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Time for Straight Talk [Hackworth Barf!]
STFF.Org (Hackworth's Column) ^ | 09-15-2003 | David H. Hackworth

Posted on 09/18/2003 7:49:56 AM PDT by jjm2111

Recent polls reveal that 70 percent of Americans honestly believe that Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11 – a powerful testimony to Karl Rove and the neoconservative propaganda machine.

Connecting the dots where there aren’t any in order to pin the rap on Saddam is about as bent as ignoring Saudi Arabia’s very real involvement in 9/11. But that linkage just might inconvenience a bunch of crooked oil barons doing “bidnezz” with their porker pals in Washington.

The cold facts are that the destruction of the twin towers was carefully planned by the al-Qaeda gang led by Osama bin Laden, a Saudi fundamentalist Muslim who would probably sooner form some sort of alliance with the state of Israel than join forces with Saddam, whom he’s always considered as corrupt an infidel as the rest of us. Count on it – no fingerprints from former top Iraqi leadership will ever be found tying Baghdad to 9/11.

Several years before that sad, calamitous September day, my wife and I moved from New York City to Connecticut. As a contributing editor for Newsweek who’s spent a fair amount of my life studying terrorism and insurgency, I could see a tsunami-grade terrorist attack coming as clearly as the cityscapes of the towers we used to seek out during early morning constitutionals. That is, until my fears finally convinced my wife that we should move to safer ground.

As I pumped grunt sources, read thousands of reports and slowly put the terrible puzzle together, all the arrows pointed toward our being whacked – just as the fall of Saigon seemed inevitable to me after comparing that bloody reality to the Nixon/Kissinger spin on how well the phony “peace with honor” Vietnamization program was going.

And as in Vietnam in 1971, I began sounding the alarm about this imminent new terrorist threat during well-attended speeches across America, as a talking head on hundreds of TV and radio shows and in this column. I even did a major piece for Maxim’s August 2000 issue called “World War III: Terrorism,” which outlined five possible scenarios Osama’s boys might use in five U.S. cities – including the Big Apple.

The general underwhelming reaction was: “Well, Hackworth's finally lost it, and he should fade away.”

Instead, I held my position and kept putting out the word while Eilhys and I built our house of bricks at a careful distance from what's now known as Ground Zero.

On the two-year anniversary of 9/11, both the hardliners within the administration and the chicken hawks on the airwaves are stubbornly continuing to blame the strikes on Saddam, painting his tyrannical regime as a major player in the Islamic fundamentalist jihad to maintain support for our gigantic misadventure in Iraq. It was the same sort of scare tactics the manipulators used during the Vietnam War when they kept asserting that a defeat there would be the key domino falling and we’d soon be defending the beaches of the West Coast from invading commies.

Once again, most Americans – including a lot of red-faced lawmakers – have fallen for the old Hitler trick: Tell a lie often enough and the people will believe it.

The losers are our soldiers still stuck in the sand, the scores of fallen warriors who were quietly buried from “sea to shining sea,” the hundreds of maimed who are maxing out our military hospitals, and the American taxpayers who’ll be laying out big bucks for a war against terrorism that has struck the wrong target.

And we’re talking another big win for Osama, who’s out there somewhere sucking the sweet Pakistani mountain air as he plots yet more genocide against an America whose homeland defenses – despite the billions of dollars blown – are perhaps only marginally better than pre-9/11.

The Bush administration has a responsibility to tell the American people the truth, not feed us more self-serving lies – now more than ever, since so many good folks are too busy looking for jobs to separate the cow mounds from the grass.

And the buck doesn’t stop there: We the people need to understand that if we aren’t vigilant and insistent on the truth, then we are one with the liars who got us into this mess in the first place.

TOPICS: Editorial; Foreign Affairs; Government; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: 911; barf; bindladen; hackworth; iraq; osama; saddam
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You are a moron. I don't frame debates by what you consider WMD.
51 posted on 09/20/2003 9:09:00 AM PDT by Lance Romance
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If your "article", as you call it, was written for publication I hope you had a good editor. I'm afraid you need a little "mind control" of your own. It was gobbledygook.
52 posted on 09/20/2003 2:50:43 PM PDT by gaspar
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To: gaspar
If your "article", as you call it, was written for publication I hope you had a good editor. I'm afraid you need a little "mind control" of your own. It was gobbledygook.


First semester algebra is gobbledygook to a moron. Your criticism tells me about you, not about the piece.

53 posted on 09/20/2003 7:17:10 PM PDT by RLK
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To: gaspar
"It was gobbledygook. "

In what respects do find fault with it?

54 posted on 09/20/2003 10:54:58 PM PDT by Mortimer Snavely (Ban tag lines!)
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To: Mortimer Snavely
Second paragraph: "crooked oil barons". Who? Name them.

Third paragraph: entirely wrong. Using Sudan's Hasan al-Turabi as intermediary and Sudanese training camps OBL and Iraqi intelligence were cooperating and worked together in both the civil war in Yemen in 1992-94, and Somalia. In the world of terrorism OBL's interests crossed boundaries. A Sunni, he still worked with the Shia-dominated ISI in Pakistan. He also worked with the secular governments of Iraq and Syria (where Al-Qaida received explosives training).

