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Enemies of RKBA & NFA in Nevada identified!
5/7/03 | Richard Brengman

Posted on 05/07/2003 6:07:38 PM PDT by Richard-SIA

Enemies of RKBA & NFA in Nevada identified!

Every time a good bill on our RKBA comes up, particularly bills to expand our CCW permits, it is the Nevada Sheriff's & Chief's Association that opposes it. It seems they are dominated by the liberal Clark County (Vegas) clique.

I need sincere ideas on ways to diminish their influence with the state legislature.

I am sick of attending hearings and watching the committee members pay scant attention to the public, then come to attention when the NSCA lobbyist takes his turn!

Right now there is a bill making it's way through the Nevada legislature, SB199, that is seemingly harmless taken on it's face. Most of it is merely a redundent effort to codify what is basically the front page of a federal form 4473 (firearms purchase) as state law. Stupid, as it is unnecessary and may potentially shift cost from the Fed. to the state.

According to the NSCA lobbyist this bill is driven by Nevada L.E.'s distaste for dealing with ATF! He would not be specific, I suspect that the real complaint is that ATF would not pursue some pet case of the Clark County Sheriff, probably due to a lack of concrete evidence.

The portion of this bill that really alarms me is an amendment to section 4, the first sentence of which prohibits ownership, manufacture, etc. of NFA items. THEN a second line makes the prohibition only apply to intent to commit an assault! This is very bad language, any Barney Fife ex-Kali gung ho cop who does not fully understand the proposed law, and that will describe too many of them, will be primed for confrontation. Not a good idea at any time, but particularly where NFA is involved.

This is only another example of the NSCA members attempting to not only enforce the law, but to also dictate the law they will enforce!

I am tired of these guys, I really do want idea's to diminish their influence. The guys in Vegas particularly need to start pressuring their L.E. customers or aquaintences to stop meddling in our rights. Perhaps we need to stop offering L.E. discounts, free range time, etc. and explain that we are tired of being screwed over by their lobbyist. Since they do not support us, and our rights, why should we continue to support them?

I am also calling on everyone in Nevada to begin practicing OPEN CARRY! Since the NSCA is so determined to undermine our CCW, prevent reciprocity, keep registering gun owners in Clark County (and expand that registrationn statewide), and prevent us from doing away with the requirement to list each allowed CCW weapon, I feel everyone should go to open carry as often as possible. Every time some tourist whines and calls L.E., or some Kali refugee is scandalized, explain to any L.E. who respond that this is OUR response to their lobbying to complicate and diminish our CCW rights. Maybe they will get a clue?

I am tracking this bill, and working on getting the offending language deleted. I also suspect this bill may be an effort to soften up the legislature for some sort of future state AW ban.

I/We have allies in the fight, but the bill is being kept alive as a vehicle to carry an amendment clarifying previouse badly written law regarding knives!

I hope to learn more about SB199 and it's status on Monday, after it is to be amended, I will update everyone here as necessary.

But I really DO want ideas on cutting down the NSCA's influence. Not looking to insult honest cops, but this abuseive lobby group has to be cut off at the knees if we are ever to see real improvement in our Nevada CCW and RKBA rights!

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1 posted on 05/07/2003 6:07:38 PM PDT by Richard-SIA
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To: Richard-SIA
"I am also calling on everyone in Nevada to begin practicing OPEN CARRY! Since the NSCA is so determined to undermine our CCW, prevent reciprocity, keep registering gun owners in Clark County (and expand that registrationn statewide), and prevent us from doing away with the requirement to list each allowed CCW weapon."From all appearances Clark County is rapidly [and unfortunately] becoming the state of Nevada.

I occasionaly pack a pistol in the field in Elko County and have relatives in St. George UT [maybe 30 miles as the crow flies from Clark County NV] so any registration requirements might be of more than academic interest to me. Could you explain what is already in place and what the gun grabbers have in mind? Thanks. GJ

2 posted on 05/07/2003 7:26:57 PM PDT by R W Reactionairy
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To: R W Reactionairy
I need to find the exact text of Clark Counties gun registration law.
So far, it only applies to Clark County.
But with the county annexing land for as far as they can see that has become a huge chunk of land!

