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G8 the new U.N. Security Council?
WND ^ | June 3, 2003 | Joan Veon

Posted on 06/03/2003 7:02:39 PM PDT by Tailgunner Joe

A greatly expanded Group of Eight – G8 – opened Sunday in Evian, France. The G8 was begun in 1975 with five countries meeting with the purpose of guiding global economies in a post-gold world as a result of President Nixon taking the dollar off the gold standard in 1971. Twenty-seven years later, it has eight members: the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Russia and Italy. Russia just became a full member at this meeting. During the last quarter century, the functions and oversight of the Group of Eight Heads of State have come to function like that of a "Global Board of Directors" for the world.

Furthermore, the Group of Eight has added a ministerial level or "global cabinet." Each member of President Bush's Cabinet now meets with their G8 counterparts. They work alongside each other helping to carry out the directives of the Heads of State and to form their own areas of oversight. For example, leading up to this meeting, the G8 foreign ministers, the G7 finance ministers, the G8 justice and interior ministers, and the G8 ministers of justice and home affairs all met at various times during the month of May. Each issued their own statement of their meeting which reflected current and future goals and objectives.

In an interview with Dr. John Kirton, who heads up the unofficial secretariat of the G8 at the University of Toronto, he explained that there is a new G8 structure evolving in the 21st century. One of the questions I asked in the French press briefing had to do with the fact that for the first time in G8 history, all five of the permanent members of the Security Council are in Evian. Therefore, was the veto going to be changed to a vote among members? The French spokeswoman for President Chirac assured me that it would probably come up, but that the decision would not be made at the G8 level.

Dr. Kirton has another view. He told me, "It is the Group of Eight that is replacing the Security Council as the center of global governance." Pointing to the ministerial level, or as I call it the "global cabinet," he said that they began in the 1980s as stand-alone ministries. Then because there were no global organizations in the areas of environment, employment and terrorism, the G8 added those ministries. In the 21st century, the G8 further expanded the ministerial level by adding one for development. Obviously, you don't need to worry about a veto in the G8, because everyone votes! This, then, explains what we saw within the Security Council with regard to Iraq. Britain and the United States went to war as sovereign countries while Russia sided with France against going to war. Thus, global democracy at its finest!

This year with the French G8 presidency, a number of other lesser-developed countries were invited in an effort for the rich developed countries to reach out to the poorer countries: Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, South Africa, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Brazil, China, India and Malaysia. In addition, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan and the heads of the World Bank, World Trade Organization and International Monetary Fund are also present.

Last year was the first year for Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Senegal and Algeria. They now are part of the New Economic Partnership for African Development, or NEPAD, begun in 1999 by President Clinton, who also passed legislation to help develop trade in Africa. These countries have volunteered to be accountable to the G8 in order to obtain economic help and revitalization for their countries. It is anticipated that there will be greater G8 inclusion of lesser-developed countries. Possible new G8 members include Brazil, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and India. While China is an important player, it does not appear that it will be a G8 candidate soon since it still embraces communism.

Another observer of the G8 process is Sir Nicholas Baynes, who has a long and involved history with the Group of Eight, having been responsible in the 1980s for the preparation of several meetings England hosted. Sir Nicholas explained that the main focus of the G8 has been moving away from "the mainstream economic issues that were the original rationale-macro-economics and the international monetary system." He said that the G8 is "focusing more on international policy where politics and economics are closely bound together."

To try and understand how broad and deep the agenda of the Group of Eight has become, all one has to do is understand that the goals and objectives of the United Nations at the Earth Summit in 1992, the Social Summit and the Fourth Women's Conference in 1994, the Habitat II Conference and the World Food Summit in 1996, the Millennium Summit in 2000 and the Financing for Development and the World Summit for Sustainable Development in 2002 are the goals of the Group of Eight.

The G8 is also concerned about threats from al-Qaida. As a result, the G8 ministers of justice and home affairs have been implementing a number of measures to exchange information between specialized intelligence services and the strengthening of political cooperation around the world. In addition, they have been able to set up an around-the-clock network to cooperate globally in high-tech criminal and terrorism investigations, a goal that dates back to the 1996 G8 meeting in Lyon, France. They are also working to develop a common framework and standards within the International Civil Aviation Organization on Biometric Applications for International Travel. In conjunction with this, the U.S. sponsored the 2003 Government Biometrics Workshop in February in Arlington, Va.

In 2002, the Group of Eight established the Global Partnership Against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction to keep nuclear, chemical, biological or radiological weapons out of the hands of terrorists. While I could add many more items, organizations, groups and mandates, one can clearly see that there is a new evolving G8 structure. Is there a deeper integration between the nation-states of the world? Yes. Call it globalization, interdependence or integration; the bottom line is the Group of Eight is taking up where the U.N. and Security Council have left off.

