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Peterson, Frey had frequent contact
The Modesto Bee ^ | Sept 25, 2003 | John Cote' and Garth Stapely

Posted on 09/25/2003 9:11:02 AM PDT by runningbear

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To: Devil_Anse
Or maybe one of them was George Hamilton,he's really tan also. LOL
441 posted on 10/03/2003 2:19:12 PM PDT by MaggieMay (A blank tag is a terrible thing to waste)
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To: Devil_Anse
Modesto Bee article which mentions Diane Jackson.
442 posted on 10/03/2003 2:34:13 PM PDT by MaggieMay (A blank tag is a terrible thing to waste)
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To: MaggieMay
I will be glued to the Cubs game tonight! If it gets rained on or is over, I be on the job!
443 posted on 10/03/2003 2:34:43 PM PDT by Jackie-O (How 'bout those Central Division Champion Cubs!!!)
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To: Sandylapper
LOL, good thought there about the mopping/chores and then the NOT walking the dog. Yup, sure enough, I can see clearly now ;-)

Honestly, it was only when Scott started talking that I started suspecting, so you're probably right: the minute the MPD heard him speak, they did suspect him.
444 posted on 10/03/2003 5:42:43 PM PDT by Rusty Roberts (RB and RG have memories like elephants, thankfully for those of us who read but post infrequently)
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To: MaggieMay
Yes we do need Jackie for our running commentary!! Jackie - (yelling here)!!
445 posted on 10/03/2003 7:47:40 PM PDT by Canadian Outrage (All us Western Canuks belong South)
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To: MaggieMay
After reading the article, I'm not so sure Ms Jackson will be a real effective witness. I'm just anxious for the Prelim to get going so that we can get to some of the "meat" of the case. I'll be honest, I was shocked when I saw the picture of Kristin Dempenwolf. She was a Laci look alike. I have no idea where Ms Jackson fits in. I'm sure the prosecution will know where to go on this one. Another thing I was thinking today was it has been what seems a LONG time since we have seen or heard Geragos!! I wonder if he's even in Modesto much anymore?
446 posted on 10/03/2003 7:58:47 PM PDT by Canadian Outrage (All us Western Canuks belong South)
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To: MaggieMay
Thanks, Maggie. The article says that McKenzie had already been found running loose an hour b/f Ms. Jackson said she saw the men!
447 posted on 10/03/2003 9:37:09 PM PDT by Devil_Anse
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To: Canadian Outrage
it has been what seems a LONG time since we have seen or heard Geragos


448 posted on 10/03/2003 9:40:09 PM PDT by Devil_Anse
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To: Canadian Outrage
"If you disagree with me on certain things, that's fine just say so. I'm a big girl and I don't expect everybody to agree with all my opinions."

Geez! I think that is what I did, and I gave you a lot of corroboration for my stance. Where I come from that is called constructive not combative. How could you really tell Co, b/c your reply clearly shows me you didn't read the information.

The funny thing is you calling that a combative...etc HE,he he he...I know those things well and that ain't them. And here I went to all that trouble to be nice to you.....
Shoulda known betta....Na go on wit ya own self..I ain't got time fer ya projections taday. I'm goin catch me sum Flounder(dey runnin good).....

449 posted on 10/04/2003 7:19:00 AM PDT by STOCKHRSE ( The preceding is this Freeper's opinion and is submitted rhetorically. .........)
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To: Devil_Anse; Sandylapper; runningbear; Canadian Outrage; Jackie-O; RGSpincich; melodie; drjulie; ...
New article, as Oct 4th,Modesto Bee titled,"Frequent Phone Conpanions". I have posted the entire article.

Scott Peterson and his lover exchanged at least 37 telephone calls in the four weeks after she revealed their relationship at a Jan. 24 televised news conference, according to partial phone records.
Authorities secretly taped their conversations for 3 1/2 weeks. Amber Frey's calls to the married man would continue for 15 days after the wiretaps stopped on Feb. 4, according to the records.

Whether Frey knew about the wiretaps -- or knew when they ended -- is not clear.

But the records suggest that Frey, who first contacted Modesto police on Dec. 30, cooperated with authorities. She appears to have regularly called Modesto police Detective Jon Buehler upon hanging up with Peterson, even after authorities stopped bugging his phones.

Peterson, 30, is charged with killing his wife, Laci, and their unborn son. Prosecutors believe Peterson pretended to know nothing about their deaths as thousands searched for the pregnant woman after she was reported missing Dec. 24. The bodies of mother and son were found in mid-April.

Though he had steadfastly denied Bee reports of the affair, Peterson reversed course in a half-dozen media interviews starting four days after Frey's Jan. 24 news conference. He admitted lying about his relationship with the 28-year-old massage therapist from Fresno, and said he had discussed it with his wife in early December. Frey has said she didn't know Peterson was married when they met Nov. 20.

