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40 Days for Life launches record-shattering campaign. March 9 to April 17 ^ | 2011 | 40 Days for Life

Posted on 03/07/2011 11:07:14 PM PST by Salvation


40 Days for Life launches record-shattering campaign March 9

 40 Days for Life 2011

The largest ever 40 Days for Life international campaign is on the way! The campaign will run from March 9 to April 17 in 247 cites -- locations from coast to coast in the United States as well as sites in Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, Spain, Georgia, Armenia and Belize.

Momentum is building - and it's on the pro-life side! Click on the map above to see the full list of cities. Then click on the one nearest you to find local information about that campaign -- and sign up on that page for important updates about 40 Days for Life -- both internationally and in your home town.


40 Days for Life reaches out at West Coast Walk for Life

40 Days for Life national director David Bereit, along with former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson, spoke at the West Coast Walk for Life in San Francisco. The West Coast Walk for Life is a rapidly growing event that attracted a record crowd this year.

Check out this amazing video of David and Abby firing up the audience of 50,000 people.

Video at site:

What 40 Days for Life has witnessed (so far!)

 40 Days for Life in Glendale, California

There have now been seven coordinated 40 Days for Life campaigns since 2007.

These efforts have mobilized people of faith and conscience in 337 cities across all 50 of the United States plus six Canadian provinces, three Australian states, and communities in Northern Ireland and Denmark.

During these unified efforts, participants witnessed countless blessings from God:

After so many years of legalized abortion, many people of faith are experiencing a renewed sense of HOPE!


Former Planned Parenthood manager tells all in new book

 Abby Johnson and Shawn Carney at Planned Parenthood in Bryan, Texas

During the 40 Days for Life campaign in the fall of 2009, the director of the Planned Parenthood abortion center in Bryan/College Station, Texas watched an ultrasound abortion. She was stunned. Within a matter of days, Abby Johnson quit her job and went to the local organization that sponsored 40 Days for Life, seeking help.

Abby Johnson now works to end abortion. As part of her effort, she's written a book called Unplanned that unveils the truth about the inner workings of Planned Parenthood.

Abby, along with 40 Days for Life campaign director Shawn Carney, appeared on the Focus on the Family radio program to tell her story. You can listen to this two-part interview online:

Focus on the Family interview Part 1
Focus on the Family interview Part 2


Take the leap of faith and get involved with 40 Days for Life

Have you been to pray at a 40 Days for Life vigil yet? You may ask, “What do I do?” or “What sign should I bring?” The answer is simple; the only sign you really need to bring is yourself, for you represent God’s love.

Concern about going to pray at the abortion facility is common — and normal. 40 Days for Life campaign director Shawn Carney shared some thoughts at the national Students for Life conference.

See video at

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 40 Days for Life in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

40 Days for Life is a community-based campaign that draws attention to the evil of abortion through the use of a three-point program:

  • Prayer and fasting
  • Constant vigil
  • Community outreach

40 Days for Life takes a determined, peaceful approach to showing local communities the consequences of abortion in their own neighborhoods, for their own friends and families. It puts into action a desire to cooperate with God in the carrying out of His plan for the end of abortion in America.

The 40-day campaign tracks Biblical history, where God used 40-day periods to transform individuals, communities ... and the entire world. From Noah in the flood to Moses on the mountain to the disciples after Christ's resurrection, it is clear that God sees the transformative value of His people accepting and meeting a 40-day challenge.


Vision and mission

40 Days for Life is a focused pro-life campaign with a vision to access God’s power through prayer, fasting, and peaceful vigil to end abortion in America.

The mission of the campaign is to bring together the body of Christ in a spirit of unity during a focused 40 day campaign of prayer, fasting, and peaceful activism, with the purpose of repentance, to seek God’s favor to turn hearts and minds from a culture of death to a culture of life, thus bringing an end to abortion in America.

1 posted on 03/07/2011 11:07:22 PM PST by Salvation
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To: Faith; nina0113; wagglebee; Coleus;

Prayer and fasting:

 40 Days for Life in Birmingham, Alabama

Christ told us some demons can only be driven out by prayer and fasting. The two go hand in hand. Prayer keeps us rooted in the fact that it is our desire to carry out God's will. Fasting is a sacrifice that helps us reach beyond our own limitations with God's help.

