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"...In 1919 an Italian socialist named Antonio Gramsci began to publish a newspaper in Milan called, L'Ordine Nuovo, or "The New Order." Loosely rendered, he concluded that the average person would never voluntarily reject the faith and culture of the West. He concluded that the best way to implement a collectivist government was to use an intellectual elite to destroy traditional values by attacking fundamental Jewish and Christian beliefs."

Antonio Gramsci, 1891-1937

...A. The New Order (L'Ordine Nuovo)
......1. Italian Communist newspaper, founded 1919
......2. Co-founder of Italian Communist Party, 1921
......3. Pre-Prison Writings, ed. Richard Bellamy (Cambridge, 1994)
......4. Selections from the Prison Notebooks (Intl. Publishers, 1971)

...B. Lenin was wrong, and the Leninist revolution will fail
......1. The workers will see the revolutionary government as a new boss
......2. When the revolution fails, the west will re-import Capitalism

...C. Gradual revolution through infiltration & subversion by revolutionaries
......1. Infiltrate the State: elective & appointed office; judgeships
......2. Infiltrate the military: enlist & subvert from within
......3. Infiltrate justice: undermine and discredit state constitutions
......4. Infiltrate education: professors & administrators
......5. Infiltrate & discredit religion: scoundrels as clergymen
......6. Register, then license, then confiscate all privately held weapons

...D. Form or infiltrate international organizations to promote goals such as "global understanding," "economic development," "transfer of resources"

...E. Both Capitalism and Judaeo-Christian culture must be destroyed before a Communist revolution can succeed
......1. Religious sentiment cannot be destroyed through legislation, as Lenin believed, but must be redirected from the divine to the state
.........a. Terror will only drive Religion underground
.........b. Religion will then reemerge when Leninism fails
.........c. So Religion must be destroyed in the minds of men
......2. Infiltrate religious academies and become priests and clergymen
.........a. Subtly promote heresy within religious organizations
.........b. Infiltrators must act so as to discredit the church
............(1) Cause financial and sexual scandals
............(2) See that this is given a high profile in the news
............(3) Like-minded infiltrators in the media will cooperate
......3. Once religion is discredited from within, continuously promote the idea that only the state can solve the problems that have been traditionally brought before the church
...F. When propagating revolutionary ideas, cloak them in polite terms
......1. National Consensus
......2. Popular Mandate
......3. National Pacification
......4. Pluralism
......5. Global Community
......6. Economic Justice
......7. Economic Democracy
......8. Liberation Theology
......9. Direct Action
...G. Marxists "must enter into every civil, cultural, and political activity in every nation, leavening them as yeast leavens bread."

Gramski's Archives

Gramsci-(original Italian) = Gramschi = Gramski-(sp prefered by communists)
This article comes from Focus on Freedom

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11 posted on 09/08/2005 11:03:38 AM PDT by The Spirit Of Allegiance (SAVE THE BRAINFOREST! Boycott the RED Dead Tree Media & NUKE the DNC Class Action Temper Tantrum!)
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To: Blurblogger

Jeepers. Thanks for the information!

12 posted on 09/08/2005 11:27:46 AM PDT by Alamo-Girl
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To: Blurblogger
I know about Gramsci, but it's good to refresh our memories. Thanks Blur.

This is from one of the threads posted here:

While Marxism, calls for the fomenting of violent conflict between classes, races etc, and Fabian Socialism seeks control over the system of justice and the literal language of the law, Gramscian communism seeks control over culture, established religion, media, education, and other areas where intellectual discourse takes place. Psychiatry, with its pretensions to knowledge of the innermost being, is a major bailiwick for Gramscian communists. It should be noted that the regressive theories of socialism, when enthroned, have already led to the liquidation of over 100 million human beings and a Holocaust against the Jews of Europe.

How can we fight this ever-encroaching behemoth as it colonizes our minds and casts dark clouds over our future? The difficulty lies in the fact that Gramscian communists are not bound to the same objective standards of truth as the rest of us. Given that communism is nothing more than a quest by power-hungry elitists toward the attainment of power for themselves, communists will do virtually anything, whether overt or covert, to achieve their goals. Perhaps the answer is that genuinely progressive lovers of freedom need to recognize that their primary weapon is their addiction to truth, or, as Thomas Jefferson so eloquently stated, "the laws of nature and of nature's God." Vociferously standing up for truth could go a long way toward saving this nation from a slide into totalitarianism. link

17 posted on 09/08/2005 8:31:53 PM PDT by Victoria Delsoul
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