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How radical Islam makes you: a bigot religiously - a racist ethnically

Posted on 06/14/2010 7:53:15 PM PDT by Righting

How radical Islam makes you: a bigot religiously - a racist ethnically


While Christianity, ever since the termination of the Crusades and the Spanish inquisitions has no plans to "convert by force" anybody else, nor is ever Buddhism or Judaism, Islam --on the other hand-- even modern day Islam is about to Islamize the world, with any means possible.
When (thank God) not "yet" accomplished, the Islamists bigotry has a few levels, the "people of the book" a.k.a. Christians & Jews are "allowed" to stay as an inferior class [Dhimmis], the other non-Muslims are "totally" Kuffars (Kaffirs) and have no 'validity' at all under Islam.
Radical Islam has a force of bigotry on its own, without "conventional" racism, however, as this "anti the others" and "the others should submit to us-Islam" theme, ideology grow, so do all intolerance faces.

(Contrary to propagandists, anti terror operations by the west such as the US, UK & others have nothing to do with "Christian fundamentalism" (not even under George W. Bush) as some would like to suggest, but about safety.
Reminder, the only side in the M.E. conflict that uses religion for violence is the Arab-Islamic side the routine slogan is: 'Allah u Akbar' and "Khaybar", the Israeli side which is by in large secular, especially its army, is motivated by one and only goal, security from genocidal homicidal attacks.)


Islamic bigotry has been more noticeably, primarily against non-Muslims, on "religious" ground solely, however, as a contentious movement of radical Islam that it is, instilling the "belief" in its followers that they're the "true Muslims," (and everybody else shall go to he-ll - literally), it gives way to, and "helps" in sharpening ethnic and racial differences, the victim, other ethnic group, can be non-Muslim or even Muslim.
The justification of racial violence is often covered by Islamic rationalization (for example, the preference of 'white' over 'black' as supported by Islamic verses, or anti-Jewish racism by Arabs is backed by preferring to select those verses from the Quran where Jews have "sinned," as oppose to the sources that praise the Jews [Banu Israil] and linking the land Israel to them).
Radical Islam makes/motivates you to be a ["better"] racist.

Turkey, Ottoman Empire: anti-Assyrian, anti-Greek, anti-Armenian

Victims of Islamic Turks in numbers: 700,000 Assyrians, 1.4 Million Greeks, 1.5 Million Armenians.
Genocide of Assyrians and Armenians in Ottoman Empire Within the First World War in the territory of Ottoman Turkey where were living about 1 million Assyrians with common language, culture and national traditions, had been organized mass destruction of Christian peoples. Together with 1,5 million Armenians have been brutally killed and tortured from 500 to 750 thousand Assyrians.
Ottoman Assyrians fled to Russia, Iran, Aleppo and Jerusalem in wake of the genocide. in the era between 1915-1919: 700000 Assyrians (including the "Forgotten Tragedy in Helwa" the massacre of the Assyrians by the Kurds in the year 1915 (Sayfo) and the massacres of Assyrians in Iran and Turkey) perished.

Greek Genocide 1914-23. During the years 1914-1923, whilst the attention of the international community focused on the turmoil and aftermath of the First World War, the indigenous Greek minority of the Ottoman Empire, the Republic of Turkey's predecessor, was subjected to a centrally-organized, premeditated and systematic policy of annihilation. This genocide, orchestrated to ensure an irreversible end to the collective existence of Turkey 's Greek populace, was perpetrated by two consecutive governments; the Committee for Union and Progress, later better known as the Young Turks, and the nationalist Kemalists led by Mustafa Kemal 'Ataturk'. A lethal combination of labor brigades, internal deportations and massacres conducted throughout Anatolian Turkey resulted in the death of 1,400,000 Greeks.
The 1915 Armenian genocide was lead by Islamic banner of "Allah Akbar" calls, but came into ethnic hatred as well, the mass ethnic cleansing (of the Armenians as well as of the Greeks) was reported by the British at that time.
It still lingers on with stubborn Islamic Turkey's objection to define the massacre of 1.5 Christian Armenians as genocide, and threatens with severing relation whoever disobeys its "view." (as a result of the goverment's led atmosphere, a prominent Turkish journalist of Armenian heritage Hrant Dink was murdered).
Some of the expression of this hatred is still resulted --among other-- in divided Cypress, today, a major issue in Europeans' demands of a 'change in Turkey' if they're to join the E. U.

