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Smacking Down The Hollywood Stars
RightWingNews ^ | 05/02/03 | John Hawkins

Posted on 05/03/2003 4:29:33 PM PDT by microgood

Yesterday, I put together a list of quotes from the Hollywood stars about the war. Someone named MJ then sent me an email that read as follows,

"I read your celeb quotes on your page there. I live in Hollywood and work in the Industry, so I have to deal with these people daily. I had a few things to say about these inane ramblings, especially since I usually have to keep my conservative little mouth shut for fear of being blacklisted here in liberal land because I dare to disagree with the majority (imagine how that works, huh?)

Anyway, hopefully you'll enjoy it and share it with others on your website."

I liked what MJ wrote and after a bit of editing, I decided to post it. Enjoy the venom...

"When I see an American flag flying, it's a joke." -- Robert Altman

No, Gosford Park winning an Oscar, that was a joke. Back in the sixties when you were smoking all that pot and dropping all that acid with Donald Sutherland on the set of the steaming heap of leftist propaganda that was "MASH" your brain probably got so fried you thought anything, including the American flag, was funny. Your career, Mr. Altman, now that's the real joke.

"They're sheep. They like him (Bush) enough to credit him with saving the nation after 9/11. Three thousand people get killed, and everybody thinks they're next on the list. The president comes along, and he's got his six-guns strapped on, and people think he's going to save them." -- Ed Asner

Well, considering good ol' Ed has been a longtime supporter and admirer of convicted cop murderer and communist activist Mumia abu-Jamal, it would just make sense that he believes the president, in addition to the police and the other fine people who put their lives on the line protecting our safety (cough*military/soldiers*cough) won't save us. Maybe he could get his buddy Mumia and his commie murderer friends to defend this nation.

"I also think that there is a strong streak of racism, and whenever we engage in foreign adventures. Our whole history in regime change has been of people of different color." -- Ed Asner

Yeah. Because all them Germans were black.

"I not only think that they (U.S. leaders) are misguided, but I think they know exactly what they are doing and I think that they are men who are possessed of evil." -- Harry Belafonte

Killing millions of Jews, that's evil. Killing thousands of innocent Americans, that's evil. Torturing your own citizens, that's evil. Protecting America and Liberating an oppressed people is not. It simply isn't. There is no comparison. And anyone who would think so is sorely mistaken.

"The real terrorist threats are George W. Bush and his band of brown-shirted thugs." -- Sandra Bernhard

This coming from the woman who's bombed in more clubs than anyone alive. If you don't believe me, check out her act sometime. Maybe the Palestinians are recruiting.

"I think America has no experience with terrorism or even with war. In Europe, we know a little bit more about these things." -- Bono

Like how to appease and make multimillion dollar deals with dictators who support terrorist? Maybe I'm a bit behind in my American History, but we've had our fair share of war. We just tend to win most of them. Am I BUG-gin' ya yet?

"I'm saying that the moral climate within the ruling class in this country is not that different from the moral climate within the ruling class of Hitler's Germany." -- David Clennon, star of the hit CBS television series "The Agency,"

How do you define the ruling class? Who are the elites? Actors for one. People who remove themselves from reality and normal society in favor of ego, money, and fame. This liberal elitism exists in the news media, television, movies, universities, and a number of the rich. They think anyone who disagrees with them is beneath them. They see the American public as sheep who are unable to think for themselves. They believe the government needs to control every aspect of people's lives to keep them from hurting themselves. They are Marxists, Socialists, and Communists. Yet every time they are proven wrong, they make excuses and turn a blind eye, content to think that they are right no matter what. Clennon is a 60's radical still clinging to his heyday in the Vietnam era. Well, times change. Liberals, apparently, don't.

...I'm not comparing Bush to Adolf Hitler - because George Bush, for one thing, is not as smart as Adolf Hitler. And secondly George Bush has much more power than Adolf Hitler ever had." -- David Clennon, star of the hit CBS television series "The Agency,"

Last I checked, Hitler didn't graduate from Yale and Harvard, or beat a standing vice president in an election race coming off a good economy. Love him or hate him, you have to admit Bush is anything but stupid. Yet the Liberals keep underestimating him, further illustrating their inability to adapt and change. And another note about power - Hitler never had to run for office or worry about reelection. Here in the US, the power is still with the people, you commie f*ck.

