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***GWB Just Blew the Lid Off the David Kay Report
Stardate: n0310.3

Posted on 10/03/2003 6:09:51 AM PDT by The Wizard

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To: The Wizard
Well, its the top of the hour radio news cycle and ABC made no mention of this press conference...
61 posted on 10/03/2003 7:04:53 AM PDT by skeeter (Fac ut vivas)
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To: Loyal Buckeye
Pres. Bush needs to continue to stand up to the press.

This is correct. It was also the downfall of Nixon and Agnew (remember the nattering naybobs of negativism??).

I have seen President Bush finally shut up tired old Helen Thomas and try to teach the reporters manners (In todays front lawn brief he had to say "Let me finish please".)

It is up to us to help reign in the press. Letters to the editor, phone calls and boycotts of advertisers have always worked for the "Reverend" Jesse Jackson why can they work for us?

62 posted on 10/03/2003 7:07:40 AM PDT by pfflier
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To: AntiGuv
Lets not forget that France and Russia were pushing hard in the UN for the lifting of sanctions against Iraq. If Hans and his merry men had failed to find these production facilities (which seems certain) and the sanctions had been lifted, imagine what would have happened.
63 posted on 10/03/2003 7:08:43 AM PDT by AZFolks
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To: mewzilla
I wouldn't even be surprised if chicken entrails figure into the mix occasionally.

(shhh. . . my investment strategy will be ruined if everyone knows that)

64 posted on 10/03/2003 7:09:18 AM PDT by Flyer (Visit the Houston Chapter - * (when it works)
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To: mewzilla
Your thesis is supported by the fact that the market shot up on the day the Hussein boys were killed, yet as I recall had been down all morning until that news came in. The markets DO watch these things, though the jobs report was quite positive.
65 posted on 10/03/2003 7:13:15 AM PDT by LS
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To: Purdue Pete
Actually, the crazy son fed children feet-first into the chipper while their parents were forced to watch, then the parents were killed. But the criminal enterprise democrats don't care about that. They've been 'feeding' prenatals into the hands of serial killers for three decades in order to empower their political capital with pro-abortion constituencies. The Kennedy & Byrd-brained presser will parse the facts to assert that the administration has found nothing and the President's presser was an effort to manipulate the public. Count on it. The democrats are still being directed by the clinton degeneracy machine.
66 posted on 10/03/2003 7:18:58 AM PDT by MHGinTN (If you can read this, you've had life support from someone. Promote life support for others.)
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67 posted on 10/03/2003 7:20:17 AM PDT by kitkat
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To: kitkat
Andrew Sullivan: READ THE (WMD) REPORT ^ | 10/03/03 | Andrew Sullivan

Very good article by Andrew today on the contents of Kay's report. A MUST READ
68 posted on 10/03/2003 7:35:24 AM PDT by baseballmom
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To: alisasny
He is angry today and not standing down to anyone.

He's probably just as angry as the rest of the country at the coordinated media attack on Rush and Schwarzanegger.

It's time to kick some liberal butt (rhetorically speaking), folks.

69 posted on 10/03/2003 7:36:16 AM PDT by snopercod (Once, I built a railroad...)
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To: sissyjane
THAT was one awesome press conference. President Bush and Bernard Kerik just b-tch slapped the press.Go get-em Dubya!

Let's hope that this is not one of those times where we get real excited about a conservative, W in this case, getting hard ball and then going back to the "new tone" the next day.

We need more conservatives to grow backbones and a shining, clanging SET! Let's see, that would be, what, maybe 2 more politicos??

70 posted on 10/03/2003 7:51:45 AM PDT by technomage
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To: The Wizard
"THAT was one awesome press conference. President Bush and Bernard Kerik just b-tch slapped the press.Go get-em Dubya!"


BUSH/CHENEY - 2004!!!!!!

71 posted on 10/03/2003 8:09:35 AM PDT by soozla (FreeRepublic=Cootie Shot against liberalism)
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To: AntiGuv
Well, it's "correcting back upward" now, near 140 again.
72 posted on 10/03/2003 8:11:03 AM PDT by LS
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To: The Wizard
He will either be ignored by the press or they will only excerpt statements that mitigate the over-all comments.

Bush is in another war--a media war--and needs to find a way to win it.
73 posted on 10/03/2003 9:32:38 AM PDT by wildbill
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To: All
Saddam demonstrated that he had WMD when he gassed the Kurds!
Below is Case Study:
The Anfal Campaign
(Iraqi Kurdistan), 1988 Main page
The Anfal was the name given to a series of eight military offensives conducted between late February to early October 1988. It was part of a systematic campaign of extermination and genocide waged against the Kurdish population of Northern Iraq between 1987-1988. On 29th March 1987, Revolutionary Command Council Decree 160 appointed Ali Hassan al-Majid to the position of Secretary General of the Baath Party's Northern Bureau. He presided over:

**a campaign of mass executions and indiscriminate killing of peshmerga Kurdish fighters and civilians alike.
**the extensive use of chemical weapons against civilian targets.
**arbitrary arrests and detentions.
**forced resettlement.
**the reported destruction of between 1,000-2,000 villages between 1987-1988.1
This campaign of genocide was documented in great detail by the Iraqi regime. Some of the documents captured from the headquarters of the Iraqi security forces during the Uprising in 1991 and later transported to the United States for assessment and cataloguing reveal the nature of the operations against the Kurds.

