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France is Not a Western Country Anymore - Growing Islamic
Weekend News Today ^ | 4-11-03

Posted on 04/13/2003 2:12:48 PM PDT by hope

France is Not a Western Country Anymore - Growing Islamic

Weekend News Today
Lead: Faith
Source: Front Page Magazine

Fri Apr 11,2003 -- French-bashing is everywhere in the American media. I am French, and I must say if Americans knew completely what's happening in France, the French-bashing would be far harsher. Jacques Chirac has been a friend of Saddam Hussein for more than 30 years. He allowed the sale of nuclear facilities to Iraq that were destroyed just in time by Israël. He sold Iraq the planes that were been used to gas thousands of Kurds. And Saddam is not the only friend Chirac has. Chirac has never met a ruthless dictator he did not like. Worse, Chirac is unprincipled and greedy. It is common knowledge in France that he stole a lot of money when he was the mayor of Paris, and everyone knows that if he had not been re-elected in May 2002, he would be in jail now. To hear him speaking about morality or international law nauseates every decent Frenchman.

And Chirac is not the only politician of this stripe in France. These days, it is becoming hard to find a French politician ready to speak about true human rights, freedom or democracy. All of them seem to have the same speechwriter or to belong to the same totalitarian political party; all of them are anti-American, anti-Israeli and "pacifists." They regard Western civilization as something filthy and abhorrent. If you read the newspapers, it's the same.

At times it seems the only difference between the Soviet Union 20 years ago and France today is that in Soviet Union you had only one Pravda, and in France you now have at least 10 such propaganda outlets: Different titles, same content. Their party line is clear in propaganda reporting on the personalities found in the present Middle Eastern crisis. Saddam Hussein, the "President of Iraq"? Well, maybe he has been brutal, but you know, in "those" countries... George W. Bush? He’s a "moron" - a former alcoholic, who has become a crazy fanatic, in fact the most dangerous man on the face of earth. Ariel Sharon? A fascist who loves to kill Arabs. Arafat? A great freedom fighter. When an American general speaks, it is taken as merely propaganda, but when Tariq Aziz pontificates, it is pure truth. Almost everyday you hear anti-Semitic remarks, to boot.

The anti-Semitism has created a threat to the physical safety for French Jews. Almost every week, some Jews get mugged, simply for being Jews. Almost nobody pays attention to it. When an anti-Semitic act is so disgusting it is impossible to hide it, journalists will speak of "confrontation between communities." When confronted with the reality that these "confrontations" are always Muslims attacking Jews, the editorial response: "Just because there has yet to be a single documented case of a Jew attacking a Muslim yet doesn't mean it will never happen. . . ." (How sad! Pray for the safety of God's precious Jewish children, what He calls the "apples of His eyes")

And Jews are not the only victims of France's new identification with radical Islam. In many French cities with a growing radical Islamist population, no teenage girl can go out in the evening, at least not without a full burqa. If she does, it will mean that "she is for everybody": in short, a whore. In the same cities, every teenage girl - regardless of religion - has to wear the Muslim veil if she does not want to be harassed or killed. Almost every month, a young woman is mugged and raped in a suburb of a big city. Gang rape has become so frequent that a new word, used by the rapists themselves to define their hideous actions, is used by everybody: tournantes (revolving). To the rapists, the woman is nothing, a mere object to be thrown away after use. The people who speak about "revolving" seem to forget a human being is involved as the victim. Policemen do nothing.

Every decent person knows the problem is Islam, but no one dares to say it.(The danger of the way overdone 'political correctness' & 'religious tolerance for Islam but not Christianity') It could be dangerous. The streets are not safe. One year ago, a French Muslim decided to create a new business: he was tired of seeing people drinking Coca-Cola - all this money going to Americans! He found a factory and started to produce Mecca Cola. On the label, he put a picture of the Al Aqsa mosque, with a large part of his profits would help to support the Palestinian cause. In some suburbs of Paris, Coca-Cola has disappeared; Mecca Cola has replaced it. A few days ago, another Muslim businessman announced he will start to sell Muslim-Up. It will have the taste of Sprite or Seven-Up, but it will be a Muslim drink - and naturally the profits will go to the Palestinian jihad, as well.

