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To: Chancellor Palpatine
These loons are more dangerous than al Quaida because they are hiding in our own institutions.

We need to work on getting them to drink their own Kool-Aid, and soon.


4 posted on 11/17/2003 8:32:38 AM PST by Servant of the 9 (Think of it as Evolution In Action)
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To: Servant of the 9
These loons are more dangerous than al Quaida because they are hiding in our own institutions.

They certainly are. Every religion has its mental marginals that wind up using it as a tool of destruction. This group are those kind of people. They don't worship their God, they worship their own psychosis.

8 posted on 11/17/2003 8:46:36 AM PST by elbucko
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To: Servant of the 9
These loons are more dangerous than al Quaida because they are hiding in our own institutions.

Dangerous? Christian Reconstructionists advocate violence? Where in this dodgy article is it written that they train their homeschooled children to wear explosives into buses or fly planes into skyscrapers?

This is clearly a campaign of name-calling, and there is a lack of substantive argumentation on both sides. The source is a secular homeschooling support group, and there is nothing wrong with that (God bless 'em - tee hee), but the article and many of the comments are nothing but Christian baiting.

23 posted on 11/17/2003 10:16:47 AM PST by irgbar-man (Don't axe me, go axe a tree!)
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To: Servant of the 9
"These loons are more dangerous than Al Qaeda..."

This is an amazingly destructive slander, typical of the fever-pitched idiocy of those who don't know what they are talking about. Free Republic should not tolerate such insane postings.

I challenge anybody to substantiate this calumny! Please cite any references at all in the "Reconstructionist" literature than justifies such an hysterical and wicked statement.

The acrimonious spirit of Pius V and Gregpry XIII lives on in this type of spiritual malignancy and verbal abuse.

44 posted on 11/17/2003 12:23:12 PM PST by Precisian
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To: Servant of the 9; OrthodoxPresbyterian
There was a time when a freeper called Born again Christians "Tailborn again "

Rather interesting seeing it was Calvinists that believe in the sovereignty of God that formed the country you live in

From an old FR Post

I feel that I ought to point out that the majority of our nation's Christian founders/framers between 1775 and 1788 were Calvinists, not Arminians. ~~ Oh, absolutely not. The majority were Deists. There is a very great difference between a Deist and a Calvinist, but you can't possible know it with a working knowldge of history.

That's ridiculous.

Denominational Affiliations of the Framers of the Constitution
Dr. Miles Bradford of the University of Dallas did a study on the denominational classifications that the delegates to the Constitutional Convention accepted for themselves. Contrary to myth, the following list, published by Bradford, indicates that only 3 out of 55 of the framers classified themselves as Deists.

Note: only those Denominations whose Confessions of Faith were expressly Calvinistic at this time have been identified as "Calvinist" denominations. While many "Old-School" Lutherans and "Whitfield" Methodists at this time would have identified themselves with a Calvinistic view of Predestination, their affiliation has for the sake of charity been assumed to be non-Calvinist.

New Hampshire

* John Langdon, CONGREGATIONALIST -- Calvinist
* Nicholas Gilman, CONGREGATIONALIST -- Calvinist

* Elbridge Gerry, EPISCOPALIAN -- Calvinist
* Rufus King, EPISCOPALIAN -- Calvinist
* Caleb Strong, CONGREGATIONALIST -- Calvinist
* Nathaniel Gorham, CONGREGATIONALIST -- Calvinist

* Roger Sherman, CONGREGATIONALIST -- Calvinist
* William Johnson, EPISCOPALIAN -- Calvinist
* Oliver Ellsworth, CONGREGATIONALIST -- Calvinist
New York

* Alexander Hamilton, EPISCOPALIAN -- Calvinist
* John Lansing, DUTCH REFORMED -- Calvinist
* Robert Yates, DUTCH REFORMED -- Calvinist
New Jersey

* William Patterson, PRESBYTERIAN -- Calvinist
* William Livingston, PRESBYTERIAN -- Calvinist
* Jonathan Dayton, EPISCOPALIAN -- Calvinist
* David Brearly, EPISCOPALIAN -- Calvinist
* William Churchill Houston, PRESBYTERIAN -- Calvinist


* Benjamin Franklin, DEIST
* Robert Morris, EPISCOPALIAN -- Calvinist
* James Wilson, DEIST
* Gouverneur Morris, EPISCOPALIAN -- Calvinist
* Thomas Mifflin, QUAKER
* George Clymer, QUAKER
* Thomas FitzSimmons, ROMAN CATHOLIC
* Jared Ingersoll, PRESBYTERIAN -- Calvinist


* John Dickinson, QUAKER
* George Read, EPISCOPALIAN -- Calvinist
* Richard Bassett, METHODIST
* Gunning Beford, PRESBYTERIAN -- Calvinist
* Jacod Broom, LUTHERAN


* Luther Martin, EPISCOPALIAN -- Calvinist
* Daniel Carroll, ROMAN CATHOLIC
* John Mercer, EPISCOPALIAN -- Calvinist
* James McHenry, PRESBYTERIAN -- Calvinist
* Daniel Jennifer, EPISCOPALIAN -- Calvinist

* George Washington, EPISCOPALIAN (Non-Communicant)
* James Madison, EPISCOPALIAN -- Calvinist
* George Mason, EPISCOPALIAN -- Calvinist
* Edmund Randolph, EPISCOPALIAN -- Calvinist
* James Blair, Jr., EPISCOPALIAN -- Calvinist
* James McClung, PRESBYTERIAN -- Calvinist
* George Wythe, EPISCOPALIAN -- Calvinist
North Carolina

* William Davie, PRESBYTERIAN -- Calvinist
* Hugh Williamson, DEIST
* William Blount, PRESBYTERIAN -- Calvinist
* Alexander Martin, PRESBYTERIAN -- Calvinist
* Richard Spaight, EPISCOPALIAN -- Calvinist
South Carolina

* John Rutledge, EPISCOPALIAN -- Calvinist
* Charles Pinckney, EPISCOPALIAN -- Calvinist
* Pierce Butler, EPISCOPALIAN -- Calvinist
* Charles Pinckney, III, EPISCOPALIAN -- Calvinist

* Abraham Baldwin, CONGREGATIONALIST -- Calvinist
* William Leigh Pierce, EPISCOPALIAN -- Calvinist
* William Houstoun, EPISCOPALIAN -- Calvinist
* William Few, METHODIST

Some may say, "well, this list only shows what churches these men were members of, it doesn't show what they believed." Which is a veiled way of suggesting that these men were liars when they swore to God to adopt the confessions of their churches when they became members of these churches (most churches back then required an "examination" of members when they were received into full membership).
100 posted on 11/17/2003 2:54:17 PM PST by RnMomof7
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