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The TRUE Capitol Hill Blue story the PRESS IGNORED:'Dems plan to undermine America to beat Bush'
FR - thru Capitol Hill Blue ^ | January 6, 2003 | DOUG THOMPSON

Posted on 07/11/2003 6:02:31 AM PDT by Ragtime Cowgirl

Dems plan to undermine America to beat Bush
CapitolHillBlue ^ | January 6, 2003 | By DOUG THOMPSON

Posted on 01/28/2003 2:07 AM EST by JohnHuang2

Democrats plan to undermine public confidence in President George W. Bush by challenging his credibility and raising doubts about America, sources within the party tell Capitol Hill Blue.

A multi-pronged attack against Republicans and the President will focus not only on economic issues, but question American values, raise doubts about how this country is viewed by other nations and question the patriotism of Bush and his party.

The extensive campaign, developed by senior Democratic consultants and party leaders, was launched last week with attacks on the Bush economic plan by Democratic presidential hopeful Rep. Richard Gephardt.

In coming weeks, Democratic elected officials will question the President’s intentions on the pending war with Iraq. Writers and broadcasters friendly to the Democratic cause have already been provided talking points suggesting the war is about oil, not terrorism. “The talking points were developed before the end of last year and sent out to operatives and friendly media,” one Democratic consultant confided. “No Democratic member of Congress will question the President’s patriotism openly but we will use the media and other surrogates to raise doubts.”

Capitol Hill Blue obtained a copy of the talking points when the Democratic National Committee sent them to a news outlet recently acquired by CHB’s parent company. The talking points outline a strategy to raise public doubts of the President’s real intentions, including: --Saying the war is about oil and will be fought to benefit oil companies that have long supported Bush and the Republican party;

--Claiming the Bush administration has “manufactured” evidence against Saddam Hussein and used that evidence to encourage Britain and other allies to join the American fight against Iraq;

--Suggesting a wartime economy is the only way the administration can revive the country’s lagging economic situation.

“It is clear that the current approval ratings of the administration are tied directly to strong American feelings toward traditional values,” the talking points say. “To counter this, doubt must be raised as to America’s true position within the world community and the true intent of the Bush administration in waging war.”

Some Democrats admit privately they are uneasy with the party strategy to undermine American values in an attempt to get Bush.

“My boss doesn’t want anything to do with it,” one senior Senate aide told Capitol Hill Blue on Monday. “You don’t undermine this country to win elections.” Others, however, are willing to try anything to put the White House and Congress back under Democratic control. “The real war isn’t in Iraq,” one Democratic consultant said. “It’s right here at home, at the ballot box in 2004.”

Among the other points Democrats hope to make in the coming weeks:

--Both President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney are controlled by oil and defense industry special interest groups.

--The war on terrorism is a failure because Osama bin Laden is still at large.

--America is unprepared for another terrorist attack because of White House preoccupation with Iraq. --War will increase the country’s economic woes. --Bush will be forced to raise taxes to finance the war.

“It’s time to take the battle to the people and make them understand just how dangerous George W. Bush’s policies are to the future of America,” the talking points conclude.

Democratic sources say the talking points were developed by Democratic Chairman Terry McAuliffe, former Clinton campaign strategist James Carville, Senate Majority Leader Daschle and former House Democratic Leader Gephardt.

“This is a classic, Jim Carville, scorched earth campaign,” crows one DNC staffer. “Take no prisoners. That’s how you win elections.” Democratic party spokesmen would not return phone calls seeking comment on this report.

© Copyright 2003 Capitol Hill Blue

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To: DannyTN
When BJ was up for impeachment, I don't remember seeing gloating and screaming Republicans calling for his head. I remember seeing pensive, deliberate, and reasoned communication.

They knew any other reaction would be a bloody election debacle.

Democrats seem to have forgotten what happens to people who take on a popular President - with glee, no less.
41 posted on 07/11/2003 9:29:17 AM PDT by mabelkitty
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To: PhiKapMom; mware; Mo1; kayak; Miss Marple
Wesley Clarks bio.

Joseph C. Wilson,IV

42 posted on 07/11/2003 9:29:49 AM PDT by Dog
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To: Bob
Rummy is incredible with his use of a few words. His few words skewer the left wing mediots and all of their hot air just blows out and away.
43 posted on 07/11/2003 9:30:57 AM PDT by Grampa Dave (Reach out and pound the liberals daily! Become a $/day donor to Free Republic!)
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To: Ragtime Cowgirl
Should be investigation of the NYT. What did they know from DNC, and when did they print it?
44 posted on 07/11/2003 9:31:43 AM PDT by mabelkitty
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To: SierraWasp
Not really. This is ripe for the Sunday talk shows. Shouldn't Russert have this information and question his guests about it?

If he were a decent journalist he would.
45 posted on 07/11/2003 9:33:31 AM PDT by mabelkitty
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To: Ragtime Cowgirl
“This is a classic, Jim Carville, scorched earth campaign,” crows one DNC staffer. “Take no prisoners. That’s how you win elections.”

Your close James, that's the strategy that allowed the Republicans to win back the White House, the senate, the house, state governors, and the state legislatures, ie, EVERYTHING.

46 posted on 07/11/2003 9:33:58 AM PDT by T. Jefferson
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To: Dog
How great would it be if Jayson Blair, with the nod of Howell Raines, wrote extensively on the DNC talking points for the NYT.

