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Appointment with The Apocalypse- the Waco Files
various FR links | 04-28-03 | The Heavy Equipment Guy

Posted on 04/28/2003 5:05:20 AM PDT by backhoe

Read these first:

A Graveyard Called Waco [Free Republic]

Ghosts of Waco haunt the ruins [Free Republic]

The ATF Fired First [Free Republic]

Then begin here:

The FLIR Project
      Posted by E. Pluribus Unum
On 04/19/2003 5:55 PM EDT with 8 comments ^ | April 15, 2001 | E, Pluribus Unum
Fed's attack Texas church and burn it to the ground.....
      Posted by ASTM366
On 04/19/2003 5:05 PM EDT with 356 comments

PBS - WGBH/Frontline ^ | 1995 | PBS
10 years after Waco siege, police face another standoff (Gun Barrel City) - rehash of Waco debacle
      Posted by MeeknMing
On 04/19/2003 12:50 PM EDT with 237 comments

The Dallas Morning News ^ | April 19, 2003 | By DAVE HIOTT / The Dallas Morning News
Branch Davidian children speak out 10 years after Waco standoff
      Posted by Brian S
On 04/18/2003 8:13 PM EDT with 37 comments

Associated Press ^ | 04-18-03
10 years later, memories of Waco tragedy linger - fatal Branch Davidian standoff
      Posted by MeeknMing
On 04/17/2003 1:28 PM EDT with 82 comments

Associated Press ^ | April 17, 2003 | Associated Press Staff
Escaping Waco
      Posted by plain talk
On 04/17/2003 11:21 AM EDT with 355 comments ^ | 4/15/03 | Charles Gibson
Memory of Waco growing dimmer
      Posted by Alissa
On 04/13/2003 1:01 PM EDT with 63 comments

San Antonio Express News ^ | 4/13/2003 | Dick J. Reavis
Waco vs Iraq
      Posted by cd jones
On 04/12/2003 3:43 PM EDT with 27 comments

Feds on Waco: Shooting in the dark
      Posted by JohnHuang2
On 04/12/2003 5:18 AM EDT with 9 comments ^ | Saturday, April 12, 2003 | Barbara Grant
Expert: Government science failed at Waco
      Posted by JohnHuang2
On 04/12/2003 5:17 AM EDT with 11 comments ^ | Saturday, April 12, 2003 | Jon Dougherty
10th Anniversary: The Ghosts of Mt. Carmel
      Posted by sinkspur
On 03/31/2003 9:05 PM EST with 27 comments

Texas Monthly | April, 2003 | Michael Hall
"Freep The Creep" Clinton Opportunity, Gainesville FL
      Posted by chuknospam
On 03/31/2003 12:41 PM EST with 11 comments

Gainesville Sun ^ | 3-31-2003 | Me
Former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno: "Bush failed to balance liberty and security"
      Posted by FairOpinion
On 03/18/2003 12:04 AM EST with 92 comments ^ | March 17, 2003 | AP
An Interview With Bill Clinton (long)
      Posted by JeanS
On 03/04/2003 3:09 AM EST with 25 comments

The Atlantic Monthly ^ | March 2003 | James Fallows
Tear Gas May Violate Treaties
      Posted by weegee
On 03/04/2003 2:51 AM EST with 10 comments

AP via ^ | March 02, 2003 | PAUL ELIAS
Waco - Survivors mark 10-year anniversary of raid on Branch Davidians
      Posted by HAL9000
On 02/27/2003 11:23 PM EST with 14 comments

Associated Press | February 27, 2003 | ANGELA K. BROWN

Head of Sept. 11 Probe Allegedly Obstructed Danforth's Waco Inquiry ( COVER UP )
      Posted by WakeUpChristian
On 06/23/2002 2:13 PM EDT with 34 comments

FBI Director Nominee Mueller Helped FBI and DOJ Cover Up Evidence on Waco, Ruby Ridge, OKC Bombing
      Posted by OKCSubmariner
On 05/28/2002 3:01 PM EDT with 26 comments

Waco Massacre at Mount Carmel
      Posted by NMC EXP
On 04/19/2002 10:09 AM EDT with 24 comments

Constitution Society ^ | n/a | n/a
Murder in Waco - April 19, 1993
      Posted by ASTM366
On 04/19/2002 10:07 AM EDT with 25 comments

The Agitator Hour 020327 Guest: Film Producer of "Waco: A New Revelation"
      Posted by agitator
On 03/27/2002 6:22 PM EST with 10 comments

Waco: A New Revelation, Reviewed by Gavin Phillips [Free Republic]
... of the ATF/FBI handling of the 51 day siege at Mount Carmel, the home of the Branch Davidians near Waco, Texas. ...

