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NASCAR Called 'Bastion of White Supremacy' ^ | 6/25/03 | Marc Morano

Posted on 06/25/2003 3:13:14 AM PDT by kattracks

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To: NerdDad
I'm telling you, thumping bass, obnoxiously loud stereo, expensive shiney rims, they are the new ticket to a ride around the big track, man. Car won't start, windows won't work, windshield broke but listen to that bass.

My Hooptie by Sir Mix-A-Lot

My hooptie rollin', tailpipe draggin'
Heat don't work an' my girl keeps naggin'
Six-nine Buick, deuce keeps rollin'
One hubcap 'cause three got stolen
Bumper shook loose, chrome keeps scrapin'
Mis-matched tires, and my white walls flakin'
Hit mickey-d's, Maharaji starts to bug
He ate a quarter-pounder, threw the pickles on my rug

Runnin', movin' tabs expired
Girlies tryin' to dis 'n say my car looks tired
Hit my brakes, out slid skittles
Tinted back window with a bubble in the middle
Who's car is it? Posse won't say
We all play it off when you look our way
Rollin' four deep, tires smoke up the block
Gotta roll this bucket, 'cause my Benz is in the shop

My hooptie - my hooptie

Four door nightmare, trunk locks' stuck
Big dice on the mirror, grill like a truck
Lifters tickin', accelerator's stickin'
Somethin' on my left front wheel keeps clickin'
Picked up the girlies, now we're eight deep
Cars barely movin', but now we got heat
Made a left turn as I watched in fright
My ex-girlfriend shot out my headlight
She was standin', in the road, so I smashed her toes
Mashed my pedal, boom, down she goes
Law ain't lyin', long hairs flyin'
We flipped the skeez off, dumb girl starts cryin'
Baby called the cops, now I'm gettin' nervous
The cops see a beeper and the suckers might serve us
Hit a side street and what did we find?
Some young punk, droppin' me a flip off sign
Put the deuce in reverse, and started to curse
Another sucker on the south side about to get hurt
Homey got scared, so I got on
Yeah my group got paid, but my groups still strong
Posse moved north, headin for the CD
Ridin' real fast so the cops don't see me
Mis-matched tires got my boys uptight
Two Vogues on the left, Uniroyal on the right
Hooptie bouncin', runnin' on leaded
This is what I sport when you call me big-headed
I pot-hole crusher, red light rusher
Musher of a brother 'cause I'm plowin' over suckers

In a hooptie

It's a three-ton monster, econo-box stomper
Snatch your girly, if you don't I'll romp 'er
Dinosaur rush, lookin' like Shaft
Some get bold, but some get smashed
Cops say the car smokes, but I won't listen
It's a six-nine deuce, so the hell with emissions
Rollin' in Tacoma, I could get burned
(Sound of automatic gunfire) Betta make a u-turn
Spotted this freak with immense posterior
Tryin' to roll smooth through the Hilltop area
Brother start lettin' off, kickin' that racket
Thinkin' I'm a rock star, slingin' them packets
I ain't wit' dat, so I smooth eject
Hit I-5 with the dope cassette
Playin' that tough crew hardcore dope
The tape deck broke
Damn what's next, brothers in Goretex
Tryin' to find a spot where we could hunt for sex
Found a little club called the N-C-O
Military, competition. You know.
I ain't really fazed, 'cause I pop much game
Rolled up tough, 'cause I got much fame
"How ya doin' baby, my name is Mixalot"
"Mixalot got a Benz boy, quit smokin' that rock"
Ooooh, I got dissed. But it ain't no thing
Runnin' that game with the home made slang
Baby got ished, Bremelo gip.
Keep laughin' at the car and you might get clipped

By a hooptie

Runnin' outta gas, stuck in traffic
Far left lane, throwin' up much static
Input, output, carbeurator fulla soot
"Whatcha want me to do Mix?"
Push freak, push
Sputter, sputter rollin' over gutters
Cars dip low with hard core brothers
Tank on E, pulled into Arco
Cops on tip for Columbian cargo
We fit a stereotype, that's what he said
Big long car, four big black heads
Cops keep jockin', grabbin' like 'gators
'Bout stereotypes, I'm lookin' nuthin' like Noriega
Cop took my wallet, looked at my license
His partner said "D*mn, they all look like Tyson"
Yes, I'm legit, so they gotta let me go
This bucket ain't rollin' in snow

