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Selling Homosexuality to America
CBN ^ | 7/11/03 | Craig von Buseck

Posted on 07/11/2003 2:12:34 PM PDT by apackof2

Selling Homosexuality to America

By Craig von Buseck Producer

In this exclusive interview, Paul Rondeau talks about his in-depth study, Selling Homosexuality to America, which was recently published in the Regent Law Review. – In his recent study, Selling Homosexuality to America, marketing expert Paul Rondeau explains, "Among America's culture wars, one of today's most intense controversies rages around the issue alternatively identified, depending on one's point of view, as "normalizing homosexuality" or "accepting gayness." The debate is truly a social-ethical-moral conceptual war that transcends both the scientific and legal, though science and law most often are the weapons of choice. The ammunition for these weapons, however, is persuasion."

This article and interview explores how gay rights activists use rhetoric, psychology, and the media to frame what is discussed in the public arena -- and how it is discussed. "In essence," Rondeau points out, "when it comes to homosexuality, activists want to shape 'what everyone knows' and 'what everyone takes for granted' even if everyone does not really know and even if it should not be taken for granted."

"The first strategy of persuasion," he goes on to say, "is to establish a favorable climate for your message so that the communicator (marketer) can influence the future decision without even appearing to be persuading ... This is at the heart of the homosexual campaign: to get consent via social construct today to determine whose idea of personal freedoms will prevail in our legal codes tomorrow."

Paul Rondeau has been a senior sales and marketing management professional with industry leaders for over 25 years. He holds an M.A. in Management, with a specialty in persuasive communication. Currently, he is a doctoral student in communication studies with a focus in rhetoric and persuasion.


TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; Culture/Society
KEYWORDS: agenda; aides; cults; culturewar; downourthroats; gay; homosexual; homosexualagenda; homosexuality; homosexualvice; idolatry; marketing; nuclearfamily; paulrondeau; pc; perverts; politicallycorrect; proproganda; regentlawreview; samesexdisorder; sexualdeviants; sodomy; study
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To: slashcart
"Thus, if a child is not taught language by the time he is 10 or so, he will never be able to master it since the areas of the brain responsible for language didn't form and now cannot."

You are really shoveling it today, slash.

224 posted on 07/18/2003 6:40:55 AM PDT by Windsong
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To: apackof2
Interesting how the homosexual lobby first insists that homosexuality is innate, inborn and immutable, then insists that there's no genetic predisposition.
227 posted on 07/18/2003 7:13:41 AM PDT by Mamzelle
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To: slashcart
I presume you mean the APA when you cite the "consensus of experts" -- the same APA that wants to normalize homosexual sex with young boys?????

If you think my views are absurd, that's OK, have a good laugh. Don't waste your time on this topic slash....
229 posted on 07/18/2003 7:19:26 AM PDT by Imagine
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To: PurVirgo
Yes of course we admire His work, it reminds us of the Creator however we don't look to them as in astrology to guide or direct our lives
230 posted on 07/18/2003 6:33:32 PM PDT by apackof2 (Listen much, talk little, learn greatly)
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Willie and Grace is one example

The facade of homosexuality

One wonders if the audience thought of Will
inserting his penis in the "guest" star if Will might lose some of the appeal

231 posted on 07/18/2003 6:36:54 PM PDT by apackof2 (Listen much, talk little, learn greatly)
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To: Jorge
Yes, they praised the Lord, they didn't look to the stars and moon to guide/direct their lives as in astrology
232 posted on 07/18/2003 6:37:56 PM PDT by apackof2 (Listen much, talk little, learn greatly)
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To: apackof2
Yes, they praised the Lord, they didn't look to the stars and moon to guide/direct their lives as in astrology

Of course not. Astrology is considered similar to divination and witchcraft in the Bible.

233 posted on 07/18/2003 8:22:33 PM PDT by Jorge
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To: slashcart
>>"I wish we could bring to an end this absolutely ridiculous rumor that homosexuality brought down Rome and Greece. Rome and Greece tolerated homosexuality from the beginning and both rose to the stature of dominating much of the known world in that condition. Rome outlawed homosexuality under Constantine's rule (when the empire converted to Christianity) and fell about 100 years later. Homosexuality absolutely was not the cause of the decline of either of those civilizations."<<

Sodomy most definitely had a huge part in the downfall of many nations. Just because God allows sin to go seemingly unchecked for a time doesn't mean it won't eventually reap the consequences. I think it just shows God's patience and His desire that none should perish, but at some point justice must be served. God gave those nations time to repent. They didn't. They fell. I didn't mean to imply (altho I did imply it) that sodomy was the ONLY cause of the downfall of Rome/Greece.
234 posted on 07/19/2003 8:44:35 PM PDT by viaveritasvita
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To: scripter
235 posted on 12/05/2003 2:03:43 PM PST by Coleus (Only half the patients who go into an abortion clinic come out alive.)
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To: Coleus
Thanks - I have this one in the database.
236 posted on 12/05/2003 2:47:53 PM PST by scripter (Thousands have left the homosexual lifestyle)
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To: tdadams
Well, if your sex life includes pedophilia, then as a parent I'll jump in your sex life with both feet, for example.

If you are a rapist, same deal.

If you are having sex with your own family, I'll jump in there too, but not with both feet. I'm not a fan of not having to publicly support the whacked out or mutated products of such intercourse.

If you like having sex with goats, and something infectious results, and I end up getting it, I'm going to be upset.

If you want to have sex with men, and you are a man, and you want to convince me that it is normal, then I'm going to ask how what you call sex ends up in the creation of offspring, since that's the primary function of sex.

Homosexuals suffer from the same basic denial that abortionists suffer from - they don't get that the act of intercourse is DESIGNED to produce offspring PRIMARILY and FUNDAMENTALLY.

That intercourse is either and act of love or sensory gratification is not really relevant to the discussion of whether homosexuality is normal. You can't have kids, ergo you have a disorder, learned or genetic - who cares.

I don't even want to speculate on whether it is learned or genetically coded. In the end, it's still an act you choose to perform, and it isn't naturally supported in any way by the human body, as it doesn't lead to reproduction.

I like the way you tried to equate homosexuality with left handedness. Try equating homosexuality to pedophilia and you are on solid logical ground again.

There is nothing a right handed person can do than a left handed person can do. Nothing about basical physical functions are impeded by being left handed (you can lift things, eat, reproduce, defend yourself).

Homosexuality is like pedophilia, not eye color. They are both rare and abnormal, and in my opinion destructive to both the participants and to society.

Marriage and heterosexuality are for the purpose of reproduction of the human species in a way that rears children into adults with the best chance at becoming optimally adjusted and functional in a civilized society.

Homosexuality does not offer children the best chance for children to become adults in a civilized society. It can't, by definition, and it never will.

I suspect that its an affliction more than it is chosen behavior. Lot's of disabilities prevent people from doing things other people do with ease. There's nothing just about it.

Homosexuals can't reproduce, and as such they shouldn't be parents, unless of course they are prepared to tell their kids that homosexuality is a disease we know very little about, and someday maybe they'll find a cure for it - but it is in no way normal.

Massively disingenuous for you to try to equate homosexuality with left-handedness. That's marketing dressed up as fact.
237 posted on 12/05/2003 3:22:07 PM PST by RinaseaofDs
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