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To: Mad Dawg
Are you ever attacked with a barrage of many lies and distortions which purportedly address themselves to the mental health of people who disagree with what you officially teach but blame the distortions on you? Do people put up lengthy posts in large and colorful type and mock the terms of your confession? This is pretty common on threads related to Catholic topics.

And it's equally common on your side of the aisle, as well. I'll refrain from mentioning the name of the Catholic poster who posted them, but here's a sampling of earlier quotes, and the dates they were posted, from one of the Catholics on that Marian thread that was shut down over the weekend. Catholics are no more innocent of the religious flamewars here than Protestants are.

1/23: Brace thyself for the attacks of snake handlers, calvinists, "non-denoms" and others...
1/24: If you're upset that I called out the cults for what they are...sorry...but it's still an accurate depiction of the non-denoms, mormons, calvinists and other wacky cults.
2/5: Mormons...the cult that's become hard-up for membership that they have to resort to attempted spiritual kidnapping of the dead...
2/13: Fact is, John Calvin was an unintelligent, perverse fraud who founded a cult known as "calvinism." The Episcopal "Church" was started by an English king who could not get the Pope to accept the king's immoral ways. Luther was a disaffected, likely egomaniacal priest. Protestantism is a breakoff of mainstream Christianity that seeks to glorify the pastor more than the Lord. Presby's are some of the laziest "Christians" out are all of their predestination cousins.
2/14: Would the calvinist cult members like some damnation with their heresy?
2/15: As for your post, you're also off base and reciting a continual lie of the snake handlers, calvinists and "pastor" worship folks at the Church of the Almighty Dollar.
2/21: Hey...I'm not surprised by anything the snake-handling crowd does. Their "churches" are simply shrines to the "pastors" - no theological foundation...
3/1: Why is this listed as a Catholic interest article? Why not Calvinists? They're the ones who practice the witchcraft.
3/2: You'll note that it's "Calvin" College. Again, I ask why are the activities at a cult center in the midwest relevant to Catholics?
3/4: I tell ya, this "reverend" ... is nothing more than an uneducated bumpkin. Wonder how much money he's skimming from the ship of fools attending his "church..."
3/4: You'd be stunned by how quickly these snake handlers degrade into profanity, anger and threats.
3/4: Again, a demonstration of a protestant being ignorant...
3/4: Let's have a little fun with that wackiest of prot sects, the Baptists
3/5: Being a protestant is in itself a demonstration of ignorance...
3/6: The pentacostals, "church of God" and others are simply inventions of men...designed to pump the ego and line the pockets of the "pastors." But continue donating...I'm sure your pastor is happy in his new Benz...
3/7: Martin Luther, being a relatively lazy type, deleted a good chunk of the Bible? A British king, attempting to justify his own heresy and immorality, heavily edited a version to suit his own twisted lifestyle?
3/7: Yes, if you're a born again, declared protty, then you're clear to do whatever you wish..."date" male hookers, cheat on your spouse, defraud donors of money intended for religious purposes...not that any protestant "ministers" did that or anything...
3/9: Perhaps things are different at your church - one of the, what, million protestant sects? However, the snake handling pentacostal calvinist wannabeatelevangelist "churches" here typically only use snippets.
3/14: Hell, most "Protestant" "churches" in my area are simply shrines to the ego (and pocketbook) of the "pastor."
3/28: Luther was a self-absorbed idiot...and his followers are fools...a complete bunch of utter fools.
3/28: Perhaps I'll just convert to that calvinist cult I've heard so much about.
3/31: That's the real origin of the Anglican church - born of sin and a king's ego,

49 posted on 09/10/2007 10:28:48 AM PDT by Alex Murphy (John 3:30 "He must increase, but I must decrease.")
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To: Alex Murphy; Mad Dawg

Take your sidebar about caucuses to an open thread. This thread is closed - and the materials you are discussing will result in comparing confessions.

51 posted on 09/10/2007 10:31:39 AM PDT by Religion Moderator
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