Fasting is not a Christian diet; it is a form of physical prayer. You can fast from food, TV, alcohol ... anything that separates you from God.


Constant vigil:

 40 Days for Life in San Fernando, California

The most visible component of 40 Days for Life is a constant prayer vigil outside a place where children are aborted. It is the hope that the vigil can be maintained 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It is a prayerful witness to the clinic's patients and employees, and to the entire community, that evil is in our midst and that with God's help, it will be defeated.


Community outreach:

 40 Days for Life in Walker, Minnesota

During 40 Days for Life, the pro-life message is proactively taken to the community through focused, grassroots educational efforts. People are given the opportunity to visibly show their support for 40 Days for Life.

A door-to-door petition and education drive reaches out. Informational flyers can raise awareness about abortion. Church involvement, media contact and campus outreach also contribute.

2 posted on 03/07/2011 11:09:04 PM PST by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: narses

Meant to ping you too!

3 posted on 03/07/2011 11:10:16 PM PST by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: Salvation

Yes, but if America does not exist at it is today...what then? Things are changing very fast...

4 posted on 03/07/2011 11:32:26 PM PST by Deagle (t)
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To: Deagle

This is about praying in front of Planned Parenthood Clinics and stopping abortions.

Will you be among the people praying at a PP clinic?

5 posted on 03/07/2011 11:40:11 PM PST by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: Salvation

Ah yes, praying is a good thing... Waiting for the world to change is not. we are living in a world where abortion is accepted.. We have to do something to stop this abomination.

I do agree with doing all possible - not really sure about praying though. Seems to not be of much good these days!

6 posted on 03/07/2011 11:49:07 PM PST by Deagle (t)
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To: Deagle

**Seems to not be of much good these days!**

Sorry to hear you say that.

God has three answers — always!

Yes, No, and not now.

Perhaps you are getting the not now message and really God is asking you to look inward and see what needs to be improved in your own life during Lent.

7 posted on 03/07/2011 11:57:52 PM PST by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: Salvation

Nice reply... but there are things and actions that are Gods and there are actions of Man. Not always sure where the line is but do know that the line is there... Yes, we can always prepare, but sometimes things surprise us...

8 posted on 03/08/2011 12:32:49 AM PST by Deagle (t)
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To: Salvation
I read Abby Johnson's book Unplanned. It is a very powerful book about her transition from Planned Parenthood to pro life. I would recommend anyone interested in the pro life movement to read her book. It is very inspiring.
9 posted on 03/08/2011 1:52:25 AM PST by NoExpectations
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To: NoExpectations
Just got a loaner copy of it last night. Anxious to delve into it.

Former Planned Parenthood director: Dr. Nathanson ‘gave me hope I could do the same’
Former Planned Parenthood director, now pro-life, to become Catholic [Catholic Caucus]
A Deadly Domino Effect : Abby Johnson left Planned Parenthood and joined the cause of life.
Former Planned Parenthood director joins staff of Live Action
Former Planned Parenthood director to become Catholic
Former Planned Parenthood director to convert to Catholicism
Former Planned Parenthood director releases book
Escape from Abortion: A Review of unPlanned by Abby Johnson

10 posted on 03/08/2011 8:13:45 AM PST by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: All; wagglebee;; Faith; nina0113; Coleus

Prayers and reflections will be posted later today.

From Shawn Carney:

Ending abortion starts where YOU live!

We already know of NINE abortion centers where
40 Days for Life vigils have been conducted that are
now CLOSED ...

... and MORE facilities may be added to that list.

Just last week, Golden Gate Community Health, a
collection of abortion facilities in the San Francisco
Bay area, announced it was shutting down — at least
temporarily, and possibly forever.

That chain includes abortion centers in San Francisco
and San Mateo where 40 Days for Life campaigns have
been held — as well as three other locations!

In Columbia, Missouri, there’s a Planned Parenthood
location where several 40 Days for Life campaigns
have been held — and another is about to begin.

This Planned Parenthood center was unable to offer
abortions for several months last year after the
abortionist quit. Now, we hear the replacement
abortionist has also left — and no babies have been
aborted there since January 26!

