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To: WorkingClassFilth
Hey, I was for the war strongly. WMD's or not. Saddam was a murderous thug who was destabilizing to the region, made us take up a dicey alliance with Saudi Arabia to counter him, and he needed to be gone.

However, let's not kid the kidders here. The administration before we went in talked like WMD's were pouring out of rooftops they were so vast in number.

They exaggerated. It is easier to rally the people behind WMD's than to say that our relationship with Saudi Arabia is a mess, and we are sick of being in bed with those thugs only to counter Saddam, and sanctions aren't working.

We had good reasons to go in. We just didn't have the intelligence on WMD's that we claimed we did. Our administration lied. All administrations lie. It's a fact of life.

29 posted on 06/07/2003 8:34:14 AM PDT by dogbyte12
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To: dogbyte12
What about all this stuff?

WARNING: Gathering WMD storm a crock. See what Clinton told nation in 1998...

The Guardian Fully Retracts BOTH Powell/Straw Story AND Wolfowitz "It's All About Oil" Story

CIA convinced truck-trailers held bioweapons labs ^

IRAQ: WMD source 'was senior Iraqi officer'

FAS (Fed Am Scientist) Report: Iraqi Precursor Chemicals Stored Separately for Weapon-side Mixing


Coalition forces enter possible WMD site

Initial tests suggest WMD "cocktail" found in Iraq (**Of special note--post #58, by Archy)

U.S. finds new evidence of Iraqi WMD (NBC training school, antidotes)

Chem-weapons lab believed discovered




MSNBC - Cyanide & Mustard Agents Found in Euphrates River

Is the Activity at Al Qaim Related to Nuclear Efforts?

U.S. probing nuclear facility (Al Tuwaitha Follow Up)

Team Inspects suspected plutonium site (update by the journalist who broke original story, NEW info)

Underground Nuclear Facility Found in Iraq

Marines hold Iraqi nuclear site built by French

U.S. Marines Guard Secret Iraqi City with Very Hot Nuclear Radiation Levels

And from Freeper "HatSteel":

Terrorist devices, chemical weapons found in Iraq

Suspicious Iraqi Drums - UPDATE

Suspected bioweapons labs found

Searching for Weapons of Mass Destruction, Larry Elder

Iraq's Weapons and the Road to War

Iraqi Scientist Links Weapons to 'Dual Use' Facilities, White House Says

IRAQ: U.S. Analysts Link Iraq Labs to Germ Arms

Illicit Arms Kept Till Eve of War, an Iraqi Scientist Is Said to Assert

Herald Sun: Soldiers find Iraqi chemical 'dump'

***Germany's leading role in arming Iraq

*Germany intercepts (30 tonnes) chemicals (may be used to make nerve gas) for N Korea

New DOD team to hunt for intel as well as weapons

***Chemical Weapons Programs

Capture of chemical expert could help U.S. weapons hunt in Iraq (Emad Husayn Abdulla al-Ani)

Belgium Finds Nerve Gas Ingredient in Letters

Banned missile programme found in Iraq

Administration to Announce 'Rollback' Strategy for WMD

Suspicious Iraqi Drums Preliminary Testing Suggests Chemical Agents; More Testing Needed

2 trailers deemed biological arms labs

***Table 2: Characteristics of Chemical Warfare Agents: Commercial Uses of Chemicals or Precursor Chemicals


And I should add--

October 1998:Senate Democrats Signed Letter Urging Clinton To Attack Saddam Over WMDs, just posted today.

33 posted on 06/07/2003 8:41:48 AM PDT by MizSterious (Support whirled peas!)
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To: dogbyte12
I'd agree that the WMD's became the football when pitching the war, but I don't think Bush ever really tried to sell the war in the sense that he had to build support at home.

The nation was, and is, supportive of the action. Bush simply did what he decided to do and acted as a leader. A refreshing change from the polling wieners of the Krinton years.

Fact is, America would've supported Bush if Saddam's only weapons were Daisy air rifles. Saddam is a terror supporter and that ain't setting too well with most Americans.

The WMD issue was simply the weakest point that the Left could criticize the adminitration on. For all of the millions of words written and broadcast on this topic, I'm confident that 99.9999999% of them originate in the brains of Bush hating Marxists. No such standards were required in calls for military action against Iraq during the Krinton years. In short, who cares?

This is only window dressing by lying whores trying to drum up customers.
37 posted on 06/07/2003 8:44:54 AM PDT by WorkingClassFilth (Defund NPR, PBS and the LSC.)
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