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Posted on 06/11/2003 4:58:30 PM PDT by AZ GRAMMY

URGENT ACTION SOUGHT FROM CITIZENS OF ARIZONA DATE: 8:30 p.m. TUE 10jun03 ==================================================

Three of Arizona's Members of Congress are set to introduce the most radical immigration bill ever seen in U.S. history.

Sen. McCain, Rep. Flake and Rep. Kolbe have created a bill -- expected to be introduced any day -- that would come closer to eliminating our U.S. borders than anything ever introduced while setting up a two or three-step process to give an amnesty to almost all 10 million or so illegal aliens now in the country.

====================================================== ACTION-----Start calling all three on Wednesday ======================================================

Although it is doubtful that any of these three would back off their ideological commitment to adding millions of new foreign workers to every aspect of our society, your phone calls just might shake an ounce of sense into the staffs of these men.

Frankly, we have no real understanding what these staffs are thinking. As soon as you start getting answers, please email them back to us so that we can start trying to figure out how anybody could come up with legislation like this.

We have assembled the descriptions of their upcoming bill below based on information their offices are putting out to potential allies -- information that has seeped to us. Perhaps if they hear enough outcry they will decide to change some of it -- although, frankly, there doesn't appear to be any way this bill could be made acceptable.

==================================================== THESE 3 ARIZONA REPUBLICANS ARE FAR MORE RADICAL THAN ANY DEMOCRATIC LEADER ====================================================

Although the stereotype of open-border advocate is Sen. Kennedy of MA or Sen. Daschle of SD or Rep. Gephardt of MO, these Democratic leaders have tended to stick to the idea of legalizing all 10 million illegal aliens in the country. But they haven't proposed bringing millions more foreign workers in at the same time.

The worst thing about this whole mess is that Rep. Flake is a key member of the House immigration subcommittee. He is in a position to do incredible damage to this country's future if he really believes in the philosophy espoused in his bill.

Interestingly, Rep. Flake has introduced some other decent legislation to help curb illegal immigration. Let's hope that this bill is just an example of a staff gone mad and of the congressman being seriously misled.

===================================================== TALKING POINTS ON THE PHONE =====================================================

Pick and choose among the following:

1. The internet is buzzing with news of a pending bill to be introduced by Sen. McCain, Rep. Flake, Rep. Kolbe (Coal'-bee) and Rep. Reyes (Ray'-yez, D-TX).


2. We are told that the bill has a new, unlimited "guest worker" program for every foreign worker who can find a job in the U.S.

At a time when 18 million American workers cannot find a full-time job, why would you be bringing in hundreds of thousands if not millions of foreign workers each year -- in ALL categories of jobs?


3. Your bill would issue H-4A visas to workers for 2 years and allow them to renew twice for a total of 6 years.

These aren't guest workers. These are permanent workers to destroy the wage structure of working Americans.


4. It is clear that McCain, Flake and Kolbe think that Americans don't have enough sprawl, enough traffic, enough congestion. The Census bureau states that current immigration policies will force an additional 300 million people into this country this century -- hitting nearly 600 million.

But McCain, Flake and Kolbe want to force millions upon millions more. They want all the unlimited guest workers to be able to move their families here permanently.

All H-4A visa holders can apply for and receive a green card after working in the US for three years. At the end of six years, they must either leave the US or apply for a green card.

How many do you think will choose to leave?


5. Although the authors of this bill have the gall to say the bill does not provide an amnesty, it is in fact a giant amnesty bill.

First, it allows nearly all illegal aliens to remain in this country for five years as legal workers. That is an amnesty from the penalty of being deported and being barred from re-entry for 3-10 years.

As long as they can't be proven to be felons, terrorists or public charges, illegal aliens -- along with their spouses and children -- would be issued an H-4B visa, good for five years of work and residence here.

At the end of five years, the illegal aliens have to either leave the country or apply for an H-4A visa (the two-year guest worker visa). Of course, once they get the H-4A visa, they can apply for a green card three years later.

The last mass amnesty, encouraged an additional 10 million people to break our laws and become illegal aliens here.

The McCain/Flake/Kolbe/Reyes Amnesty will be sure to entice tens of millions more illegal aliens to enter.


6. Let's emphasize again that there are NO NUMERICAL LIMITS on either category of visa.

When the 1965 immigration act was passed with no overall ceiling, average annual immigration eventually quadrupled and is still rising. But that law had some internal sub-caps.