The phone records show Peterson and Frey exchanged at least 76 calls over nine turbulent weeks that started nine days before Laci Peterson's disappearance. The calls stretched through the holidays, emotional news conferences, her birthday and the due date for Peterson's son before apparently ending Feb. 19.

On Feb. 10, Frey dialed Peterson's numbers four times -- and didn't call Buehler at all. The night before, the former lovers spoke for 34 minutes. Feb. 10 held significant events for both:

It was Frey's 28th birthday.

It marked Laci Peterson's due date.

Friends and family of Laci Peterson prayed in East La Loma Park, which volunteers had searched many times. Peterson was at home that evening, a short walk from the park.

Nude photos of Frey taken four years earlier first hit some National Enquirer newsstands.
Frey has spoken privately about receiving seven calls from Peterson on Valentine's Day. Phone records show she called Peterson once that day as well, and again at 2:42 a.m. the following day. Frey didn't immediately report either call to Buehler.

The phone records show:

Frey called Buehler's office phone, cell phone and home phone 191 times in a three-month stretch ending March 14, totaling more than 19 hours of conversation. Many of the calls came immediately after Frey's conversations with Peterson.

Frey and Buehler averaged nearly 16 calls and 1 1/2 hours of phone time per week.

Frey didn't call Peterson on Jan. 24. That evening, she stunned observers by going public with their relationship. The next day, they exchanged at least three calls.

The two spoke at least once on Jan. 27, the day Peterson taped his mea culpa for ABC's "Good Morning America."
After the show aired the first segment of a two-part interview with Diane Sawyer the next day, Frey called Peterson's cell phone for a call that lasted 23 minutes.

That night, she phoned him again -- and the call lasted 52 minutes.

Frey also phoned Sawyer's office on Feb. 22. An assistant to Sawyer said the show has been trying for months to book an interview with Frey, without success.

Though police reported no new developments Feb. 1, records show a flurry of calls that day between Frey and Peterson, and Frey and Buehler.
Frey called Peterson's number nine times on two of his cell phones and spoke for almost 90 minutes. She called Buehler 19 times the same day, with the calls lasting a total of 61 minutes.

She also placed two calls that morning to Melvin King, a former Fresno police lieutenant who operates a polygraph and private investigation service. King refused Friday to say why Frey called.

King popped onto the Peterson media scene two weeks ago in connection with another aspect of the case. At a lawyer's request, he gave a lie-detector test earlier in the month to a jail inmate who claims that before his arrest he heard Scott Peterson discussing a plot to kidnap Laci Peterson with two members of a vicious neo-Nazi gang.

King has said that Cory Lee Carroll passed the polygraph.

In the nine weeks reflected in the partial phone records, Frey and Peterson totaled more than 8 1/2 hours in phone conversations -- an average of nearly one hour per week of phone time.

Frey's fingers busy dialing

Frey, who has shunned interviews, had at least some contact with several media companies from mid-January through mid-March.

Records show that in addition to phoning ABC's Sawyer, she called CNN's Connie Chung, a Fox News affiliate in Santa Monica and Fortune magazine. She also placed five calls to People magazine.

Frey last called Peterson on Feb. 19 at 7:36 a.m., the second day of a two-day search by police of Peterson's home. Investigators carried out dozens of bags of items.

The day before, police drove Peterson's white Dodge pickup away and returned it several hours later. State Attorney General Bill Lockyer would later say that police used global positioning satellite devices in the case and were tracking Peterson's truck.

Prosecutors might have put out information in an attempt to induce Peterson into making damaging statements that the wiretaps would pick up, Assistant San Francisco District Attorney James Hammer has said.

A week after a judge approved wiretaps on two of Peterson's cell phones, The Bee reported Peterson was having an affair with an unknown woman. That day, Frey dialed Peterson's phones twice -- and called Bueh- ler seven times.

At some point in January, prosecutors also confronted Peterson with a rare pre-arrest plea offer: They would take a possible death penalty off the table if Peterson would lead investigators to the body.

"It's called tickling," Hammer said. "They are going to dangle the death penalty and see if he gets scared enough to say stupid things."

DA nipped wiretap

But information from the wiretaps appears to have been of limited value to prosecutors.

According to court documents, the district attorney's office had asked a judge to cut off the first wiretap early, saying "further progress in the investigation would not be gained through additional interception."

State law allows a wiretap to run for up to 30 days, but a judge can grant an extension.

Court documents show the first wiretap was approved on Jan. 10 and ran to Feb. 4, the day a car dealer gave Laci Peterson's Land Rover to her family. Scott Peterson had traded the vehicle in toward the purchase of the Dodge truck.

Also Feb. 4, Frey phoned Peterson at 9:20 p.m. and again at 10:02 p.m.; the second call lasted 15 minutes. She then phoned Bueh- ler and spoke for 23 minutes -- the last of four calls to the detective that day. At 11:19 p.m., she called Peterson back and spoke for two minutes.