3 radio stations in France are now Muslim radio stations, and if you listen to them, dedicated to broadcasting the voice of hate and racism all day long. One radio station belongs to a friend of the rightist Jean-Marie Le Pen, and curiously, if you listen to it, you will hear the same voice of hate and racism. If you want to understand why all this is happening, you have to understand one thing: 30 years ago, French governments started to have a new foreign policy. They called this new policy, "Arabian Policy." France became closer to Arab countries - all of them disgusting dictatorships. France "benefited" by doing business easily in these countries. In exchange, France had to push Europe to unknot its ties with Israël and the United States. In exchange too, "professors" came from the Arabian dictatorships to teach the Arabic language to the young Arabs living in France. The only book they used to teach the Arabic language was THE book, Al Kuran.(Koran/Quran)

But, now comes the time to pay the check, because due to that change in foreign policy, 6 million Muslims live in France, and at least 10% of them are radical Islamists poised on the edge of violence. And these radical Muslims have allies on both the extreme Left and the extreme Right. France is not a Western country anymore, it is now the leader of the Arab/Muslim world. Israel has to know France is its main enemy. The United States has to understand they have nothing to expect from today's France except nastiness, treason, and cheating.

Editor's Note: Wow! That was very interesting. And seems to be a similar picture throughout the world. From former Muslims who explain that Islam is NOT peace, it is interesting to see how they explain that there are usually 3 parts of spreading Islam thru the world. You have your Islamic missions/charities that make sure many Muslims move into the new country and Mosques are built to spread it from within. You have the militant part which is part of the same branch, but those that carry out the terrorist type duties more, tho' all are called to do that by the Koran. And you have many who support & spread the terrorism (tho' they don't call it that) in many ways. And as many Muslims have said, there are many who don't know their Koran well, which are usually your more moderates. Those are the ones that the conservatives are against. The conservatives of Islam are what is called true Islam w/Islamic Sharia law of which Osama and many others are standing for. So, they're not just some small minorities terrorist groups, but they are the ones who are calling the others back to true Islam once again, to the Koran. The Koran teaches they can do the same to those that turn from Islam as the infidels, the unbelievers of Islam. BTW, their 2nd holiest writings are the Hadith (the sayings).

As we've seen so much in the news lately around the world, there are terrorist attacks & jihad battles in so many countries now of regions attacking the main country it resides in, battling for their own Islamic state. And they've declared publicly many times, that they will fight this jihad until they are Pan-Islamic - across many countries, across the world. Of course Israel is sadly at the heart of it, because they know that's the Jews' & Christians' holiest land. Islam's holiest place is Mecca, the birthplace of Islam, to which all Muslims are supposed to pray towards 5 times a day. Medina is their next holiest place. It was not til more recently that they made a false claim to Jerusalem, to try to persuade the world that they should control it, and hoping the world, and even their own would believe they could take it from the Jews. Sad. Jerusalem is mentioned tons of times in the Bible, but not once in the Koran. Islam had fooled the world and still is today, as it's already reported to be the FASTEST growing religion around the world.

But, as Scripture shows, it's really satan fooling mankind behind the scenes, so we need to pray that many come out of his deception finally be able to find true heart faith in Jesus, that brings a true eternally secure everlasting life in Him. There's no greater inner joy & peace then to have Jesus in your heart, and as Scripture says clearly, there's no other way to heaven but thru Jesus. PTL!

Jesus died on that cross out of great pure LOVE, GRACE, AND MERCY, taking on all the sins of the world once-for-all, so that by His shed blood and sacrifice, we could all come to God thru a true heart faith in Him. It's a faith so awesome, that only He can give it. He hears the cries of people's hearts all around the world for His truth & wisdom, and that's what God promises to answer when any call. That's why Scripture clearly says that is why there is no one without excuse. When they stand before God, everyone had a chance. God said He put it inside us when He created us to yearn for HIm & His truth, but that man purposely ignores it and tries to make his own way to God, which always fails.