...I'm saying that we (Americans) have sunk pretty low and I'm saying that you can look at the moral climate in Germany in 1933. We have to ask ourselves if we found ourselves in Nazi Germany, what would we do. Now I say, let the inspection process take its course." -- David Clennon, star of the hit CBS television series "The Agency,"

If David Clennon found himself in Nazi Germany in 1933, let's hope he'd be executed for speaking out against the government like so many others were so he could appreciate the freedom he really has in this country. Last I checked Bush wasn't doing that…

"You can't beat your enemy anymore through wars; instead you create an entire generation of people revenge-seeking. These days it only matters who's in charge. Right now that's us -- for a while at least. Our opponents are going to resort to car bombs and suicide attacks because they have no other way to win. ...I believe (Rumsfeld) thinks this is a war that can be won, but there is no such thing anymore. We can't beat anyone anymore." -- George Clooney

Tell that to Saddam, Clooney. But in all fairness, don't mind him, this quote was taken out of context. He was really talking about Solaris…

"I think war is based in greed and there are huge karmic retributions that will follow. I think war is never the answer to solving any problems. The best way to solve problems is to not have enemies." -- Sheryl Crow

Riiiiiight. And maybe we could all have transparent heads and fly too. It never ceases to amaze me how entertainers, people who make enemies over the most petty things in the world, think everyone should just join hands and sing "koom-bye-ya." Maybe instead of hiring lawyers, you should just try to not have enemies, Sheryl.

I think the U.S. is terrifying and it saddens me. You only have to look at the state of affairs in America. I do worry about my children. As a parent you are always concerned...I just want them to be in a place where they are going to be strong enough to be able to make the right choices. Unfortunately we're in a position where people are so irresponsible that human life holds so little value to them. -- Tom Cruise explains why he wants his kids to be raised in Australia instead of America

This coming from a man who's movies have a higher body count than an Iraqi mass grave. You have to admire the "Do as I say, not as I do" attitude of these celebs who are so far removed from real people that they have to try and justify their infantile grade-school educated thoughts by blaming everything wrong in their lives on the country that made them rich and therefore removed from said real people. Last I checked, Australian troops were fighting along side ours in Iraq, but you don't see Tom Boy speaking out against that.

"I just wish men would quit thinking they could just duke it out with each other. I don't have all the facts, and who knows what's really the truth, but I don't really respect (Bush's) way of dealing with this situation. It would have been great to have someone really, really smart in that office, and someone who is globally aware." -- Sandy Duncan

Who? Ralph Nader. Yeah, I'd much rather have a leader who allows himself to be b*tch-slapped while hugging a tree. Brings a whole new meaning to "national pride."

"I don't know if a country (America) where the people are so ignorant of reality and of history, if you can call that a free world." -- Jane Fonda

"Unlike the people I gave comfort to in North Vietnam, who are like, totally free."

"(W)hen Communist U.S.S.R. was a superpower, the world was better off. The right-wing media is trying to marginalize the peace movement." -- Janeane Garofalo

Yes, and every father who built a bomb shelter in his basement to save the lives of his family when "Communist U.S.S.R." tried to park nukes in Cuba was thinking the exact same thing.

"This (Iraq) is a manufactured conflict for the sake of geopolitical dominance in the area." -- Janeane Garofalo

Hey, Janeane, I got your cake ready. Now why don't you practice getting on your knees while I break this glass. Oh wait, I forgot, you libs don't every actually DO what you say you will. Never mind.

"In a situation like this, of course you identify with everyone who's suffering. (But we must also think about) the terrorists who are creating such horrible future lives for themselves because of the negativity of this karma. It's all of our jobs to keep our minds as expansive as possible. If you can see (the terrorists) as a relative who's dangerously sick and we have to give them medicine, and the medicine is love and compassion. There's nothing better." -- Richard Gere

Ask Itzhak Rabin how well that worked.

"America has never paid any attention to other people, so it's absurd for Bush to say that it's all in the best interests of the Iraqi people." -- Richard Gere

Yeah! Yeah! We never paid any attention to the Jews, or the French, or the Russians, or the Mexicans, or the Spanish, or the British, or the Kuwaitis, or the Bosnians, or anyone else! We are so totally all about isolationism.

