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Iranian Alert -- DAY 32 -- LIVE THREAD PING LIST
Live Thread Ping List | 7.11.2003 | DoctorZin

Posted on 07/11/2003 12:20:26 AM PDT by DoctorZIn

The world media has all but ignored this week's dramatic events in Iran. The regime has worked hard to keep this story from being reported.

From jamming satellite broadcasts, to prohibiting news reporters from covering any demonstrations to shutting down all cell phones and even hiring foreign security to control the population, the regime is doing everything in its power to keep the popular movement from expressing its demand for an end of the regime.

In spite of this, as Michael Ledeen posted recently, "...we can already say that the regime's intimidation was not successful. And you have to admire the courage of these young Iranians..."

Iran is a country ready for a regime change. If you follow this thread you will witness, I believe, the transformation of a country. This daily thread provides a central place where those interested in the events in Iran can find the best news and commentary.

Please continue to join us here, post your news stories and comments to this thread.

Thanks for all the help.


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KEYWORDS: bushdoctrineunfold; castrowatch; iran; iranianalert; protest; studentmovement; warlist
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To: DoctorZIn
Thank you, keep up the important work!
21 posted on 07/11/2003 8:18:40 AM PDT by Travis McGee (----- -----)
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To: DoctorZIn
Taheri's article seemed to be a bit of a wet blanket, though seemingly good analysis. But this I quite agree with:

But regime change in Tehran should not be perceived as an American project. It should remain an Iranian enterprise backed by the US and other democratic powers.

22 posted on 07/11/2003 8:27:07 AM PDT by Eala (Freedom for Iran --
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To: DoctorZIn
Thanks for the pings. Always a great read...
23 posted on 07/11/2003 8:29:05 AM PDT by GOPJ
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To: TigerLikesRooster
"Therefore, Arabs are not a race. They are merely a concept"

Several months ago I read a fascinating and excellent book, "The Arab Mind," (Raphael Patai, published ca. 1972). Patai points this out early: the Arabs are not a race but a culture, a culture that binds them together in concentric rings of loyalty ("I against my brothers; I and my brothers against my cousins; I and my cousins against the world"), with the outermost division between the Dar-es-Salaam ("House of Peace" or Islam) and the Dar-es-Harb ("House of War", or the rest of the world?).

A very short tour of some of the topics of the book is online at:

24 posted on 07/11/2003 8:42:18 AM PDT by Eala (Freedom for Iran --
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To: Eala
Re #24

That means that Islam solidifies the mentality of nomadic tribes.

25 posted on 07/11/2003 8:44:54 AM PDT by TigerLikesRooster
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To: Eala
Patai is a genius..or was. I first learned of him when I read his obit. I ordered everyone of his books and read them with pleasure.I agree wholeheartedly, his book on the Arab mind is excellent.
26 posted on 07/11/2003 8:53:30 AM PDT by the Real fifi
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To: Khashayar
Khashayar, Many thanks for posting those links!

Even if the press ignores the demonstrations, these help to make them more real.

27 posted on 07/11/2003 8:56:08 AM PDT by Eala (Freedom for Iran --
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To: DoctorZIn
For the second night...good to hear. It's not all over until next July as some would have us believe... If they can keep this up another week, they'll get media attention. Although no media coverage happens on the weekend.(the world stops Friday at 4:00pm and starts again Monday morning) Maybe they can take 2 days to rest and regroup.
28 posted on 07/11/2003 9:18:31 AM PDT by nuconvert
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To: nuconvert
I don't know if they should wait for the attention of the media. If the protestors and students are able to gain momentum, then they should keep pressing the government.
29 posted on 07/11/2003 9:29:41 AM PDT by Pan_Yans Wife (Lurking since 2000.)
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To: Pan_Yans Wife
The media can't really be depended upon.(it was partly tongue in cheek). If the momentum is there, go for it. I agree.
30 posted on 07/11/2003 9:37:46 AM PDT by nuconvert
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To: DoctorZIn
"So why don’t they care about what the mullahs are doing to Iranians? Is it because they don’t care what happens to Iranians? Or because they don’t care about thuggishness that can’t be blamed on America? Either way, the media look bad.
"IRAN's Unrest turned out to be bigger than expected But it made nary a wave in American media....Why?"