My understanding has been that anyone spending over 24 hours in the county has to register all hand guns in their posession.
I recently spoke with the NSCA lobbyist about this, he insist the registration law only applies to people who take up residence in the county.
I do intend to get this clarified, perhaps I can remember to simply call and ask the Clark County DA tomorrow!

I do know that the NSCA is irrationally terrified that some state pre-emption law may curtail their registration scheme. In order to prevent that they consistently lobby to expand gun registration statewide.

I have also spoken to SEVERAL people who have related horror stories of L.V. and Clark County L.E. using flimsy pretext to harass them and confiscate their guns, for the "Crime" of open carry, which is a right protected in our state constitution.
We need a LOT more people to practice open carry, it gets harder for L.E. to keep up a campaign of harassment when too many people begin to exercise that right.

L.V. is the liberal armpit of the state!
3 posted on 05/07/2003 10:26:04 PM PDT by Richard-SIA
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To: Richard-SIA
A thoughtful article and an honest call to political action -- well worth posting and reading, I wish you well in Nevada. Thanks for the post.

As a hint, one of the little mysteries of modern urban politics is why local pols go against their constituents on important issues. As James Q. Wilson pointed out in a learned essay on urban politics 30 years ago, the reason is usually marginal money -- the next available political dollar. That determines who the "audience" is for a political figure or grouping. In your case, there are either some liberal lobbies or a business lobby behind the Clark County grabbers. My money would be on the latter, suspecting influence from immigrant New York and California gun-hating businessmen in Vegas.

Look for public fora (police/community meetings, proceedings of police boards, LE addresses to Rotary, the Chamber, other business groups) in Vegas that might be an opportunity for someone in the biz community to go whine to the local LE community about guns and gomers, and send someone to see whether that isn't going on.

Also, have a look at who is supporting the successful sheriff and DA candidates in Clark County -- see if the Violence Policy Center, the Million Moms, or other similar groups are contributing. That may help.

Good luck!

4 posted on 05/08/2003 3:54:13 AM PDT by lentulusgracchus
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To: Richard-SIA
A few weeks ago I identified the police as enemies of the RTKBA, and the a couple of the jackboot worshipers on this forum attacked like bedbugs crawling out from the dark places where they normally hide and fondle their Nazi memorabilia. The said that the police only enforce the laws and don't make then. I said WRONG. The police have an active taxpayer funded lobby that continually works for more laws to use against citizens who have the effrontery to want to be armed. They of course said that wasn't true, and no matter what I saw with my own eyes it could be true because the police only enforce laws, not make them and on and on.

So while your plight in NV has my deepest sympathy, it is not by any means unique. The same sort of SS wannabes who frequent the ranks of the police there in NV are also found in GA working tirelessly at your and my expense (tax funded) to strip you of ever more rights.

One technique that we (we being CSG) used is to have several people sign up to testify in open hearings Some will take the moderate approach. Others will be there to say things like "I'm sure this bill would make the job of the police easier, but if we all lived in barracks with an 8:00PM curfew and had police and dogs wandering around all night their job would be easier still. This country is supposed to be based on individual freedom, not giving the police more tools to restrict the rights of citizens" Don't know if it ever did much good, but you do what you can.

5 posted on 05/08/2003 4:53:37 AM PDT by from occupied ga (Your government is your enemy, and Bush is no conservative)
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To: Richard-SIA
Document the horror stories and place them at gun ranges and weapons shops.

Publically identify the lobbyists who push most desperately for gun control, they're usually former government officials, and like all cockroaches they scurry away when the light is shined on them.

You'll want this effort to peak in October so as to maximize the effect on the elections. That will give you time to create your pamphlets and posters. You won't have to start until September at the latest.

Concentrate on out-of-state influences and suggest that your state's gun control laws are no longer something coming from the people of Nevada but from LV's cesspools...look into redistricting schemes to minimize the control the worst have over the rest of the state from that city.
6 posted on 05/08/2003 5:24:47 AM PDT by Maelstrom (To prevent misinterpretation or abuse of the Constitution:The Bill of Rights limits government power)
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To: Richard-SIA
L.V. is the liberal armpit of the state!

Except when the Senate is in session--then Carson City gets that credit.

Have you heard the latest? Las Vegas senators want to create a 'Southern Senate' so that Las Vegas politicians don't have to travel to CC (that 1 hour flight to Reno can be so tough on a body).

7 posted on 05/08/2003 6:54:24 AM PDT by randog
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