It's my hooptie

41 posted on 06/25/2003 5:07:24 AM PDT by Lazamataz (PROUDLY POSTING WITHOUT READING THE ARTICLE SINCE 1999!)
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To: kattracks
See Related Articles: NASCAR Urged to Stop Financial Support of Jesse Jackson

They must have stopped paying him off.
42 posted on 06/25/2003 5:07:53 AM PDT by just mimi
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To: kattracks
He's only saying that because NASCAR won't cave in to intimidation.
43 posted on 06/25/2003 5:11:15 AM PDT by wimpycat
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To: Flurry
" I'm not a racist but the more Je$$e Jack$on talks the more I think about buying a Confederate Flag."

I share the feelings revealed in the above quote. However, is it not true that Jesse Jackson likely would benefit by more people buying Confederate Flags? Think about it.

Jesse goes about saying and doing absurd things in regards to race. This upsets people who then do emotional things. Jackson then points these things out to potential finacial supporters. Jesse raises more money!

We have all seen similar behavior here on the internet. Jesse Jackson is a professional troll!

44 posted on 06/25/2003 5:17:15 AM PDT by rgboomers
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To: kattracks
A board member of Jesse Jackson's Rainbow/PUSH Coalition says auto-racing organizations such as NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) are "the last bastion of white supremacy" in professional sports.

well a big ole redneck yee-haw atcha jesse. maybe the problem is that you are PUSHing when you should be revving.

45 posted on 06/25/2003 5:19:15 AM PDT by The Red Zone
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To: Semper Paratus
Next will be an investigation of all US swimming teams.

Or horse racing. Can you just visualize Shaquille O'Neal on a horse coming out the gate at the Kentucky Derby?

46 posted on 06/25/2003 5:21:03 AM PDT by varon
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To: kattracks
They won't be happy till every sports looks like the NBA. That's a fact.
47 posted on 06/25/2003 5:23:48 AM PDT by Eternal_Bear
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To: rgboomers
I see the Confederate flag as a historic symbol of the American past. I don't see it as a racial symbol. Unfortunately it is too frequently used as a racial symbol. Living in the south I see bumber stickers with it and t-shirts with it. All have little racial slogans on them to make it worse. Je$$e is a Rooster among hens. Lots of crowing and clucking.
48 posted on 06/25/2003 5:25:33 AM PDT by Conspiracy Guy (Read Buddy's, (the labrador retriever), new book about the Clintons, "Living Hell")
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To: ricpic
Oh because diversity is what made the country great! /sarcasm
49 posted on 06/25/2003 5:29:48 AM PDT by rintense (Thank you to all our brave soldiers, past and present, for your faithful service to our country.)
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To: kattracks
Ironically, NASCAR was a "platinum" sponsor of Jackson's 2002 Rainbow/PUSH Coalition's annual conference, and it reportedly has donated at least $250,000 to Jackson's group in recent years

BIG mistake. NASCAR showed Jessie the inside of their wallets. They should have just told him to pound salt, go ahead and boycott them. Not like there are that many black NASCAR fans, and those that are probably don't care about Jessie's opinion anyway.

50 posted on 06/25/2003 5:44:45 AM PDT by Kenton
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To: kattracks
Jesse Jackass is being his usual opportunistic extortionist self here. Nevertheless, NASCAR's hands aren't entirely clean here, on a historical basis. Imagine Don King arranging for a black fighter to be awarded a decision over a white in order to prevent a riot by black fans, and later "correcting" one judge's ballot.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The only black driver to win at NASCAR's highest level never got a proper celebration in Victory Lane.

Wendell Scott beat the field in a 200-mile race in 1963, but as the story goes, NASCAR officials were worried about how the predominantly white crowd in Jacksonville might react to seeing a black man hoist the winner's trophy.

Buck Baker was declared the winner, and only after two hours of review -- with the crowd long gone -- was a "scoring error'' detected and Scott named the official winner.

