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A Few of FR's Finest....Every Day....08-08-03....Pippin's Thoughts ~ "Confessions of an Ex-Democrat"
Mama_Bear; Pippin | Pippin

Posted on 08/08/2003 5:38:47 AM PDT by Mama_Bear

A Few of FR's Finest....Every Day
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Confessions of an

I recently read a thread on Free Republic about an ex-democrat who didn’t leave the party so much as the Democratic Party left them!

Well, this is how I feel at times. Let me explain......

Back in the mid to late 70’s when I was a teenager, Watergate was going full swing and dominating our television viewing. Oh, I can remember when, during the hearings, the soaps and other daytime programs would be pre-empted for coverage that seemed to go on for “decades”. I’m afraid that did not put the GOP in a good light for me, or with many others of my age group. As far as I could tell, the Republican Party seemed to be made up of grumpy old men and crooks.

My dad was a staunch Republican, I certainly didn’t think he was a crook, but I thought he was misguided at least! In a fit of rebelliousness I registered to vote as an Independent as I didn’t want to be associated with either the Democrats, who I was suspicious of, or the Republicans as I had grown tired of them in power. So, in 1976, which was the first presidential election in which I was eligible to vote, I had already decided I was not going to vote for Ford (boy, what a mistake that was!). I was going for either the Independent or the Democrat running against him.

I was as surprised as the rest of the country when Jimmy Carter won the Primary Election to become the Democratic candidate for the ’76 race. Realizing that I could not vote in a primary election unless I was a member of a major party, I registered as a Democrat to vote for Carter. I was just so glad to have someone I hadn’t seen or heard of before get a chance to right some of the wrongs this country had been experiencing (remember, I was growing up in a very liberal state and had become thoroughly brainwashed).

I started to work on Carter’s campaign as well as the campaigns of others for lesser offices. I even went door to door campaigning with the wife of one of the candidates running for the state senate. He lost but I had fun campaigning. Those were the good old days, before the Internet, and when it still was okay to be outside walking around and not have to worry if the next house we came to had an axe-murderer or a pervert or a terrorist living there.

At the time I wasn’t thinking about what my personal political views were, I just knew what I liked and what I didn’t like. I was very naive and I thought these Democrats were really fun people to be around, I didn’t know until much later about their views on issues such as abortion or gun control or anything else. I just knew I was against abortion and for the right to own guns. The exact opposite of the Democratic Party views. In fact, I had someone comment to me one day that I sounded too conservative to be a Democrat. I didn’t think much about the comment, but I guess I kind of held to it in the back of my mind.

As for President Carter, I was really excited about the fact that the first time I voted in an election I voted for the winner! I purposely stayed home to watch his inauguration, as I wanted to see how my vote counted.

I ignored the fact that many people did not feel the same way about him as I did. I guess I wasn’t thinking about the oil shortage or the gas crisis or embargoes or stuff like that, because in 1980 I worked on Carter’s re-election committee. I really thought he would win, but there were the hostages in Iran among a whole slew of other problems. And Reagan was very popular, he seemed to bring hope to a lot of people. But, all I could think of was myself at the time and I felt if Carter were to lose that would somehow mean I was a bad voter and I voted for a bad President.

I’m afraid that is what I thought; do you know that I boycotted President Reagan the first year he was in office? But I was stunned and horrified when someone actually tried to assassinate him! That’s when I started to think, how dare anyone try to harm my President! I guess I was starting to see the Democrats for what they were. I started to see folks like Reagan and others as the good, decent, America-lovers that they truly were.

Still, I was enthralled with the Democrats and thought they had some redeeming qualities. In fact, when Carter had lost the election in 1980 to Ronald Reagan we all cried and kept saying in 1984 we’ll be “ready for Teddy”, meaning Senator Ted Kennedy, who, by the way, I did not care for much. I though he was an arrogant fool. He still is!

What really steered me in the “right” direction (pun intended) was the 1992 election and the aftermath. Yes, being the “dutiful little dim” I voted for Clinton, and oh how I rue the day! I was going to vote for Bush Sr. but I remembered the 1984 election when I had voted a split ticket and got balled out by other Democrats. They told me I should always vote the party line. So like a zombie, I followed the “leader” and drank their Kool-Aid!

Not long after 1992 election, I regretted my vote. I no longer felt like a failed voter if the guy I voted for lost re-election, but I still felt like a bad American and a bad voter for voting the way I did this time. I think that was about the time I started seriously considering re-registering as a Republican.

I remember when I went to vote in 1996, I think that was the first time I voted for a Republican presidential candidate. It was then that I asked the election judge working at the polls if I could register as a Republican. She told me I could, however it would be too late for me to vote as a Republican in the 1996 election. But, by the time I got to vote in the state election, I was voting as a Republican. I remember everyone I knew thinking I had lost my mind. But I think I had finally come to my senses!

I don’t need to tell you who I voted for in 2000! And I’m glad I did! I am proud of my President for the first time since 1974!

God Bless George W. Bush with four more years as our President!



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To: Pippin
Bye Pippin! Have a great vacation. ( psssssst, you can always get to a library or cyber cafe if you get the FR shakes ;)
241 posted on 08/08/2003 4:25:28 PM PDT by Libertina
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To: LadyX
L-O-O-O-O-EEEEEEEE ! However could I have failed to acknowledge your awesome presence in The Finest Room?!!