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1 posted on 06/03/2003 7:02:39 PM PDT by Tailgunner Joe
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To: Tailgunner Joe

AND the G8 !!!
2 posted on 06/03/2003 7:10:34 PM PDT by NormsRevenge (Semper Fi .. Support FRee Republic)
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To: Tailgunner Joe
'Global' anything means the U.S. funds it, our sovereignty continues to get stripped, and we continue to get dragged down by the third world. And is someone kidding with the Clinton-initiative committee called, of all things - NEPAD?
3 posted on 06/03/2003 7:14:03 PM PDT by ysoitanly
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We are at a very tender stage in our history as a "civilized" world.

I marvel at the unraveling of the old "peace" institutions and the emergence of the new unelected groups ... that do not hide their thirst for power ... nor mask their agendas.

We live in interesting times, indeed.. Hang on!

4 posted on 06/03/2003 7:18:04 PM PDT by NormsRevenge (Semper Fi .. Support FRee Republic)
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To: Tailgunner Joe
How is it that the outcome of the G8 conference can have _any_ influence on US laws and lives? And if it does, if its really Constitutional and OK for that to happen, why can't we file FOIAs and find out what they are really talking about in those closed door meetings? Or why aren't they open about it in the first place? Why don't our sunshine laws apply to the G8?
5 posted on 06/03/2003 7:21:50 PM PDT by hedgetrimmer
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To: hedgetrimmer
Our spineless STATE DEPARTMENT agrees to this cr@p.
6 posted on 06/03/2003 7:25:46 PM PDT by ysoitanly
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To: ysoitanly
Like I said. If this is all above board, then we should be able to watch their meetings on CSPAN and get transcripts.

I don't think the state dept is spineless, I think it is traitorous.
7 posted on 06/03/2003 7:32:58 PM PDT by hedgetrimmer
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To: NormsRevenge
And no, I don't need a tin foil hat - X42 gave this 'global governance' a big boost when he signed the UN Agenda 41, basically a global governance to abolish private land ownership, 'secure the environment', assuage world hunger, 'assure' security and end poverty. The first step was trying to get us to sign the Kyoto Treaty, then join the ICC - now its' us agreeing to the 'global smoking ban' -thanks Tommy Thompson et al; we fell for that one. Now at the summit, they proposed, among other things, the universal gun tax - yep, proceeds from the tax on private gun sales would, of course - 'help in ending world hunger'. This assault has just begun and we need to stop it. And may I once more reiterate, this is not some paranoid conspiracy theory - these are the issues they discuss to have global government, hidden under nice facades like 'for the children', 'for peace', 'to end world suffering'.
8 posted on 06/03/2003 7:33:16 PM PDT by ysoitanly
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To: NormsRevenge
Not that you suggested I needed a hat - just a pre-emptive strike in case someone thinks I'm a raging lunatic! ;)
9 posted on 06/03/2003 7:34:41 PM PDT by ysoitanly
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To: hedgetrimmer
I agree. But the odds of that happening are close to nil. And I really don't know how we would insist on it, since our rights are the ones being taken away!
10 posted on 06/03/2003 7:36:57 PM PDT by ysoitanly
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To: ysoitanly
To work with any of these people you need the following:

A copy of the federal law or code that shows you have the right to ask about the meetings (that will take some research)

Unshakeable knowledge that you are right and government serves the citizen.

Friends, neighbors or other people that are just plain unhappy with whats happening and are willing to make written complaints to officials.

Brass c#j#n!s. Don't let them talk you out of it, try to convince you you are wrong or most importantly, that you are the _only_ one complaining. You know that isn't true, especially if you recruit some people to complain along with you.

You may have to attend some meetings or hearings, be prepared, bring the law with you and don't back down!

Go over their heads to their boss. Let them know you are making the complaint to him as well.

It can be done. I have been able to affect some change on the local level, it works at the national level-- you can see that other pressure groups succeed, so why not yours?
11 posted on 06/03/2003 7:48:07 PM PDT by hedgetrimmer
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To: ysoitanly
Actually, I prefer raging lunatics to raving lunatics anyday.

Yur OK in my book.. so far ;-)

12 posted on 06/03/2003 8:06:48 PM PDT by NormsRevenge (Semper Fi .. Support FRee Republic)
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To: Tailgunner Joe
Screw the G8 and all the other global government scumbags. Let these jackasses try to enforce their socialist agenda on America. They'll be greeted the American way, with gunfire.
13 posted on 06/03/2003 10:02:35 PM PDT by Sparta (Tagline removed by moderator)
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To: Sparta; Tailgunner Joe
"Some world leaders at the G8 summit meeting are floating the idea of a global tax on arms sales, including – at French President Jacques Chirac's suggestion – a tax on gun purchases by individuals."

From Global tax on guns? - World Net Daily
14 posted on 06/04/2003 12:17:13 PM PDT by Celtman
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