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(Wesley) Clark Tanks
American Prowler ^ | 03/28/03 | The Prowler

Posted on 03/27/2003 9:28:52 PM PST by Pokey78

So much for the Democrats' hope that retired General Wesley Clark was going to be their Colin Powell. "He's more Benedict Arnold than anything else, if you believe the mail we've been getting here," says the Democratic National Committee staffer who, only a month ago was touting Clark as his party's answer to the military star power aligned with Republicans.

"Any cachet he might have had he's pretty much pissed away on TV," says the staffer.

Since the outbreak of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Clark has been on CNN, bemoaning the Pentagon and Gen. Tommy Franks's strategy in the opening days of taking down Saddam. And while several other senior retired military men have made critical comments about the ongoing fighting -- Ret. Gen. Barry McCaffrey, another former Clinton-era official, has been quick to criticize during his stints on MSNBC -- Clark has by far been the most vocal.

"It just looks really bad that he's knocking the troops and the way we're executing this war," says the DNC staffer. "He's taking hits everywhere, on TV, in the newspapers, on talk radio. People are furious at him. We can't fundraise off performances like this. The only presidential candidate that would probably want to be seen with him is Howard Dean."

Prior to Clark's "tanking" on CNN, the DNC had Clark pegged for political stardom. He'd visited New Hampshire, and had hinted that he was interested in perhaps running for president as a Democrat. Now, the DNC isn't sure what they can do with the man who directed Bill Clinton's military machinations in Kosovo.

The University of Iowa invited former President Bill Clinton to speak on Wednesday night, and even though tickets were free to students, turnout was comparatively low.

"It wasn't the sellout they thought it would be," says a Hawkeye undergrad. "There were lots of girls who went to take a look at him, though."

There were no estimates on the crowd, though more than 1,000 tickets went unused. For once, the terms Clinton and sellout weren't synonymous.

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To: Pokey78
Col. David Hunt: The best military analyst on TV, IMO. He's pretty good, but damn, he needs to lay off the caffiene. :) I can't stomach the "Casualties Now! Network" anymore.. I was flipping around last night during a Fox News commercial break, and Clark was deep into some defeatist crapola. I felt like calling CNN and saying "Hey, ask Clark if he knows the coordinates of the Chinese Embassy in Baghdad!"
51 posted on 03/28/2003 8:05:30 AM PST by DudleyDoright
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To: Hank Rearden
The fey poof Aaron Brown

Don't you just want to bitch-slap that pompous, know-it-all look off that moron's stupid face?

Where does CNN grow these losers?

52 posted on 03/28/2003 8:09:43 AM PST by Yankee
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To: Yankee
Don't you just want to bitch-slap that pompous, know-it-all look off that moron's stupid face?

Well I would, yes, except that I tend to watch CNN for a total of about 20 minutes/year so I usually don't see that poof.

53 posted on 03/28/2003 10:13:22 AM PST by Hank Rearden (Dick Gephardt. Before he dicks you.)
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To: patented
You display you display your historical ignorance
by insulting General McClellan.
General was a brave noble man. General Lee
wrote after the war that General McClellan
was the best opponent he faced in the entire war.
He was underminded form behind by Staunton
the low-life Secretary of War under Lincoln.
The McClellan basing come form the liberal
take over of history and McClellan said
bad things about Lincoln which in the liberal
mind set required him to be slammed without end.
Just look at what they said about him in
19th century history books and what they say
about things then form your opinion.
In fact everyone should try that when it
comes to history in general.
Clark was never a real military man
and most certainly was not putting himself
in harms way and kissed up to that low-life

54 posted on 03/28/2003 11:01:41 AM PST by Princeliberty
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To: Princeliberty
>>>>>You display you display your historical ignorance

Ah yes, anyone who disagrees with you is ignorant. When you begin your argument with such a weak opening, it is clear that you aren't worth the time for a serious discusion.


55 posted on 03/28/2003 6:41:32 PM PST by patented
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To: Pokey78
The quickest way to get me to zip past CNN as I surf for imagery, is to put Benedict Clark's face on the screen.
The man's a real snoozer, and did I mention an idiot?
56 posted on 03/28/2003 6:54:45 PM PST by ALS
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To: Pokey78; Eva; nutmeg
Wesley Clark's tanks were used to murder Americans, including women and children at Waco.
President Wesley Clark  
President Wesley Clark
57 posted on 03/29/2003 11:49:48 PM PST by Future Useless Eater (Freedom_Loving_Engineer)
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To: Yankee
I can't watch Aaron Brown -- I can't get past the ears. They're too big for his head, and his left one is bigger than his right one. Now that I've noticed, I can never go back.

All I hear is, "Blah, blah, blah..."My goodness, look at his ears"...Blah, blah, blah..."They're too big for his head!"...Blah, blah, blah..."That's too funny -- hee, hee." Click to FNC.

He's really "eary." :)

58 posted on 03/30/2003 12:21:58 AM PST by scott7278 (Peace had it's chance, now it's bombs away!)
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To: Quix
Don't I repeat don't count this witch out. Is there anywhere that says the anti-Christ has to be male? But seriously, she's got those pink women mad at her because they think she's a hawk and she's been keeping a low profile. Maybe crusty's in for a well needed overhaul.

The one thing that would thwart her ambitions that would make Hitler pale is for GWB to make the UN even more powerless or better yet, pull us out. Plus, since there's a shortage of office space in NYC, open up the UN building to American companies to do what they do best, make a profit!
59 posted on 03/30/2003 11:53:39 AM PST by Lx (So it's now, Duct tape and cover?)
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To: Lx
i AGREE about

her unroyal lowness,
her hideous heinous--
bwitch Shrillery

Though I'm fairly convinced the AC will be male.

