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To: Old Professer
What we face now is no place to run for they are so deeply emmeshed within society as to have completed their potential exposure as contagions.

What we face is a political force called multiculturalism. The homosexual activists have joined with this powerful collectivist lobby to gain acceptance for their lifestylel. This acceptance is part of the standard multicultural indoctrination in any corporation that accepts government business.

Homosexuals have recruited among our youth for as long as time. Now the youth protection movement is threatening to stop and expose this practice, (The Boy Scouts are part of this movement BTW and this is part of the reason the homosexual lobby has such animosity for the BSA.)

The multicultural, Political Correctness, diversity movement is waging a cultural war on our society. They have a strong foothold, but stopping homosexual seduction is also ingrained in our culture. We will see who ends up the winner.

45 posted on 07/13/2003 11:37:47 AM PDT by KC_for_Freedom
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To: KC_for_Freedom
What you're talking about is a tactic the left uses that was started by Leon Trotsky, known as "entrism". This is where socialists hijack a social movement to further their agenda of a worldwide socialist government.

Most decent people aren't racist, and treat black and white people the same. Unfortunately the anti-racism movement has been hijacked by leftists who have seen it as a perfect opportunity to push a radical agenda. Rather than emphasizing ethnic equality, they've moved on to push 'cultural' equality - as long as the culture in question isn't Christian Conservativism. Similarly, the Feminist movement has been hijacked by socialist entrists, seeking to push their agenda.

This has led to a huge shift in domestic and foreign policy, and has allowed for situations where - for instance - Christians who treat people of all races equally can be branded "racist", or Christian African Americans are "racist" for opposing the negative, mysoginist (sp?) messages of rap music! When you think about it for a minute, it's bizzare!

In a foreign policy sense, as I've mentioned before here on FR, it's been hugely damaging to the people of Africa the leftists claim to support so ardently. Supporting multiple tribal cultures in African and other 3rd world cultures gets in the way of forming national, and christian cultures. This gets in the way of overthrowing tribalist Marxist and Islamist dictators in favor of the free market capitalist governments that 3rd world countries so despirately need. Of course, creating stable free markets across Africa - where foreign investors can build up the economies and make 3rd world countries valuable contributors in the world economy is "racist" because it would mean getting rid of a lot of tribal cultures.

The gay agenda is another front where socialists can undermine traditional Christian values. What has happend in the past decade or so is that the gay agenda has been grafted on to the feminist and anti-racism (now multiculturalist) movements by the socialist entrists who have hijacked those movements.

Look no further than how radical lesbian feminism and marxist feminism is now equated with feminism; respect for mothers, housewives, and women who chose to work based on their own talents and abilities is off the agenda. Meanwhile, "hetrosexism" ("sexism" against gays by straight people) is on the feminist agenda. Sexism against men dressed as women is on the feminist agenda.

Similarly, many of the same laws preventing anti-semitism discrimination against African Americans have also had "homophobia" added to the list you can be thrown in the slammer for.

Think something's screwed up when Christians start being treated - by the law - like Klansmen? Worried about free speech? Do you read the Bible? You're not just homophobic, but according to these hijacked movements, you're also a sexist and a racist!
164 posted on 07/13/2003 8:32:05 PM PDT by ThinkFreedom (Well, that's my 2c, take or leave.)
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