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On Removing Boundaries ^ | 12-19-10 | Bill Randles

Posted on 12/19/2010 6:57:05 PM PST by pastorbillrandles

Do not move the ancient boundary Which your fathers have set.(Proverbs 22:28)

The USA has crossed a very ominous threshold yesterday, when our legislators passed a bill repealing the “Don’t ask,don’t tell” policy for our military forces. That policy was a compromise dating back to the Clinton years, replacing our sane, earlier policy of no tolerance for homosexuality in the military .

Without national debate, referendum, vote or any other say on the subject by “we the people”, our representatives voted for the repeal of DADT , as the last order of business before the congressional Christmas break.

Here are a few thoughts on the implications of this radical, reckless, even revolutionary betrayal by our national leaders.

* Opening the doors of our military to open and flagrant sexual deviants, is the latest and perhaps most potent expression of the contempt for our nation, its institutions,ideals,values, and traditions, in the left’s long march against America.

Make no mistake about it, this is not about civil rights, nor is it about defense or national security. This “accomplishment ” is the latest victory in the struggle to dismantle our nation and all it stands for. It is a way of making an obscene gesture towards middle America, and undoing what made her great. This is pure hate and destruction of a venerable institution .

* Why were those boundaries put there? There was a time when sane people knew that homosexuals were security risks, liable to blackmail, emotional extremes and could not be trusted. Homosexuality was at one time considered to be a mental illness until the American Psychological association succumbed to pressure from the homosexual rights movement.

It is not widely reported that Bradley Manning is an outspoken , open homosexual. This is the traitor who downloaded hundreds of thousands of top-secret US diplomatic files and turned them over to Julian Assange who then leaked them to the world. He had become disenchanted with the war, and with the army’s DADT policy, so he betrayed us all.

Operatives in Afghanistan who risked all to help us have already been killed because Manning and Assange leaked their names. There are severe mental and emotional issues created within those unfortunate enough to have given in to homosexuality.

* This didn’t start with Homosexuality. What has happened to us is that whenever a society rejects the God assigned roles of men and women, homosexuality and other forms of profound and debilitating confusion arise.Lay this one at the feet of feminism.

You can see it in other institutions that the left have assaulted and ruined, such as mainstream protestant churches. The Seminaries become infected with feminism,(the rejection of being female, wife, mother nurturer), then there is the debate, or dialogue, leading to the ordination of women as priests, or pastors. Almost always the next step is the acceptance of homosexuals into congregations and ultimately as priests. By then the rot is complete.

The same can be said of the military. Feminists have long coveted the feminization of our military, suing places with long distinguished tradition such as Virginia Military Academy, forcing female cadets onto them. Women have been promoted up the ranks just to fulfill quota’s and that which is unnatural has been foisted upon the greatest military the world has ever known.

A society that perceives nothing sacred about motherhood, and that no can longer see the weaker sex as something to be honored and protected, is already on its way to the ash heap of history. Those touching news stories and pictures of camouflage clad young women, kissing children good-bye as their husbands stand meekly by, are propaganda.

Our nation never needed women to go out and defend it in combat, but feminists needed women to, so that they can further their radical rejection of the role of wife, mother, nurturer, in favor of becoming like men ! Remember these are the people who gave us abortion also.

Once the roles are blurred and confused, homosexuality flourishes, and that is a bad thing to happen to a society.

* The Army doesn’t do anything in half measure- Now that the military is being forced to accept this abomination(over and against the advice of our joint chiefs and many experts), the military will not merely be accepting it, they will have to promote it, as in recruiting, promotion quota’s, etc. Just as they had to with the (rightful) racial integration of the services, so they now will have to (disgracefully) with open homosexuals.

* The Lawyers are no doubt salivating at the prospect of all of the lawsuits, grievance filings, sensitivity training that this is going to foist upon our services.

* What a betrayal of middle America who have sent their sons and daughters into the armed services, for the good of the nation and the promotion of our values of freedom and justice. This is a slap in the face!

* Consider this truth ; all of our greatest leaders have humbly acknowledged, from Washington to Lincoln and so forth, That we owe the many military victories we have enjoyed in our short history, not to superior weapons, training or even personnel, we have prevailed by the Blessing of the God of the Bible alone, as the too oft forgotten verse of our national anthem-

O, thus be it ever when freemen shall stand, Between their lov’d homes and the war’s desolation; Blest with vict’ry and peace, may the heav’n-rescued land Praise the Pow’r that hath made and preserv’d us a nation! Then conquer we must, when our cause is just, And this be our motto: “In God is our trust” And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave

*America has only been great because she was good, when she quits being good she can no longer be great. Can we truly beseech the holy God of the Bible to grant victory to a sodomite infested army? Would any true young American be willing to give his life for the sake of homosexual rights and abortion? I think not, but our leaders would coerce them into accepting it if they can.

