked to counselors," Roberson said. "As a man of God, I don't believe in abortion," but he said he feels secure that those subjects aren't raised at the camp.

"I would be more excited if you would come back to help our youth," Roberson said to the group of activists at the meeting.

Cecilia Mazza, Long Branch, said she will continue to rally to have the program removed.

"How can we, as parents, trust our children to an organization whose primary agenda is to aggressively pursue nullifying parents rights and undermining parental authority?" Mazza said.

Julie Rogers said to the board, "Planned Parenthood has got its foot in the door. How long will this existing agenda last before the real agenda kicks in?"

Mary Cooper, who works at the day camp, told the board the children look forward to the one-hour-a-week classes, which ended for the season on Friday.

Published on August 16, 2001

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Attention Catholic Voters:

Planned Parenthood of Central New Jersey, one of New Jersey's largest providers of abortions, gets $1,442,085 in Federal and State government grants. 40% of their $3,458,786 revenues.

They spend $305,388 lobbying for more tax money and AGAINST a ban on Partial Birth Abortions and AGAINST Parental Notification when a teenager wants to have an abortion.

Now at the Long Branch Housing Authority's Summer Camp, they are teaching their anti-Catholic pro-abortion rhetoric to children as young as 4 years old.

Spring Lake Mayor, Thomas Byrne, says they need to get County tax dollars too. Please call him and tell him they do not need to get County tax dollars as well. 732-449-0800 x2 x1

Please call Long Branch Mayor Adam Schneider and tell him that children, especially four year old children, should not be taught anything by Planned Parenthood. 732-222-7000 x 271

PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH appoints 5 PRO ABORTION Judges to the Federal Bench in NJ!!

New US Senate President, Bill Frist (R.-Tenn.), a Major Shareholder in Reputed For-Profit Abortion Provider

and supports stem-cell research, read last paragraph:


Senator Frist, R-TN championed confirmation
of pro-abortion Satcher,

Bush isn't really pro life.

President Bush Appoints 5 Pro-Abortion Judges to the Federal Bench in NJ.

Bush Funds Abortion Overseas

The Bush Family Secret
A Catholic Response to Bush's Stem Cell Decision
Do We Have A Pro-Life President?

Bush funds 'Faith-Based Condom Religion'
Bush OK's NY Medicaid Plan For Contraceptives

Bush Advances Legacy Of Bad Decisions,
Broken Promises And Dead Babies

Bush's gay-friendly judicial nominees...
Log Cabin Republicans Ease Intolerance

Planned Parenthood started out as an organization to enhance the eugenics movement and to kill off the minorities.

President Bush and Senate President Frist: Stop the Eugenics Movement and Condom Distributions in School, END TITLE X FUNDING NOW!!

Stop Planned Parenthood
15 posted on 01/11/2003 1:57:04 PM PST by Coleus (Hello Ball)
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To: mhking
This madness must be stopped.
16 posted on 01/11/2003 2:02:55 PM PST by jwalsh07 (March for Life in DC ,1/22/03.)
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To: *Bush Babes list
17 posted on 01/11/2003 2:11:05 PM PST by Coleus (Hello Ball)
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To: jwalsh07
Are you going to the march? Freepers will be meeting at a special location.
18 posted on 01/11/2003 2:41:14 PM PST by Coleus (Hello Ball)
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To: Coleus
You bet.
19 posted on 01/11/2003 2:55:12 PM PST by jwalsh07 (March for Life in DC ,1/22/03.)
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To: toenail
The reality, she says, is that 512 of every 1,000 African American pregnancies end in abortion.
African American women constitute 13 percent of the female population in the United States. However, they have 36 percent of the abortions, according to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, Planned Parenthood's research arm. In Pennsylvania, the figures are even more disproportionate. Ten percent of the female population is black, but they have 45 percent of all abortions in Pennsylvania.

Anybody have links to these stats?

20 posted on 01/11/2003 3:07:46 PM PST by Teacher317
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