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Here's a Google translation of Socci's blog entry:

Italian to English translation
Why the Pope denies Bertone (and Messori)
May 13, 2010 / In the News

It 's amazing that newspapers have "wash" the two sensational news coming from Portugal. A (dramatic) is implicit in the words of Pope: Pope killed on prophecy and the slaughter of cardinals and bishops addressed not to the past, but our near future (I will talk about later).

Instead one is black and white and this is the "fourth secret" (that part has not yet published the Third Secret) exists and the Pope's words on the scandal of pedophilia are proof.

The Pope is committed to making a great truth even Fatima-operation, at the cost of contradicting the version of the Vatican secretary of state. Here is the comparison between their words and those of the pope.

The then Secretary of State Cardinal Sodano, May 13, 2000, in announcing to the world the solemn publication of the third secret, explaining that the attack coincided with the pope in 1981 and persecutions of the twentieth century, said: "The events to which refers to the third part of 'secret' of Fatima now seem part of before. "

His successor, Bertone, eliminated even the conservative "look" and to reiterate that the secret concerned the attack on the pope in 1981 and had already achieved everything, literally wrote (on page 79 of his book): "The 'aggressive media is to not wanting to capacitive prophecy is not open to the future, is made in the past, indicated event (the attack on the pope, nda). Never want to face facts. "

Now Pope Benedict XVI tells us the opposite, namely that the third secret concerns events following the bombing of 1981, as the current scandal of pedophilia and even events that are still in our future.

Ratzinger has declared:

"Besides this great vision of the suffering of the Pope, we can in the first instance report to Pope John Paul II, are shown reality of the future of the Church which gradually develop and show ... and then the Church is suffering ... As for being prepared news that we now discover in this message there is also the fact that not only are attacks from outside the Pope and the Church, but the sufferings of the Church is just inside the church, the sin that exists in the Church. "

The bombing of 1981 is not in the words of Benedict XVI and hence is not indicated as "the" completion of the third secret.

It speaks only of "the suffering of John Paul II that is merged with those of other popes (mentioned in the second part of the Secret). Benedict XVI placed the fulfillment of the Third Secret in the years following the bombing of 1981 and our own future "is the reality of the future as they develop and show themselves," said "the sufferings of the Church that are announced."

As anyone can see is the opposite of what is proclaimed by Sodano, and more dogmatically, by Bertone ("prophecy is not open to the future, is made in the past, in the event indicated).

The rest was the same Sister Lucia to deny that the prophecy was delivered to the past and had made the attack in 1981. She wrote in a letter critical of the May 12, 1982.

After showing that he had already achieved the first part of the prophecy concerning the Communist revolution, World War II and the persecution of the Church, Sister Lucia, speaking of the third part of the secret, wrote quote:

"If not yet seen the complete end of this prophecy, we see that there are going towards it little by little with great strides."

So, at this crucial point that was made known by the same Vatican, Sister Lucia, one year after the assassination of Ali Agca in 1981, not only does not say that this attack is the realization of the third secret (he never said or here or elsewhere), but not even mention him, nor will mention vaguely. In fact explains "in words" that the third secret has yet to be realized. And he wrote in 1982!

We would add that on this very letter of the seer, Bertone - at that time lord - has inexplicably "erased" a phrase explosive, which contradicted his version, without giving any explanation.

But it is only one of the many anomalies of this fifty-year history that unfortunately is full of lies, of reticence, of forcing and omissions (as I showed in my book).

But back to today. The Pope then reopened the file so blatant and clear that all those who in recent years, had run to honor the release of the Curia were found in panic in the face of his statements that put the scandal of pedophilia in the third secret.

Here Father Stefano De Fiores that approached by the Tg2 of 20:30, 11 May, clearly embarrassed, stammered: "To tell the truth explicitly do not find ...."

Well done De Fiores! In fact the "third secret" of the clergy not. But the full Madonna, which the Pope, yes. We must understand that Father De Fiores. He had written an apologetic saggetto Cardinal Bertone swearing that had never been a part not published the "third secret" and is now the Pope himself who denies.

