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McClintock Key to Democratic Victory in California
Intellectual ^ | 9/2/3 | Bob Chandra

Posted on 09/02/2003 4:21:28 PM PDT by socal_parrot

A Democratic plot to boost Tom McClintock’s candidacy at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s expense has recently come to light.

On paper, the recall election should be a cakewalk for California Republicans. A cursory analysis reveals a governor with an approval rating below Richard Nixon at his low point. The only serious Democrat candidate is the state’s uninspiring lieutenant governor, Cruz Bustamante, who unquestioningly followed Governor Davis through his mishaps with the budget and energy crisis. It should be a breeze for Republicans, right? Think again. Democrats are euphoric over Tom McClintock’s intransigence in continuing his long-shot bid for governor. This allows Democrats to divide and conquer their way into office. Democrats are attempting to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and Tom McClintock is an essential part of their game plan.

For starters, Democrats know McClintock cannot win. They know that he has ran for statewide office twice before and lost both times. McClintock’s problem is not so much that he’s unknown but that Californians know about him and have rejected his candidacy time and again. Knowing this, a Democrat plot to boost McClintock’s candidacy at Schwarzenegger’s expense has already surfaced. According to the Sacramento Bee’s Daniel Weintraub, “Ever since Cruz Bustamante entered the race, it's been assumed that California's Indian tribes were going to pool their money and do independent expenditures on his behalf, expensive ads that get around the $21,000 limit on contributions. Now I am hearing rumblings that the Indians might think about helping Cruz in a more creative way as well. If they spent, say, $4 million on behalf of state Sen. Tom McClintock, the most conservative Republican in the race, they might pump McClintock's numbers up while hurting Arnold and not harming Cruz a bit. Remember, Cruz needs a split GOP vote to win. That would be one way to get it.” The reliably Democratic Indian tribes, loyal to Bustamante, would essentially throw their weight behind McClintock to chip away at the support of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the GOP front-runner. The Democrat strategy with regard to Tom McClintock is: “If you know you can beat ‘em, join ‘em.”

McClintock is unfazed by this conniving scheme and is more than happy to play along. His actions suggest that he’s willing to make allies with loyal Democratic groups under the logic, the enemy of my enemy (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is my friend. On August 28th, McClintock and Bustamante went together before the California Nations Indian Gaming Association to pledge their support. Needless to say, money will follow. Whether McClintock knows it or not, he’s being used by the Left. If Democrat allies can keep McClintock in the game, they can put a cap on Arnold’s support. A recent Los Angeles Times poll shows Bustamante with 35% of the vote and McClintock with 12%. The poll indicates that McClintock will lose decisively but more importantly, his vote will ensure that GOP front-runner Schwarzenegger loses as well.

It doesn’t have to be this way. McClintock could see the light and do what’s best for the party – as Bill Simon did by bowing out of the race. Other than his new Democratic support, the picture continues to grow bleaker for McClintock. The Washington Post and Sacramento Bee are reporting that there will be a record turnout for the recall election. This invalidates the early calculus by McClintock supporters - that in a low turnout election, grassroots could carry the day. Further, the base is growing more familiar with Schwarzenegger’s conservatism – Arnold came out against partial-birth abortion, against gay marriage, and for a constitutional spending cap.

There comes a time when personal ambition must be set aside and self-affirming but false justifications for one’s candidacy need to be reexamined. If McClintock stays in the California Senate, and assuming Arnold wins the governorship, he and Arnold could play the good-cop/bad-cop routine to perfection, mirroring President Bush and Tom Delay’s efforts at the national level. Additionally, McClintock may be well positioned to challenge Barbara Boxer in next year’s US Senate race. However, if McClintock persists with his spoiler campaign and throws the election to Bustamante, it is doubtful he will have any political capital for a future race.

But assuming things stay the way they are, with McClintock’s help, Bustamante and the Democrats may well pull off an upset of a lifetime on Election Day.

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To: Tempest
The California Republicans are so fractured into competing camps that it's a wonder that they can ever get a statewide official elected.

Oh wait, they can't.

41 posted on 09/02/2003 4:43:29 PM PDT by Dog Gone
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To: CheneyChick
Panetta has lost all credibility since his close call with the Clinton scandals. If you recall, he retired just as the excrement was about to hit one of the fans. He high-tailed it back to California and sits here resting on his fat laurels, still hoping that voters will forget his sorjourn with the Clintonistas.
42 posted on 09/02/2003 4:44:09 PM PDT by EggsAckley (......No more debating with McClintBots who are NOT from California.........~</;o))
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To: Reagan Man
"No loyal Republican should be supporting and voting for a liberal like Schwarzenegger"

No free-thinking, common sense, non-dogmatic, conservative would vote for a selfish, power-mongerer like McClintock. . .

