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A Few Of FR's Finest....Every Day....05-14-03....Hurricane Hunters
dansangel; Billie

Posted on 05/14/2003 1:19:15 AM PDT by dansangel

A Few of FR's Finest....Every Day
Free Republic made its debut in September, 1996, and the forum was added in early 1997.   Over 100,000 people have registered for posting privileges on Free Republic, and the forum is read daily by tens of thousands of concerned citizens and patriots from all around the country and the world.
A Few of FR's Finest....Every Day was introduced on June 24, 2002. It's only a small room in JimRob's house where we can get to know one another a little better; salute and support our military and our leaders; pray for those in need; and congratulate those deserving. We strive to keep our threads entertaining, fun, and pleasing to look at, and often have guest writers contribute an essay, or a profile of another FReeper.
On Mondays please visit us to see photos of A FEW OF FR'S VETERANS AND ACTIVE MILITARY
If you have a suggestion, or an idea, or if there's a FReeper you would like to see featured, please drop one of us a note in FR mail.
We're having fun and hope you are!

~ Billie, daisyscarlett, dansangel, dutchess, Mama_Bear

Hurricane Hunters

While most of us who have been through the fury of a hurricane would do everything we could to avoid bearing the brunt of its destructive energy, there are some very special individuals who purposely fly into the storm to gather data for the National Hurricane Center. They have come to be known as "Hurricane Hunters."

The Hurricane Hunters who are stationed at Keesler Air Force Base in Mississippi typically fly in a WC-130 Hercules aircraft. The crew is made up of six people; the aircraft commander, pilot, flight engineer, navigator, weather officer and a dropsonde (more about that in a minute) system operator.

Hurricane season lasts from June 1 through November 30 as most residents of the East Coast and Gulf regions know all too well. Most tropical depressions that grow into full-fledged hurricanes begin their "lives" off of the coast of Africa. While travelling over the Atlantic Ocean, these tropical depressions may find conditions ripe for building up to hurricane force.

Once that happens, the Hurricane Hunters swing into action. Boarding the WC-130 Hercules and taking off on their mission, these very brave people actually fly into the storm, recording data on position, dewpoint and pressure readings every thirty seconds and beaming this information, by satellite, to the National Hurricane Center.

One of the methods used to gather this information is via a dropsonde. This device is a small canister about the size of a large "Pringles" chips can. The dropsonde acts as a "mini-weather station" and is fired out into the storm by the system operator. While the dropsonde is falling, a parachute is deployed, allowing the device to transmit important information in tandem with the weather officer's onboard computer. This data is interpreted at the National Hurricane Center so that appropriate life-saving warnings may be broadcast to those in the storm's path. In addition to helping forecasters to make accurate predictions during the course of the storm, the data also aids hurricane forecasters in their understanding of what makes such a storm "tick," improving their forecast models.

In the event that Keesler AFB is inaccessible due to a hurricane positioned in the Gulf, Charleston AFB, Patrick AFB and Homestead AFB are all alternate locations for the Hurricane Hunters. No matter where the storm is located nor how intense, the Hurricane Hunters are ever-ready to put themselves into harm's way so that lives may be saved.

May God bless and protect those that risk their lives in an effort to save ours. It is with great pleasure that I bring the "Hurricane Hunters" to a Few of FR's Finest!


05-12-03 Military Monday
05-13-03 How Does Your Garden Grow?

Opinions by our own 'King of Ping'
The guy's good, folks!
Thanks, Mixer!

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5) If all else fails or simply if you want me to do this for you send me an FReepmail and I will gladly do it for you. ~Mixer