"Yes, (Bush is a) racist. We all knew that but the world is only finding it out now. As Texas's governor, Bush led a penitentiary system that executed more people than all the other U.S. states together. And most of the people who died from (the) death penalty were Afro-Americans or Hispanics. (Bush) promoted a Conservative program, designed to eliminate everything Americans had accomplished so far in matters of race and equality." -- Danny Glover

Calling Bush a racist makes about as much sense as the plot of Lethal Weapon 4. I love the Liberal Stereotyping that everyone from the South is a racist. More Afro-Americans and Hispanics are executed because they COMMIT MORE VIOLENT CRIME! But the Left likes to demonize the cops and sanctify the killers to advance their cause, without taking into account the victims of their deviant behavior. They like to blame the government and society instead of the person directly responsible for such horrible actions. Liberals hate independent women because they don't need the women's lib movement. They hate successful blacks because they don't need the affirmative action programs. They hate all the people who don't rely on them, and the same is true for Bush, because he doesn't make decisions based on the public opinion polls they are able to manipulate.

The way ol' Danny's career is going, let's hope he has to start driving a taxi so no one will care about what he thinks.

"A sad figure (Bush) - not too well educated, who doesn't get out of America much. He's leading the country towards Fascism." -- Larry Hagman

Quotes like this make me wish whoever shot JR had actually killed him. This is a man who requires autograph seekers to sing, dance, or tell a joke before he signs anything because he wants to feel like he's getting something back from the fans, like, other than his career. Bush graduated from 2 of the most prestigious colleges in the country. Hagman dropped out of college after a year so he could get paid to pretend he's other people for a living. I wish ol' Larry would practice what he preaches and get out of America himself.

"This is a racist and imperialist war. The warmongers who stole the White House (you call them "hawks", but I would never disparage such a fine bird) have hijacked a nation's grief and turned it into a perpetual war on any non-white country they choose to describe as terrorist." -- Woody Harrelson

"And right after I finish smoking this shirt made of hemp, I'm gonna go visit my convicted murderer father in prison and hire him to kill the President, as soon as I get out of rehab…"

"The war against terrorism is terrorism. The whole thing is just bullsh*t." -- Woody Harrelson

Yeah, because we all know Americans are blowing themselves up all over the world and killing as many innocent people as we can to get our point across. The only bullsh*t here is the crap coming out of your mouth Woody.

"I believe - though I may wrong because I am no expert - that this war is about what most wars are about: hegemony, money, power and oil." -- Dustin Hoffman

Last time you weren't an expert on something you got your teenage kids to coach you and ended up making an *ss of yourself on national television. Can't help but wonder if that's the same case here. Oh, and your right, the Civil War was all about oil. "Say baby, say baby, say."

"Have we gone to war yet? We f****** deserve to get bombed. Bring it on." -- Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders

By "we," do you mean you and the French, since that's where you're living? Because if that's the case, then I wholeheartedly agree with you.

"Let's get rid of all the economic (expletive) this country represents! Bring it on, I hope the Muslims win!" -- Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders

Isn't there a KFC you gotta protest somewhere?

"It is an embarrassing time to be an American. It really is. It's humiliating." -- Jessica Lange

Only if you're Jessica Lange, who's embarrassed because, well, she's Jessica Lange.

"What can I say? I hate Bush; I despise him and his entire administration, everything he represents and everything he has tried to do, not only internationally, which is horrific, but domestically as well. In my country the atmosphere is poisoned. Unbreathable for those of us who are not on the right. So thank you for inviting me to this festival and allowing me to leave there for a few days." -- Jessica Lange

Finally, some truth! This here, friends, is the crux of all these moronic statements. Its not that these people are against the war, or the tax cut, or whatever. They are against Bush. Their hatred for him and what he represents is so enormous, that they would rather see a cruel dictator stay in power than see Bush proven right. What f*cking priorities, huh?

"I don't believe war is a way to solve problems. I think it's wrong. I don't have respect for the people that made the decisions to go on with war. I don't have that much respect for Bush. He's about war, I'm not about war - a lot of people aren't about war." -- Avril Lavigne

"But they are, like, so totally about skating and partying! Fersure." I love getting foreign policy advice from a 17 year old.

