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Encounter with 666 - An after Hillary FReep report
FReepers | October 6, 2003 | upchuck

Posted on 10/06/2003 8:29:49 PM PDT by upchuck

Edited on 09/03/2017 5:38:14 PM PDT by Admin Moderator. [history]

NOTE: Pix of this FReep are available here ^.

This FReep took place on Monday, October 6, 2003 at the Happy Bookseller store in Columbia, SC from about 2pm until 4pm or so.

The bookstore, on Forest Drive, shares a building with a toy store. There is a small parking lot in front of the stores which was completely close off by the police. At one end of the parking lot there is a residential street. At the other end is another parking lot for stores further back from the street than the bookstore and the toy store.

I got there about 1:45pm. I hadn't been there before so I dove past the bookstore and turned down the residential street. There were traffic cones and yellow "Police Line" tape everywhere. There were also Hildabeaste worshipers everywhere. The line went in front of the toy shop, turned the corner and ran down the residential street for quite a ways. I turned around and drove back up to Forest Drive, crossed the street and parked in front of a dry cleaners.

I had noticed a card table and chairs set up in front of the bookstore in the grassy area between the parking lot and the street. There was a cardboard cutout of someone set up beside the table but I couldn't tell who it was because it was facing the store not the street. I walked across the street to investigate. The cardboard cutout was President Bush and the folks at the table were registering folks to vote. There was a lady at the table dressed in red, white and blue. I commented to her, "President Bush may be the only conservative here today." She started to laugh but then got serious and said she couldn't comment because she had promised to be nonpartisan. She explained that her group had to make this promise in order to set up where they were. I thought it was kinda neat as everyone in line could see the cardboard cutout!

I wandered around a little more and then noticed Hillary's Gate Cult (HGC) ^ walking up the sidewalk. We greeted each other and he said he had the devil's costume, wanted to move his car closer and went off to talk to a LEO about where we could protest. When he came back he said the LEO said we could protest across the street. There were some small trees there that would give us a little shade. So HGC went off to move his car.

I heard sirens in the distance and figured the Hildabeaste was on her way. Several people had mentioned in passing that she would enter the store from the rear. I walked to near the back of the store and, sure enough, there were guys in black suits and white shirts with earpieces (Secret Service? Hildabeaste's Private Goons?) everywhere. There was a dead end alley behind the two stores for deliveries. The Suits and LEOs were all over the place; picking up cardboard boxes and sticking them in dumpsters, opening the dumpsters and checking inside, etc. LEOs out on the street stopped traffic and into the parking lot pulled two black SUVs with blacked out windows. A LEO told me and a couple of other people standing with me to back up and we did. The SUVs sat idling for awhile and then went off and parked. I guess they were decoys or maybe a dress rehearsal. My watch said 2:17pm. I decided to just wait there and see what happened. At 2:28pm two more black SUVs pulled into the parking lot. The first one turned into the alley and stopped behind the bookstore. The second one pulled up and gave the first one cover. I realized that the second SUV was blocking my view and I wouldn't be able to see the Hildabeaste. So I hustled to my right. There were some people up ahead of me. They began waving their arms and yelling, "Hello, Mrs. Clinton, Hello Mrs. Clinton." I got there just in time to raise up my camera and take a quick shot. The Hildabeaste was yelling back to her admiring subjects, "Hi, how are you today?" I tried to zoom in and take a closer shot but then she was gone into the store. I saw her for maybe three seconds. But that was enough time to see that she was wearing CRUSTY(!) and a violet blouse.

I walked back out to the street and saw that HGC had set up across the street in the devil costume with a sign that said, "I sold my soul to Hillary." I went to my car and got my sign. It was a 4'x4' piece of corrugated cardboard. In black spray paint I had spelled the word "EVIL." I went back to HGC with my sign and kind of settled in. Then TaxRelief ^ arrived with her son TaxDeduction3. And she had chairs!! So we got to sit and FReep.

TR and TD3 made a sign (as per TD3's suggestion) that said, "Long live Queen Hillary." It even had a drawing of a crown on it! People driving by would honk and wave at us. We waved back.