I'm stating the obvious.
47 posted on 07/11/2003 9:36:45 AM PDT by mabelkitty
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To: Dog; Grampa Dave
Dog --

Wilson also worked for Senator Gore and Speaker of the House Foley in the last 80's!
48 posted on 07/11/2003 9:37:22 AM PDT by PhiKapMom (Bush Cheney '04 - VICTORY IN '04 -- $4 for '04 -
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To: mabelkitty; BOBTHENAILER
"Not really"

Not really, what? I just heard it on the 9:AM ABC radio newscast. Fortunately, Roger Hedgecock is El Rushbo's substitute today and he's handling it quite well!

49 posted on 07/11/2003 9:39:44 AM PDT by SierraWasp (The Endangered Species Act had not saved one specie, but has ruined thousands of American Dreams!!!)
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To: Ragtime Cowgirl; MeeknMing; JohnHuang2; Dog Gone; Dog; isthisnickcool; OKSooner; VOA; mhking; ...
Thanks for posting this as its own thread again!

Note to the Freepers on the Bush-Cheney '04 ping list: I am pinging all of you to these threads about Niger and the State of the Union because the President is under attack by the "mainstream" media and the DemocRATs (actually one in the same) and we need all the information we can get to go on the offensive against these attacks. Thanks!

50 posted on 07/11/2003 9:40:11 AM PDT by PhiKapMom (Bush Cheney '04 - VICTORY IN '04 -- $4 for '04 -
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To: MeeknMing
Meekie, that is so kewl.
51 posted on 07/11/2003 9:40:34 AM PDT by beachn4fun (How about a "no-burka day" at the Canteen?)
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To: Dog
Remember Clinton just said that Clark would make a very good Presidential candidate!

The stench is increasing on this Wilson!
52 posted on 07/11/2003 9:42:28 AM PDT by PhiKapMom (Bush Cheney '04 - VICTORY IN '04 -- $4 for '04 -
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To: Ragtime Cowgirl
I proudly proclaim that I have not one friend whom I know to be an open DemocRAT. A few relatives make me angry, but I guess you don't get rid of family. I'll just mock them at family events.
53 posted on 07/11/2003 9:44:46 AM PDT by doug from upland (Bill - go away...Hillary - go have done enough damage to this great Republic)
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To: Ragtime Cowgirl
The Democrats have been casting about, looking for a winning issue leading up to the 2004 elections, and when all is said and done, they've discovered yet again that as a party they are bereft of issues, and bankrupt in the area of ideas, so they fall back on the tactic that worked so well for Bill Clinton: Lie about everything.
54 posted on 07/11/2003 9:46:43 AM PDT by My2Cents ("Well....there you go again.")
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To: mystery-ak
Mr. Bush needs to come home and address this now, instead of sending out Powell and Rice.

Isn't he due home soon? I'm inclined to think we should give them a little more rope to hang themselves.

Here at FR we have been able to uncover enough info to dispell the cr@p they've reporting in the media. Bringing Bush home early isn't going to make the media turn around and publish/air the facts uncovered here.

I say we should let them dig themselves a little deeper, then when the Prez returns he should do an address to the Union in prime time to lay out the facts about the mistruths spread.

55 posted on 07/11/2003 9:47:11 AM PDT by Iowa Granny (Well behaved women seldom make history)
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To: Ragtime Cowgirl
I just emailed the URL to the Captiol Hill Blue article to many of my friends. However, I have known all the crap we have been hearing, since Bush/Cheney got elected, was the work of Dems & Libs. They are running scared of losing the next election...TOO! So, what better way to guarantee the win, then start spreading rumors and falsehoods now.
56 posted on 07/11/2003 9:47:24 AM PDT by beachn4fun (Donate to FreeRepublic to keep the grapevine alive!)
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To: SierraWasp
Try to keep up. This is on ABC's website.

Scroll down.

DNC got nailed.
57 posted on 07/11/2003 9:48:12 AM PDT by mabelkitty
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To: BOBTHENAILER; Ernest_at_the_Beach
Those in the media are acting like they're on drugs, they're just so euphoric about this. Liars making accusations of lying...if it weren't so deadly serious, it would be funny. But it's not funny. This country is at stake, and I'm starting to think these people would dance on the grave of it if given the chance.
58 posted on 07/11/2003 9:48:22 AM PDT by MizSterious (Support whirled peas!)
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To: mabelkitty
Thanks for the heads up. We need to call our Senators - or, if you're from Florida - someone else's. They are interested. Not many on Capitol Hill heard about Doug's retraction yesterday. Not sure if they even know at the WH or the Pentagon. Been e-mailing all morning. Just keep sending it out, to bloggers and radio hosts as well.
59 posted on 07/11/2003 9:49:11 AM PDT by Ragtime Cowgirl (We're in a global war on terrorism..If you want to call that a quagmire, do it. I don't.*Rummy* 6-30)
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To: mabelkitty
Joe Lieberman is a fraud and and no better than any of his colleagues. I don't care what he claims to be - he is a dishonest man whose conscience is way past due for a tune-up.
60 posted on 07/11/2003 9:49:36 AM PDT by DaughterOfAnIwoJimaVet (670: neighbor of the neighbor of The Beast.)
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