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To: runningbear
Here is a part of it. Read the last line.

KING: We'll get back to our panel at the bottom of the hour. We're going to spend these moments on the phone with Lee Peterson, Scott Peterson's father, and Janey Peterson, Scott Peterson's sister- in-law. Lee, what did you make of the occurrences today of going to the house?

LEE PETERSON, SCOTT PETERSON'S FATHER: Well, I think it was best summed up by Matt Dalton. He's one of our attorneys there, and he was at the house while this was going on, and he turned to the media and he said, has anybody filed a report on this burglary? And I believe there were police officers standing right there. And he repeated that several times. Has anybody reported this burglary? I mean, this was a burglary. My -- that home and its contents are my son's possessions.

KING: But don't you have any sympathy for the mother wanting some of the possessions of her late daughter?

L. PETERSON: Larry, I do, and we had an arrangement with Sharon's attorney and with the district attorney that after we, meaning Mark Geragos and the team, videoed the inside of the home, something we needed to do for our defense, we would -- we would allow access to Sharon. She knew that. Her attorney knew that. In fact, he advised against her going in that home. I heard that on an earlier segment on MSNBC.

KING: So she broke the agreement is what you are saying.

L. PETERSON: She broke the agreement, and she uses as an excuse that she is devastated by the autopsy results -- reports on little Connor. Well, my wife Jackie was devastated, as was I. I mean, my wife could not leave the house yesterday, but instead of grieving, Sharon apparently planned this break-in. There were half a dozen vehicles at that house, and I'd like to to -- you know, Nancy says, well, all she wanted was the wedding dress and a few sentimental things. Well, I saw at least three pickup trucks full of furniture, full of cartons, God knows what going out of that house.

KING: Let me ask Janey something, Lee. Janey, what did you think of the release of that autopsy, portions of that autopsy report?

JANEY PETERSON, SCOTT PETERSON'S SISTER-IN-LAW: Well, it was very difficult. I think you, you know, when all this started, we all kind of stopped ourselves from going down that path of thinking of that most horrific, gruesome thing that maybe could have happened, and when some of these realities start coming out, you know, you are forced to face it. Then it is very difficult, and, you know, we all have children and this is just another example of -- I mean, even the day that Laci and Connor were identified, our family found out on national television. You know, it's a very difficult way to have very tragic circumstances in your life being handled. You know, we all have kids in school who are exposed to the Internet, and you know, we don't know what's going to pop up in their face at any given moment that they don't already know.

KING: This whole thing is a tragedy. Janey, naturally, you believe in the innocence of your brother-in-law.

J. PETERSON: Absolutely.

KING: His attorneys have said that they know who might do this. Do you think you know who might have done this?


KING: And that is?

J. PETERSON: You know, all I can say is that -- is that it amazes me how far their investigation has come once they were handed the tips, and started -- and started following up on all the witnesses and the reports and...

KING: You mean your investigation?

J. PETERSON: Exactly. When Scott was arrested.

KING: Are you saying that you know how this happened? You know who is responsible?

J. PETERSON: I don't know specific details, but, you know, just in watching how their investigations has gone and knowing, you know, they encourage us in generic ways to let us know that they're definitely...

KING: Someone else did it.


KING: Lee, are the investigators for you turning the information over to the police? Or is it just being used as a trial weapon?

L. PETERSON: I don't know a lot about that, Larry. I know that the police investigators are following our investigators around, for whatever purpose. You draw your own conclusion there, but...

KING: Do you back up what Janey said? Do the investigators tell you that they have leads that tell them that someone else did this?

L. PETERSON: Oh, yes. Yes. No question.

KING: When was the last time you spoke to Scott, Lee?

L. PETERSON: I spoke to Scott today. He was -- I'll tell you where Scott was. He was in with Matt Dalton, one of the attorneys, in fact, the fellow you showed on your little clip there, and he was preparing a list of sentimental things that he thought Sharon would like. This is the kind of young man he is. And he was doing this when he was -- excuse me, when Matt was called away because of the break-in in the house.

KING: How did Scott react to that break-in?

L. PETERSON: He was -- he said, "I can't believe it, dad, why would they do that?"

15 posted on 05/31/2003 9:05:20 AM PDT by clouda
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To: clouda
yeeeehaw C.... thank you.....
22 posted on 05/31/2003 9:10:46 AM PDT by runningbear (Lurkers beware, Freeping is public opinions based on facts, theories, and news online.......)
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To: clouda
clouda, these people are just sick...and did you notice that Lee had to give a little jab at Nancy too? I'm convinced he hates women.
26 posted on 05/31/2003 9:14:18 AM PDT by Jackie-O
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