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This may be a first! A Unitarian vs. Catholic debate
PatrickMadrid ^ | May 29, 2010 | Patrick Madrid

Posted on 05/29/2010 1:58:48 PM PDT by NYer

On my last "Open Line" radio show (Thursdays from 3:00-5:00 p.m. ET), I took a call from Ben, a pleasant and well-spoken Unitarian fellow who took the Catholic Church to task for its "divisiveness" on issues such as abortion and homosexuality. We had a friendly but animated 15-minute debate of his opinion. Take a listen and see what you think. (Click the picture to launch the audio.)

TOPICS: Apologetics; Catholic; Mainline Protestant; Ministry/Outreach
KEYWORDS: catholic; ecumenical; unitarian
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1 posted on 05/29/2010 1:58:48 PM PDT by NYer
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To: netmilsmom; thefrankbaum; markomalley; Tax-chick; GregB; saradippity; Berlin_Freeper; Litany; ...

Catholic ping!

2 posted on 05/29/2010 1:59:14 PM PDT by NYer ("Where Peter is, there is the Church." - St. Ambrose of Milan)
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To: NYer

There’s a Seinfeld joke in here somewhere.

3 posted on 05/29/2010 2:00:48 PM PDT by pnh102 (Regarding liberalism, always attribute to malice what you think can be explained by stupidity. - Me)
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To: NYer's always enlightening to hear atheists and wiccans debate actual Christians.
4 posted on 05/29/2010 2:04:17 PM PDT by Gay State Conservative (Host The Beer Summit-->Win The Nobel Peace Prize!)
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To: NYer

Ugh. I can’t stand Unitarians. At least the ones I’ve known. So smug, elitist, and self-righteous.

5 posted on 05/29/2010 2:05:24 PM PDT by SoCalConstitutionalist
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To: NYer

Unitarians are a joke. They shouldn’t be a church. Bunch of liberal morons.

6 posted on 05/29/2010 2:06:24 PM PDT by ABQHispConservative (November, here we come!)
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To: NYer

The Church Of Anything Goes!

7 posted on 05/29/2010 2:13:49 PM PDT by RingerSIX
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To: NYer

Unitarian Universalism seem have evolved to become Nihilism in religious form

8 posted on 05/29/2010 2:18:09 PM PDT by tophat9000 (It ain't about Black... It ain't about White...It's about a Red...Trying to take our rights!)
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To: RingerSIX

Like Flip Wilson’s Church of What’s Happening Now.

9 posted on 05/29/2010 2:30:20 PM PDT by Impala64ssa
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To: ABQHispConservative
Unitarians are a joke.

A unitarian minister, a Catholic proest and a Jewish rabbi were having lunch and discussing when life begins.

The Catholic said "life begins at the moment of conception." The Unitarian said, "Well I believe that life begins when the fetus starts to take shape and form." The rabbi says, "Listen. Life begins when the dog dies and the kids go to college!"

10 posted on 05/29/2010 2:40:10 PM PDT by FatherofFive (0bama is dangerous and must be stopped.)
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To: NYer

Unitarians’ High Holy Day is the Sunday before any election. The next Sunday before an election, pick the nearest Unitarian church near you and you’ll notice the attendance is 4+ times its normal size. I’ve pondered attending that Sunday just to get an insight into their last minute election plans for their liberal candidates. They are also annoying drivers in foo foo cars with preachy little bumper stickers all over the place.

11 posted on 05/29/2010 3:14:44 PM PDT by EverOnward
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To: NYer

That t-shirt is a classic

In a Unitarian church I always feel like I am observing a throwback to paganism - a rather creepy feeling

12 posted on 05/29/2010 3:18:26 PM PDT by silverleaf
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To: EverOnward
That is “UN Day”, have been to Uni-church land the past two years on that day because kid sang in a chorus.

All Hail Dag Hammarskjold!

13 posted on 05/29/2010 3:20:37 PM PDT by silverleaf
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To: NYer

What do you get when you cross a Unitarian with a Jehovah’s Witness?

Someone who comes and knocks on your door for no reason.