The next day, families of both Scott and Laci Peterson announced separate search efforts.

Frey hasn't spoken to the media, aside from the initial news conference revealing the relationship and another staged by Gloria Allred, her Los Angeles attorney.

450 posted on 10/04/2003 9:00:46 AM PDT by MaggieMay (A blank tag is a terrible thing to waste)
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To: MaggieMay; All
WHY was Amber calling Melvin King?

Was he her PI friend? What kind of coincidence is that????

Also in the news, proof of the $250,000 life insurance policy on Laci:

Freeze on Peterson Insurance Sought

October 4, 2003
Laci Peterson's life insurance company has asked a judge to order more than $250,000 in benefits held in an account until the outcome of her husband's double-murder trial.

Under California law, Scott Peterson is ineligible to collect on the policy if he is found guilty of murdering his wife.

He is the only listed beneficiary on the policy, according to documents that Principal Life Insurance Co. filed Friday in Stanislaus County Superior Court.

If he is ineligible, the $256,000 in proceeds and interest goes to Laci Peterson's estate, according to the documents.

Laci Peterson's estate technically hasn't been established yet, said attorney Adam Stewart, who is representing Laci's mother, Sharon Rocha.

Because Laci Peterson died without a will, her estate would go to her natural mother and father, Stewart said.

"We're obviously going to make a claim to funds on behalf of her family and her estate," he said. "We obviously have a dispute as to who's entitled to them."

Stewart said his client has no discussion with Scott Peterson or his attorneys on reaching a settlement in the issue.


Laci Peterson Disappearance

451 posted on 10/04/2003 10:19:50 AM PDT by hergus
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To: hergus
Hi Hergus,thanks for your post.No way,should Scott or the Peterson's see any of that life insurance policy.

Wouldn't that be something,if King,was the PI friend,who investigated Scott originally for her. We need a scorecard,this case has more twists and turns, than I can keep track of. :)
452 posted on 10/04/2003 10:36:42 AM PDT by MaggieMay (A blank tag is a terrible thing to waste)
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To: MaggieMay
Amber called Melvin King twice on Feb. 1. Why??
453 posted on 10/04/2003 10:50:06 AM PDT by Devil_Anse
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To: hergus
"Was [King] her PI friend?"

HEYYYYYY......! I hadn't thought of that! VERY interesting!
454 posted on 10/04/2003 10:51:53 AM PDT by Devil_Anse
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To: hergus
Okay. For me, that ends any doubt as to whether there really was a life insurance policy. And it ends any doubt as to whether money may have been a partial motive for Scott to kill Laci.

Principal Life Insurance Co. Hmmm. Wonder when the policy was really taken out. (I know what Scott said, but he's been known to lie...)
455 posted on 10/04/2003 10:55:06 AM PDT by Devil_Anse
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To: Devil_Anse; hergus; All
This quote is from post #125, on this thread. It is Amber's father, talking to Ted Rowlands:
Ron Frey:"Amber figured it out herself, Scott didn't tell her," Ron Frey said. "She had a client (Amber works as a massage therapist) who was a detective. They compared notes and figured out who is was - is - and she came forward." "

In this quote Ron Frey refers to Amber's PI friend, as a dectective. Isn't Melvin King a retired police detective?
456 posted on 10/04/2003 11:02:03 AM PDT by MaggieMay (A blank tag is a terrible thing to waste)
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To: MaggieMay
YES, he IS!!!
457 posted on 10/04/2003 11:15:44 AM PDT by Devil_Anse
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To: Devil_Anse
Yes, it is VERY interesting! Remember, we discussed at length exactly when Amber employed the detective, and exactly when he/she got back to her with the news that Scott was married. Some of us speculated that Amber probably knew well before Christmas that Scott was married.
458 posted on 10/04/2003 12:05:45 PM PDT by Sandylapper
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To: Devil_Anse
Holy Moly - I missed the point about McKenzie being found an hour before one of the "eyewitnesses" saw Laci walking him. Thanks Dev. I must have been skimming over that because I completely missed it.!! Hmmmm Now how does someone splain that?
459 posted on 10/04/2003 1:36:06 PM PDT by Canadian Outrage (All us Western Canuks belong South)
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To: Devil_Anse; MaggieMay
This is getting really interesting huh? I do recall that Amber's client and friend was a retired Detective and that he was currently working as a PI. Pretty incredible set of circumstances. Sometimes however, it can be a small world. This is just my feeling, but I have the feeling that when WE all get to see what they have on Peterson, even we are going to be shocked. It's like a puzzle and pieces just keep dropping into place and it's beginning to make an ugly ugly picture.
460 posted on 10/04/2003 1:44:39 PM PDT by Canadian Outrage (All us Western Canuks belong South)
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