7. Proponents of this virtually open-borders bill will claim that the number of foreign workers will be limited because many of these foreign computer programmers, restaurant workers, construction workers, janitors, small business entrepreneurs, manufacturing workers, etc. won't be able to find an American business to give them a job.

Or they will be screened out as undesirable and not allowed to participate.

What do you think all of those foreign workers will do? Do you suppose they may cross the border illegally just like such workers do today?

Yet, this bill provides no increased border control. No increased controls to ensure that the people who work in U.S. jobs have the new visas and aren't just illegal aliens.

Illegal aliens will be able to outcompete even the new guest workers.

The sponsors of this bill are making incredible claims that their bill will eliminate the majority of future illegal immigration, but the same incentives for coming illegally would exist under their bill as now.


8. McCain/Flake/Kolbe/Reyes have made sure that anybody who comes illegally in the future won't be left out of the grabbag of goodies.

Future illegal aliens only have to avoid arrest for three years while working illegally here and the Open-Borders Four allow them to apply for an H-4B visa.

Can there be a much brighter gigantic neon sign to the world to break our laws and start working?

====================================================== SEND THIS TO EVERY ARIZONAN YOU KNOW ======================================================

Polls show that the majority of Arizonans want far less immigration -- not MORE. They want less sprawl and congestion -- not MORE. They want less illegal immigration -- not MORE.

The only way McCain, Flake and Kolbe will back off their bid to open the border with Mexico is if they feel that the wrath of that Arizona majority has been raised.

====================================================== PHONE NUMBERS -- PLEASE START CALLING AND KEEP CALLING ======================================================

Depending on your sense of outrage, you may want to not only call the Capitol Hill offices of all three of these men, but also their Arizona offices. The more calls, the more impact.

If the staff tries to tell you something that disagrees with what we have told you here, politely take down the information and email it to us. If we can tell you the info is wrong, we will arm you for a followup call.

McCain, John AZ (R) 202-224-2235 SR-241 Washington, DC 20510 602-952-2410 Building No. 1 Phoenix, AZ 85016 520-670-6334 450 West Paseo Redondo - Suite 200 Tucson, AZ 85701 480-897-6289 4450 South Rural Road - Suite B-130 Tempe, AZ 85282

Flake, Jeff AZ06 (R) 202-225-2635 512 CHOB Washington, DC 20515 480-833-0092 1201 S. Alma School Road, Suite 2950 Mesa, AZ 85210

Kolbe, Jim AZ08 (R) 202-225-2542 2266 RHOB Washington, DC 20515 520-881-3588 1661 North Swan Road, Suite 112 Tucson, AZ 85712 520-459-3115 77 Calle Portal, Suite B-160 Sierra Vista, AZ 85635

====================================================== TELL EVERYBODY TO STAY TUNED BY JOINING THE ACTION NETWORK ====================================================== Every Arizonan who wants to keep up with what his/her Members of Congress are tyring to do TO Arizona or FOR Arizona needs to sign up for the NumbersUSA Action Network at:

These three Arizona Members of Congress would never have created such an outlandish bill if Arizonans had been telling them what kind of immigration policies they truly want. Yes, some Arizonans have tried. But these fellows need to hear from thousands.

I'm sure they have seen the polls and know what they are doing is against the wishes of the majority.

But they have calculated that the majority doesn't care enough to give them significant trouble while they gain tremendous benefits by rewarding unscrupulous, unpatriotic corporations with virtually unlimited cheap foreign labor.

This kind of behavior will stop only when the Arizona majority speaks clearly and forcefully back to these Members.

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1 posted on 06/11/2003 4:58:31 PM PDT by AZ GRAMMY
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Isn't there some BUZZ about Jeff Flake running for Mclame's seat? What's with Flake? The Club for Growth hit me up for dough to help get this guy elected because they claimed he was a fiscal conservative. Doesn't sound like he's on the right page of the program to me.
2 posted on 06/11/2003 5:03:58 PM PDT by bigfootbob
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This effects us here in Maine too. Add me to your ping list willya.
3 posted on 06/11/2003 5:04:30 PM PDT by 2timothy3.16
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I repeat again & again - this is your "Two-Party Cartel". So where do you go when both parties ruin the country? They have NO opposition to destroying the Americans at the hands of the elitiests. Maybe someday you all here will finally smell the coffee. Drip by drip, day by day they break the taxpayers & all of the time they do as Bubba's Georgetown mentor has stated - they make both parties so close to each other that a vote for one is basically a vote for the other.
4 posted on 06/11/2003 5:46:08 PM PDT by Digger
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