43 posted on 09/02/2003 4:44:16 PM PDT by Tempest (If you lay off of Arnold, I'll lay off of Tom. Bustamante is the real danger.)
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To: Behind Liberal Lines

This is a carbon copy of the plan that gave us Bill Simon, the Candidate From Hell. It is exquisite. Indeed, the hand of Bubba may be lurking here.

It's time for the White House to get involved and make Tom an Offer He Can't Refuse. Run the good race up to the Convention on the Fifteenth, then bow out and support Arnold to the hilt.

If McClintock can't or won't pull out, send Luca Brasi (James Baker) to see him. No campaign money. No presidential visits. No help aganst Boxer if he runs against her someday. Not even help with a House race. The word has to go out to his fellow assemblymen: this guy gets nothing if he costs us the governor's seat. Not one thin f*%king dime if he lets Bustamente in when Arnold could have won.

The rest of the Assembly people want a guy in Sacramento they can use as veto leverage against the Democratic majority in the Assembly and the State Senate. McClintock is really pushing the envelope, and if he starts taking Tribal money, even laundered tribal money, then I want to hear the backpedalling from the McClintock crowd about what a good Republican their man is.

Bush intends to raise upwards to 200 million dollars to use next year. Once the nomination occurs, Bush can't use his slush fund money. He has to use taxpayer money and matching funds. However, Bush will give Rove the money not spent whittling down Howard Dean to Senatorial candidates next year and enough to hold or expand our lead in the House.

It's time to play hardball. McClintock needs someone, the President if necessary, to sit him down and do a Don Corleone with him. "Your signature will be on this contract, or your brains will be on this contract".

I've been very understanding of McClintock, if only because I do see him as a man of principle. I am hoping that McClintock is playing the positioning game so he can negotiate with Arnold for a voice in the budget and help in a Senate campaign against Boxer. But if Tom takes money from the Democrats and the Tribes, then he can go straight to hell.

Be Seeing You,


44 posted on 09/02/2003 4:44:36 PM PDT by section9 (To read my blog, click on the Major!)
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To: Tempest
Where as a McClintock supporter will hold his breath and refuse to eat his brussel sprouts unless he gets his way.

Or hold his breath until he turns blue ...

45 posted on 09/02/2003 4:45:09 PM PDT by strela (It is not true that Larry Flynt's biggest financial donor is Dicker and Dicker of Beverly Hills.)
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To: ElkGroveDan
"Intellectual" LOL, that isn't pretentious or contradictory at all. Then put out this tired garbage again. This talking point is from like 2 weeks ago. The new RINO talking point is that we are being too divisive, which this tripe actually violates, but then again detecting their own hypocracy has never been a Triangulation Republican's strong suit...

Maybe we should give them what they want. Maybe WE SHOULD get (R)nold to win. Maybe that Disaster is precisely what these partisan hacks need to finally get just how wrong they have been about the letter R above all.

Oh wait, the controvesies have already lost (R)nold the middle(you should have heard this woman I work with ranting at lunch about how she would never vote for (R)nold and vote for Bustamante before him, I just laughed to myself), wonder what they'll be singing when Tom's poll numbers show him higher? These people have never been honorable about admiting they were wrong, they'll probably attribute it to you or me. Take the Rioden-myth you had to despell..YET AGAIN on here. These people literally have as much intellectual honesty as the Democrates.
46 posted on 09/02/2003 4:45:18 PM PDT by PeoplesRep_of_LA (Stop Dividing the Republican base; vote McClintock on October 7, 2003!)
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To: socal_parrot; Registered
Actually I like the way Registered stated it on another thread...

I will not let the house burn down because the water isn't clean enough to use on the fire.

Or words to that effect ;-)

47 posted on 09/02/2003 4:45:27 PM PDT by Tamzee ("Big government sounds too much like sluggish socialism."......Arnold Schwarzenegger)
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To: socal_parrot
Everyone holds Republicans to a higher standard. Even Democrats.
48 posted on 09/02/2003 4:45:35 PM PDT by onedoug
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To: chachacha
That's right break out the pitchforks! Sean Hannity opposes your leader. Get'em.

Pavlovian Dog
49 posted on 09/02/2003 4:46:10 PM PDT by Tempest (If you lay off of Arnold, I'll lay off of Tom. Bustamante is the real danger.)
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To: A Broken Glass Republican
Precisely right. The really fascinating thing about this election is that it deprives the True Believers of a primary that is their usual way of getting their way in California elections (to the detriment of the party).

Instead, now they have to deal with Reality and actually trying to win an election against Republicans who actually believe in trying to win votes and elections rather than run just to "make a statement."

I can only imagine this revolting turn of events for them is driving them bananas.

