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To: sitetest
Please see my previous post of Dolan's editorial in which he pointedly observed that MLKing's foundation in Biblical principles should guide politics today.

He was VERY clear about the pro-life implications in that editorial.

I maintain that Dolan is not yet ready to slam the so-and-so's--he has a settlement to get out of the way first.
7 posted on 01/25/2004 6:59:04 AM PST by ninenot (So many cats, so few recipes)
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To: ninenot
he has a settlement to get out of the way first.

I agree... Boston has recently completed the settlement and this week O'Malley sez:

Boston Archbishop Says Pro-Abortion Politicians "Shouldn't Dare Come to Communion"

WASHINGTON, DC, January 23, 2004 ( - In an interview with following the Vigil for Life Mass in Washington Wednesday, Boston Archbishop Sean O'Malley expressed his great desire for a renewal of faith among Catholics. Asked about the problem of Catholic politicians promoting abortion, the Archbishop noted that the problem "is not only politicians but those (Catholics) who vote for them." He stressed repeatedly the "great need for adult catechesis among our people."

"These politicians should know that if they're not voting correctly on these life issues that they shouldn't dare come to communion," the Archbishop told

Archbishop O'Malley noted that beyond pro-abortion politicians, that reception of Holy Communion by those not in a state of grace is sadly commonplace. "I think it's in the context of a greater problem - Catholics feel that everyone is entitled to go to communion all the time. That has to be addressed. You know if a (pro-abortion) politician asked me I would say you shouldn't go to communion, I wouldn't go to communion. They don't understand why." He explained, "At a funeral sometimes they will announce that communion is for Catholics and people get all offended, so we've lost the notion of the sacredness of communion and the kind of disposition we need to have."

Aside from his stressing the "great need" for adult catechesis, the Boston Archbishop said the solution lies in holiness. Catholics must "be willing to live their faith heroically, the testimony of holiness is the only thing that's going to be able to convince people. Mother Teresa could speak about life issues in a way, because of the ethos of her life, that was much more powerful than the most eloquent preacher or teacher. We have to live our faith very deeply in order to draw people."

8 posted on 01/25/2004 7:01:19 AM PST by american colleen
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To: ninenot
Dear ninenot,

I hope you're right.

Forgive me if I seem cynical.

It is, after all, only 31 years since Roe v. Wade. How could we expect the bishops to act so precipitously??

13 posted on 01/25/2004 7:21:17 AM PST by sitetest
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To: ninenot; sitetest
I believe His Excellency Bishop Dolan misses an excellent opportunity to dispel the mis-characterization of Archbishop Burke's courageous, necessary admonishment of the pro-infanticide, self-proclaimed Catholic politicians in the La Crosse diocese.

The issue was handled privately (Archbishop Burke, to my knowledge, still has not identified publicly the politicians to whom he sent personal letters many months ago requesting that they meet with him privately/individually to discuss this issue) and only became public by necessity because one of the recipients chose to make it so.

In my humble opinion, Bishop Dolan, who I admire and pray for everyday, has been given a formidable task as the shepherd of the Milwaukee Diocese.

The Creator of all life and His human creatures who have remained close to this issue know that it is disingenuous to agree with those who deem Archbishop Burke's action as problematic because a politician must represent the desires and opinions of his/her constituents. Although Bishop Dolan addresses that issue with terrific examples, he falls into the trap of implicit agreement that Archbishop Burke's action had anything to do with a politician's ability to be a politician.

Archbishop Burke' concern, as I have said in another thread so please excuse me if you have seen this before, is primarily for the spiritual health of the self-professed "catholic" politicians who consistently support both vocally and by legislative act, the legalization of infanticide, in direct opposition to one of, if not the major tenet of the doctrine of the Catholic faith. Archbishop Burke's second concern is the scandal caused among the Catholic faithful, those who respect and those who despise Catholicism, by allowing this horrendous charade to continue.

Very simply stated, Archbishop Burke is not telling any politician how he or she may or may not vote on an issue. He did, however, initially tell those politicians who display vociferous, public, scandalous disregard for this MAJOR tenet of Catholic doctrine, that they should not present themselves for the holiest of the sacraments, the Eucharist. When they would neither accept his invitation to meet with him to discuss his letter, nor discontinue their scandalous reception of the Eucharist, knowing that perhaps the following day they would be casting a vote for or speaking in support of legalized abortion, Archbishop Burke privately contacted the pastors of the parishes of the politicians involved to instruct them to withhold distribution of the Eucharist to those politicians.

Archbishop Burke had a duty to protect his entire flock from the scandalous behavior of a few very public figures. He, contrary to many who would like to make it appear so, did not tell those politicians how they must vote on this MAJOR issue.

His message was can be a politician and vote however you wish, but when that vote and the vocal support provided both prior to and after casting that vote is in violation of a major doctrinal tenet of the Catholic faith you publicly claim to espouse, you must choose which is more important to can't have it both ways.

For those who would like to contend that Archbishop Burke doesn't really know what is in the hearts of the politicians who are involved and point to the sacrament of Reconciliation, I simply point out that absolution from sin requires very little.....remorse, seeking forgiveness through the sacrament, disclosure of those sins and most importantly, a promise to our most compassionate, forgiving Savior that we "firmly resolve, with the help of His grace to sin no more and to avoid the near occasion of sin". A politician who plans to continue to commit the same sin has sought absolution under false pretenses.

You are the last two for whom this is necessary, but for those who would like to turn this into a Catholic/ religious "imposition of power over the state" issue, it is not and never was. As my pastor stated during his homily last evening, the sanctity of life has been one of the most unifying issues among varied religions to-date, but most importantly, it is a human issue.

For those who will, undoubtedly, take this opportunity to contend that this is a warning sign that the Catholic Church is attempting to impose Her doctrine upon the
State, I suggest you reread the examples cited by Bishop Dolan and also the true reason for Archbishop Burke's action.

I doubt that Catholic legislators who speak out from the senate floor against fasting on Good Friday will be treated in the same manner as those who speak in favor of a legal procedure that has resulted in the murder of 40,000,000 innocent babies, but I'm sure equally frivolous examples will be cited by those with an agenda.

Please forgive me for the length of this comment.

God bless,

20 posted on 01/25/2004 9:27:24 AM PST by EODGUY
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