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 Who is like unto God?
1 posted on 02/13/2009 10:22:56 PM PST by GonzoII
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To: GonzoII

One thing that always confused me when I attended church as a youth was the part of the Nicene Creed that read “One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church”. Why are we saying this, I wondered, when we are attending an Episcopal church?

2 posted on 02/14/2009 12:07:57 AM PST by wideminded
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To: GonzoII

“This is as if He said: “They shall make war against thee, but they shall not overcome thee.” And thus it is that only the Church of Peter (to whom it was given to evangelize Italy when the disciples were sent to preach) was always firm in faith. On the contrary, in other parts of the world there is either no faith at all or faith mixed with many errors. The Church of Peter flourishes in faith and is free from error.”

With the exception of the innovative filioque, up to the time of Aquinas the foregoing was certainly a fair, or relatively fair, statement. Rome was indeed the bastion of Orthodoxy in the face of an almost continuous stream of heresies from the East. But even in his times and certainly thereafter, the desire to rule, the mother of all heresies as +John Chrysostomos reminds us, lead the Latin Church astray. Certainly Aquinas never intended that any of his teachings give rise to a movement which lead to heresy and innovation and revolution, and yet the rise of scholasticism contributed to precisely that, with effects we live with to this day in the fracturing of Western Christianity outside The Church into ever splintering eccelsial groups each touting its own special brand of snake oil.

3 posted on 02/14/2009 5:09:43 AM PST by Kolokotronis (Christ is Risen, and you, o death, are annihilated!)
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To: GonzoII
The soul which animates this body is the Holy Spirit.

Wrong right from the start...The Holy Spirit is NOT the soul...The Holy Spirit is the Spirit...

And where is there any evidence that the 'soul' animates your Catholic church???

Hence, after confessing our faith in the Holy Ghost, we are bid to believe in the Holy Catholic Church.

The Christian is told by God to put his FAITH in Jesus Christ, not the Holy Ghost...

It must be known that "church" is the same as assembly.

Wrong again...You have an assembly (of students) at High Schools...That is NOT the church...The 'church is the called out assembly of believers in Jesus Christ...

So, the Holy Church is the same as the assembly of the faithful

Faithful to what??? The so called authority of the Catholic church???

for there is but one Church in which men are saved

Unbiblical...Heresy...All saved men/women ARE the church...No one needs to go to your church to have Jesus become his/her Saviour...

Concerning the second mark, holiness, it must be known that there is indeed another assembly, but it consists of the wicked: "I hate the assembly of the malignant."[11],,,11. Ps. xxv. 5.

Is this a reference to Psalm 25:5??? There is no verse in Psalm 25 that remotely resembles this reference...

The faithful of this Church are made holy because of four things: (1) Just as a church is cleansed materially when it is consecrated, so also the faithful are washed in the blood of Christ:

So then the faithful and the 'material' church are two different things??? NOT according to God...

Just as there is the anointing of the church, so also the faithful are anointed with a spiritual unction in order to be sanctified.

There it is again...The church is not the faithful...The faithful is not the church...The church is material...Like a building...Statues...Paintings...Curtains...Alters...And it's consecrated??? By whom??? Certainly not God...God has no use for material things...

The faithful are made holy because of the Trinity who dwells in the Church; for wheresoever God dwells, that place is holy. "The place whereon thou standest is holy."[17] And: "Holiness becometh Thy house, O Lord."

This fella is equating the church to a holy place...A piece of real estate...

The Trinity does not live in a piece of real estate, such as your church buildings or any church buildings...Jesus and God live in heaven...The Holy Spirit lives within believers...There is nothing on this earth that is Holy outside of the soul of a saved Christian...

Lastly, the faithful are sanctified because God is invoked in the Church: "But Thou, O Lord, art among us, and Thy name is called upon by us; forsake us not."[19],,,19. Jerem., xiv. 9.

Just for the record, here is Jer. XIV. 9...

Jer 24:9 And I will deliver them to be removed into all the kingdoms of the earth for their hurt, to be a reproach and a proverb, a taunt and a curse, in all places whither I shall drive them.

This doesn't even remotely resemble the reference you gave...

The Church is Catholic, that is, universal. Firstly, it is universal in place, because it is worldwide.

So is Izlam...So is Communism...

This is contrary to the error of the Donatists.[21] For the Church is a congregation of the faithful; and since the faithful are in every part of the world, so also is the Church:

Sorry, but the Donatists got their beliefs from the Scriptures...Your Catholic church invented it's interpretation from who knows what source...

But there it is...Your religion claims the church is NOT congregations of the faithful...God says otherwise...Your church that you claim started with Jesus is UnGodly...

This entire article is chock full of Biblical heresy...

4 posted on 02/14/2009 7:42:10 AM PST by Iscool (I don't understand all that I know...)
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