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Busted! Lawrence Eagleburger outs the New York Times
Fox News - Hannity and Colmes | 4-02-03

Posted on 04/02/2003 6:32:31 PM PST by jmstein7

Busted! Lawrence Eagleburger outs the New York Times

On Fox News Channel’s hit debate show “Hannity and Colmes”, former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger inarguably exposed the anti-Bush bias of the New York Times for all to see. Secretary Eagleburger recounted how he was approached by the Times to write an op-ed piece. The Times told him, explicitly, to be critical of the administration.

This is an indisputable example of how the Times bends the news and its editorials to forward its radical left-wing agenda.

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Extended News; News/Current Events; Politics/Elections; US: New York; War on Terror
KEYWORDS: antiamerican; antibush; bushbashing; culture; elections; enemywithin; extended; iraqifreedom; lovedclintonswars; mediabias; news; newyorktimes; ny; oldgraylady; propaganda; times; unamerican; wot
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To: Reagan Man
90% of American's have never even read the Times.

Uh, that is not true - a large number of mainstream US newspapers utilize the NYT Wireservice, including their syndicated OP-Ed and Columnists.

The Dallas Morning News for one is full of NYT articles - albeit often cut and chopped. Youd' be surprised how influential the Times services are...

81 posted on 04/02/2003 8:06:56 PM PST by txzman (Jer 23:29)
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To: jmstein7
I saw that too. Incredible interview all around. How disgusting the NY Times is. I wonder more everyday what has happened to journalism. It has left the planet.
82 posted on 04/02/2003 8:08:35 PM PST by ladyinred
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To: PhiKapMom
"an F-16 off a carrier -- not in a million years. He is an Air Force pilot and they wanted to know if he flew off the carrier! Amazing!"

I'm a civilian. I need an explanation as to why this is so amazing.

Thank you
83 posted on 04/02/2003 8:13:23 PM PST by SendShaqtoIraq
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To: Homer1
I agree. But it's not just the "opinion" that they want--it's the division in their "enemy" (i.e. conservatives) that they seek to foster. As soon as the Eagleburger piece runs it gets picked up by papers all over the country and by pundits like Chris Matthews, who go on and exclaim about the "divisions" in conservative ranks about "Bush's" war policy. Lord knows, conservatives have big disagreements among themselves about most things. But when our troops are waging war, that is the wrong time to provoke division.
84 posted on 04/02/2003 8:13:25 PM PST by Faraday
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To: jmstein7
It's a shame what Raines has done to the Times.
85 posted on 04/02/2003 8:15:47 PM PST by 185JHP ( Brisance. Puissance. Resolve.)
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To: clamboat
There's a difference between expressing your opinion and trying to get someone to lie to support your opinion.

86 posted on 04/02/2003 8:15:52 PM PST by SendShaqtoIraq
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To: SendShaqtoIraq
None of the Air Force planes -- F-16, F-15, A-10, F-117, Bombers, or Cargo planes can land on a carrier. During an aircraft carrier landing, the plane hooks onto a cable that slows the plane to a stop. Air Force planes are not designed with hooks and our pilots are not trained to land on carriers.
87 posted on 04/02/2003 8:21:11 PM PST by PhiKapMom (Get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US)
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To: txzman
Technically, you are correct. The idea that was put forth, however, was to boycott the NYTimes. I took that to mean, not to subscribe to it, or buy it at a newsstand either. I'd venture to guess, most folks who read those cuts from the NYTimes in their local newspapers, don't even realize, or should I say, don't notice where the piece originated from.

One of my old hometown papers many years ago, was the NYTimes. It was liberal then and even more so today. Even my current hometown paper, on occasion carries a piece from the NYTimes. There are liberals everywhere!

88 posted on 04/02/2003 8:33:34 PM PST by Reagan Man
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To: jmstein7
Does Ann Coulter know???
89 posted on 04/02/2003 8:38:19 PM PST by Houmatt (Call Ashcroft and demand he enforce the laws on treason, sedition and sabotage!!!)
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To: jmstein7
it's about MANDATING what should be written.

It's their paper. (Whoever they are.) They can mandate whatever they want onto the op-ed pages. And because it is on the op-ed pages it is known that it will be slanted. Left or Right.

