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To: litany_of_lies
Well, this baby boom president has seen fit, like that last baby boom president, to leave our borders wide open to an epic invasion from Mexico even though we know terrorists are trying any way they can to get into America and illegal immigration has turned our country upside down.

This baby boom president has decided that the lesson of 9/11 was not enough reason to change our policy of allowing tens of thousands of Muslim immigrants from terrorist harboring nations to come pouring in here every MONTH.

This baby boom president has decided, like the last baby boom president, that our immigration laws are irrelevant, because, well, campaign contributors that peddle in illegal labor says so.

This baby boom president instead of deporting Muslims that fit the profile of those that wish to do great harm to America has decided it is politically more expedient to greatly expand the police powers of the federal government to spy on and harass ALL Americans.

This baby boom president LOVES spending OUR Taxpayer money on everything under the sun including wasting 15 billion for Aids treatment for people in Africa that don't care a whit about the causes of their plague.

This baby boom president is not content with the damage NAFTA and other one-way trade deals have done to U.S. manufactures. No, he thinks that pushing a South American NAFTA deal is smart economic policy in the middle of a Manufacturing Depression.

From what I see, Bush has many of the same deleterious Baby Boomer traits himself.

And ya know, it's says something when we wildly applaud a president merely for doing the right thing about taking the fight to terrorists world wide but I guess it is understandable given the low mark his predecessor set.

And for the record I'm a baby boomer myself and I've always thought my generation is among the worst in America's history. No, it is the worst. Generation X can only do better.

21 posted on 04/10/2003 11:11:12 PM PDT by WRhine
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To: WRhine
I'll be the first to admit that immigration is a huge issue, that W hasn't addressed it, and that he doesn't appreciate the scope of the problem. It is by far his biggest weakness.

There have been stories (one was posted here) of Iraqis caught in Texas whose mission was to try to assassinate W at his ranch (admittedly a pretty crazy plan, but no one said they were are geniuses). There have also been stories that more Iraqis and terrorists are coming over the Mexican border.

I can only hope that this news, along with the clear lack of support from Vicente Fox for Op IF, shake W out of his complacency on the issue. I'm not optimistic on this one. We may have to wait for Gen X and Gen Y to save out bacon on this one too.

On spending, I think W determined that he couldn't fight the spending battles and the war on terror at the same time. Although that war is far from over, he should be able to spend the political capital he has built up to get control of spending. We'll have to see if he has the will.

I'm not happy with the 15 bil spent on AIDS either, unless WE totally control how the money is spent, and the money is spent on the right things.

As to civil liberties, I think privacy disappeared in the mid-90s and isn't coming back anytime soon. I also think Ashcroft and the FBI are doing a lot of things behind the scenes to specifically target potential terrorists that we never hear about. It's almost a miracle that there have been no more significant domestic terrorist acts since 09-11-01.

I disagree with you on NAFTA. If it was so bad, why did unemployment drop to 30-40 year lows in the mid-late 90s? If we controlled the borders, Vicente Fox wouldn't be able to offload his awful economic problems onto us and would have to solve them internally. The economics of comparative advantage would then work how they should.

And yes, W is benfitting so greatly because of the inevitable comparisons to his predecessor.
24 posted on 04/10/2003 11:55:16 PM PDT by litany_of_lies
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