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Homeschoolers in the U.S.A. (Young Patriots)
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. | Summer 2003 | Jimmy Wright

Posted on 07/17/2003 9:26:01 AM PDT by HungarianGypsy

I know. I know. Being a fourteen year old boy, my main interests should be motor vehicles and sports... but they're not. I have an unusual favorite hobby -- politics. Yes, that's right, politics. I first really became interested in politics and government during the Alaska State Primaries election in 2002. I watched the primary elections with great interest and then became involved when the Wasilla Mayoral election rolled around. I called each candidate and asked them a series of questions regarding everything from their party affiliation to their goals for the community. After I finished my questions, which was about five days before the election, I called Dan Kelly, who was the candidate with the same conservative goals that I had. On the following Monday, I offered to help him. I held signs and waved to cars with him. After the election, I helped him take down all of his 8 x 4 foot campaign signs. Although we didn't win the election, I did learn a lot about how a campaign is run, and Mr. Kelly became a good friend with whom it was an honor to work.

Then around October 3rd, I contacted Alaska State Representative Vic Kohring and offered to help in his re-election bid in whatever way he could use me. I drove around with Rep. Kohring and assisted him in hanging forty 8 x 4 foot campaign signs. I also stuffed, licked, and stamped about four hundred envelopes with campaign letters. It was a real privilege to work with an honorable man and I was flattered when he offered to take me to the Republican Rally, Election Central, and to Governor Murkowski's Inaugural Ball. When I attended the Republican Rally, I personally met United States Senators Ted Stevens and Frank Murkowski (now Alaska's Governor). I had a good time working with Rep. Kohring and he has become a good friend.

I go to the Wasilla City Hall and attend city council meeting as often as possible and sometimes speak on important issues. I know that one voice can make a difference, whether it be a concerned citizen or a politician trying to sell his plan. I may just be one voice, but I plan to use my voice to climb the political ladder. Right now I'm the concerned citizen, but one day I plan to be the politician representing my constituents. After I finish college, I plan to run for a council seat or for mayor. There are a few things that need fixing on the local level, but the state of Alaska really needs my help, so after my two terms are up as mayor, I would run for, and get elected as a state representative or a state senator. Then hopefully, as I become known and get a good reputation, I'll run for governor. As a legislator or governor, I could make a real difference; I will bring some solid conservative ideas and values to the Alaska government. Here is where I stand on a few issues in Alaska:

***In Alaska, we have close to a billion dollar deficit. The people of the state will have to pay all that. Our state also has the highest spending per capita in the country. The only logical way to bring the deficit down is to stop spending so much. Alaska and every other state needs to control spending on government programs that results in some loss of our freedom.

***We aren't here to serve the government; government is here to serve us, but quite frankly we've become a nation that's too dependent on our government. Let's get back to the basicsl the United States Constitution says that the government is here to protect the people with a military and to provide basic needs to the people.

The only way I could fix things nationally is to move on to politics at the national level. After I serve as governor, I plan to run for a seat in the United States Senate. Government should be just as small and out of our life as possible. We shouldn't have to seek permits and licenses for every little thing. We have to watch our welfare programs very closely to make sure they don't become socialist. We must also consider making the social security program optional; let those of us who can wisely save money, do so. We must resist those who want to pass laws that practically take away our second amendment right; an armed nation is a safe nation. On our immigration problem, we have to guard our borders to prevent illegal immigration, and we must limit and do extensive background checks on all legal immigraqnts. If we just tighten our borders to all illegal immigrant, our taxes will go down because we won't be supporting them with generous welfare programs. I support President Bush 100% on his tax cuts for everyone and I differ with those who say that tax cuts are for the "rich" only. It isn't true that only the rich will be getting money back; the rich are the people who pay the biggest percentage in taxes and should therefore get more back. In fact, if the rich get more back, they are much more likely to spend more, hire more employees, and be better motivated to work harder, thus stimulating the economy.

I have a lot of ideas, and I'm anxious for the day when I can put those ideas into action. By the time I'm old enough to vote, I'll be prepared to run for office. One person can make a difference, and I believe that if I can make a contribution to a city, state, or the country, that place will be safer, more successful, and an overall better place to live.
Copyright, 2003. Used with permission. The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; Culture/Society; Editorial; Extended News; US: Alaska
KEYWORDS: alaska; government; hobby; homeschool; patriot; politics; teens
And a little child shall lead them. Thought this would be a great piece to post on here. If this kid keeps his convictions and runs for president in about thirty years, he's got my vote.
1 posted on 07/17/2003 9:26:02 AM PDT by HungarianGypsy
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2 posted on 07/17/2003 9:28:27 AM PDT by Support Free Republic (Your support keeps Free Republic going strong!)
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To: HungarianGypsy
This is what scares the hell out of the teachers' unions. An educated child means an informed child. Get enough of these in one place, and the darlings of the National Education Association start updating their resumes.

This is why homeschooling is such a threat to them.

3 posted on 07/17/2003 9:40:11 AM PDT by Houmatt (And if she asks you why you can tell her that I told you that I long, for sulfur in the air.........)
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To: HungarianGypsy
4 posted on 07/17/2003 9:44:40 AM PDT by LiteKeeper
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To: 4mycountry
ping - thought you'd enjoy this one!
5 posted on 07/17/2003 10:18:15 AM PDT by Hegemony Cricket (Did you hear about the straight-A student who got stung by a B?)
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To: HungarianGypsy
We aren't here to serve the government; government is here to serve us, but quite frankly we've become a nation that's too dependent on our government.


6 posted on 07/17/2003 10:21:03 AM PDT by stainlessbanner
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To: HungarianGypsy
If anyone steps up to save this country, it is going to be one of these kids. I just hope it is not too late by then.

This article gives me hope.

7 posted on 07/17/2003 10:23:19 AM PDT by riri
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To: HungarianGypsy
Being a fourteen year old boy . . .

Fourteen! And far more politically aware than most fifty year olds.

My son (age twelve) is just shocked that his relatives know nothing about poltics and government. He lurks on FR (his favorite thread is FReeper Foxhole) when he's supposed to be working on language. I won't let him post yet -- not until the term paper on Patton is done.

8 posted on 07/17/2003 10:49:53 AM PDT by reformed_democrat
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To: HungarianGypsy
Snotnoses on the right are as obnoxious as snotnoses on the left, and have about the same amount of business lecturing adults on politics. No doubt he's pompous, doesn't like sports, and has an affected Limbaugh tone to boot.
9 posted on 07/17/2003 10:53:29 AM PDT by Chancellor Palpatine (and thats the rest of the story.....)
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To: HungarianGypsy
In Alaska, the general publics average inteligence is a lot higher that that in the lower 48.

Many of them work only during the Summer and go to college during the winter for something to do.

The cold weather seems tends to weed out the stupid faster.
It's the tourists that lower the overall IQ.

Go Nanooks!

10 posted on 07/17/2003 11:24:01 AM PDT by Chewbacca (UAF Nanooks rifle team rules! Best in the nation.)
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To: HungarianGypsy
"I serve as governor, I plan to run for a seat in the United States Senate."

Come on kid, show some ambition, could you?

I like that confidence!
11 posted on 07/17/2003 1:47:28 PM PDT by ConservativeDude
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