"Too many people are being bowled over by Bush and Tony Blair in Britain. It's ludicrous to expect the whole world to follow what they want. America doesn't have the moral right to tell other people what to do. To say the whole world has to fall into line is you-know-what. I hope more people will rise up." -- Spike Lee

But you, Spike, DO have the moral right to tell others what to do. Is that it? Your support for the black militant Muslim movement is no secret. You are a fundamental Muslim in every sense of the word. You are a racist and intolerant of other people with other views, even when they're other black people. Your movie Malcolm X pretty much preaches the 60's radical Liberal message that violence in the name of social change is okay. Why don't you do us all a favor, go all the way, and pull off a suicide bombing to rid the world of your presence and your terrible, terrible movies.

"Melt their weapons, melt their hearts, melt their anger with love." -- Shirley MacLaine on her anti-terrorism policy

"While they melt your skin with searing hot iron rods." -- Iraqi Prisoners on the torture policy of Saddam and his thugs.

"We have been the cowards, lobbing cruise missiles from 2,000 miles away. That's cowardly. Staying in the airplane when it hits the building, say what you want about it, it's not cowardly." -- Bill Maher, Politically Incorrect

No, it's stupid. So if we shouldn't lob missiles, then we'd have to send in ground troops. But wait, we shouldn't needlessly sacrifice American lives, right Bill? So how the hell are we supposed to defend ourselves you moron? Your hypocrisy only gets worse with age, and your jokes, which were never funny to begin with, get even less so. You failed as a Stand-Up Comedian and realized the only way you could get attention was by making outrageous political statements. You wanna talk about not being cowardly? Let's talk about the firefighters and Police who died trying to save the lives of the INNOCENT people trapped in the towers when those "brave" terrorists flew those planes into those buildings. Shmuck.

"America has an almost obscene infatuation with itself. Has there ever been a big, powerful country that is as patriotic as America? And patriotic in the tinniest way, with so much flag waving? You'd really think we were some poor little republic, and that if one person lost his religion for one hour, the whole thing would crumble. America is the real religion in this country." -- Norman Mailer

Nazi-ism, Communism, Socialism, Feudalism, those were governments that outlawed religion in favor of government and would kill you if you disagreed with them. Militant Islam is religion that IS a form of government that promotes intolerance of other religions and cultures and will kill you if you disagree with them. Yet you don't criticize THAT do you? Even when their idea of patriotism is blowing yourself up and innocent people along with you! America is a country where you can burn the flag, spit on it, and its okay. You say patriotism like its a bad thing. Everyone who is proud of who they are and where they live and what it all stands for sees it differently. Why don't you move to Cuba? You'd be more comfortable.

"The WTC was not just an architectural monstrosity, but also terrible for people who didn't work there, for it said to all those people: 'If you can't work up here, boy, you're out of it.' That's why I'm sure that if those towers had been destroyed without loss of life, a lot of people would have cheered. Everything wrong with America led to the point where the country built that tower of Babel, which consequently had to be destroyed. And then came the next shock. We had to realize that the people that did this were brilliant. It showed that the ego we could hold up until September 10 was inadequate." -- Norman Mailer

Maybe the Terrorists just did it so they wouldn't feel inadequate.

"Americans can't admit that you need courage to do such a thing. For that might be misunderstood. The key thing is that we in America are convinced that it was blind, mad fanatics who didn't know what they were doing. But what if those perpetrators were right and we were not? We have long ago lost the capability to take a calm look at the enormity of our enemy's position." -- Norman Mailer on 9/11

We can't admit it, because it doesn't take courage. It takes blind, questioning allegiance to a religion that says its okay to go to war with people who don't believe the same thing you do, and you will be rewarded for it in the afterlife. It's funny how the Libs attack religion and the religious right in this country, yet praise the Eastern equivalent of it from the Middle East. If American religious fanatics were doing this to, say, the French, the Left would be all over them. But the real difference her is that the Libs hate America, so everything is our fault. Even when we're attacked.

"Just so you know, we're ashamed that the president of the United States is from Texas." -- Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks at a concert in London

And we're ashamed the Dixie Chicks are from the United States. I'm surprised the Libs aren't decrying them for the racist connotations of the term "Dixie" and the women's groups aren't on them for the term "Chicks." Ahhhh, good old leftist hypocrisy at its best.

"I fear that our true motivation is about oil and our own flailing economy; about the failure to destroy Al Qaeda and about revenge. This war is wrong and this war is un-American." -- Dave Matthews

Then go back to South Africa, where you came from, because everything is so *fair* there. If we wanted oil, we'd take over Canada where we import most of our oil from. If we're worried about our failing economy, why not pass a tax cut that would put more money in everyone's pockets? And as far as Al Qaeda goes, have we been attacked once since Sept. 11th? Sure, that's failure for ya. The next time you're at a college campus playing a concert, try taking a class.