So, when God hears any who truly call out to Him, really wanting His truths & answers, He then sends out His own children to bring that TRUE ETERNAL GOSPEL MESSAGE OF LOVE & GRACE. Now, that's such a beautiful love, such a precious eternal FREE GIFT offered to all, any who will come in repentance and find true freedom forever in Jesus. There's no greater love than to have the eternal love of Jesus in our heart. And the great part is that for those that are in Jesus, regardless what race or what country we all come from, God said WE ARE ALL ONE IN HIM. PTL!! We're all equal in His eyes, and all loved exactly the same, because we're His children and He said He sees Himself in us. And what a great joy to celebrate all together one day HOME SWEET HOME IN HEAVEN when Jesus calls us home before the trib ahead.

God bless you as you pray for those all around the world deceived by religions of all types, wandering thru man's attempts to make their own way to their own made-up versions of God or Jesus, but not the only TRUE ONE of Scripture & sound doctrine. Scripture talks so much about people leaving sound doctrine in the latter days, and instead gathering teachers who will teach them only what they want to hear...watered down versions, that take out what they don't agree with, and adding their own versions of truth. God said it's like the blind leading the blind, and they both fall in the ditch. He talks so much about righteous looking/sounding leaders who are just leading the masses to hell alongwith themselves. Pray many are soon freed from satan's bondage, and wake up to the truth of what's going on around the world. Let the Lord help you stand strong in sound doctrine of God's Word, and to stand firm in the faith as the world turns more and more to other religions but turns it's back on the most loving and only way to God, thru Jesus, Christianity, which God brought thru His special chosen Jewish lineage from Israel. PTL!! \0/ :)

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To: hope
Can we do Normandy again?
41 posted on 04/13/2003 5:29:56 PM PDT by jslade
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To: hope
The current condition of France shows you the end result of liberals and socialists running can only get worse.
42 posted on 04/13/2003 5:32:39 PM PDT by TheLion
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: SauronOfMordor
The response will be seen as "oppression" by overseas Muslims, and lead to a spiral

So we are to keep pandering to them, not deporting them, and all the other embarrassing stuff our PResident has done? We have already been threatened by the PResident if we are not tolerant - when will we have to go to a mosque or observe Ramandan just to keep it from leading to a spiral?

I think you are right - but I don't think it is a good thing or even a benign thing. It is an abdication of the responsibility of protecting this country.

The job will have to be done at some point in time if we are to be free. Why not do it now, rather than wait until there are more here and they are more powerful? That was the rationale behind the timing of the war with Iraq wasn't it - it would seem protecting our own country and its people would be even more important and require swifter action.

Of course, you do realize that anything but complete compitulation to the Muslims is going to be viewed by the Muslim world as 'oppression'. AS I said, American never learns.

43 posted on 04/13/2003 5:49:42 PM PDT by nanny
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To: hope
Wow. This article started out good, but then finished powerfully. Thanks. PTL!
44 posted on 04/13/2003 5:53:37 PM PDT by SoCal_Republican (We got a 7 of diamonds, how long until we get a full house?)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

bump for later
45 posted on 04/13/2003 5:57:08 PM PDT by Drew68
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To: Travis McGee
There is a very sinister undertow at work in France for the French to relinquish their culture, of which they are so proud and guard so zealously, to uncouth barbaric Muslims. I wonder if the French will even object to the Muslim takeover when they interfere with the wine production?

46 posted on 04/13/2003 6:31:28 PM PDT by fatidic
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To: NetValue
Militant Islam swarms and then takes over its victim. France instituted a policy of letting them in without restraint. Soon France will be like the places where the militant Islamics came from

France's economy will not be able to support much more Islamic invasion

The country will come apart at the seams.
With no oil as a natural resource the muslims are nothing
47 posted on 04/13/2003 6:49:35 PM PDT by uncbob ( building tomorrow)
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To: nanny
So we are to keep pandering to them, not deporting them, and all the other embarrassing stuff our PResident has done? We have already been threatened by the PResident if we are not tolerant - when will we have to go to a mosque or observe Ramandan just to keep it from leading to a spiral?