LOL!!! He is awesome alright!

You're kinda awesome yourself, pretty Lady. : )

242 posted on 08/08/2003 4:38:51 PM PDT by ST.LOUIE1
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 193 | View Replies]

To: LadyX; Mama_Bear
Down Under all those clothes lurks a Hot Mama!! LOL

If ya got it.....flaunt it! And fuzzy's got *it*. : )

243 posted on 08/08/2003 4:42:20 PM PDT by ST.LOUIE1
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To: Mama_Bear
Just call me 'Alpha'. LOL

Alphie? Hmmmmmmmm........I prefer Woofums. ;-) LOL!

: )

244 posted on 08/08/2003 4:45:07 PM PDT by ST.LOUIE1
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To: Pippin; Mama_Bear
Beautiful thoughts and beautiful presentation. You two make a good team. I'm glad you found your conservative self, Pip, and came our way. You brighten up the place a whole lot.

245 posted on 08/08/2003 5:15:50 PM PDT by WVNan
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 14 | View Replies]

To: Billie
Good evening Ms Billie. Just kicking back here after a long day. Hope yours has been a good one.

246 posted on 08/08/2003 5:24:52 PM PDT by WVNan
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To: dixie sass
Welcome home DS!

247 posted on 08/08/2003 5:38:33 PM PDT by WVNan
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To: Calpernia; Mama_Bear; ST.LOUIE1; Billie; daisyscarlett; dansangel; dutchess; FreeTheHostages; ...
This has been "one of those days." Spent 4 hours in the ER with Grandma. Thank goodness it wasn't anything too serious. But everything is harder when they have Alz. Q. "Do you hurt?" Answer, "I hope not."

I'm outta here for the weekend so Weinie will be silenced for a few days. I do believe Weinie is jealous of Grandma!

248 posted on 08/08/2003 5:47:49 PM PDT by lonestar (Don't mess with Texans!)
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To: LadyX
I'm trying to catch up Sistah. Just have to comment on Southern girls luving those charmin' Texans. It's true. When I was traveling with Jack out west I fell in love every night. LOL
249 posted on 08/08/2003 5:48:42 PM PDT by WVNan
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To: lonestar
LOL. I loved that response from your Grandma. Sort of like a friend's grandma. Grandaughter: "Grandma, we just have to take it one day at a time." Grandma: "And it's a good thing too, I couldn't take two of em."
250 posted on 08/08/2003 6:01:13 PM PDT by WVNan
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...............mumble, grumble......where is everyone? I run like crazy to catch up and everybody's gone.....Talkin' to meself here......Louie? Wolfie? Anybody?........(whistle sweeeeeee tweeeee tweeet)....
251 posted on 08/08/2003 6:03:49 PM PDT by WVNan
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To: Billie; LadyX; dutchess; Aquamarine; Mama_Bear; dansangel; FreeTheHostages; ST.LOUIE1; Fiddlstix; ..
(runs by FR, waves to all)

Sorry, I'm multitasking. Hope to catch up.
252 posted on 08/08/2003 6:10:27 PM PDT by Calpernia (Innocence seldom utters outraged shrieks. Guilt does.)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 251 | View Replies]

To: Only1choice____Freedom
I don't know how many I havemet who vote the wya they do just because they always have. Old habits are hard to break but in the words of Dr. Phil - "How's that working for ya?"

I love that question.......and it's funny how often it comes to mind as I go through my day, dealing with people locked on auto-pilot. What's really odd is people who continue the same behavior and continue to act surprised each time they get the same results. LOL

253 posted on 08/08/2003 6:52:01 PM PDT by Mama_Bear (aka: Lori)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 240 | View Replies]

If ya got it.....flaunt it! And fuzzy's got *it*. : )

Awwwww.....go on with you!! :-)

254 posted on 08/08/2003 6:55:28 PM PDT by Mama_Bear (aka: Lori)
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To: WVNan
You two make a good team.

Thanks so much, Nan. Hope you are having a nice evening.

255 posted on 08/08/2003 7:01:14 PM PDT by Mama_Bear (aka: Lori)
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To: Mama_Bear
Well, I was going to pick with Sistah dear, but she's off gallavantin' somewhere, leaving me talkin' to meself until you came in.
256 posted on 08/08/2003 7:05:44 PM PDT by WVNan
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To: Mama_Bear; JohnHuang2; Pippin; Calpernia; Libertina; MeeknMing; Billie; LadyX; jwfiv; All
I took off today without saying goodbye. Just saw your request to use this button Mama Bear and wanted to let you and everyone else know that you're welcome (and encouraged) to use it.

257 posted on 08/08/2003 7:09:56 PM PDT by Aquamarine
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To: WVNan
mumble, grumble......where is everyone?

LOL Yep, looks like everyone has left, and I can't stay long either. Was just about to post my good night to everyone.

258 posted on 08/08/2003 7:10:20 PM PDT by Mama_Bear (aka: Lori)
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To: Aquamarine
Thanks, Aqua. :-)
259 posted on 08/08/2003 7:11:20 PM PDT by Mama_Bear (aka: Lori)
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To: Mama_Bear
G'night MB. Sleep well in God's love.
260 posted on 08/08/2003 7:12:22 PM PDT by WVNan
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