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To: american colleen; sinkspur; Lady In Blue; Salvation; CAtholic Family Association; narses; ...
Anyone care to add their 2cents to this opinion!?
2 posted on 01/20/2004 8:46:42 AM PST by NYer ("One person and God make an army." - St. Teresa of Avila)
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To: NYer
Anyone care to add their 2cents to this opinion!?

This debate has nothing -- nothing -- to do with the Church telling politicians how to run the government.

Bishop Burke is only preventing politicians from telling him how to run his church.

4 posted on 01/20/2004 8:56:02 AM PST by Romulus (Nothing really good ever happened after 1789.)
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To: NYer
"It would be an unsustainable anomaly if Catholics were permitted to serve in the armed forces of a country that claims the right to wage preemptive war, even in the face of passionate denunciations by the pope, while being barred by their religion from serving in Congress, where they could vote against such wars. But that is the logic of Bishop Burke's current position."

No that is your inverted logic. This poor man needs a remedial class in Catholic teachings and also one in logic, virtues and Truth.
6 posted on 01/20/2004 9:09:22 AM PST by johnb2004
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To: NYer
What the good bishop told them to do was stop being Catholic if they continued to uphold a political position that is non-Catholic; he didn't even suggest that they stop being politicians.

The screechers, not liking what he actually said, are trying mightily to change what he said - sort of like a straw bishop argument, as it were.

10 posted on 01/20/2004 9:18:35 AM PST by logos
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To: NYer
I always have two cents handy . . . :-D

An important point that should be made is that "Catholic In Name Only" politicians are trying to have it both ways, to cheat their church AND their constituency.

They want the benefit of calling themselves "Catholic" because that wins votes at election time. But, having received that benefit from faithful Catholics who believe they are voting for one of their own, they then turn around and betray the voters and the church by deliberately and wilfully flouting the church's teachings.

Aside from any position on abortion, this is fundamentally dishonest. As Kipling said, "Where I take a gift, there I render service."

12 posted on 01/20/2004 9:41:29 AM PST by AnAmericanMother (. . . sed, ut scis, quis homines huiusmodi intellegere potest?. . .)
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To: NYer
But until and unless the nine Supreme Court justices change their mind under pressure of the final arbiter -- public opinion -- lawmakers are just voting for laws the court will overturn on constitutional grounds.

What's fascinating to me is his assumption (really, now, the liberal assumption generally) that it is JUDGES and not legislators whose views best reflect the will of the people. It's as if they have given up on democracy because they cannot get what they want that way--or maybe because they know they can better get what they want from elitists like themselves.

13 posted on 01/20/2004 12:00:11 PM PST by madprof98
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To: All
This is getting to be a long list (but here is my two cents of collected threads on this topic:

The Deadly Dozen

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Hughes exhorts Catholic pols to toe line
The end of Catholic politicians

15 posted on 01/20/2004 1:21:56 PM PST by Salvation (†With God all things are possible.†)
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