I could go on and on, but you get my drift. Or at least I hope you do.
55 posted on 09/21/2003 6:38:34 AM PDT by gaspar
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To: gaspar
Post #48?
56 posted on 09/21/2003 7:44:02 AM PDT by Mortimer Snavely (Ban tag lines!)
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To: Mortimer Snavely
Sorry about that, I was going back to the beginning.

If, as the poster recommended, George Bush had gone to the American public and said "We are in a world war now occuring in 20 nations against a cancerous psychosis", his enemies would have called him a psychotic, and a passel of Americans would have asked Bush to name the twenty nations now fighting the USA because it suffers from a cancerous psychosis.

It is hard enough to lead Americans into war, it is harder still to educate a populace, perhaps only ten percent of which can find Iraq on a map and who think Columbus, Ohio is located in the Middle East.

Slowly but surely the American people have climbed aboard the homeland security freight train. And because the people have been prepared for that eventuality, the next Muslim terrorist attack on the US will result in a terrible vengeance being taken on Muslim nations -- and that is precisely what has rational Islamic leaders terrified.

57 posted on 09/21/2003 8:42:07 AM PDT by gaspar
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To: gaspar
Because Islam has declared war against us, we are in a world war, and the President has to get into the bully pulpit and rail against Islam in the same manner we railed against National Socialism and Communism.

It is true that most folks have no idea where the mideast is, but that will change if the White House decides to describe the nature of the enemy accurately.

Celebrating Ramadan with Islamic leaders is the single worst thing the President could have done, because it perpetuates the "Islam is a religion of peace" nonsense.

The only Muslim democracy on the planet, Turkey, keeps Islamics under close scrutiny and throws thm in jail for the slightest suggestion of advocating Islamic rule.

There's a lesson there.

58 posted on 09/21/2003 8:57:56 AM PDT by Mortimer Snavely (Ban tag lines!)
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To: gaspar; Mortimer Snavely
I'm going to state my case one last time and depart the discussion.

I have no use for ludicrous superstition or irrationality. I have no use for people who exhibit such characteristics. They are a burden upon me. I have no use for people or groups who would force governments, so-called religions, or concomitant life styles upon me. I have fought it all my life.

First, there is no serious evidence that Mohammed was a messenger from God. He was nothing but a rather unintelligent psychotic who has the initial capacity to induce his warped condition in some feeble-minded susceptible. He wasn't any more than the Reverend Jim Jones of Jonestown. Instead of drinking cyanide Kool-Aide, his followers drank of that which poisons and distorts the mind. That poison contains a strong pattern of paranoia in which people claim to be persecuted for actions which any sane person would find detestable and threatening.

From thence Mohammed and his followers conquered one fifth of the world's population through the sword. They remain adamant in determination to conquer the remainder of the world through the sword and any other method.

In India, in Kasimer alone, Mohammedans have killed over 35,000 non-Mohammedan people in recent periods as of this time last year. In Indonesia it has been 10,000. In the Philippines the count has been lost. In the UK Mohammedism is demanding various regions be handed over to Mohammedan law or there will be jihad. Scandinavia and Australia are facing the same thing. In Africa a woman facing beheading because she was raped and got pregnant. In his infinite stupidity and war on terrorism our president deposed Taylor in Africa as a terrorist. If you look closely, Taylor was fighting a Mohammedan jihad terrorist movement, --the same bunch that killed 200 people over a Miss World beauty contest in Nigeria. It's taking place in 20 nations.

Contrary to Bush's proclamations, Islam is not the religion of peace. In his proclamations Bush has immobilized resistance to lunatic jihad and alienated potential allies who are fighting for survival in confronting Mohammedism as must be done for survival of the sane world.

You and others say it's some mysterious good strategy not to offend Mohammedism. What will they do if we offend them, start flying airplanes into buildings? Blow up night clubs and kill 250 people at a time in Bali? Kill tens of thousands in India? Form terrorist movements in Africa? Mohammedans are already killing or destroying everything the can get their hands on. They have been doing it for fourteen hundred years.

Mohammedism needs a period of long profound introspection. Killing anyone who refuses to undergo it is the only step that will produce it. Calling it a religion of peace will have the exact opposite effect. Treating it as a religion of peace will have the opposite effect.

Look at them for Christ sake. Obsessive-compulsive idiots with their noses in the dirt facing some rathole city how many times a day. Women is an oppressed state where they can barely, if at all, read, write, or calculate afraid to take bags off their heads. And this wants to rule the world. This is the future to be forced upon the world? It belongs in the back wards of a mental hospital. To hell with them. To hell with Bush. To hell with you and those like you.

59 posted on 09/21/2003 10:46:13 PM PDT by RLK
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I must suppose you are Hackworth. You think like him and you write like him. And before you take credit, let me also say he has a second rate mind and a third rate ability to write logically. And this will be MY final riposte.
60 posted on 09/23/2003 4:10:54 PM PDT by gaspar
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