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An Open Letter to Howard Dean
Exploratory Committee, Armor for Congress ^ | 16 September 2003 | John Armor (Congressman Billybob)

Posted on 09/15/2003 5:29:39 AM PDT by Congressman Billybob

To: Governor Dean From: Congressman Billybob re: this little matter of honesty in campaigning

Dear Sawbones (may I call you Sawbones?),

You've made a lot of statements on the campaign trail of late that lead me to question whether you've decided that truth is a terrible impediment to getting elected.

I don't have the knowledge to analyze everything you've said. But there are four points you've repeated as a Democratic mantra that I do know, nine ways from Sunday. On those four I conclude you have the honesty of a five-year-old who's just gotten into the chocolate chip cookies – but with a mouth smeared with chocolate, says, "I didn't do it."

In order, your four obvious lies are about President Clinton, President Bush, the Texas legislature, and the recall election of Governor Davis in California. In each case, you claim that "The Republicans are acting to thwart democracy." Well, let's take a look at the facts and see what we have.

You challenge the impeachment of President Clinton as an effort to "reverse" the previous election. Hellooo. Elections are regular; they come around every four years, rain or shine. Impeachments are extremely rare; they only apply to malfeasance while in office. Would you confuse a routine physical exam with brain surgery, for instance? I hope not.

Impeachment only applies to someone who is already in office. Self-evidently, Presidents Andrew Johnson and William Clinton, the only ones subjected to impeachment and trial, had been elected the last time they ran. Otherwise, the impeachment terms of the Constitution could never have applied to them.

So your attack on the use of this process is an attack on the Constitution itself. If you don't like any provision of the Constitution, your legitimate choice is to seek to change it. And if you cannot get it changed, you must abide by it. Leastwise, that's what President Washington and most other Presidents to date have thought of the Constitution.

Next, you attack the Florida litigation as an effort to "reverse" the 2000 election. Hellooo. You, sir (may I call you sir?), are aware of the Electoral College, in which votes have been counted not nationwide but state by state since 1789. You, sir, are aware the College has occasionally produced "minority" Presidents. You, sir, are aware that there were multiple recounts in Florida, including a year-long unofficial one led by the New York Times, ALL of which concluded that President Bush won Florida, and therefore won the election. Again, your quarrel is not with the Republicans, but with the Constitution.

You claim that the California recall is a "reversal" of an election. Hellooo. You, my friend (may I call you friend?), are aware that the recall has been part of the California Constitution since 1911, and many other states have the same process. You, friend, are aware that recall cannot apply to any Governor unless that person has first been elected. Again, your quarrel is not with the Republicans (and Democrats and independents who signed the petition there), but with the California Constitution.

You claim that the Texas redistricting battle is an assault on "democracy." You, Shorty (may I call you Shorty?), are aware that the US Constitution commands every state legislature to redistrict its state after every Census, conducted every ten years. You are aware that the Texas legislature has not yet completed any redistricting as required after 2000. You are aware that the Texas Constitution requires that two-thirds of each House of its legislature must be present, for that House to act (a provision the Democrats are using by fleeing the state while the legislature is in session).

Again, your quarrel is not with the Republicans but with the Texas and US Constitutions. By the way, you apparently approve of fleeing the jurisdiction when something happens that you don't like. Please state the conditions under which you would escape to Canada, if you were elected President and something you adamantly disliked was going down in Washington. I'd love to hear that.

In all this I conclude that you are a liar. I have a bunch of friends who are doctors. On occasion I've met a graduate of law school who's dumb as a post, but never a graduate of medical school. You are too smart -- in an abstract sort of way that seems common among Democrats -- not to know the facts on these four issues. You know that you're lying.

Howie baby, (may I call you Howie?) you're not alone in this. I've heard and read the same set of lies from many other Democrats over the last two weeks. Is there a fax machine somewhere in Washington that cranks out the "Lie of the Week" with instructions to all true Democrats to "ride this pony ‘til it drops dead"? If there is such a central fax machine, I bet it's on the desk of Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry (the $10 million man) McAuliffe.

After all, Terry learned how to lie at the knee of a Grand Master, former President Bill Clinton. (Remember him? He was in all the papers. Whatever happened to him?)

Are you willing to lie flat-out to the American people because you believe a sufficient number of them are dumb enough so you can fool them and win the next election? Is your goal to find an exception to Abraham Lincoln's famous comment, "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time. But you can't fool all of the people all of the time."? Is this the Dean Exception to the Lincoln admonition: "Maybe I can fool enough of the people enough of the time."?

As someone who's labored in the vineyards of constitutional law for decades, I assure you that it ain't rocket science. Every part connects to every other. You just have to learn the parts and connect the dots. It's sort of like anatomy class in medical school. "The foot bone's connected to the ankle bone. And the ankle bone's connected to the shin bone ...." You remember that, don't you?

So quit your lies about the US Constitution, and the California Constitution, and the Texas Constitution. Unless, of course, you genuinely believe that constitutions as the voice of the people just don't matter, and that constitutions should be treated like silly putty whenever they interfere with the hopes and intentions of Democrats. If you genuinely believe that, by all means say it – and see how far that gets you.