50 posted on 09/02/2003 4:46:32 PM PDT by KellyAdmirer
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To: socal_parrot
Many FR posters think that its a given that Davis will be thrown out. I say that anything can still happen in this election, even that Davis is retained. We need to remember that the California RAT party apparatus is powerful, well-organized, and has the backing of at least 45% of the California electorate.

I think Bustamante may be a shill for Davis; remember that the mainstream press can be and is used effectively by the RAT party. When the democrat party electorate really sees Bustamante for what he is, Davis does not look that bad. I think its all part of the plan. Don't think Bustamante would allow himself to be used in that way? Think again.

In a normal election, he would never be chosen by the Cal RAT party as the candidate. Under those circumstances, he carries too much baggage. The better (figuratively speaking; I don't like the bastard at all) choice would be the current AG, Bill Lockyer. He has been strangely silent on the whole affair.

51 posted on 09/02/2003 4:46:38 PM PDT by 45Auto (Big holes are (almost) always better.)
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To: ambrose
Ahnold is a RINO scumbag.

And once again, your elegant and incisive prose reveals the true nature of the Koolaid McKlintonians.

52 posted on 09/02/2003 4:46:40 PM PDT by strela (It is not true that Larry Flynt's biggest financial donor is Dicker and Dicker of Beverly Hills.)
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To: Rome2000
The earth is flat.

Flat Earth

53 posted on 09/02/2003 4:46:49 PM PDT by templar
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To: Pro-Bush
I know you can say what you want on here but you can't lie to yourself. So how about coming clean on here too?

You KNOW McClintock has no chance at winning. Why not just admit it. Anyone with any sense whatsoever KNOWS that to be true. That is beyond argument.
54 posted on 09/02/2003 4:48:19 PM PDT by A Broken Glass Republican
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To: socal_parrot
McClintock’s problem is not so much that he’s unknown but that Californians know about him and have rejected his candidacy time and again.

McClintock got 49.5% in his last race. He was not previously as well known.

Even if Arnie wins, it will be snatching defeat from the jaws of victory for conservatives.

I'd prefer to let Cali simmer under Dim management if we can't elect a conservative. They really haven't suffered enough yet to make a real change in voting habits. They need to understand that voting for liberals is exactly what got Cali into this mess.

McC or nothing. I see no reason for conservatives to vote for a liberal of either party.
55 posted on 09/02/2003 4:48:28 PM PDT by George W. Bush
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To: ElkGroveDan
McClintock' supporters are die-hard Republicans

Didn't they used to be the Buchanan Brigade? and before that the Perot-istas?

56 posted on 09/02/2003 4:48:52 PM PDT by Leroy S. Mort
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To: strela
Just call them what they are....


They obviously don't care about the Republican Party. Just lay it on the line...
57 posted on 09/02/2003 4:49:57 PM PDT by A Broken Glass Republican
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To: Arkinsaw
Colmes sure has been touting McClintock, and the only reason is to divide the GOP vote. I don't have a dog in this fight because I don't live in California, but it's obvious to me that McClintock is a strong conservative who I think would be a better governor for California, but with the current 2 to 1 ratio of Dems to Pubs in California, I feel it will be a tough for McClintock to win.

Californians deserve a break from the socialist liberals who currently run the show out there. I guess any shift to the right is better then Bustamante or Davis, but I have my doubt's that Arnold is strong enough to change the course of California as he navigates his way through all the obstacles the left will put in his way. One thing is for sure, California will not be taken back overnite, it will have to be taken back the same way it was lost.... One step at a time!

Convincing the people of California that Liberalism is no good for the economy should be an easy task considering the massive job losses and the immigration problem they have out there. Lets just hope Davis is gone and that Bustemante is not elected and go from there, the GOP divided is the only hope for the Democrats, Maybe Arnold and McClintock can work something out like maybe offering McClintock the position of Lieutenant Governor if he remains far behind in the polls around 2 weeks from the recall election?

58 posted on 09/02/2003 4:50:42 PM PDT by MJY1288 (The Enemies of America can Count on the Democrats for Aid and Comfort)
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To: templar
I've got some news for ya. Conservatives are the majority base of the GOP and it's been that way since Reagan was elected in 1980. Conservative Democrats listened to Reagan and became Reagan Republicans. Too bad GOP RINO's don't wake up and support McClintock. Their passing on a unique opportunity to get a conservative elected governor of California. The wishy-washy RINO's are willing to elect a liberal like Arnold, instead of a Reagan conservative like McClintock.
59 posted on 09/02/2003 4:51:01 PM PDT by Reagan Man
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To: Behind Liberal Lines
Phooey! Better to letter the Fresno-Booster boy have his shot at the brass ring than Arnie the RINO.

There will be no progress until the state is BK and on its face with only the DEMORATS to blame. The political blood run now.
60 posted on 09/02/2003 4:51:13 PM PDT by pointsal
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