But she is evil enough she'd asassinate him if she thought she could get away with it.

I think only prayer will save us from her.

And doing what we can to raise the consciousness of those around us etc.

Thanks for your kind reply.
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To: Pokey78
I heard that a lot of DNC types are calling him a Republican-Lite. According to some of them he is too conservative for the liberal base and that is why they don't like him.
61 posted on 08/27/2003 7:37:23 PM PDT by hermes509 (Questions For The Experts)
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To: hermes509
Clinton was "Republican lite" but he was still a liberal who trashed the military and presided over an administration that gutted defense/intelligence, making us more vulnerable to 9/11...

to say nothing of appointing Ruth ACLU Bader Ginsburg to the Supreme Court...

In other words, as a Democrat, this could do a lot of damage
62 posted on 08/27/2003 7:42:19 PM PDT by votelife (Free Bill Pryor)
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To: votelife
How was a "Republican lite"??? In other words, what part of his policies warranted being labeled as Republican?

And why the hell would the DNC support him?
63 posted on 08/27/2003 8:36:23 PM PDT by hermes509
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To: Yankee
The fey poof Aaron Brown

Don't you just want to bitch-slap that pompous, know-it-all look off that moron's stupid face?

Where does CNN grow these losers?

They got this one from ABC.
64 posted on 08/27/2003 9:16:59 PM PDT by gatorbait
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To: hermes509
basically, Bush I was a big departure from Reagan. Clinton was more liberal than Bush, but one could argue that Bush was closer to Clinton economically than to Reagan. Plus Clinton did "balance the budget" and pass welfare reform. I know it was the R Congress that did this but your average dumb voter views Clinton as a "moderate". i should have quoted.
65 posted on 08/27/2003 9:30:38 PM PDT by votelife (Free Bill Pryor)
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To: votelife
You are comparing Bush I, a Republican to Clinton? And Clark is being compared to Clinton? You end this by saying that you don't think Clinton is a moderate, but Bush I is closer to him than he was to Reagan? What does this make Bush I - a liberal?

Sorry if I sound a bit confused.
66 posted on 08/28/2003 8:19:17 PM PDT by hermes509
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To: hermes509
Reagan- generally a down the line conservative; compromised somewhat, but called the USSR an evil empire, cut taxes heavily, and appointed Scalia, elevated Rhenquist, O'Connor, and Kennedy (after he couldn't get Bork through.

Overall a very conservative record. O'Connor is a problem, though at least she ruled against the FL Supreme Court in Bush v Gore.

Bush I- I'd call a moderate conservative; he said no new taxes, but raised them. When he campaigned against Reagan in '80 he called supply side "voodoo economics." He also appointed Souter. At least he gave us Thomas. Oh, he wasn't a big friend of gun owners either, not horrible like Clinton, but...Oh, when the wall came down in Berlin, where was Bush? No major speech...

Clinton- I'd call a liberal who disguised himself with moderation.

about Bush raising taxes, I don't think he really wanted to as much as Clinton did, I think he felt hemmed in politically.

But I tend to see Reagan as a believer in conservatism, where as Bush kind of more was along for the ride. He wasn't a liberal, but he was definitely not a strong conservative. I like Bush I, just not nearly as much as Reagan. Bush II I see in between Reagan and his father politically. Still, Bush II hopefully has a lot of time left and I'm looking forward to seeing how he tackles the left.
67 posted on 08/29/2003 12:28:23 PM PDT by votelife (Free Bill Pryor)
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To: votelife
Well I liked Bush I and don't consider him a liberal or closer to Clinton than Reagan or even along for the ride of conservatism. In fact, Reagan acted like more of a tax and spend liberal than Bush I. First off Reagan did raise our payroll taxes to support the most liberal of all government programs. Second, he cut other taxes through deficit spending increasing the debt 300% from the time he got in office to the time he left office. This is more than triple what any other President has done in the last 50 years. The way I see it, long term, is that Reagan got to make us very happy in the 80s with his tax cuts and Bush I had to be the bad conservative who had to raise taxes to cover for it. He didn't want to raise taxes, but he also wanted to make sure that we weren't going to bankrupt ourselves in debt. In fact, 20 cents of every stinking dollar of income tax that I pay now goes to paying off interest on debt and I'm going to have to lay a lot of that wasted expense on Reagan. Bush I also got nailed by a recession which should have never been if Reagan's supply side ideas worked correctly. So labeling Bush I as less of a conservative just doesn't seem right to me. One has to look at the situation he inherited. I'm judging conservatism in a more traditional fashion and that means smaller government with less financial burdens. Debt is one of the worse financial burdens our government puts on us because it has to be paid back in interest. And the way I hear things now is that the Chinese are beginning to have a large claim stake in that debt. I have no interest in my taxes being raised now or later to pay interest to the Chinese.

68 posted on 08/29/2003 8:22:49 PM PDT by hermes509
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To: FL_engineer
Looks like your estimation of Wesley is a bit higher than mine. I mean, can you picture the Wesley Clark campaign song:

        "Wesley hates the little children,
        all the little children of the world,
        Red and yellow, black and white,
        he will kill them all on sight...

sort of like the old sunday school song, only weslified...


69 posted on 08/30/2003 11:33:17 AM PDT by judywillow
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To: Pokey78
Wesley "guess what I'll say next" Clark bump!
70 posted on 09/24/2003 11:44:46 AM PDT by mrsmith
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