Oh, and by the way, stop stealing your laugh lines from other people. That line you took from a TV show starring James Carville to deliver as if it was yours, before a slavering audience in Baltimore last week, reminds me of a short, cutting review of a Broadway play. The reviewer wrote, "It was both good and original. The part that was good was not original. The part which was original was not good."

Try to speak for yourself, unless you've forgotten how to do that. I realize the risk. You may just find yourself wasting away in Dukakis-ville. Just another leftist Democrat governor from New England, whose act the American people are not about to buy.

On second thought, ignore my advice. Go on lying. Go on stealing your lines from anyone who thinks and writes better than you. If the Democrats are foolish enough to nominate you with all that on your record, they and you deserve what you'll assuredly get.

See you behind an asterisk in the history books.

With all due respect,

Congressman Billybob (a.k.a. John Armor)

- 30 -

About the Author: John Armor has taught and written on American politics for forty years. He currently has an Exploratory Committee to run for Congress.

- 30 -

TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; Crime/Corruption; Culture/Society; Editorial; Extended News; Free Republic; Government; News/Current Events; Politics/Elections; US: California; US: Iowa; US: New Hampshire; US: Texas; US: Vermont
KEYWORDS: 2004; democrats; hoawrddean; impeachment; lying; recall; texasreapportionment
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This is going up on FreeRepublic just before it goes up on my main website. But all are invited to visit the site. Volunteers and contributions from FReepers are cordially invited and much needed -- especially volunteers.

John / Billybob

1 posted on 09/15/2003 5:29:40 AM PDT by Congressman Billybob
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To: Congressman Billybob
BB, the nine dwarves are stumping to the America hating Rats. Not a single one of them has laid out a single plan to make things better. It allows them to get money for their campaigns but will lead to a defeat not seen since Nixon horse-whipped McGovern in '72.
2 posted on 09/15/2003 5:36:52 AM PDT by Blood of Tyrants (Even if the government took all your earnings, you wouldn’t be, in its eyes, a slave.)
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To: Congressman Billybob
Oh, those Constitutions. They just get in the way, don't they? :>)
3 posted on 09/15/2003 5:43:19 AM PDT by xzins
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To: Congressman Billybob
Nice invective. I appreciate that. Are you publishing this letter in print any where, or is that too passe?

I like the idea of a cyber-saavy citizen running for congress. I like your previous post about the exploratory committee and the need for 1000 volunteers. I like the fact you did not run down the incumbant Republican and the fact you seemed very conversant with NC issues.

I like your positions on issues. If I lived in NC I would support you more. For now, you have my prayers.

4 posted on 09/15/2003 5:53:20 AM PDT by Forgiven_Sinner (Praying for the Kingdom of God.)
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To: Congressman Billybob
Of course, Andrew Johnson was never elected President...he just happened to be Vice President when Lincoln was killed.
5 posted on 09/15/2003 6:22:47 AM PDT by Verginius Rufus
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To: Verginius Rufus
Johnson WAS elected Vice President, receiving the same number of Electoral College votes as Lincoln did. He was not like Nelson Rockefeller, who became Vice President without being elected. Nor was he like Gerald Ford, who became Vice President and then President without ever winning any national election.

John / Billybob

6 posted on 09/15/2003 7:28:04 AM PDT by Congressman Billybob (Everyone talks about Congress; I am doing something about it.)
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To: Congressman Billybob
This is going up on FreeRepublic just before it goes up on my main website.

I would take out the "shorty" bit and come up with something else to call him. It doesn't really score any points to make fun of his limited physical stature. Maybe "wingnut" or "liar" would be better here.

7 posted on 09/15/2003 7:53:14 AM PDT by dirtboy ( - because lawyers with a clue are rarer than truth-telling Democrats)
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Comment #8 Removed by Moderator

To: gpl4eva
Do you, also, object to the fact that the people of California (like about one-third of all states) chose to put the recall mechanism in their constitution? If so, have you ever, in any way, objected to the recall at any time?

BTW, I did not mention in this article that the Democrat mantra that it could "happen to the next governor, and any governor" is a separate lie. History shows that this widely available citizens' check and balance has been employed only twice in national history against a Governor of a state. That suggests strongly that recall, like impeachment, is very rarely used and only in extraordinary circumstances.