Waco Massacre at Mount Carmel
Posted on 04/19/2002 7:09 AM PDT by NMC EXP ... community called Mount Carmel, outside Waco, Texas, occupied by a sect called the Branch Davidians, led by a man ...

Expert supports Waco-video conclusions: Charge that FBI fired on...
Disclaimer: Opinions posted on Free Republic are those of the individual posters and do not necessarily represent the opinion of Free Republic or its management.

Topic: Waco
various sources in 1993 mid/late 1993 pjd This is a summary of events surrounding the Waco tragedy, exerpted from a thread on Compuserve back in 1993. ... by federal agencies during the siege at Mount Carmel. Web Posted: 12/07/97 20:03:27 PST ... the standoff at Waco, Texas, between the Branch Davidians and two agencies ...

Summary of Waco events [Free Republic] [Free Republic]

'Shooting At Davidians From Helicopters Is Unprecedented in American...

Waco Fire Report [Free Republic]

Death of 3 Delta Force members prompts questions about Mount Carmel...


Downside Legacy: Waco - The Trial (2nd Draft) [Free Republic]

Military forces' role in Waco challenged: Affadavit Implicates Delta...

Attorney: Bullet holes evidence ATF was aggressor at Mount Carmel...


DSL Research: WACO - Hole in the Bunker and Fireball (3rd thread)...

Waco: Sniper's Nest Revealed [Free Republic]

DSL Research: Waco-Hole in the Bunker and Fireball (4th Thread) [Free...

New Documentary Links First Lady and Foster to Waco [Free Republic]

New Evidence Shows Whitewash of FBI Role at Waco [Free Republic]

Downside Legacy on WACO-NOW 9/13/99 to 9/17/99 [Free Republic]

Lawyer says FBI plotted at Waco [Free Republic]

Waco A New Revelation:Review [Free Republic]

What Happened at Waco? - Alamo-Girl's First Theory (Thread 5) [Free...

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Waco Investigator? [Free Republic]

Fanatic cult in armed siege near Waco site [Free Republic]

Feds investigate use of military aircraft in Mount Carmel raid [Free...

WACO - A Carefully Planned Event? (part VII) [Free Republic]

Media Played Dumb on Official Waco Dissent Three Years Ago [Free...

The answers to four questions will tell the tale of Waco [Free...

Wacos truth trickles out [Free Republic]

FLIR Aircraft Orbiting Waco Belonged to SAS --NOT FBI [Free Republic]

Waco Fire Continues to Burn on the Web [Free Republic]

CLINTON ON SLAIN ATF AGENTS AT WACO: "Three of those four were...

Promotions for everyone involved at Waco _also headshots [Free...

CATO Blasts Danforth Waco Report [Free Republic]


Government Terrorism [Free Republic]

Transcripts from bugging of Branch Davidian compound [Free Republic]

FBI, Delta Force, ATF, All fire Shots into Mt. Carmal killing...


Reno Planned Final Assault with Delta Force Operatives [Free...


FEMA - The Secret Government [Free Republic]


Partisan Interview: Mike McNulty [Free Republic]

Downside Legacy on WACO - Back Then [Free Republic]

Excerpt:"Communication Stream of Conspiracy Commerce"

Massive Obstruction of Justice in Oklahoma Bombing Investigation....

The Final Incineration and Death of the Davidians [Free Republic]

'Vince Foster's Gun' Serial Number Searched --BEFORE-- Death [Free...

Assault on Waco (long post) [Free Republic]

WACO UPDATE: Fifth Annual Memorial Service

From Waco To Belgrade: Wesley K. Clark and America's "Army of the...



What Washington Is Still Trying to Hide About Waco, In the December...

Trooper describes oddities at Waco [Free Republic]

GOVERNMENT TERRORISM - From Ruby Ridge To Waco And Beyond [Free...

***Freeper Sleuthing Challenge: Waco Shootout KIA Doc Also Did...

Downside Legacy: WACO - Carlos Ghigliotti Death (Thread 6) [Free...


What you don't know about Waco [Free Republic]

From 1995 PBS Waco Documentary Transcript -- Who In The FBI Told The...