Sunni: anti-Shiite

The immense hatred which Sunni icons like (Iraqi)

Saddam Hussein and (Jordanian) al-Zarqawi have been manifesting against the Iraqi Shiites, which is a different Islamic sect as well as (usually in Iraq) a separate ethnic group.
The same goes to Saddam Hussein's war on Iran, the hated Persians, one of the three Allah should not have made according to Baathi racism, his infamous uncle's statement published in official Iraqi media - was an expression of deep Arab racism against Persians.

Iraq: Anti-Assyrian

The ancient Christian Assyrians have been suffering from the Arabs, like the Simele massacre (by Islamic Arab and Kurds), and continued on (at least) until the end of the reign of Saddam, they also fell victim in the anti-Kurd chemical attack in 1982.

Iraq: Anti-Kurd

Saddam Hussein motivated his people in the anti- Kurd campaign by Islamic themes.

Iran: anti-Arab & other supremacy

The notion that "we are the true Muslims" has much to do with the lap over ethnic hatred of Arabs, manifested itself in the Iran-Iraq war. Iran currently is also persecution (and executing) its Arab (Ahwazi) minority.

The fascist leader of the WW 2 era: Reza Shah Pahlavi, was referred to as "the Mussolini of Islam."
His fascist, racist legacy (embedded into a mythology of Persian - "Aryans") are cherished by many Islamic Iranians today.

Lebanon, Palestinians: anti-Maronite

The Christian Maronite, a non-Arab ethnic group, (considered to be the --pre-Arab invasion-- indigenous Lebanese), fell victims to Muslims, especially in the 1970. Since 1975, about 150,000 Christians were killed, entire Christian villages were erased and their populations were ethnically cleansed. A highlighted massacre is the one in Damour in 1976, by the Palestinian Arabs (Arafat's PLO) with local & other Muslims, carried out with calls of "Allahu Akbar" and "Let us offer a Holocaust to Muhammad."
[New York Times editor Tom Friedman, in his famous book From Beirut to Jerusalem, explains the motives of the Phalangists killing Palestinian-Arabs in Sabra Shatila 1982: "The Phalangists wanted to avenge not only Bashir's death, but also past tribal killings of their own people by Palestinian guerrillas, such as the February 1976 massacre by Palestinians of Christian villagers in Damour."

Pakistan: (Indian) Bangladeshis, Kashmirs

The Pakistani Islamic genocide in Bangladesh 1971, three Million victims.
In 1971, Bangladesh, then called East Pakistan, was part of a geographical monstrosity created by the British in 1947. Pakistan, as created by the British, consisted of West Pakistan and East Pakistan, separated by the vast expanse of the Indian land mass in the middle. East and West Pakistan spoke different languages and were culturally distinct. East Pakistan accounted for the majority of Pakistan's population, yet it was economically exploited and politically marginalized by West Pakistan.
Bengalis, the people of East Pakistan, were also persecuted for speaking their native language and for being either Muslims who had converted from Hinduism or for being Hindus. Pakistan, translated as 'The Land of the Pure', was intolerant of Bengalis because they were not 'pure' Muslims.

An estimated 400,000 Kashmiri original people, constituting 99% of the total population of Hindus living in Muslim majority area of the Kashmir Valley, were forcibly pushed out of the Valley by Muslim terrorists, trained in Pakistan, since the end of 1989. They have been forced to live the life of exiles in their own country, outside their homeland, by unleashing a systematic campaign of terror, murder, loot and arson. Islamists succeeded in 'cleansing' the valley of this ancient ethno-religious community. This community with a history of thousands of years, is fighting a grim battle to save itself from becoming extinct as a distinct race and culture.

Indonesia: anti-Chinese

The Chinese minority in Indonesia have periodically been targets of mob violence. Some 100,000 Chinese were expelled from the country in 1959, while thousands of Chinese were attacked and many killed during the 1965–1966 bloodbath that followed the fall of President Sukarno. Many Chinese were accused of being Communists and with maintaining secret ties to the mainland. Anti-Chinese rioting also occurred in 1973 and 1980.
Under Suharto, Chinese were also forbidden from careers in state-sponsored academia, serving in the military, and the civil service. They were forced to carry identity cards and the use of Chinese characters and celebrations, were banned.
During the violent upheavals that lead to Suharto's downfall in May 1998, some 1,200 Chinese were believed killed. Thousands of businesses were looted, prompting tens of thousands of Chinese fled overseas. In addition, billions of dollars was transferred out of the country.
Rioting and skirmishes have increased in 1998, some of them the expression of a general, ill-defined desire for "reformasi" directed at the government and the country's worsening poverty. But in a number of troubled regions around the archipelago, the violence has focused on long-simmering ethnic animosities and religious bigotry. (source: Pearson education 2007 - mostly).