"Many families have been devastated tonight. This just is not right. They did not deserve to die. If someone did this to get back at Bush, then they did so by killing thousands of people who DID NOT VOTE for him! Boston, New York, DC, and the planes' destination of California--these were places that voted AGAINST Bush!" --Michael Moore,, September 12

Yeah, because we all know how pissed the terrorists were that Bush won the election. Years of attacking Americans unpunished under Clinton would have continued with Gore, so they decided to stick it to the Texan to voice their displeasure. Well, if they didn't like Bush before, they certainly hate him now that he's practically destroyed any support they may have had in terms of funding and harboring them. And what about the people in Boston, New York, DC, and California who DID vote for Bush? Are you saying THEY deserved to be killed? You commie. Go make another "documentary" that doesn't tell a lick of truth.

"I like America to some extent." -- Michael Moore

And America hates you, to the fullest extent.

"The motivation for war is simple. The U.S. government started the war with Iraq in order to make it easy for U.S. corporations to do business in other countries. They intend to use cheap labor in those countries, which will make Americans rich. The U.S. government claims to bring democracy to Iraq; however, no country in the world takes such an assertion seriously. It is an illusion." -- Michael Moore

Michael Moore, for someone who lives in a $1,000,000 apartment in New York and sends his daughter to an elite private school, you sure seem to hate rich people. Like a good ex-boyfriend, we always leave the countries we conquer better than when we found them. You can bet when that Statue of Saddam fell, the world started taking us seriously. Thank you Mr. Bush. We may live in fictional times, times where we give a rapist an Oscar, award a documentary that is a fictional work, and decry our own President while supporting a murderous dictator, but we still have a leader who's able to say what he means and bring a little bit of truth into this "fictional" world in which we live.

"(T)he passengers were scaredy-cats because they were mostly white. If the passengers had included black men those killers, with their puny bodies and unimpressive small knives, would have been crushed by the dudes." -- Michael Moore on Flight 93

Yes. Scaredy-cats that fought for their lives and the lives of the people the terrorists planned to use the plane against. What f*cking cowards. How dare they sacrifice themselves to save others? This whole reverse-racism and self loathing thing Michael Moore has going on is very amusing. Like how he can make an "anti-gun" film and not cover a single inner city school. Guess he is a comedian after all, because he never fails to make me laugh.

"Since 9-11, more people have died in Afghanistan and Iraq than in New York that day - and for not a very good reason." -- Viggo Mortensen from Lord of the Rings

He is absolutely right. And they all died at the hands of Al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein.

"I think that people like the Howard Sterns, the Bill O'Reillys and to a lesser degree the bin Ladens of the world are making a horrible contribution." -- Sean Penn

Yes, because Howard Stern and Bill O'Reilly are directly responsible for so many people blowing themselves up and taking innocents with them. Shmuck. Go play with your guns, Sean. Maybe we'll get lucky and one of them will go off.

"Don't you want to know what's real and what's not? I remember when I was a kid, you know, this whole Cold War thing. They had us scared of the Russians. 'The Russians, the Russians, the Russians.' So it's almost like what's real and what's not?" -- Queen Latifah

I asked the same question when she got nominated for an Oscar.

"I just think we are a little bit of an arrogant nation and maybe this is a little bit of a humbling experience ... what has our government done to provoke (9/11) that we don't know about?" -- Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson

We support democracy and individual liberty, and these nations attacking us want to control everyone, including us. That's what we did to provoke them. Now, I feel silly impugning the wisdom of a *former* teen idol, but the arrogance you're exposed to only exists in the Liberal Elite who surround you in the music business. It's time to grow up and open your eyes, dear Kevin. Why? Because I want it thaaaaaaaat way…

"In this time when a citizenry applauds the liberation of a country as it lives in fear of its own freedom...when people all over the country fear reprisal if they use their right to free speech, it is time to get angry. It is time to get fierce." -- Tim Robbins