God Bless Our Military


Below are names of some of our FReepers' loved ones who are serving our country. If you have someone you would like to add, please address a post to Billie; Daisyscarlett; Dansangel; Dutchess; Mama_Bear; and we will add their name to this list. As we pray for them, we pray also for all our nation’s leaders, and military personnel, and their families and friends. May God hold them close to His heart.
~~~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~~~

We ask Lord, that You guide the leaders of our great country in their hour of decision. The burden that has been placed on their shoulders is overwhelming. We ask that with Your infinite wisdom You guide them gently to the right decisions.
Please give us the strength, Lord, to get through each difficult and devastating day that faces each of us and our country. Protect and guide our Military that are now being called to duty, strengthen them in their trials and temptations; give them courage to face the perils which beset them; and grant them a sense of your abiding presence wherever they may be; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

mystery-ak..........son, husband
Blessed American..........nephew
Pippin....niece,nephew,loved one
Doug from Upland......son-in-law
Future Snake Eater..........cousin
Warrior duty
SK1 duty
David duty duty duty
LadyX....................grandson duty duty
The Mayor................niece

ladtx....................2 sons
gator girl............husband
boxerblues............2 sons
the piper...................son
Diver Dave................niece
JimRobinson.....2 nephews
Armymarinemom.....3 sons
Consort...........2 daughters
dixie sass.............nephew
AgThorn.............2 sons

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To: dixie sass
Morning, dixie sass! : )
41 posted on 05/14/2003 7:24:36 AM PDT by nicmarlo
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To: dansangel; Aeronaut; nicmarlo; dixie sass; Molly Pitcher; MeeknMing; Billie; Mama_Bear; dutchess; ..
Growing up in Florida gave us the alternative to snowstorms of Northerners - hurricanes.
My first years were in Coral Gables, a residential area by Miami, and I remember well all the hurricane precautions. Fill the tub with water (to use to wash up, flush toilet, etc.), secure everything outside (garbage cans, lawn chairs, etc., tacky pink flamingos, if you had one..:)).

I enjoyed them as a little one, since I was allowed to stay up late and listen to the weather reports on the battery-operated radio (pre-TV days).
Inevitably, the power would go off, and I thought it was really cool to have a kerosene lamp and play endless board games with my sister.

I do have a story that predates me a bit. My father in his 20's was a Manager of Florida Power & Light facilities, and in 1928 had the one at Okeechobee.
My sister Anne was 3 when the very destructive 1928 hurricane was brewing.

To ensure their safety, the Lake Okeechobee area a sea level swampy territory, he placed Mom and Anne on a train to go to South Carolina to stay with her parents.

Surely enough, it was a monster in terms of lives lost - -

* Deadliest Hurricanes

Hurricane Year Category Deaths

*FL (Lake Okeechobee)1928 4 1836

*FL (Keys)/S TX 1919 4 600#

*FL (Keys)1935 5 408

*FL (Miami)1926 4 243

Those 1,836 deaths in 1928 resulted from the storm itself and diseases from the flooding and lack of potable water.
The number would have been greater had Daddy not had a great idea and acted swiftly.

In a day with few cars, much less trucks and no way to get planes in (which could not carry hefty loads anyway), he ordered through the government emergency water supplies to be brought in by trains early on, saving the day for many.

Side Note: Anne describes to me remembering that time well, staying right here in Barnwell, SC with our grandparents, my grandfather a minister here.

The parsonage was a two-storied house, and as she stood at the head of the stairs, the remnants of the storm had headed here, causing a huge oak to crash through the wall right at the foot of the stairs while she watched!
Safety indeed, but it nearly caused her early demise!

I've been through many a hurricane, including two at Parris Island, two in Virginia on the coast in Chincoteague (1955), and quite a few inland in North and South Carolina, as well as Florida.

Later years brought bizzards in Ohio and South Dakota and literal whiteouts in Alaska, as well as The Good Friday Earthquake there in March of 1964.

Someone once asked if I thought perhaps it could be that I trail disaster in my wake!

I report - you decide..:))

42 posted on 05/14/2003 7:37:19 AM PDT by LadyX (((( God's Love and Mercy and Grace are without limit - - ))))
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To: LadyX
Maybe it's the other way around --

You're there before, during, and after disasters in order to help those in need...
43 posted on 05/14/2003 7:43:41 AM PDT by HiJinx (The right person, in the right place, at the right time...)
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To: LadyX
perhaps it could be that I trail disaster in my wake! . . . I report - you decide..:))

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Let me think about that one! : )