East Timor
One of the notorious Islamic Indonesian crimes on Chinese was in E. Timor, it was very bloody and shocking in brutality, including mass rape, massacres.

Maluku Islands
In 2000, the Maluku [Malucca, the Mollucas] Islands' Christians & Chinese saw horrific massacres and mass rape by Muslims. There are gruesome tales of raping Chinese girls by the Islamic "Lashkar Jihad" (Jihad Army, founded in April 2000).
1,700 people were murdered in just one year alone (2000).

From: Agenda: a journal of policy analysis and reform, Volume 10 By Australian National University. Faculty of Economics and Commerce, p. 16: "misuse the concept of jihad to justify the use of violence against Christians and ethnic Chinese citizens."

China: anti-Han Chinese

Ethnic - There have been outbreak of violence in years between Muslim separatists and Han Chinese in W. China. July 2009 had a peak of a spasm of attacks by Muslim Uighurs separatists against Han Chinese, the ethnic majority which resulted in 140 dead.
Religious - The Chinese government also accuses these Muslims of plotting terror attacks (including on the 2008 Olympic games).

Egypt: Anti-Copts

Today's Egyptians, are by in large Arabs, not authentic Egyptians, the indigenous are the Christian Copts who have been through persecution ever since the Muslim brotherhood rose in that country.
It grew under Nasser, as well as under Saadat the more these Egyptian leaders gave the Islamists' a hold.

Nigeria: anti-Christian Tarok

Nigeria has seen bloodshed between Muslims & Christians, the Violence between Muslim-ethnic Hausa and the Christian ethnic-Tarok fighters reached a peak in 2005, it carries a 'religious' theme too.
At the eruption of March 2010 violence where 500 have been killed, the NYTimes called it: "Religious and Ethnic Violence." Compass Direct News reported of Muslims killing Christians while singing 'Allah Akbar.'

Arabs in Africa: anti-Africans

Slavery by Arabs (Arab master race) in Africa has been officially limited, still there are reports of continuing of this practice, especially in Sudan, Mauritania.
Current Arab anti-black genocide, mass rape by al-Bashir government and his allied Janjaweeds (described as an Arab supremacist) is stemming from Libya's Muammar Gadhafi's bloody legacy in Chad, Sudan in the 1970's to convert the African region into a pan Arab-Islamic state, in 1981 Libyan supported Sudanese group al-Tajammu' al-'Arabi, the "Arab alliance,"  openly injected racism.
Both culprit; Gadhafi & al-Bashir have been pushing for an Islamic rule.
In Mauritania, indigenous decry racism and suffering from the oppressive Arab rulers.
Al-Bashir and his Arab-supremacist gangs have been committing atrocities, genocide 1983-2009, Al-Bashir has seen moral support by the Arab league and by the "religious" Islamic Iran & Hezbollah.

Gulf Arabs: anti-Asians

The ecstasy that the tycoons, filthy-oil-rich of the Arab gulf in feeling of leading an 'Islamic empire,' gives them more than just a sense of pride, it brings out the ugly Arab supremacy, so prevalent, especially in that region.
The enslavement and miss treatment of Asians (mainly Indians, Pakistanis and Malaysians) is very wide, the mistreatment includes Asian maids and construction slave-labors.

Arab world: anti-Jewish

The founder of the 'middle east conflict' (which is basically anti-Jewish bigotry by Arab-Muslims), was that infamous Arab-Muslim leader, the Mufti (Haj Amin al-Husseini), who incited the Arab Muslim population since the 1920's, highlighted is the 1929 massacre in Hebron, with calls "Kill the Jews wherever you find them, this pleases Allah,"  and met with Hitler in 1941, thus, the anti-Jewish hatred - anti-Israel campaign has since been, both: racial & religious, by Arab Muslims.
In fact, Arab racism against Jews is boosted by Islamic interpertations.

Bosnians: Anti-Christian Serbs

That Mufti, also led in 1943 a Nazi Arab-Muslim SS division to commit crimes against Christians & Jews in Yugoslavia.
The Bosnian Muslim Nazis had a great "opportunity" to give their historic ethnic hatred outlet under the Islamic leader.

