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Why do Catholic Bishops promote & aid pro-abortion, pro-homosexual Senator Gil Cedillo?

Posted on 04/07/2004 9:59:58 PM PDT by Stephen25

The man who is leading the fight with Schwarzenegger to give licenses to illegal aliens, State Senator Gil Cedillo, is using Catholic churches to rally his supporters. Cedillo and his group are selective about who attends these meetings on Catholic church property. Some bishops imply/promote the falsehood that 'charity to the poor' requires undermining our borders and sacrificing our sovereignty. This couldnt be further from the truth; and as a lifelong Catholic, I don't appreciate misguided clergy promoting socialist and leftist policies and politicians on church property.

The following outlines Cedillo's voting record. His beliefs are 100% contrary to all Catholic doctrine regarding abortion, stem cell research, parental authority over their own children,   homosexuality, and other issues of moral conscience. I compiled the voting information from, and put it all on one printable page so people can be properly informed about Cedillo.

The Catholic church is obviously favoring and aiding this man by giving him unfettered access to Catholic church facilities; While at the very same time, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Pope himself are adamantly admonishing all 'pro-abortion', and pro stem-cell research politicians. The Catholic bishops owe their members an explanation as to this hypocrisy and shameful promotion of this senator, who consistently votes against Catholic Doctrine. Go to for a schedule of upcoming 'Cedillo SB1160 rallies' to be held at Catholic churches.

Any thoughts and comments are welcomed.

Bills that Senator Gilbert Cedillo voted 'yes' on:

AB 17 (Kehoe) • Forcing State Contractors To Fund Homosexual 'Marriage'
STATUS: Signed by Gov. Gray Davis on October 12, 2003.
SUMMARY: AB 17 forces state contractors (private businesses and nonprofit organizations that provide goods or services to the state) to subsidize spousal-equivalent benefits for primarily homosexual "domestic partners" or else lose their state contracts. If passed, AB 17 would prohibit state agencies from contracting with businesses and non-profit organizations, such as the Salvation Army, that "discriminate" in the benefits they offer the partners of homosexual employees as compared to the benefits offered to employee spouses. This bill is about promoting homosexual 'marriage' and punishing private companies and ministries that disagree.    

AB 196 (Leno) • $150,000 Fines Against Bible Bookstores, Boy Scouts Councils and Others Who Won't Hire Transsexuals
STATUS: Signed by Gov. Gray Davis on August 2, 2003.
SUMMARY: AB 196 creates harsh government fines of up to $150,000 against property owners and businesses - including religious businesses and Boy Scout councils - that won't hire or rent to transsexuals or drag queens. There is no exemption for religious citizens. The transsexual core of the bill is based on the anything-goes definition of Penal Code 422.76, which defines "gender" as identity, appearance, or behavior, whether or not that "identity, appearance, or behavior is different from that traditionally associated with the victim's sex at birth."

AB 205 (Goldberg) • Gay 'Marriage' Rejecting the Vote of the People
STATUS: Signed by Gov. Gray Davis on September 19, 2003.
SUMMARY: AB 205 would award ALL the rights of marriage under California law to homosexual "partners." This bill reverses the vote of the people on marriage. In March 2000, 61.4% of Californian voters said they want to protect marriage rights for only a man and a woman, as it should be.

AB 458 (Chu) • Transsexual Indoctrination of Foster Parents
STATUS: Signed by Gov. Gray Davis on September 6, 2003.
SUMMARY: Similar to AB 2651 last year, AB 458 requires foster parents to support homosexual, bisexual and transsexual behavior and expression among foster children. This bill also requires mandatory training of foster parents to indoctrinate them to support any sexual behavior of foster children.

AB 1082 (Laird) • Public Employees 'Domestic Partner' Health Benefits
HISTORY: Passed the Assembly on August 28, 2003.
SUMMARY: This bad bill would award special privileges to local agencies that provide "domestic partners" benefits and want to join California's Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS). Under current law, CalPERS definition of benefits will control and the local agency that is enrolling will lose "domestic partners' benefits which aren't part of CalPERS. AB 1082 would allow the agency's previous definition of domestic partner benefits to control, awarding "domestic partners" potentially broader benefits than currently allowed under state law

AJR 2 (Jackson) • Unlimited Abortions
STATUS: Adopted by both houses of the California Legislature.
HISTORY: Passed the Senate on June 16, 2003.
SUMMARY: This resolution declares the State Legislature's support for the infamous Roe v. Wade decision by the Supreme Court that declared abortion to be a constitutional "right," allowing unlimited abortion through all nine months of pregnancy. The most unfortunate Supreme Court decision in history that is responsible for the deaths of millions of unborn babies, Roe should be mourned, not celebrated.

