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Prophecy is on Fast-Forward ^ | Undated | Thomas Ice

Posted on 04/06/2009 4:48:19 PM PDT by GiovannaNicoletta

I recall a conservative political commentator saying that the Democratic Party was the "A" team, while the Republicans were the "B" team on the road to socialism. Boy, oh boy was that a truism. Things are moving so fast in the last six months that stage-setting events are happening so fast that no one person can keep up with events. Prophecy is on fast-forward!

Stage Setting

Virtually all future prophecy will start to be fulfilled when the rapture occurs ending the church age. Then the world will enter the time when the birth pangs that Jesus spoke of begin to be fulfilled (Matt. 24:8). This post-rapture period known in the Old Testament as the "latter days" (Deut. 4:30; Jer. 30:24; 48:47; Dan. 2:28; 10:14), the "last days" (Jer. 23:20; 49:39; Ezek. 38:16), and the "latter years" (Ezek. 38:8) will last for seven years (Dan. 9:24–27; compare with Rev. 11:2, 3; 12:6; 13:5). None of what is happening today indicates that the rapture is near since that event is a signless event that could happen at any moment. Are you ready for the rapture?

The signs of the times that are occurring today relate to Israel as God is preparing the world for the time when He will resume His plan for Israel and that will then involve the fulfillment of times and seasons. One major indicator that we are likely near the beginning of the tribulation is the clear fact that national Israel has been reconstituted after almost 2,000 years. The signs also relate to what is happening in the Gentile world as we move toward a global government centered in the Revived Roman Empire, which is mainly Europe. Dr. John Walvoord explains the significance of signs occurring in our own day as follows:

But if there are no signs for the Rapture itself, what are the legitimate grounds for believing that the Rapture could be especially near of this generation? The answer is not found in any prophetic events predicted before the Rapture but in understanding the events that will follow the Rapture. Just as history was prepared for Christ's first coming, in a similar way history is preparing for the events leading up to His Second Coming. . . . If this is the case, it leads to the inevitable conclusion that the Rapture may be excitingly near.[1]

Signs For Our Day

In every generation since Christ's ascension there have been Christians who thought that there was reason for His return in their lifetime. However, almost all of these past expectations were derived from the belief that they were experiencing events of the tribulation in their own day. Only in the last 200 years have some interpreters begun to return to a literal, futurist understanding of the impending events of the tribulation, as generally held by most in the early Church. Thus, while so many have believed that Christ's return was near, the basis for such an understanding has not always been the same down through the history of the church—that the church was in the tribulation. The fact that Israel became a nation in 1948 is an undeniable fact of history that indicates that God is up to something in history in our day that could not be said in previous times.

God's plan for history always moves forward in relation to what He is doing with Israel. Thus, the fact that Israel has been and continues to be reconstituted as a nation is prophetically significant, so significant that it makes Israel God's "super-sign" of the end times. Were Israel not a nation again it would be impossible for events of the end time to occur since so many of them take place in that tiny country or in reference to her. But she has returned and so it is that all other aspects of Bible prophecy are also being prepared for the grand finale of history.

Recently we have seen that the European Union threatened and warned Israel about not being open to the so-called "two-state solution" of the Arab-Israeli conflict in their effort to impose a human solution to the conflict.

The prospect of a new hawkish government, with Israel Beiteinu chairman Avigdor Lieberman as a possible foreign minister, will be seen in Europe as a setback to the Middle East peace process.

"Let me say very clearly that the way the European Union will relate to an [Israeli] government that is not committed to a two-state solution will be very, very different," said Javier Solana, the EU's foreign and security affairs chief.[2]

New Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, is opposed to the two-state solution, which is the EU's framework for dealing with the problem. Whatever the supposed human solution affixed to this crisis will bring, the situation will not be genuinely solved until our Lord returns and imposes His will as the ultimate solution to the situation.

Since the election of Obama to the White House, we also see the United States changing from a sympathetic supporter of Israel to one who will be pressing for an imposed solution. New Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton is said by observers of the Mid-East Conflict to have shifted her pro Israel position she displayed as a U. S. Senator from New York.