After awhile three ladies that had been at the signing came across the street and engaged us in conversation. One of them said I was bringing shame to the state of South Carolina. I said, "How's that." She said, "Well, just look at your sign... it looks like something you'd get out of a dumpster." I said, "Ma'am, I DID get this out of a dumpster." It was a while lie that suited the moment and she was stunned and just looked at me. After a few more verbal jousts they left, unfortunately as convinced as ever that The Hildabeaste would be one swell POTUS [shudder!].

By 3:15 or so the line in front of the store was getting very short. By 3:20 or so the line was gone and people were freely wandering in and out of the store.

We figured The Hildabeaste would be leaving shortly and we wanted to make sure she had ample opportunity to see the devil costume. We waited a few minutes and then we could hear the LEOs walkie talkies going off and they got restless. I explained to TR and HGC that there was not a back exit and that The Hildabeaste and her entourage would have to exit the parking lot onto Forest Drive. So we walked to our left till we were directly across the street from the parking lot exit.

In a few minutes the LEOs stopped traffic in both directions. And we waited. And the drivers waited. And we waited some more. I looked down the street just in time to see a car collide with a Jeep. It looked like they got tired of waiting and were both trying to turn around and got in each other's way. I wonder if they'll send the repair bill to The Hildabeaste? :) We joked among ourselves that the holdup was Hildabeaste on her cell phone saying, "Have the protestors left yet? I don't want to leave if those awful protestors are still out there." A LEO standing near us overheard this. I could tell from the look on his face he wanted to bust out laughing but instead was busting a gut trying to keep a straight face. LOL

Then, here came the SUVs. And, for me, the best part of the FReep. The SUV carrying the Hildabeaste turned and swung into the lane right in front of us. And sitting in the back on our side of the SUV beside a window that was not tinted was The Evil Hildabeaste herself. Her lips were moving as she swept past us and saw us. I thought I read what she was saying but wasn't sure. I said, "Did you see that?" And Tax Relief said, "Yeah, she said 'THERE'S MY DEVIL'." We all busted out laughing.

We discussed going on to Furman for THE Hildabeaste's next appearance. I wanted to get home, TR said she needed to get TD3 home. HGC said he might go. If he did I hope he'll post here or start another thread.

All in all, a very successful FReep of the evil Hildabeaste. Thanks to HGC, TaxRelief and TaxDeduction3 for some great company and lots and lots of laughs. Let's do it again sometime!

PS - A note to New York Freepers: You might want to contact your junior sinator and ask her why she was out on a work day lining her own pockets instead of working for you.

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To: Rodney King; upchuck
Grat report...thanks for Freeping 'Old Crusty"...

21 posted on 10/06/2003 9:12:54 PM PDT by JulieRNR21 (Take W-04....Across America!)
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To: Socratic
All generations must fight to protect the rights of liberty.

You are so, so, right!

22 posted on 10/06/2003 9:22:52 PM PDT by TaxRelief (Ask me about the connection between socialism, communism, drug war lords and vodka.)
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To: upchuck
Hey, I live in NYC and believe me, this is all Hitlery has ever done that I know of since she bought her votes into the Senate; She tried to have unemployment benefits extended around February (after they were already extended by congress in January) to make the total amount of benefits for an entire year. Anyone want a paid vacation for a year? But other than that, all I ever hear or read about what she has been doing ever since is going around the country promoting her Satanic manifesto. When she was 'running' for Satanor, I would see her all the time, even in a parade that was a block away fom where I live in which I dressed as Lincoln and held up a sign that said "Who has been sleeping in my bed?" Being that I live in the liberal armpit of existence, a lot of people cursed me out, but what i told them that day has come true. "If you elect Hitlery, do you know what she is going to do? Nothing. Absolutelty nothing." and here she is going around promoting this book on the tax payer dime for what has got to be half a year already. If you think Cali is liberal, come to Queens NY. They elect this beast over a guy who lived and worked here all his life even though she put everyones life in danger by getting her personal rapist to pardon FALN terrorists who bombed NY 130 times. Well now they are paying for it (and her) for her to do nothing more than go on a freggin` book tour. This is what you want, this is what you get.