There are documents concerning the creation of 'prohibited zones' within which no one is allowed to live and any human beings or animals discovered there are to be killed (Document Reference: 28/3650 of 3rd June 1987).

They refer to 'special strikes' and attacks using 'special ammunition' against villages and then report on the consequential issue in the villages of medical supplies to counter the effects of chemical weapons (Document Reference: M.5/Sh.3/Q.2/9879 of 18th May 1988).

There are orders to carry out 'random bombardments using artillery, helicopters and aircraft at all times of day or night in order to kill the largest number of persons present in those prohibited areas'. Those captured in the area between the ages of 15 and 70 'must be executed after any useful information has been obtained from them'. (Document Reference: 28/4008 of 20th June 1987).

While the documents make reference to 'saboteurs' and 'agents of Iran' and 'subversives', the documents provide damning evidence that the campaign was waged against guerrilla forces and civilians alike. Estimates of the total number of persons killed vary between 50,000 and 100,000,2 but may be as high as 182,000.

According to Ali Hassan al-Majid himself, the figure 'couldn't have been more than 100,000'. For a full account of the Anfal, see Iraq's Crime of Genocide, Human Rights Watch, Yale, 1995.

Whilst the Kurds appear to have been the primary target of the Anfal, other minority groups suffered also. Assyrians, also referred to by the Kurds as Kurdish Christians, were also subjected to torture and executions during the campaign, and many of their churches were destroyed by Iraqi government forces.

The Chaldeans are a Catholic subgroup of the Assyrians, who are ethnically distinct from the surrounding Kurds. Assyrians have been allied to Kurds since 1960s. There are approximately one million Assyrians in Northern Iraq, and they form one of the oldest Christian communities in the Middle East. Most of them now live in Mosuk, Dohuk and Arbil, as well as in Shaqlawa. The rural Assyrian communities have mainly disappeared. Christians were classed as Arabs in 1977 census. This designation was rejected by Assyrians and Chaldeans, who have taken an active part in the Kurdish movement for years.

The Yazidis are ethnic Kurds, (belonging to a sect which venerates the Peacock Angel or Malak Tawus). They are mainly concentrated on the hilly plains north of Mosul.

**Many Yazidis and Christians were removed from their villages during the "Arabization" campaign of the mid-1970s. Yazidis were removed from their homes and resettled in complexes during the construction of the Saddam dam on the Tigris in 1985.
**Assyrian villages such as Bakhtoma (April 1987) were burned and bulldozed along with Kurdish (Moslem) villages during the Anfal.
**Some of the villagers joined the Kurds in the mountains. Others sought refuge in Turkey. They surrendered during the false amnesty offered by the Iraqi regime on 6th September 1988. Yazidis and Christians were separated from the Kurds and sent to Dohuk. A few days later they were taken away from Dohuk in buses and never seen again. They had refused to 'return to the national ranks' in that they would not accept being designated as Arabs.
The use of chemical weapons on the Kurdish town of Halabja:
On 16th March 1988, the town of Halabja was attacked with cyanide, mustard gas and nerve gas by Iraqi military aircraft. Out of its original population of 70,000 more than 5000 perished, mostly women, children and the elderly. Approximately 10,000 others were injured and the entire area was devastated. No life of any kind remained.

For the first time in the history of mankind a government had used chemical weapons against its own civilian citizens. In fact, Halabja was not the only town against which chemical weapons were used. Before this incident, many beautiful Kurdish villages in the sub-district of Aghjalar in the Kirkuk Governorate, in the sub-district of Karadagh in the Sulaimania Governorate, in the valley of Balissan in the Arbil Governorate and in the Duhok Governorate had been attacked also. But an attack on a large city such as Halabja, on the direct orders of Saddam Hussein, had other, terrible consequences. Encouraged by the international community’s failure to condemn such an atrocity, Saddam went on to use chemical weapons against the marsh Arabs of southern Iraq in the mid-1990s.

The regime has killed hundred of Peshmerga (fighters), often when a general amnesty had been declared and they had surrendered their weapons. Hundreds more young Kurds have been tortured to death or executed after appearing before a formal tribunal. Some were children not yet fifteen years old. After the uprising of March 1991, many mass graves were discovered near Arbil and Sulaimania containing the corpses of whole family groups, including children.

We consider all these acts to be crimes of genocide, deliberately committed by the Iraqi regime during three decades with the express intent of eliminating more than four million Kurds from Iraqi Kurdistan.

The perpetrators of all these crimes must be punished by the international community as were those of Nazi Germany, the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda etc.. Photo Gallery (Grafic Warning)

74 posted on 10/03/2003 6:46:05 PM PDT by anglian
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