*Consider that this obscene struggle to homo sexualize our military is occurring in the midst of a costly war with bitter, implacable enemies who feel they have a mandate to destroy us because of our blatant immorality! The Homosexual movement sees this as an opportunity to achieve their own ends. National security is trumped by lust!

Help, LORD, for the godly man ceases! For the faithful disappear from among the sons of men. They speak idly everyone with his neighbor; With flattering lips and a double heart they speak. May the LORD cut off all flattering lips, And the tongue that speaks proud things, Who have said, “With our tongue we will prevail; Our lips are our own; Who is lord over us?” “For the oppression of the poor, for the sighing of the needy, Now I will arise,” says the LORD; I will set him in the safety for which he yearns.” The words of the LORD are pure words, Like silver tried in a furnace of earth, Purified seven times. 7 You shall keep them, O LORD, You shall preserve them from this generation forever. The wicked prowl on every side, When vileness is exalted among the sons of men.(Psalm 12)

TOPICS: Current Events; History; Moral Issues; Theology
KEYWORDS: dadt; god; military; morality

1 posted on 12/19/2010 6:57:08 PM PST by pastorbillrandles
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To: pastorbillrandles

You did an excellent analysis. I don’t think I can add anything. I used to think it was so ridiculous to think people would ever call good “evil”, and evil “good”. Now we are using government to force that idea into the heads of our young.

Common sense and moral values are being intentionally destroyed by the Marxists in government. They know they have to destroy the family and Christianity to destroy this nation, and they are succeeding rapidly. Such a shame.

2 posted on 12/19/2010 7:07:27 PM PST by savagesusie
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To: pastorbillrandles


As it stands, I would never counsel a teenager to join the military and put himself under the authority of a homosexual.

Anyone that can’t judge natural law, is unfit to judge anything; but particularly things of life and death.

3 posted on 12/19/2010 7:08:56 PM PST by Salvavida (The restoration of the U.S.A. starts with filling the pews at every Bible-believing church.)
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To: pastorbillrandles


Leave it to the American legislator to act in a way that is based on generating efficiency, effectiveness, cohesion, moral, order, to not burden the leadership of an organization fighting a war with what amounts to activism, extra costs and what affects discipline.......within the DoD.

The American soldier deserves better than these morons on the hill. Leave it to them and they will ban halon because of it green house and ozone depleting effects, they might ban depleted uranium in ammunition and armor, or even lead in bullets.......... All to please the “green goddess” and make sure they can be associated with something green. At the same time these “leaders” cut the Zumwald, Future Combat System, Missile Defense, F22 and now even JSF......programs. They will ensure the soldier gets the smallest pay raise since 1962, while they fight a war and are separated from their families, to show solidarity of course! But they will make sure that millions will be spent so a few openly gay kids that are seeking “affirmation” can play their games in the DoD.

The concept of “uniformity” extends past the uniform. The gay screamers fail at understanding this concept when they think they need to announce their gayness to the world.

4 posted on 12/19/2010 7:11:25 PM PST by Red6
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To: pastorbillrandles
Excellent post. Promotion of the homosexual lifestyle is nothing but a thinly disguised war on masculinity. And about indoctrination, did 2 tours in Iraq, and every other day there we were getting briefings not on insurgent activity, but on preventing sexual harassment.
5 posted on 12/19/2010 7:52:17 PM PST by ac-rep
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To: savagesusie

Thanks savageaussie- please pray for the USA

6 posted on 12/19/2010 9:11:55 PM PST by pastorbillrandles
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To: ac-rep

First of all, I thank you for your service- I have a Son in Law serving in Afghanistan. We as a church pray for those on the line constantly. It grieves me to hear what your experience has been, but I have been hearing it over and over again- God bless you ac-rep

7 posted on 12/19/2010 9:22:57 PM PST by pastorbillrandles
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To: pastorbillrandles

Joint Chiefs Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen has said that he will drive out anyone who doesn’t accept the repeal of DADT .

They are promoting , condoning and protecting deviancy and depravity .

Handwriting is on the wall for this country.

8 posted on 12/19/2010 9:47:16 PM PST by Lera
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To: pastorbillrandles

I always do!

9 posted on 12/19/2010 11:41:17 PM PST by savagesusie
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To: pastorbillrandles
A weakened stand Army may have it's benefit one day.

Will make secession much easier.

10 posted on 12/20/2010 3:28:56 AM PST by central_va (I won't be reconstructed, and I do not give a damn.)
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To: central_va
It had better happen before Zero the Great fields his army of Black Mooslimes.
11 posted on 12/20/2010 5:09:17 AM PST by seemoAR
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