I'll try to answer this: The Iranian people like Americans. They like President Bush because he said he supports them.
Now, the liberal media doesn't like President Bush. They don't want to do anything that makes America and President Bush look good. If they cover the Iranian demonstrations, they'll be covering people who like America and President Bush. Maybe even holding up signs that they like President Bush. Can't have that. So, they minimize the coverage, or slant the administration's policy so hopefully there won't be much of a demonstration to cover. Then afterward, they minimize the size of the demonstrations in what little reporting they do, just to let us know that we really didn't miss much by their not covering them in the first place.
[I could go on, but I think this generally answers the question]

31 posted on 07/11/2003 10:09:01 AM PDT by nuconvert
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To: All
Iran - A Nation Under Siege

By Reza Bayegan | July 11, 2003

Iran's vibrant, freedom-loving protesters have shown their resolve in the face of roving gangs of toughs scourging the crowds for their faith in democracy. In so doing, they echo a long line of persecuted Iranians before them. Four years ago, a group of Islamic vigilantes armed with knives and clubs attacked student dormitories around Tehran University, killing one student and injuring many others. The anniversary of this day, July 9th, was marked all over the world. I went to one of these rallies myself in front of the European Parliament in Brussels. Several thousand Iranians had converged from all over Europe, chanting and waving a pre-Revolutionary flag that has come to symbolize a rejection of all the underpinnings of Iran's brutal Islamic Republic. Above all else, young Iranians demand an end to the policy of sponsoring terrorism inside the country and abroad. They are calling for the removal of religious dictatorship and the holding of a free referendum to decide the political future of their country.

Inside Iran, the anti-government protests were nothing short of heroic. Thousands of people showed up to display their opposition to the clerical regime at the peril of their lives. By turning up for this demonstration they risked attack, imprisonment, torture and death. They made it clear that they can no longer wait for their rightful demands. These determined people managed to make their voices heard in spite of the government's massive preparations designed to head off the anniversary it has come to dread. Last month, close to 4,000 people were arrested during ten nights of violent protests across the country. To drain the crowd available for any such gathering, the Tehran University campus was shut down and examinations were cancelled. Satellite stations broadcasting from the United States in support of the pro-democracy movement in Iran were jammed, in order to cut off all lines of communication between the students and the outside world. The authorities even went as far as taking measures to disable the operation of mobile telephones around the usual sites of demonstrations.

The marking of this fourth anniversary has demonstrated an evolution in the form and content of the pro-democracy movement in post-revolutionary Iran. In previous years, the students refrained from fighting back the Islamic vigilantes. The political transformation they are seeking is firmly embedded in a peaceful and non-violent philosophy. From the painful experience of the past few years, however, they have learned to distinguish between initiating an act of violence and defending their own lives from a radical, theocratic government. During the recent protests, pro-democracy students have changed their method by fighting back and engaging in street battles with trained thugs at the beck and call of the supreme leader. They know they cannot count on the "compassion" and understanding of their opponents. They have to struggle tooth-and-nail for their lives as well as their inalienable rights as free human beings.

Another difference with the past has emerged in the increasing clarity of the political battle lines. Intelligent Iranians no longer waste any hope in figures like Mohammad Khatami and the illusory reform movement associated with his presidency. The taboo of keeping the supreme leader above criticism has also been broken. The shouts of “Death to Khamenei” and “Death to Khatami” are an indication that the chickens have come home to roost for the political hypocrisy of the Islamic Republic, and no color and style of turban can hide the moral bankruptcy of the ruling establishment.