SB 71 (Kuehl) • School sex surveys without parental permission
STATUS: Signed by Gov. Gray Davis on October 1, 2003.
SUMMARY: SB 71 creates a new system of "comprehensive sexual health education" for children in kindergarten through 12th grade. Materials used in the course will have to promote the transsexual and homosexual agenda so that they will be "appropriate for use" with pupils of all "genders" and "sexual orientations." SB 71 undermines the value of marriage by teaching respect for "committed relationships." This bill also undermines parental rights by removing a provision that allows local school districts the option of requiring positive parental consent. This bill will not protect students' sexual health, and it certainly won't protect them from the emotional damage caused by sexual activity outside of marriage.

SB 85 (Torlakson) • Undermining Marriage: 'Domestic Partners' Benefits Expanded to All Counties
HISTORY: Passed the Senate on September 2, 2003.
SUMMARY: Currently the State allows several counties to undermine marriage by awarding spousal-equivalent retirement and death benefits to primarily homosexual "domestic partners." SB 85 would allow all 58 California counties to give away these spousal rights, further cheapening the value of marriage.

SB 322 (Ortiz) • Harvesting Unborn Children / Stem Cell Research Board
STATUS: Signed by Gov. Gray Davis on September 24, 2003
SUMMARY: Existing law authorizes the State to review and authorize stem cell research projects, including embryonic stem cell research. This bill creates a specific board within the California Department of Health Services to "review" these research proposals, in essence, becoming a state advocate for killing precious little human beings for the sake of "research."

SB 719 (Kuehl) • Silencing Free Speech on Campus
HISTORY: Passed the Senate on September 11, 2003.
SUMMARY: This bill would target the free speech of teachers, students and parents on public school campuses by creating a school "safety plan" to reduce "bullying, teen relationship violence, and discrimination and harassment." This bill is unnecessary since school violence is already illegal and administrators already have the power to stop physical misconduct. What SB 719 is really about is using the subjective terms "discrimination" and "harassment" to advance the homosexual/transsexual agenda by silencing those who disagree.

SB 771 (Ortiz) • Harvesting Unborn Children / Taxpayer-Funded Stem Cell Research
STATUS: Signed by Gov. Gray Davis on September 24, 2003.
SUMMARY: Under SB 771 the State will use taxpayer money to establish a registry of stem cells obtained from embryos (unborn human beings) or other sources that are available to researchers. Taxpayers will be forced to support the creation and destruction of human life for this kind of "research."

SB 932 (Bowen) • Preventing Sellers of Hospitals from Preserving Pro-life Standards
STATUS: Signed by Gov. Gray Davis on July 14, 2003.
SUMMARY: SB 932 prohibits nonprofit hospitals, such as prolife Catholic hospitals, from preventing a purchaser of their facility from performing abortions under SB 932. This bill violates the private property rights of hospitals and freedom of conscience on abortion.

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KEYWORDS: abortion; catholic; cedillo; immigration; sb1160; stemcell

1 posted on 04/07/2004 10:00:00 PM PDT by Stephen25
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To: Stephen25
answer: Mahoney is the bishop in charge, and he is now the leader of the "modernist" American catholic church.

Wait till he dies/retires/is exposed and his successor will have to clean up the place, like Cardinal George has to clean up after Bernadin, and Bishop O'Malley has to clean up after Law.

Even the Pope says that some bishops need to be converted to follow Christ:

Date: 2004-04-02

Reform Calls for Holy Bishops, Says John Paul II

Addresses a Group of Visiting U.S. Prelates

VATICAN CITY, APRIL 2, 2004 ( The necessary reform of the Church in the United States calls above all for the "interior renewal" and "conversion" of bishops, says John Paul II.

In a meeting today with the pastors of the ecclesiastical provinces of Atlanta and Miami, the Pope indicated the first challenge that the U.S. Catholic community faces, shaken by the scandals attributed to priests, is "the renewal of the episcopal office."

"The history of the Church demonstrates that there can be no effective reform without interior renewal. This is true not only of individuals, but also of every group and institution in the Church," the Holy Father told the bishops, who were on their five-yearly visit to Rome.

"In the life of every bishop," he continued, "the challenge of interior renewal must involve an integral understanding of his service as 'pastor gregis' (pastor of the flock), entrusted by Christ's will with a specific ministry of pastoral governance in the Church and the responsibility and apostolic power which accompany that ministry."

Therefore, the "apostolic authority" of the bishop "must be seen first and foremost as a religious witness to the risen Lord, to the truth of the Gospel, and to the mystery of salvation present and at work in the Church," the Pope said.