Morton A. Klein, President of the Zionist Organization of America, is just one of many supporters of Israel who say that Hillary Clinton, an outspoken supporter of a Palestinian state, has made an anti-Israel switch of late. Klein writes that the U.S. Secretary of State, once a "reliable and vocal supporter of Israel," has now taken many positions that are not in Israel's interest.[3]


When George W. Bush was president he was ostracized and viciously attacked for acting upon the national interests of the United States within the now dominate global environment. As a pronounced citizen of the world, Obama instead insists that we must all shoulder "the burdens of global citizenship."[4] Thus, the United States of America, the last major holdout against global governance, has under President Obama joined efforts to deal with most matters within the framework of globalism. Whatever reluctance was shown in the past, America has now officially under the Obama administration joined the global community lock, stock, and barrel.

Scripture teaches that the Antichrist will rise to power out of a federation of nations that correlate in some way with the Roman Empire of two thousand years ago. Dr. J. Dwight Pentecost explains:

Now, when we turn to the prophecies of Daniel 2 and 7 and to Revelation 13 and 17 and other parallel passages, we find that at the end time, during the Tribulation period, the final form of Gentile world power is a federation of ten separate nations, the ten toes or ten horns. It seems as though Europe's leaders are advocating that which Daniel prophesied hundreds of years before Christ, when he said that the final form of Roman world power would be a federation of independent states who elect one man to take authority over them while maintaining their own sovereign authority. The more movement we see in Europe for a common market and a federation of nations, the closer the coming of our Lord must be.[5]

One would have to be totally ignorant of developments within the world of our day to not admit that through the efforts of the European Union, Humpty Dumpty is finally being put back together again. This is occurring, like all of the other needed developments of prophecy, at just the right time to be in place for the coming tribulation period. Prophecy popularizer, Hal Lindsey tells us:

"A generation ago, no one could have dreamed that an empire formed of the nations that were part of old Rome could possibly be revived. But today, as Europe is on the advent of real unity, we see the potential fulfillment of another vital prophecy leading to the return of our Lord Jesus Christ."[6]


British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has recently said concerning the global economic downturn that we all should seek global solutions. He further said that the world has never been more willing to see globalism as the answer to our problems, to which he also promised a bright future if we join arms and march in this direction. Henry Kissinger has recently said on multiple occasions that President Obama has a tremendous opportunity to steer America toward globalism in an effort to deal with our problems. Kissinger has further opined that only globalists can solve these problems in the area of economics, environment, agriculture, religion, political, and so on.

It may be true that mankind without God and His word cannot figure out how to solve the pressing problems of humanity without some kind of global governance. However, the realities concerning these matters are always and only found in the Bible and in our Lord's plan for the future as outlined through biblical prophecy. Some critics say that we become fatalists because we trust the veracity of Bible prophecy and thereby contribute to the decline of culture and society. Yet, how can we expect people to find biblical solutions to their problems when they are clearly and vocally in rebellion against God? What Bible-believing Christian would want the unbelieving world to succeed in solving the world's problems apart from God and His word? The Bible predicts this kind of direction and outcome because man is sinful and God is righteous. However, for any individual who will listen to God's word, He has provided a way of salvation through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Listen to Him. Maranatha!

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To: Diver Dave


Nor a crispy critter!

81 posted on 04/06/2009 10:23:14 PM PDT by Quix (POL Ldrs quotes fm1900 2 presnt:
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To: Quix

I totally agree! I sure don’t want to hang around for some tribulation grief bone breaking hard times. It would be just dandy if the Lord took me out before then. But, I am also prepared to stick it out and try to bring as many others to Christ as possible. Whatever He wants of me...

82 posted on 04/06/2009 10:23:43 PM PDT by SisterK (building an underground economy one brick at a time)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 72 | View Replies]

To: SisterK

I have sometimes felt that

SOME selected collection of individuals would have a choice.

To stay and do great exploits or to leave on the first ELEVATOR !UP!

I want the first ELEVATOR !UP!

Though, IF I could be guaranteed that I wouldn’t deny my Lord etc. . . . and that I’d OVERCOME BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB AND THE WORD OF MY TESTIMONY



be inclined to CONSIDER it a few microseconds.

Dear me!

May God forbid that I need to do such a thing! I’m too often a weak kneed silly rabbit for such adventures!


83 posted on 04/06/2009 10:27:29 PM PDT by Quix (POL Ldrs quotes fm1900 2 presnt:
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 82 | View Replies]

To: SisterK


Taking my threatened Bronchial tubes back to bed.

Prayers would be nice.

Blessings to all.