Ah, Tim, Tim, Tim… you once played a terrorist in a movie called "Arlington Road." Now I can see you weren't really acting. The only people living in fear in this country is the Liberal Left, because they are sooooooooooo god d*mn wrong about EVERYTHING! This includes you. The government is not rising up against you and your commie co-horts. It's the American People. The fans who made you what you are by watching your movies. The fans who listen to the records of the Dixie Chicks. The fans of CNN. The American public, who you believe are a bunch of mindless sheep, who didn't like what they were hearing, thought for themselves, and exercised their freedom to rebuke your statements, stop watching your movies, stop buying Dixie Chick CDs, and stop watching CNN. You're pissed because the people you depended on for your livelihood no longer like you, so you're looking for someone to blame. Maybe you should abandon acting and become a comedian? I find the fact that a so called pacifist such as yourself who is so strongly against violence makes the call to get angry, get fierce, and enact physical violence against reporters who write stories you don't like. Am I squashing your freedom of speech by disagreeing with you right now? Are you going to get angry and threaten to hurt me like you did that reporter who wrote the story on Susan Sarandon's republican mother? Are you going to continue to expose yourself to be the whining hypocrite you are? Go back to the Hollywood Hills and live in your lap of luxury and leave the rest of us thinking people alone. Your movies have already inflicted enough damage on our psyches.

"How will the bombing of Baghdad, a city of five million, accomplish a regime change?" -- Susan Sarandon

Because that's where their leaders are, sweetie.

"I think that we see war as a virtual thing and we even get to believe that bombs fall on top of cardboard cutouts and stuff like that. They don't. They kill real people, real children, real mothers and millions of innocent people." -- Shakira

So do dictatorships. Now shut up and shake your belly. Yeah… oh yeah…

"I just feel that there are always pacifist solutions, and I think that the leaders know the exit to the conflict, it's just that sometimes they don't want to use them. They just want to continue playing their little game of power. And I feel that us people have the responsibility and also the obligation to demand to our leaders to give us the pacifist solutions. To give us a world in peace." -- Shakira

Peace and appeasement are two different things, my dear. Go ask the French how well that works… oh, wait…

"They control culture. They control ideas. And I think the revolt of September 11th was about 'F-- you! F-- your order." -- Oliver Stone on American corporations

Did Fidel share that theory with you when you were palling around with him in Cuba?

"A Republican/Conservative candidate trying with fading hopes to unseat respected Democratic Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy made a last-ditch effort to win headlines by devising ads in which she blatantly misquoted Barbra Streisand, fabricating outrageous quotes and completely misrepresenting Ms. Streisand's deep opposition to the Iranian dictator, Saddam Hussein." -- From Barbra Streisand's homepage

Barbara!? I'm feeling veclemped… talk amongst yourselves… I'll give you a topic… Liberals rewrite history to suit their own selfish purposes… discuss.

"We have a president for whom English is a second language. He's like 'We have to get rid of dictators,' but he's pretty much one himself." -- Robin Williams

We're still trying to figure out what language you're using during your standup, Robin. How you can make a comparison between the President of the United States, a man who not only answers to the people, but to the Congress, the Senate, and the Supreme Court -- a Dictator? The President's a man that can be impeached, and can possibly not be reelected. He doesn't rule with an iron fist. His word is not law. He doesn't squash all opposition and keep people from speaking out by murdering them. He can't control what the press writes about him. He's not even close to being a dictator. Yet, in your mind, this comparison is logical??? You must have done more coke in the 80's than previously believed…


The fact of the matter is that most of these yahoos quoted above are not well educated. Most of them barely got through high school or dropped out of college. They have (and in some cases still are) abusing drugs and alcohol. They exist in a world of artists who feel mainstream society has ostracized them (yet they still seek its approval) and therefore they resent America. They exist in a world of shallow businessmen look to make fortunes off of other people's talent and don't care who they have to backstab to do so. Hollywood is a Liberal Paradise where everyone's out to screw everyone else so they can get ahead, and therefore, no one has faith in ANYTHING! They are holdovers from the 60's looking to recapture their heyday & desperately trying to feel important after living in a morally bankrupt Hollywood culture. Shallowness and insecurity are rampant here in the media utopia of the City of Angels. I really don't hold the beliefs of these poor misguided souls against them, but I really wish they wouldn't force their opinions on me and make me feel guilty and uncool for having thoughts of my own.

In conclusion, I want my entertainment from their product, not their political views. So shut up you actors, filmmakers, & musicians. Do what you do best, which is definitely not politics.

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1 posted on 05/03/2003 4:29:33 PM PDT by microgood
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To: microgood
Gotta love it...