"The renewal of the Church is thus closely linked to the renewal of the episcopal office," he said. "Since the bishop is called in a unique way to be an 'alter Christus' (another Christ), a vicar of Christ in and for his local Church, he must be the first to conform his life to Christ in holiness and constant conversion."

The Holy Father added: "Only by himself putting on the mind of Christ and acquiring a fresh, spiritual way of thinking, will he [the bishop] be able to carry out effectively his role as a successor of the apostles, the guide of the faith community, and the coordinator of those charisms and missions which the Holy Spirit constantly pours out upon the Church."

You might want to check out this link:

2 posted on 04/08/2004 4:28:44 AM PDT by LadyDoc (liberals only love politically correct poor people)
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To: All

Does this scare you?

Click pic to hug FR

3 posted on 04/08/2004 4:29:06 AM PDT by Support Free Republic (I'd rather be sleeping. Let's get this over with so I can go back to sleep!)
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To: Stephen25
I am sorry about the state of your diocese. I know that most of this problem lies with Mahoney who will do nothing to stop it. Nevertheless, you should not be silent.

If I were you I would go to a group of active pro lifers - if you don't know of one, try going to area abortion clinics on a Saturday morning and speaking to some of the folks there - you'll either meet an area leader or be given the name/number of one. Try sticking to folks with Rosary beads as they'll be most likely to help you.

Then make plans to have at least 20 people outside with signs and flyers at every church Cedillo is speaking at. Do not mention the drivers license issue - people of good will can disagree on that one. Likely many people attending the church (and maybe even some prolifers) will be in favor of the illegal aliens having licenses. Of course, you may want to call the pastors of these churches and let them know they shouldn't have pro abortion politicians speaking on church property. It's possible, though not likely, they've never thought about it.

In Philadelphia, pro-aborts are not allowed to speak on church property, but in the last election Ed Rendell did appear at at least one area church. It was kept very quiet so that there wouldn't be time to involve the cardinal. We still had time to gather a hundred or so protestors to greet him. It was heartbreaking to see so many active parishoners go in to support Rendell. But there will be people who turn away and some may even join you, and you will feel strengthened. It is important to take a stand for life in the culture of death.

God bless you and keep you and may St. Michael the Archangel defend you in battle.

4 posted on 04/08/2004 5:28:14 AM PDT by old and tired (Go Toomey! Send Specter back to the Highlands!)
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To: Stephen25
If Mahoney is his bishop, expect worse.

Mahoney is a cardinal and a lot of us have doubts over whether or not he's actually Catholic.
5 posted on 04/08/2004 5:51:16 AM PDT by Desdemona (Proverbs 18:2 A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.)
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To: LadyDoc
It is also many denominations.

I sent letters to 150 Pastors of various denominations including the local Catholic church and the K OF C. I also ran to ads in the local paper. This was done in trying to form a local chapter of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation.

This all happened 5 weeks ago. Todate, there has been one response from a woman who said her pastor told her to check it out.

I just wonder if these Churches and denominations represent what the Lord speaks about as being "luke war and spitting out".

Only tiemwill tell.
6 posted on 04/08/2004 8:12:38 AM PDT by franky (Pray for the souls of the faithful departed. Pray for our own souls to receive the grace of a happy)
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To: Desdemona
What is really worse about Mahoney is that he really wants to be the next pope. That he actually believes that he would make a great pontiff.
7 posted on 04/08/2004 8:15:51 AM PDT by coton_lover (Democracy is not America's gift to the world; it is God's gift to humanity.)
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To: franky
What area of Pennsylvania do you live in?

Mailing all those letters was an awful lot of work. If you feel up to it, you may try faxing a bulletin announcement to at least some of those churches. You can fax from your computer and send them all at once. All it takes then is a church secretary to who'll put it in the bulletin. Include your email address as a contact. There are usually one or two active (or people who feel they should be active)pro life people in a parish. If you can have one or two people in a few different churches that you can count on, you've got a group.

Unfortunately, sending out a cattle call is going to get you a lot of sad, lonely, often old people who really can't be much help to the pro life movement except perhaps as prayer supporters (and some guaranteed time off in purgatory for the rest of you).

8 posted on 04/08/2004 8:47:48 AM PDT by old and tired (Go Toomey! Send Specter back to the Highlands!)
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To: old and tired
Thank you all for your replies, I appreciate it. I hope each of you continues the fight and also encourage others to do the same. we have to somehow make people care.
9 posted on 04/14/2004 2:13:36 AM PDT by Stephen25
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