84 posted on 04/06/2009 10:30:12 PM PDT by Quix (POL Ldrs quotes fm1900 2 presnt:
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To: SisterK
OK but what are they? They are not the Bride the Bride is in heaven, they are not the church the church is in heaven. What are they? They are not New Jerusalem that descends that has been fitted together out of living stones. So what are they?

How can people who are living stones (saved) who have the seal of the Holy Spirit not be the Bride. God says He is not a respecter of persons and all saved persons are the elect of God but these people who are saved during the Tribulation. The only logical and biblical answer is that we all will meet Him in the air, some dead, some alive. Because the word says all not some and then more it says that when He appears that He will gather all of us together.

So either Christ come back at the 7th (last) trump after the tribulation prior to the wrath and gathers all of His body His Bride, or the doctrine of the two part rapture and 2nd comings creates a class of believers that is not found in the bible who are not the Bride who are not the Church who are not the New Jerusalem.

As my original question who are they under the two part rapture and 2nd coming?

85 posted on 04/07/2009 12:30:05 AM PDT by guitarplayer1953 (Psalm 83:1-8 is on the horizon.)
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To: guitarplayer1953

I don’t understand this . . . fierce urge to find a label.

They are . . . SAVED, OVERCOMERS . . .

and, seems to me, part of The Bride.

The millenial reign of Christ will have mortals who’ve survived Tribulation . . . the meek who inherit the earth.

Won’t at least a portion of those also be SAVED IN CHRIST?

What would you call those folks?

I don’t think “toadstools” would quite fit.

86 posted on 04/07/2009 1:22:40 AM PDT by Quix (POL Ldrs quotes fm1900 2 presnt:
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 85 | View Replies]

To: Quix
My urge is to label is not to label but to know, if your saved but did not make the rapture, why not? Those that are here after the rapture have no desire to know God, many say that when the restrainer is removed that is when it will hit the fan so to say is the restrainer the Holy Spirit or the Church? God sent the Holy Spirit empower the church and to seal them.

As I have asked and will still ask what are the tribulation saints? They are not the bride she is in heaven for the marriage. They are not the church because the church is the bride. They are not the new Jerusalem because the new Jerusalem is the is the bride who is made up of the living stones the saints.

So who and what are they? Please tell me where do they fit in since they are not the Bride they are not the New Jerusalem.

87 posted on 04/07/2009 1:45:01 AM PDT by guitarplayer1953 (Psalm 83:1-8 is on the horizon.)
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To: guitarplayer1953

I gave you reasonable answers to those questions.

You answered none of mine.

88 posted on 04/07/2009 2:19:08 AM PDT by Quix (POL Ldrs quotes fm1900 2 presnt:
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 87 | View Replies]

To: guitarplayer1953; GiovannaNicoletta

So who and what are they? Please tell me where do they fit in since they are not the Bride they are not the New Jerusalem.

That’s a pretty huge non-sequitur, to me.

Seems like you arbitrarily have decided that they are not part of The Bride.

Is it your fantasy that when God says . . .


THAT THOSE . . . who are thusly saved . . . at whatever point you arbitrarily decide the cutoff point is . . . miss out on being any part of THE BRIDE?

And how do you support THAT in Scripture?

How is it that you have arrived at the fantasy that ALMIGHTY GOD does


have the power nor authority to declare every SAVED person



And when did ALMIGHTY GOD invite you to limit HIS options in the matter?

They are not the NEW JERUSALEM?

Uhhhhh . . . . OOOOOOOOOK . . .

They are not New Chicago either.
They are not Disney World either.
They are not a Mack Truck either.
They are not a Humvee either.
They are not a 747 either.
They are not an ocean tanker either.
They are not a cruise ship either.


89 posted on 04/07/2009 2:28:54 AM PDT by Quix (POL Ldrs quotes fm1900 2 presnt:
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To: Quix
I don’t think I understand your post at all. But I’d like to. Sorry.

I understand that you do NOT understand what I posted. You believe that you won't have to be here when the 'bad' stuff happens. And even though that Paul in all his writings nowhere repeats what is claimed he was saying in his first writing, people still believe they are destined to NOT face the supposed tribulation. Reality is they do not have a clue what the tribulation is.

What is the tribulation? OR who is the tribulation? Christ set the example, who tempted him and what was He offered, and by whom did this offering come? Twisting scripture of course the devil is the scripture lawyer and he know scripture better than the majority of Christians. And he know what scriptures to use to seduce as Paul says. That is the tribulation, and Christ said all but the elect would be deceived if they were still here alive in flesh body.