14 posted on 05/29/2010 4:15:13 PM PDT by Eccl 10:2 (Pray for the peace of Jerusalem - Ps 122:6)
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To: NYer

Why would I want or need to listen to a Unitarian on anything?

15 posted on 05/29/2010 4:15:27 PM PDT by arthurus ("If you don't believe in shooting abortionists, don't shoot an abortionist." -Ann C.)
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To: pnh102

No, that would be the Latvian Orthodox:

16 posted on 05/29/2010 4:17:58 PM PDT by vladimir998 (Part of the Vast Catholic Conspiracy (hat tip to Kells))
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To: FatherofFive

A priest, a rabbi, and a Unitarian minister walk into a bar.

The bartender takes one look at them and says: “What is this? Some kind of a joke?!”

17 posted on 05/29/2010 4:39:15 PM PDT by Atlas Sneezed (Anything worth doing, is worth doing badly at first.)
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To: Beelzebubba

When the klan gets mad at a Unitarian, they burn a question mark on his lawn.

18 posted on 05/29/2010 6:04:15 PM PDT by left that other site (Your Mi'KMaq Paddy Whacky Bass Playing Biker Buddy)
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To: silverleaf
A Cliché Came Out of Its Cage


You said ‘The world is going back to Paganism’. Oh bright
Vision! I saw our dynasty in the bar of the House
Spill from their tumblers a libation to the Erinyes,
And Leavis with Lord Russell wreathed in flowers, heralded with flutes,
Leading white bulls to the cathedral of the solemn Muses
To pay where due the glory of their latest theorem.
Hestia’s fire in every flat, rekindled, burned before
The Lardergods. Unmarried daughters with obedient hands
Tended it. By the hearth the white-arm’d venerable mother
Domum servabat, lanam faciebat. Duly at the hour
Of sacrifice their brothers came, silent, corrected, grave
Before their elders; on their downy cheeks easily the blush
Arose (it is the mark of freemen’s children) as they trooped,
Gleaming with oil, demurely home from the palaestra or the dance.
Walk carefully, do not wake the envy of the happy gods,
Shun Hubris. The middle of the road, the middle sort of men,
Are best. Aidos surpasses gold. Reverence for the aged
Is wholesome as seasonable rain, and for a man to die
Defending the city in battle is a harmonious thing.
Thus with magistral hand the Puritan Sophrosune
Cooled and schooled and tempered our uneasy motions;
Heathendom came again, the circumspection and the holy fears . . .
You said it. Did you mean it? Oh inordinate liar, stop!


Or did you mean another kind of heathenry?
Think, then, that under heaven-roof the little disc of the earth,
Fortified Midgard, lies encircled by the ravening Worm.
Over its icy bastions faces of giant and troll
Look in, ready to invade it. The Wolf, admittedly, is bound;
But the bond will break, the Beast run free. The weary gods,
Scarred with old wounds, the one-eyed Odin, Tyr who has lost a hand,
Will limp to their stations for the last defence. Make it your hope
To be counted worthy on that day to stand beside them;
For the end of man is to partake of their defeat and die
His second, final death in good company. The stupid, strong
Unteachable monsters are certain to be victorious at last,
And every man of decent blood is on the losing side.
Take as your model the tall women will yellow hair in plaits
Who walked back into burning houses to die with men,
Or him who as the death spear entered into his vitals
Made critical comments on its workmanship and aim.
Are these the Pagans you spoke of? Know your betters and crouch, dogs;
You that have Vichy-water in your veins and worship the event,
Your goddess History (whom your fathers called the strumpet Fortune).

---C. S. Lewis

. . . sorry, couldn't help it! If the Unitarians actually WERE pagans, they would be the better for it.

19 posted on 05/29/2010 6:55:07 PM PDT by AnAmericanMother (Ministrix of ye Chasse, TTGC Ladies' Auxiliary (recess appointment))
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To: NYer

Good for the Unitarians.

Given the attention the Catholics get from an average Protestant pastor, you’d think there would be a good debate on that going at every Protestant church every week. I guess chest beating about faithfullness to the scripture is easier when there is no opponent present.

20 posted on 05/29/2010 8:31:28 PM PDT by annalex
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