51 posted on 06/25/2003 5:51:40 AM PDT by E Rocc
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To: astounded
The first black driver will get a 10-lap lead from the pole position, while the white guys will have to use 6-cylinder engines.

No, no, no - this is too much like the U. of Mich. point system, which uses a rigid numbering scheme. Should give lead laps based on something like "hardship suffered as a child", or "from a poor family".

If I were nascar, and pursuing diversity goals, I'd just start giving some of the older nascars to inner-city youth.

52 posted on 06/25/2003 5:59:17 AM PDT by searchandrecovery (This space for rent.)
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To: kattracks
Why would anyone expect the shakedown to stop when it's obvious minorities still require gov. mandated handouts just to cope with ordinary, everyday, life in general ?
53 posted on 06/25/2003 6:02:37 AM PDT by warmath
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To: ovrtaxt
She also expressed hostility for some of NASCAR's fans. "When I watched NASCAR on TV, I saw people holding confederate flags. I am not going to go somewhere where I am seeing confederate flags all the time," Mills said.

You know, who even cares? Maybe Asians should start protesting their lack of representation in most sports. Perhaps whites & others should begin protesting black domination of professional football and basketball.

Maybe everybody ought to just quit whining.

I'm pretty disgusted with NASCAR for caving to Jesse's blackmail, though.

54 posted on 06/25/2003 6:03:14 AM PDT by Amelia (It's better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness)
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To: Amelia
Asians? You mean like Hideo Fukuyama who can't seem to crack the top 30 of anygiven race on the NASCAR circuit? The poor guy came in dead last on Sunday's road course.

"Freedom of Association" is dead.

55 posted on 06/25/2003 6:12:07 AM PDT by Dead Corpse (For an Evil Super Genius, you aren't too bright are you?)
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To: kattracks
Ok, if Shakedown Jesse wants more black in NASCAR, I propose this:

Every professional sport must conform to quotas that accurately represent that race/ethnic groups' percentage of population in America. This means that MLB baseball teams will have to be 70% white, 13% Hispanic, 12% black, 4% Asian and 1% Native American. So at any one time, on the field, a baseball team must have 6 white guys, 1 black guy, 1 hispanic and 1 Asian/Native American. Same for the NBA. I want 3 whites on the basketball court at all times with 1 black and 1 hispanic. This WILL BE MANDATORY. NFL? 7 white guys, 2 black guys, 2 hispanics and 1 Asian/Native American, alternating out once in awhile with a black guy or a hispanic guy.

Hey...this only seems fair and we want to promote accurate diversity in professional sports.

56 posted on 06/25/2003 6:15:27 AM PDT by xrp
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To: xrp
I like that theory. If only because it would cause Jumpin' Jesse's head to implode.

That, I would PAY to see...

57 posted on 06/25/2003 6:16:56 AM PDT by Dead Corpse (For an Evil Super Genius, you aren't too bright are you?)
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To: E Rocc
Nevertheless, NASCAR's hands aren't entirely clean here.

Sounds to me like NASCAR should be forced to pay reparations to all black drivers.

...Wendell Scott ... Buck Baker...

Well, at least these folks are honored on tv promos during "Black History Month", like those Tuskeegee airplane flyers.

58 posted on 06/25/2003 6:18:53 AM PDT by searchandrecovery (This space for rent.)
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To: kattracks
I wish the Upper Negro Society would just leave NASCAR alone. Why the NASCAR officials gave into Jesse JackA$$ is beyond me. Yikes! Don't they have enough pimps in other corporations to make them happy.

I'm not a huge fan of NASCAR, but I always watch the beginning of each race. The NASCAR and their fans are some of the most patriotic people in this country. I love the whole "hoopla" at the beginning. There's nothing wrong with praying before a sporting event and having our military jets fly over. I better stop writing now before I decide to start a lettter campaign to Jesse to clog up his email and fax. UGH!

59 posted on 06/25/2003 6:19:00 AM PDT by MoJo2001
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To: bullseye1911
Seems to me a black pit crew would give even Jeff Gordon's team a run for the money. He's in and out in about 14 seconds. My tires and wheels got stole in Detriot in half that time!!!

Problem is they would be using the other pit crews' tools though!
60 posted on 06/25/2003 6:19:50 AM PDT by TexanAmerican
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