FBI Alerted Dallas Hospital Hours Before Waco Fire [Free Republic]

Special Forces Involved in Waco Raid! (excerpts) [Free Republic]

Appointment with The Apocalypse [Free Republic]

"This Is Not An Assault" - Penetrating the Web of Official Lies Re:...

After All, It Was For The Children! [Free Republic]

The Secret Life of Bill Clinton

FBI has Additional Information on McVeigh's Middle-Eastern...

Clinton asked about ties to Riady, can't recall $1 million offer...

Oklahoma City was an American Reichstag event [Free Republic]

Importance of Jane Graham--UPDATE Thread II [Free Republic]

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Extended News
KEYWORDS: okcbombing; waco; wacoplusten
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To: backhoe


41 posted on 09/27/2006 1:59:18 PM PDT by sport
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To: beltfed308; sport

Thanks for looking- another file still open on "the most ethical administration in history..."

42 posted on 09/27/2006 2:45:42 PM PDT by backhoe (Just an Old Keyboard Cowboy, Ridin' the Trakball into the Dawn of Information)
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To: backhoe

Great links and I have gone through and read every single thread. Most of the facts I already knew but seeing the posters names for the apologists and the ensuing debates was very educational.

The one thing I have been looking for is the unedited initial raid. I saw it very early in the morning with Koresh at the door yelling that there were women and children inside. What followed after that had me seething. Many posters have reported the same thing so I know it was not my imagination.

Again, Thanks for all the hard work you have done.

Best regards,


43 posted on 09/28/2006 7:27:11 AM PDT by beltfed308 (Nanny Statists are Ameba's.)
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To: backhoe
The Clintons did know how to fight their perceived enemies within, sadly they built walls throughout government to cell off collection of intel to prevent foreign enemies from setting up shop.

I am still repulsed by Clinton's continual blaming of the 'right wing' for all his weakness and his malignant neglect of worldwide terrorism.
44 posted on 09/28/2006 7:34:01 AM PDT by Just mythoughts
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To: Just mythoughts; beltfed308
Thank you both- as an early attempt at guerilla warfare, I donated my copy of "Rules of Engagement" to the Library here. Have no idea if they kept it or who might have seen it- the web was in its infancy then.

There's plenty of information out now- we just can't undo the past.

45 posted on 09/28/2006 1:20:45 PM PDT by backhoe (Just an Old Keyboard Cowboy, Ridin' the Trakball into the Dawn of Information)
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To: backhoe

Bookmarked...Waco...Oodles of valuable info.

46 posted on 12/22/2006 9:21:57 PM PST by AmeriBrit
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To: AmeriBrit
Seasons Greetings to you, and yours...

47 posted on 12/23/2006 4:48:24 AM PST by backhoe (Just a Merry-Hearted Keyboard PirateBoy, plunderin’ his way across the WWW…)
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To: backhoe
Thankyou very much. Santa was much too good to me but I'm not complaining, :) HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND BEST WISHES FOR A GREAT ONE ALL YEAR LONG!
48 posted on 12/26/2006 1:42:02 AM PST by AmeriBrit
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To: All

VIDEO: THE FLIR PROJECT (Did Eric Holder and John Danforth Lie About Waco?)

Just today I learned that Eric Holder was Acting Attorney General for the Danforth Branch Davidian massacre report.

U.S. attorney general nominee Eric Holder not questioned about Waco Branch Davidian siege

In honor of this information, I dug up my VHS tape of "The FLIR Project," recorded it digitally and uploaded it to YouTube.

The F.L.I.R. Project Part 1

The F.L.I.R. Project Part 2

The F.L.I.R. Project Part 3

The F.L.I.R. Project Part 4

49 posted on 03/08/2009 3:58:20 AM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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To: backhoe


50 posted on 12/30/2009 8:46:05 AM PST by stainlessbanner
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To: stainlessbanner
Thanks for the bump-- I expect Kommander ZerØ will mull over something like this to keep the peasants in line...
51 posted on 12/30/2009 11:41:53 AM PST by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: stainlessbanner


52 posted on 12/30/2009 11:42:33 AM PST by ConservativeMan55
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To: backhoe; ConservativeMan55
Thanks for the bump ConservativeMan55

There is a wealth of information here, thanks you for compiling backhoe - you do a yeoman's job!

53 posted on 12/30/2009 3:31:20 PM PST by stainlessbanner
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To: stainlessbanner

Thanks for the encouraging words.

54 posted on 12/30/2009 3:43:41 PM PST by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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