23 posted on 10/06/2003 9:26:22 PM PDT by metalboy (Liberals-Nuke `em from orbit. It`s the only way to be sure.)
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To: upchuck
Too funny. Love the devil outfit. I have always known that Hillary is the anti-christ. LOL!! Thanks for doing that!!!
24 posted on 10/06/2003 9:27:56 PM PDT by Saundra Duffy (For victory & freedom!!!)
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To: 2A Patriot; 2nd amendment mama; 4everontheRight; 77Jimmy; AJ Insider; AlligatorEyes; Amanda King; ..
25 posted on 10/06/2003 9:28:40 PM PDT by dixie sass (GOD bless America)
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To: TaxRelief
Did you mention they couldn't find enough folks in SC to use up the 500 tickets that they had available for the event?

Thanks, TaxRelief, for reminding me. Yeah, it's true. I guess we South Carolinians just don't like the Hildabeaste very much. Thread:

26 posted on 10/06/2003 9:30:23 PM PDT by upchuck (Wanna make the Taglinus FreeRepublicus list? Simple-just jiggle jigsaw with yer credit card number :)
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To: upchuck; TaxRelief; Hillarys Gate Cult
Up outta bed for a short while. I'm so sorry that I was unable to be with y'all today. Hopefully on the next FReep. Please except my apologies.
27 posted on 10/06/2003 9:34:57 PM PDT by dixie sass (GOD bless America)
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To: upchuck
You did a wonderful job on the report and the pictures. Thank you so much!
28 posted on 10/06/2003 9:36:02 PM PDT by dixie sass (GOD bless America)
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To: dixie sass
Thanks for the kind words, dixie. You were missed today. I'm so sorry you are sick and hope you're better soon.

I know you were there in spirit today!

29 posted on 10/06/2003 9:41:37 PM PDT by upchuck (Wanna make the Taglinus FreeRepublicus list? Simple-just jiggle jigsaw with yer credit card number :)
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To: Bob J; diotima; The Shrew; abner; Taxman; Angelwood; kristinn
A gentle ping and could one of you ping Dr. R. I can't get it excepted on here. Thanks
30 posted on 10/06/2003 9:43:05 PM PDT by dixie sass (GOD bless America)
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To: upchuck
Thank you Upchuck. After this I'm back to bed. I pinged the whole state listing for you. See you later. Nighters!
31 posted on 10/06/2003 9:49:54 PM PDT by dixie sass (GOD bless America)
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To: upchuck
LOL! That was a great report and the photos were telling.

That one picture of the waiting "drones" was interesting. Was this a sour seniors event or what?

Long live Queen Hillary! (Great sign young man!}
32 posted on 10/06/2003 9:56:02 PM PDT by Flora McDonald (Old Crusty for Prez!)
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To: nutmeg
read later bump
33 posted on 10/06/2003 9:56:40 PM PDT by nutmeg ("The DemocRATic party...has been hijacked by a confederacy of gangsters..." - Pat Caddell, 11/27/00)
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To: upchuck
Thanks upchuck for the report.
34 posted on 10/06/2003 9:58:50 PM PDT by fatima (4th ID prayers,.)
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To: upchuck; dixie sass
Thanks for getting out and letting "Hera" know we are still out here!
35 posted on 10/06/2003 10:00:55 PM PDT by Bob J
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To: upchuck
Great freep! Congrats.
The reason she couldn't work was, given the fact that she is part Jewish (as she claimed in her carpet bagging campaign), she couldn't work on Yom Kippur, remember?
36 posted on 10/06/2003 10:13:20 PM PDT by Captain Culpepper
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To: upchuck
Great job SC Freepers!! Sure wish I cudda been there to freep the old bag.
37 posted on 10/06/2003 10:52:39 PM PDT by PistolPaknMama
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To: dixie sass; Doctor Raoul
On my way to Albuquerque!!!!
38 posted on 10/07/2003 3:23:07 AM PDT by abner (In search of a witty tag line...)
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To: upchuck
LOL That is great! Wish I coulda been there. I love it that Bush was there- even if only in cardboard-
How ironic if we got some Republicans registered to vote at a Hitlery book signing! LOL

Great work SC FReepers!
39 posted on 10/07/2003 3:35:39 AM PDT by visualops (If there must be trouble let it be in my day, that my child may have peace. -Thomas Paine)
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To: RonDog
40 posted on 10/07/2003 3:39:58 AM PDT by FreedomPoster (In for the monthly deal since 3 quarterlies ago - support Free Republic!)
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