Arab & black Muslims: Anti-white

Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam is infamous for being anti white and anti-Jewish.
You can almost say it with certainty that there's more anti-white racism among blacks that are Muslims.
The french based Islamic-black "Tribu-ka" has been known for anti-Jewish racism.
Many Arabs have expressed anti white racism, like the mass rape, targeting white Christian girls by Arab Lebanese Muslims (in 2002), it has been revealed their Islamic and racial motivation.
Top Australian Islamic cleric, the mufti al-Hilali spoke out against the "English race."  quote <i>"The Western people are the biggest liars and oppressors and especially the English race."</i>
In March 2005, (Muslim) black and Arabs attacked white, French demonstrators with sentiment of a desire to "take revenge on whites."

It give a whole refreshed meaning of Islamic-fascism (Islamofascism).

TOPICS: Activism; Current Events; History; Islam
KEYWORDS: africa; ambon; arabracism; arafat; armenians; assyrians; bigotry; blacks; china; chinese; christians; cypress; damour; easttimor; ethniccleansing; farrakhan; genocide; greeks; indonesia; islamicbigotry; islamofascism; israel; jews; kurds; lashkarjihad; maluku; maronite; massacre; mauritania; muslims; nigeria; noi; ottomanempire; palestine; plo; racism; sabrashatila; saddamhussein; simelemassacre; slavery; sudan; turkey
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1 posted on 06/14/2010 7:53:16 PM PDT by Righting
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To: Righting

Excellent! Thanks for all the valuable info.

2 posted on 06/14/2010 8:05:14 PM PDT by nolongerademocrat ("Before you ask G-d for something, first thank G-d for what you already have." B'rachot 30b)
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To: Righting

I t was not the purpose of the Crusades to convert anyone to Christianity but to
liberate Christians in the Holy Land from Turkish barbarians who had recently taken control of Jerusalem. Nor was it the purpose of the Inquisition. That was to root out Jews and Muslims who had pretended to convert to Christianity but
who secretly practiced their old faiths. We Christians have been more inclined to treat our own badly than the heathen.

3 posted on 06/14/2010 8:07:03 PM PDT by RobbyS (Pray with the suffering souls.)
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To: nolongerademocrat

My pleasure, I hope the info (research) helps.

4 posted on 06/14/2010 8:12:26 PM PDT by Righting
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To: RobbyS
Dear RobbyS, My only intention of bringing the Crusades/Inquisition is because the first thing I "get" from Muslims or from radical liberals-Islamists-appeasers is they mention those two major historic eras.
My point is focusing on the current religious differences, in this century, my research starts no earlier than the 1915 Turkish massacres on Greeks, Armenians.
5 posted on 06/14/2010 8:15:54 PM PDT by Righting
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To: Righting


6 posted on 06/14/2010 8:18:52 PM PDT by Cacique (quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat ( Islamia Delenda Est ))
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To: Righting

It’s all traced back to the source. Their prophet was a mass murdering, pedophile, sex trafficing barbarian.
Then he wrote a book about how to justify all those actions if your doing it all in the name of the moon god he worshiped. This includes the mandate of spreading his teachings by the sword and inslaving non-believers.
It’s not all that hard to figure out why muslims act as they do when they call Mohammed “The perfect man”. That’s their ultimate role model.

7 posted on 06/14/2010 8:21:54 PM PDT by Proud_USA_Republican ("The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.")
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To: RobbyS
I t was not the purpose of the Crusades to convert anyone to Christianity but to liberate Christians in the Holy Land from Turkish barbarians who had recently taken control of Jerusalem. Nor was it the purpose of the Inquisition. That was to root out Jews and Muslims who had pretended to convert to Christianity but who secretly practiced their old faiths. We Christians have been more inclined to treat our own badly than the heathen.

They practiced their old faiths secretly because their conversions were forced and not sincere. If you threaten to kill someone if he doesn't convert to your religion don't be surprised if he "practices his old faith secretly."

8 posted on 06/14/2010 8:23:29 PM PDT by Zionist Conspirator (Veyiqchu 'eleykha farah 'adummah temimah 'asher 'ein-bah mum, 'asher lo'-`alah `aleyha `ol.)
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To: Righting

What bothers me is how ignorant of western history our radical elites are. i doubt that they know how powerful was the Ottoman empire in his heyday, or how totally lacking it was in religious freedom for non-Muslims. Or how intolerant Islam is today where it is in power.