90 posted on 04/02/2003 9:00:26 PM PST by Bloody Sam Roberts ()
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To: patriciaruth
Today he feels totally vindicated in his instinct that the photo was to make the U.S. military look bad.

Nope. In the other photo, it looked a lot MORE like he was pointing the gun at the Iraqis. In the published picture there is NOBODY visible in front of the gun.

91 posted on 04/02/2003 9:05:15 PM PST by Sloth ("I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!" -- Jacobim Mugatu, Zoolander)
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To: PhiKapMom
A little bit of trivia for you ...

Before there was an F-14 Tomcat, during the McNamera era in the Defense Department, there was the idea to make the F-111 a multi-use aircraft. There were produced (I believe) two "navalized' F-111B aircraft that were tested on one of the largest aircraft carriers (which one, excapes my memory). There performed arrested landing and catapult take-offs. The plane was just too heavy to be safely operated from carriers, so the project was quietly shelved.

As it turned out, by the time the F-14 came along, it was almost as heavy as the F-111. But by that time, the catapults and arresters were improved. The FB-111 variant became well known for its use by the Aior Force in Vietnam.

And for some strange reason, I recall that a C-130 was tested for un-arrested landings too!

92 posted on 04/02/2003 10:17:08 PM PST by capitan_refugio
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To: patriciaruth
We get the New York Times for free--although it's worth less.

It's excellent to line the trash.

But no good for news--All Is Skewed To Fit Our Bent.

The Old Gray Drag Queen, the Volkischer Beobachter of record.

The simplest subject is a satire of itself: Women and poor hardest hit.

Every photo depicts Republicans as cannibalistic morons, Israelis as monsters.

The paper is the product of vicious little boys in their mother's dresses and make-up.

And the whole is sinking into the La Brea Tar Pits.

93 posted on 04/02/2003 10:34:23 PM PST by PhilDragoo (Hitlery: das Butch von Buchenvald)
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To: unaffiliated1
That's a good photo. And unless the L.A Times article actually said that our guy was pointing his weapon at an unarmed civilian, O'Reilly should have kept his mouth shut.

I think O'Reilly is pretty pathetic. He just happens to be a kind of "conservative."

94 posted on 04/02/2003 11:12:46 PM PST by the_doc
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To: the_doc
Before and after photos confirm exactly what O'Reilly claims - there is an emotional response that is false.

In the composite, the soldier appears to be doing a Reno on young Elian in the arms of the Iraqi man.

The source photos do not invoke this negative quality.


95 posted on 04/03/2003 1:07:01 AM PST by Enduring Freedom (To smash the ugly face of Socialism is our mission)
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To: clamboat
The point is the NY Times custom-ordered a hit-piece.

If that is journalistic integrity, I have triple-D breasts and sing like Avril Lavigne.

96 posted on 04/03/2003 1:08:50 AM PST by Enduring Freedom (To smash the ugly face of Socialism is our mission)
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To: CyberAnt
Well ... I'm sure Hannity will make good use of the information on his radio show.

And ... I'm quite sure Rush will also be talking about it tomorrow as well.

If its on FR in the morning, it will be on Rush'n'Sean in the afternoon!

97 posted on 04/03/2003 2:53:59 AM PST by Fresh Wind (Never forget: CLINTON PARDONED TERRORISTS)
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To: AndyJackson
The name of the VLWC has been changed.

The new name is Fedayeen Clinton.

98 posted on 04/03/2003 4:13:02 AM PST by Jim Noble
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Have I missed something again? Wasn't that Eagleburger a couple of months ago warning about the catastrophic consequences if we went to war? Hinting darkly about a "neoconservative" plot to get us into a Middle East quagmire?

So here he is, right on schedule, jumping on the bandwagon, ratting out his friends of a couple of months ago.

99 posted on 04/03/2003 4:49:23 AM PST by MLedeen
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To: MLedeen
You are probably right. But this highlights why being a leader is so much more important than being a pollster. All these people do is say whatever it takes to get their mug on TV. But, now they can use words like "destroy", and "kill", and "our national interest" and still get their mug on TV. I find that amazing.
100 posted on 04/03/2003 4:53:08 AM PST by BRL
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