One of the important points the Iranian exiles turning up in front of international agencies were trying to get across was to draw world attention to the real emergency of the situation in Iran. Their actions underlined the plight of a nation under siege. What the European community - and also some forces within the government of the United States - fail to realize is that Iran is a ticking time bomb. The grave political problems in Iran are not going to go away and they cannot be solved within the present system. Today's strong freedom movement in Iran idolizes, and seeks a natural alliance with, Western democracies. If the free world fails to give its wholehearted support to this movement now, their enthusiasm for the West may wane.

What is certain is that there can be no better way to earn the trust of the Iranian people than by showing upholding the universality of democratic rights. The Iranian nation should be able to count on the sympathy of its fellow human beings worldwide, especially freedom's friends within the United States. When the Jews were being slaughtered in Germany, many objected to getting involved in Germany's "family fight." Nazis were no kin to the Jews, and the Iranian people are no kin to the club-waving vigilantes beating them to maintain an Islamic dictatorship's illegitimate power. The question is, How long will it take for the world to realize that there is no family resemblance? And at what price its hesitation?
32 posted on 07/11/2003 10:12:40 AM PDT by DoctorZIn (IranAzad... Until they are free, we shall all be Iranians!)
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To: DoctorZIn
Doc, have you given NITV a copy of the Hannity transcript
along with a copy of Ledeen's article? It would be helpful if the Iranian Community had access to the full story. At least it would put an end to the "family fight" "feud" business.
33 posted on 07/11/2003 10:24:06 AM PDT by nuconvert
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To: nuconvert; DoctorZIn
Another point is that the liberal press does not believe in liberty for all... only liberty for some.

In the case of Iraq, the media and the liberals would say, that they did have concern for the oppressed in Iraq, they did think that Hussein was an evil madman, but they did not see how our intervening would help matters.

During Hussein's last election and his birthday celebration, the media expressed awe that Hussein was so loved! They did not want the American people to think about the people who were dying.

It is almost like the liberals are such elitists that they believe only their concern has value. For them, emotion is more important than action. Offering sympathy is more important than doing the hard work to help the suffering.

They do not believe anything is worth risking an American soldier's life. And for that, they are beneath contempt. For, if America is not watchful, one day we will need to protect ourselves, and the liberals will be too weak to stand up for their rights.

I am not a war monger, but I do believe that America has a duty to help those who can't help themselves. We have a long history of helping spread democracy, and it is in our vital interest. This is why I support the Iranian students. The Iranians need to be given the respect of the Western world, in that they value very much that which we can take for granted. If we stand up and support them, we ourselves are the better for it.
34 posted on 07/11/2003 10:28:26 AM PDT by Pan_Yans Wife (Lurking since 2000.)
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To: Eala; DoctorZIn; RaceBannon; risk; nuconvert; ewing; yonif; piasa; rontorr
An English version of a notice from Amnesty International about lastest arrests.
35 posted on 07/11/2003 10:49:52 AM PDT by Khashayar
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To: DoctorZIn
36 posted on 07/11/2003 11:03:19 AM PDT by risk
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To: Pan_Yans Wife; TigerLikesRooster; GOPJ; Texas_Dawg; BeforeISleep; Tamsey; Grampa Dave; PhiKapMom; ..
Pictures of rally in Toronto,Canada; 9th of july:

Pictures of rally in Germany:

Pictures of rally in Sweden:

Pictures of rally in Italy:

Amnest International:

37 posted on 07/11/2003 11:04:27 AM PDT by Khashayar
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To: Khashayar
Thank You. So, 2 of the 3 students are still being held somewhere?
38 posted on 07/11/2003 11:18:26 AM PDT by nuconvert
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To: Khashayar
Thanks for the ping.
39 posted on 07/11/2003 11:20:38 AM PDT by Pan_Yans Wife (Lurking since 2000.)
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To: nuconvert
...Doc, have you given NITV a copy of the Hannity transcript along with a copy of Ledeen's article?...

Go to my web page and check out yesterday's posts. They should both be there.
40 posted on 07/11/2003 11:35:52 AM PDT by DoctorZIn (IranAzad... Until they are free, we shall all be Iranians!)
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