Christ is described as coming as a thief in the night. This is describing 'conditions' and how is it that a thief could make a move in the night? Well because the 'watchman' is no longer watching, because the 'watchman' thinks that 'Jesus' has come to take them away.

Paul says the 'battle' or tribulation is NOT of flesh and blood. The instead of Jesus is coming first and he will be promising that 'rapture' so many believe they are destined to be taken.

90 posted on 04/07/2009 3:30:20 AM PDT by Just mythoughts (Bama and Company are reenacting the Pharaoh as told by Moses in Genesis!!!!!)
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To: SisterK
I heartily agree with both your points: that we aren't coming out of the tribulation alive in these flesh bodies and that there will be great deception. Perhaps I err on the side of being ultra conservative: I do not believe once saved always saved, I believe the Lord created all in the heavens and earth in six literal days and I am not going to assume that I get a express ride around the tribulation. Perhaps I have read too much Foxx’s Book of Martyrs, Martyrs Mirror and stuff. No picnics for me until the next world.

Well I am sure not expecting no matter how much of Christ's own Words I type that unless it be the will of the Heavenly Father I am going to change minds. Plant maybe a seed of truth but even that germination comes at the Hand of the Heavenly Father though our Saviour Christ.

91 posted on 04/07/2009 3:33:37 AM PDT by Just mythoughts (Bama and Company are reenacting the Pharaoh as told by Moses in Genesis!!!!!)
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To: Quix

SMALL STRAWS IN A SOFT WIND by Marsha Burns — April 7, 2009:

Beloved, you are in the flow of destiny, and I am bringing you along the time line of purpose. Even though you catch a glimpse of course changes that await, you must stay mentally and emotionally in the present. Be steadfast and faithful by maintaining spiritual focus. Timing is everything, and it would be a mistake to try to force any issue to obtain the goal. Wait patiently for My leading and trust that I indeed go before you to clear the path and make a way, says the Lord.

Isaiah 43:2-3 I will go before you and make the crooked places straight; I will break in pieces the gates of bronze and cut the bars of iron. I will give you the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places, that you may know that I, the LORD, Who call you by your name, Am the God of Israel.

92 posted on 04/07/2009 4:01:10 AM PDT by Joya (Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior, have mercy on me, a sinner.)
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To: GiovannaNicoletta

I think that we are close to the last days, but we are in the beginning of sorrows.

93 posted on 04/07/2009 4:50:15 AM PDT by navygal (Palin 2012, change you will be begging for.)
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To: Just mythoughts
Thank you for your post. You have provided wonderful nuggets to ponder before the Lord. I have not "made up my mind" as to the technicalities of the rapture because the Lord has yet to make it 100% clear to me. My main focus is to be prepared for anything, to have listening ears for warnings about deception, a teachable spirit, and an obedient life before the LORD.

Your tag line is quite profound. The Scripture talks about an exodus that far surpasses that of the time of Moses. I believe we would be wise to study and understand the exodus from Egypt and the plagues of the LORD. History repeats itself and there is nothing new under the sun.

Shalom. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

94 posted on 04/07/2009 4:58:28 AM PDT by JesusBmyGod (Baruch HaBa B'Shem Adonai)
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To: GiovannaNicoletta

Very well put!!

95 posted on 04/07/2009 5:04:22 AM PDT by navygal (Palin 2012, change you will be begging for.)
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To: Just mythoughts


That was slightly more understandable.

In as much as I think I understand what you are saying, you are off the wall about me.

That’s OK. Lots of folks are.

96 posted on 04/07/2009 5:33:25 AM PDT by Quix (POL Ldrs quotes fm1900 2 presnt:
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To: Joya



97 posted on 04/07/2009 5:34:50 AM PDT by Quix (POL Ldrs quotes fm1900 2 presnt:
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To: Cvengr
IMHO, there is something unspoken there, that doesn’t need to be spoken, which accounts for this.


98 posted on 04/07/2009 6:10:36 AM PDT by marbren
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To: guitarplayer1953

Maybe invited guests at the wedding feast.

99 posted on 04/07/2009 6:21:42 AM PDT by marbren
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To: Radix

The Church fathers never had a problem with Acts. They did with Revelation. Check your early Church history.

100 posted on 04/07/2009 6:45:51 AM PDT by Melchior
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