Vittorio Messori, a Catholic intellectual who was another course to honor the curial secretary of state, yesterday's Corriere della Sera expressed the embarrassment of being denied by the Pope: "Now the vast array of 'Fatima' will ferment to show that Pope Benedict XVI ... betrayed. "

In fact Pope Benedict has never identified with the Third Secret assassinated in 1981. Also - a cardinal - pointed out that there are no "official definitions or interpretations mandatory" Third Secret.

Unlike the Church of the Curia, who have transformed their ideas into dogma (and nonsense) Ratzinger explained that those were the 2000 case of interpretation. Mere assumptions (to be completed today).

Third place - with the humility that characterizes it - back in 2000, shortly after the unveiling of the Secret, responding to a letter respectful but critical of Bishop Pavel Hnilica its theological commentary, Ratzinger did not hesitate to say that she could not "entirely due to past the contents of the secret, in a simplistic way."

In fact, Benedict XVI, like pedophilia scandal, would have us understand that we must never fear truth, even when painful or embarrassing.

Why do not you serve God for a lie. When you pretend to lie to God in reality we do it for themselves: God has no need of our lies to defend and build its church. Better to do mea culpa, because God is bigger and more powerful than all our sins.

Of course, this attitude is not included in the Curia. Neither the "Ratzingerian" and rightly so, with affection, Giuliano Ferrara wrote that pedophilia on the issue, "said with great self-irony, for us Feuillants the Pope is a little out of line."

It 's true. Why the Pope knows more than us and believes this scandal just the tip of the iceberg "terrifying" of sin in the Church (think of the verminai he denounced in the Way of the Cross in 2005) and think about the great sin of apostasy in the Church.

And if this is "the city half in ruins" full of corpses, described in the vision of the Third Secret and if the pope can not be killed wounded the pope in 1981, means that the great persecution of the world and the great martyrdom of the Pope and What is the Church of the future.

The Pope may not say it explicitly, but tries to prepare his Church to this terrible trial ("the sufferings of the Church that are now") by giving everything in the hands of Our Lady of Fatima. Are overtime. But the newspapers have been noticed.

Antonio Socci

From "Free", May 13, 2010

P.S. About Bertone and Messori ....

Three years ago, Bruno Vespa created an entire episode of "Door to door" to launch the book of Cardinal Bertone against me (of course without giving me the word). Title of episode: "The fourth secret does not exist" (it was an explicit reference to my controversial book "The Fourth Secret of Fatima").

Last night was broadcast another confusing episode of "Porta a Porta" on new statements by the Pope at Fatima, and - to my great amusement - while talking about the same topic, no one dared to say "there is no fourth secret."

Indeed, Vittorio Messori, who three years ago had run the utility version of Bertone, without batting an eyelid, said the opposite of what has so far had said.

He said that Benedict XVI sees the completion of the Third Secret in the attack of 1981 and not be treated as concluded in the past, but sees it projected into the future, considering a new fact, like pedophilia scandal, the secret (and it is clear that the Pope may not have invented: while it is derived from the full text of the Secret ...).

After all this Messori has entirely failed to acknowledge their mistake so far, neither has drawn the consequences of what he said. Just as casual Bertone.

Now, it seems to me that we can not say everything and its opposite. Or right Bertone (and the prophecy was fulfilled with the assassination attempt of 1981 and ended in the past) or right Benedict XVI and then the text of the Secret is wider, the prophecy is still open and the martyrdom of a Pope and the Church are in our future.

You can not pretend that the two opposing versions can coexist. Out of respect for logic. It would be desirable for the love of truth prevailed and a fair recognition of their mistakes ... The Pope's invitation to repentance, penance and self-critical examination should be taken seriously.

That S.S. Mother of God protect the Pope and all of us!

3 posted on 05/18/2010 2:53:23 PM PDT by Brian Kopp DPM
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To: Dr. Brian Kopp

I read it in Italian, and it’s much more than we were given in the sketchy English translations filtered to the media.

I honestly expect that BXVI (who I think is a saint and whose holiness radiates out from him) will be martyred, and I think that will be the fate of many of us.

I think it will be a combination of Muslims and Marxists that do the deed, and that a new age of persecution will begin. And it may be the final age. But those of us in the Church, if we cling to her, will survive (btw, the Church doesn’t mean only people who can put RC on their fact, probably a lot of them will not make it).

11 posted on 05/18/2010 3:35:23 PM PDT by livius
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