I certainly haven't caused any place I've lived in to have experienced a hurricane. : ) (I'm glad, too!) I once saw a water spout, though, while vacationing in Clearwater...that was amazing to watch....and so very close!

44 posted on 05/14/2003 7:48:33 AM PDT by nicmarlo
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To: HiJinx
How kind of you, Jinxie!

I was afraid I was the female version of Joe, the cartoon character of long ago, who had a little black cloud over his head..:))
45 posted on 05/14/2003 7:48:42 AM PDT by LadyX (((( God's Love and Mercy and Grace are without limit - - ))))
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To: dixie sass
Mornin' ! :O)
46 posted on 05/14/2003 7:50:26 AM PDT by MeekOneGOP (Bu-bye Dixie Chimps! / Check out my Freeper site !:
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To: dansangel
The C-130's are beautiful. With hurricanes becoming bigger, harsher, and faster, their job becomes more important. The Air Force performs many important tasks here in Charleston, the C-17 flights in and out of Iraq, carrying everthing from goods, fighting equipment, and paratroopers to bringing home our civilians and military, but by far the Hurricane work is the most important effecting everyone and everything between the outer islands in the Carribean to much of the eastern seaboard.

Off we go into the wild blue yonder...
47 posted on 05/14/2003 7:52:58 AM PDT by dixie sass (GOD bless America)
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To: dansangel
hehe ! That's why I tried to fix that boo-boo quickly . . .
48 posted on 05/14/2003 7:54:49 AM PDT by MeekOneGOP (Bu-bye Dixie Chimps! / Check out my Freeper site !:
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To: dansangel; Temple Owl
I'm going to take you up on that second cup....Meekie, another hot chocolate, please! :-)

Caaaaaaaa-rrrrrrr-lllllll !! Another cup for the lady, please !!

Here ya go, ma'am !

For those who prefer hot chocolate.....

49 posted on 05/14/2003 8:02:02 AM PDT by MeekOneGOP (Bu-bye Dixie Chimps! / Check out my Freeper site !:
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To: LadyX
You mean this joe?

50 posted on 05/14/2003 8:10:25 AM PDT by Diver Dave
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To: dansangel; Billie; daisyscarlett; dutchess; Mama_Bear; FreeTheHostages; .45MAN; Aquamarine; ...
Good day to our Hostesses...thank you, dansangel...I'm usually blown away by the Finest, today especially so...)

Thanks for all the good info on the noble fliers who skirt the edges of chaos...gosh, they've a lot more nerve than me, I'm such chicken.

Good morning and blessings on all Freepers...wishing you a most wonderful Wednesday.
51 posted on 05/14/2003 8:16:38 AM PDT by jwfiv
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To: Molly Pitcher
Oh,(red face)! Patriots of the Republic is a chatroom at Paltalk. They broadcast over Mel Piots Christain Broadcasting every night Monday through Thursday, 11 est, 10 central, and 9 pacific.

We have a Molly Pitcher over there who is also a Freeper. To funny. She is from Pierce Mo. and due to the Tornadoes there hasn't been on line for about a week.

52 posted on 05/14/2003 8:40:22 AM PDT by dixie sass (GOD bless America)
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To: Lee'sGhost
Hi, (((LG)))!

I thought you found one of them icons you was looking for?

53 posted on 05/14/2003 9:02:50 AM PDT by Pippin ( God bless President Bush)
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To: dixie sass

sounds like an idea.

as long as the guy picking me up is cute and single and RICH!

54 posted on 05/14/2003 9:04:07 AM PDT by Pippin ( God bless President Bush)
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To: dansangel
Hi, (((Dansy)))!
55 posted on 05/14/2003 9:05:21 AM PDT by Pippin ( God bless President Bush)
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To: Molly Pitcher
Hi, Molly!
56 posted on 05/14/2003 9:06:12 AM PDT by Pippin ( God bless President Bush)
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To: nicmarlo
it's the pits!
57 posted on 05/14/2003 9:07:09 AM PDT by Pippin ( God bless President Bush)
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To: jwfiv
Hi, (((JW)))!
58 posted on 05/14/2003 9:08:51 AM PDT by Pippin ( God bless President Bush)
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To: dansangel
Hi dansy! These Hurricane Hunters are quite a special breed. I know there's nothing more I'd rather do than fly into hurricanes, but unfortunately there are none in my area. What a shame. :)
59 posted on 05/14/2003 9:24:41 AM PDT by The Thin Man (Hmmm.... I wonder if I could sign up Billie to be a Hurricane Hunter?)
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To: dansangel
Good morning, Sistah! I wanted to tell you what an excellent job you did on this presentation. The visuals and the content are just perfect - and so is your pledge graphic!

This is very informative and interesting, and timely, with the Hurricane Season approaching.

Hey, wonder who is in charge of naming these Hurricanes.....think we will ever see one named "Dansangel"? :)

60 posted on 05/14/2003 9:26:57 AM PDT by Billie
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