I'm just speculating on what our political classes are thinking. As for me, personally, I'm all for having it out now, while we still have the advantage. I'm for not giving an inch of accomodation. I'm for doing it as private individuals, rather than pressing for government regs against Muslims (which could later be turned against Christians by some future Clintinoid prez). There are lots of creative ways for private people to make militant Islamists feel unwelcome, while staying within the letter of the law

A while back, on another thread, a pro-Islam troll (who obviously was not American-born) made a statement to the effect of "you all should burn those stupid crosses of yours". My response was "re: burning crosses: be careful what you wish for..."

48 posted on 04/13/2003 7:17:44 PM PDT by SauronOfMordor (Heavily armed, easily bored, and off my medication)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 43 | View Replies]

To: SauronOfMordor
Well, I am not advocating private citizens drag them out in the streets. I think if the government just did its job, we would be 99% better.

As for burning crosses, I understand the Supreme Court just ruled it can't be done anymore. It seems that it intimidates the black people too much.

I don't know how we could make the militant feel unwelcome - I personally don't know which are militant and which are not. The government does, however, and it is definitely their job. MOre so than liberating Iraq - let's liberate America. This does tend to make me feel other than kindly toward all of them. The only thing I can do is not do business with them and I work hard at that.

49 posted on 04/13/2003 7:25:45 PM PDT by nanny
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To: hope
To hear him speaking about morality or international law nauseates every decent Frenchman.

Both of them?

50 posted on 04/13/2003 7:35:37 PM PDT by The_Media_never_lie
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: The_Media_never_lie; cardinal4
Anybody here remember the "good old days" in France? Going on leave in Paris and the worst you could expect would be a fleecing by some gorgeous vamp in a saloon in the Place Pigalle (Pig Alley) or getting your head conked by one of the four-power MP jeep crews (US, UK, French and Canadian) if you got TOO rowdy? Now you'd best be avoiding Paris. I would suggest Dublin, but even in Dublin there are Al Qaeda cells.
51 posted on 04/13/2003 8:02:20 PM PDT by Ax
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To: fatidic
It will be a fascinating social experiment. At what point will the French fight back? Or will they ever?
52 posted on 04/13/2003 8:27:55 PM PDT by Travis McGee (-- Jesus said arm yourself. Luke 20:35. Look it up.)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 46 | View Replies]

To: hope
oh boy.. another 'religious war' piece. Would make Osama, hizbullah, and Islamic jihad very happy readying this form of articles gives them much more credibility in their 'religious war'.

53 posted on 04/13/2003 8:30:41 PM PDT by freedom44
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Comment #54 Removed by Moderator

To: freedom44
Excuse me?

Oh wait, I get it your trying to find the moral equivalency between the Islamic-facist and my post...You probably think that all religion should be banned for the sake of the fanatics...Well, those fanatics are more like you...They prefer that their view be the only view.

55 posted on 04/14/2003 7:48:58 PM PDT by hope (see the implosion of the left, their god Marduk has been utterly put to shame !)
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Comment #56 Removed by Moderator

To: hope

The closest france was to a "western" country was when it was "vichy".

Hey, do you hear that chirac?? You just celebrated US liberating you. How long did it take for your mother to grow her hair back???

57 posted on 08/26/2004 8:57:31 PM PDT by stumpy
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To: revus; Admin Moderator

How did you get by without being zotted? You obviously are not having fun at your hate America and Israel website anymore so you come over here with ridiculous accusations and name calling..crawl back to the hole from which you slivered..I don't even have the patience to address your sorry arse tonight regarding the holocaust.

58 posted on 08/26/2004 9:30:39 PM PDT by hope (John Kerry is using the Mark Hacking recipe for disaster)
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