Hollywood Smackdown!


2 posted on 05/03/2003 4:31:32 PM PDT by LasVegasMac
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To: microgood
Question: Has George Clooney finally gotten a clue and just shut his mouth? [I don't recall hearing anything from him in a while. Or did I miss it?] Perhaps the Ditzy Chicks will take a cue and just shut up except to sing. [From what we've learned about Natalie, it may be too much to hope for.]
3 posted on 05/03/2003 4:43:41 PM PDT by Clara Lou (I detest Filthy Bill and Hildabeast.)
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To: Clara Lou
George Clooney did speak out after the war...

4 posted on 05/03/2003 4:54:48 PM PDT by flashbunny
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To: LasVegasMac
5 posted on 05/03/2003 4:54:50 PM PDT by soccermom
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To: microgood
Did you mention Julia Roberts or did I just miss it? I remember her saying something bad about Republicans but I don't remember how she phrased it.
6 posted on 05/03/2003 5:02:49 PM PDT by pickyourpoison
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To: microgood

7 posted on 05/03/2003 5:08:37 PM PDT by Free ThinkerNY (((To Hell with Commiewood)))
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To: flashbunny
I should have known.... [Great pic, BTW.]
8 posted on 05/03/2003 5:09:18 PM PDT by Clara Lou (I detest Filthy Bill and Hildabeast.)
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To: microgood
9 posted on 05/03/2003 5:13:48 PM PDT by Chi-townChief
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To: microgood
Great. Copied and saved. Thanks.
10 posted on 05/03/2003 5:19:26 PM PDT by LisaFab (Free Miguel Estrada!)
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To: flashbunny
Nice pic.

Heart warming to know that certain segments of this population actually believe the crap they see / hear on TV.


11 posted on 05/03/2003 5:20:25 PM PDT by LasVegasMac
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To: microgood
Quite a work. Must have taken forever to write it.
12 posted on 05/03/2003 5:20:36 PM PDT by JusPasenThru (We're through being cool (you can say that again, Dad))
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To: microgood; hellinahandcart; KLT; countrydummy
Good read.
13 posted on 05/03/2003 5:27:01 PM PDT by sauropod (Occupant of the Land of Peasant Living)
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To: pickyourpoison
There was no mention of her in this collection.
14 posted on 05/03/2003 5:27:43 PM PDT by microgood (They will all die......most of them.)
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To: microgood
This is a keeper! bump!!
15 posted on 05/03/2003 5:39:43 PM PDT by AgThorn (Continue to pray for our Troops!!)
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To: pickyourpoison
"Did you mention Julia Roberts or did I just miss it? I remember her saying something bad about Republicans but I don't remember how she phrased it." Apparently, you can find it if you look up Republicans in the dictionary.
16 posted on 05/03/2003 6:00:07 PM PDT by soccermom
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To: flashbunny
Georgia Clooney from Lexington,Kentucky

Matt Damon Born from Cambridge, Massachusetts

Janeane Garofolo from Newton New Jersey

Ethan Hawke from Austin Texas

Susan Sarandon from Jackson Heights, New York

Martin Sheen from Dayton OHIO

Barbra Streisand from Brooklin New York

Uma Thurman. from Boston Massachusetts

Gray Davis from NEW YORK

Barbra boxer from New York

17 posted on 05/03/2003 6:02:31 PM PDT by Joe Hadenuf (i)
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To: flashbunny
Is that an actual magazine, or something Registered might have come up with?
18 posted on 05/03/2003 6:06:08 PM PDT by Budge (God Bless FReepers!)
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To: microgood

19 posted on 05/03/2003 6:07:18 PM PDT by kitkat
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To: microgood
Lemme get this straight. Glover is calling W racist? Shall we review boys and girls? 1. Can you name the black male and female who were most influential in the Clinton Administration? 2. Can you name the black male and black female who are most influential in GW Bush's administration?

If you answered Vernon Jordan and Betty Currie to question #1, you are correct! If you answered Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice to question #2, you are, again, correct.

Now, what great and important things did Clinton entrust Jordan and Currie with? If you answered "bimbos", you are, again, correct. Clinton has so much respect for his African American friends that he treats them like pimps!.

And Bush? Oh, he just entrusted Powell and Rice with the little things like our national security and keeping the world safe for democracy.
20 posted on 05/03/2003 6:10:25 PM PDT by soccermom
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