9 posted on 06/14/2010 8:24:21 PM PDT by RobbyS (Pray with the suffering souls.)
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To: RobbyS
So true, the Ottoman Empire is seen by many as a "moderate" era, somehow, with so much bloodshed (if you add up the millions of Greeks, Armenians, Assyrians...), it's astonishing.
Maybe it's because of some relatively peaceful times that these historians look to overshadow such important events in history?
Honestly? It was the recent rise in Islamism in the elected party in Turkey, and Turkish 'Flotilla Jihad' incident, that prompted me (among other events) to widen this subject about them.
10 posted on 06/14/2010 8:29:21 PM PDT by Righting
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To: Zionist Conspirator

According to Kamen, the irony was that many of the Jews who converted were zealous for the new faith and prospered under the Spanish Crown and in the Church. So much so that the ‘old’ Catholics wanted to ‘get’ them, or at least their fortunes.

11 posted on 06/14/2010 8:29:59 PM PDT by RobbyS (Pray with the suffering souls.)
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To: RobbyS

Some historians claim that Christopher Columbus was a Jewish convert to Christianity.

12 posted on 06/14/2010 8:31:44 PM PDT by Righting
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To: Righting
Great article! In full agreement & then you read their meanings like this... 098.006 YUSUFALI: Those who reject (Truth), among the People of the Book and among the Polytheists, will be in Hell-Fire, to dwell therein (for aye). They are the worst of creatures.
13 posted on 06/14/2010 8:36:37 PM PDT by SIRTRIS
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To: Righting

Bernard Lewis thinks that these historians wear ideological blinkers. The enlightened thinkers hated the Church and Christianity and revised the historical view of Mohammed and his religion and looked upon it as a “rational” faith, with no supernatural elements. Most still have this naive view of Islam.

14 posted on 06/14/2010 8:37:04 PM PDT by RobbyS (Pray with the suffering souls.)
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To: Righting

I think that St Teresa was also of Jewish ancestry.

15 posted on 06/14/2010 8:39:32 PM PDT by RobbyS (Pray with the suffering souls.)
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To: RobbyS


16 posted on 06/14/2010 8:41:21 PM PDT by Righting
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To: Righting

Always! Islam is a death cult, it always has been. They do not understand that only a weak god needs to force a faith on people. One day they will have to accept the truth and that will break them. I believe they will only see the truth when it is staring them in the face.

For my fellow Jews, we need to bring that truth. We are to be a light among nations. In other words, we are commanded to be the “Illuminati”. We are to be nation of priests. Diversity is great, but it can never change the truth.

In times like these, we have to Wake Up! and remember who we are. There is nothing in this world or any other that change it. “I will be what I will be.” forever. Remember.

For those who accuse us of being the Illuminati - we are supposed to be. That is one of our assigned tasks.

For those who accuse us of killing children and drinking their blood - that is a lie told by people who have to use lies, sorcery, and brainwashing techniques in order to gain or retain power. It is a temporary power only.

For those of you who accuse us of worshipping Metatron, you do not understand what the word Metatron means. In our language today it means “Beyond the Matrix”. Metatron is with G-d, not a replacement for G-d.

Ultimately, all this means is that we do not answer to you for who we are or for what we are. We answer to G-d alone.

For Bibi take heart. For every other Jew in the world:

Remember, Be Strong, Be Brave, We have nothing left to fear. Those who try to destroy us only succeed in bringing us closer to G-d.

What do you think we will do when the whole world stands against Israel? I think we will remember who we are. Much like this, the world will have to stand and witness that our strength does not come from ourselves alone.

A little reminder:
The Final Fight

17 posted on 06/14/2010 9:14:44 PM PDT by nolongerademocrat ("Before you ask G-d for something, first thank G-d for what you already have." B'rachot 30b)
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worst of creatures...

Fits well into the routinely dehumanization so prevelant among Islamic clerics.

18 posted on 06/15/2010 1:15:13 AM PDT by Righting
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To: nolongerademocrat

Powerful words!

19 posted on 06/15/2010 1:18:46 AM PDT by Righting
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To: Righting

There is nothing more important to me right now.

20 posted on 06/15/2010 5:19:30 AM PDT by nolongerademocrat ("Before you ask G-d for something, first thank G-d for what you already have." B'rachot 30b)
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