John / Billybob

9 posted on 09/15/2003 9:05:41 AM PDT by Congressman Billybob (Everyone talks about Congress; I am doing something about it.)
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To: Congressman Billybob
You might also want to point out that if the Dimbulbs HAD voted for conviction on the impeachment, we would in all likelihood had President Gore today, since removing x42 would have given us Gore, who would have run as an incumbent in 2000. Even the Dimbulbs didn't want that, apparently! LOL! The main point is that conviction on impeachment wouldn't have reversed ANYTHING, of course, but you'd never guess from their talking points.
10 posted on 09/15/2003 9:06:57 AM PDT by alwaysconservative ("All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke)
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To: Congressman Billybob
Don't forget that it was tried against Reagan, what, two or three times? They're just mad that we've succeeded where they've failed.
11 posted on 09/15/2003 9:08:26 AM PDT by alwaysconservative ("All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke)
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To: Congressman Billybob
Wonderful post! Seems you've pegged him to a tee. The lying from these guys comes so naturally, and I don't really fault them for it since the truth just exposes the frauds they really are.
12 posted on 09/15/2003 10:19:27 AM PDT by mrtysmm
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Comment #13 Removed by Moderator

To: gpl4eva
You are missing the historical part of the picture. Elections happen (for Governor) every four years. Those who want simply to change the Governor can do so in the next election.

Recalls are used for malfeasance in office, not just political change. The fact that such mechanisms that exist in one-third of the states, but have only been used against Governors only two times in a century, answers your question. If recall were merely a matter of political change, you would see them happening almost as often as elections.

You don't see anything approaching that. The people of California, Nebraska, etc., have demonstrated their understanding that recall is a very specific process that should be employed very, very seldom.

In short, as I have said, Howard Dean is a liar about this. So is Bill Clinton, who said just yesterday in California that "if a Republican is elected, there will be a recall against him, too." Clinton, too, is proved a liar by the simple facts of history.

There were three ATTEMPTED recalls against Governor Ronald Reagan. None came close to getting the necessary signatures to proceed to a vote. It only takes a handful of people with a few dollars and a phone and a copy machine to START the process. But it takes the decision of millions of Californians to turn that into a REAL ELECTION.

A lot of arguments can be made in theory. But most theories founder on the rocks of reality. The only person who can make the argument that recall = a standard political election is someone who is totally ignorant of the history of recalls at the state and local level.

BTW, there are dozens of recall elections every year, mostly at the local level. These are below the radar of the national press. But I've looked into them. Mostly they are the removal by the people of a local Sheriff or County Official who seems involved with corruption or is totally incompetent.

Because the petition requirements are much higher than the maximum levels permitted under the Constitution for simple elections, it takes the highest level of citizen outrage -- a true citizens' revolt -- to get any of these things on the ballot.

Recalls generally require 12% petitions (California) or even higher. Some of my cases in the US Supreme Court have mailed down the point that a petition requirement higher than 5% is unconstitutional for a candidate for President. That, too, is part of the history that liars like Bill Clinton, Gray Davis, and their assorted sycophants are deliberately ignoring.

No, a recall is nothing like an ordinary election. And the last time I checked, it is the sovereign people of each jurisdiction who have the right to put recall into their constitutions, or not to put it there. Writing and ratification of constitutions is also part of the "democratic process" as it exists in the United States.

I repeat -- those who say that recalls are simply reversing elections, are either totally ignorant of the recall process, or are liars.

John / Billybob

14 posted on 09/15/2003 1:56:52 PM PDT by Congressman Billybob (Everyone talks about Congress; I am doing something about it.)
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Comment #15 Removed by Moderator

To: gpl4eva
This recall in California is BY FAR the most expensive recall effort ever conducted in the United States. But then, every referendum issue in California costs more money than the same issue in a referendum anywhere else in the nation. This is simply a reflected measure of the size of California compared to all other states.

Most recalls, as I noted, are local. Faced with a warchest of a few hundred dollars and a fair number of angry citizens, and the Sheriff of Whatever County can find himself being recalled from office. Like political races tehmselves, the smallest districts can have the results depend on shoe leather rather than money. But as the District size grows, the need for money in the campaign rises exponetially.

Is that helpful?

John / Billybob

16 posted on 09/15/2003 5:01:56 PM PDT by Congressman Billybob (Everyone talks about Congress; I am doing something about it.)
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Comment #17 Removed by Moderator

To: dirtboy
Shorty is as shorty does. "Nikita" Dean comes up as short as they come.
18 posted on 09/15/2003 5:56:14 PM PDT by eleni121 (uagmire the 7 Elvi have gotten themselves in.)
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To: gpl4eva
I wasn't talking about the elections either. I was talking about the process of gathering signatures to get the recall or the referendum on the ballot.

In a town with 1,000 voters and a 12% requirement, you can talk to your neighbors, spend nary a dime, and get the signatures if enough people are cheesed off. In a state with 8 million voters in the last election, you MUST have money for staff, money for printing, money for communications.

Previous efforts to get signatures in any jurisdiction will give you a good idea of how much money and how many staff (volunteer or otherwise) are needed to get the signatures this time. Take an average of prior signature efforts for any subject, because the more fired up people there are, the easier it gets. Less means harder and more expensive.

I suppose I've been involved in about 100 petition campaigns. It boils down to a formula based on targets and district size. The results are a mini-max. Exceed the maximum and your issue will make the ballot. Fall below the minimum, and your issue will surely fail. In between those two, it's a crap shoot.

John / Billybob

19 posted on 09/15/2003 7:51:30 PM PDT by Congressman Billybob (Everyone talks about Congress; I am doing something about it.)
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Comment #20 Removed by Moderator

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