Abortions are only available right now at one place
in the entire state of Missouri — Planned Parenthood
in St. Louis, where another peaceful 40 Days for Life
vigil begins tomorrow — praise God!

The reasons for these closures and cutbacks are
simple. God loves the babies, the women and the
abortion workers. And when we witness the love of God
to them through peaceful prayer, the despair that
abortion survives on is crushed by restored hope in
God’s love.

If this is the first time you’ve participated in
40 Days for Life, you may be a little fearful and
overwhelmed. That makes you normal.

But as Jesus told the disciples, “Be not afraid!”

Last fall, I gave a talk about overcoming our fear
of praying in front of an abortion facility at the
national leaders conference of Students for Life
of America.

To see the video online, please go to:

We start tomorrow! Will you be there? Will you be the
sign of God’s love that women will see just before
they enter that building?

To find the closest 40 Days for Life campaign, and
to find out how you can get involved, please to go:

I’m reminded of the words of Augustine: “Pray as
though everything depended on God. Work as though
everything depended on you.”

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get to work!

11 posted on 03/08/2011 8:45:08 AM PST by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: Salvation
Daily Devotionals

 40 Days for Life in Greensboro, North Carolina

The 40 Days for Life campaign is firmly rooted on a foundation of prayer and fasting. To help maintain focus on the Lord and stay in tune with His guidance, we have prepared a series of daily devotionals — one for each of the 40 days of the spring 2011 campaign.

We fervently believe that prayer and fasting will end abortion, and your prayers are very much needed and appreciated. Please follow the links below to read and meditate upon these brief reflections.

Printable versions are available; please click the link at the bottom of each devotional.

12 posted on 03/08/2011 8:51:11 AM PST by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: Salvation; All

Thanks for the great post, Salvation!

Prayer changes things! God responds to the prayers of His people. Be a powerful, silent witness and stand for the unborn. Show Moms and Dads that people do care about them and about their babies. No child should ever be led to slaughter for ANY reason. Most certainly all babies of abortion-minded women deserve to have someone who will plead for their life and mourn for them when that life is taken. Take a stand. We could shut down the abortion industry quickly if more people who shrug their shoulders and say they can’t do anything about it would show up at the mills and be present physically-—praying and ministering to the lost. The reason this holocaust continues in this nation is because of the lukewarmness of the church. God’s people need to STAND.

By the way, the first picture you posted is our group here in SW Ohio.

13 posted on 03/08/2011 12:00:30 PM PST by Faith
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To: Faith

**By the way, the first picture you posted is our group here in SW Ohio.**

Congratulations — you’re famous!

14 posted on 03/08/2011 2:52:03 PM PST by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: nickcarraway; NYer; ELS; Pyro7480; livius; ArrogantBustard; Catholicguy; RobbyS; marshmallow; ...

Catholic Action Ping!

This starts tomorrow — with a preliminary prayer today!

15 posted on 03/08/2011 2:55:04 PM PST by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: Salvation

I’m a little annoyed. I tried to look up where the nearest 40 days vigil would be (which would be the Long Beach/South Bay group), and the location is apparently TBA. Hard to sign up for a time to be there if I don’t know where “there” is.

16 posted on 03/08/2011 3:27:28 PM PST by married21 (As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.)
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To: Salvation

OUTSTANDING post, Salvation!


17 posted on 03/08/2011 8:50:50 PM PST by PGalt
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To: married21

Call around to some of the parishes this week. They will know.

18 posted on 03/08/2011 11:46:22 PM PST by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: PGalt


19 posted on 03/08/2011 11:46:48 PM PST by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: All

Day of Preparation - March 8



For God’s blessing upon the coming 40 Days for Life campaign.


If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and forgive their sin and heal their land.

- 2 Chronicles 7:14


Not unlike God's chosen people of Israel, we must humble ourselves, pray, seek His face, and turn from our wicked ways, if we expect God to hear from heaven, forgive our sin, and heal our land. The need for repentance has not been greater since the Supreme Court decision of Roe vs. Wade in 1973. The number one cause of death in America is the needless sacrifice of our children at the altar of convenience called abortion. Conservative estimates put the number of deaths at nearly 48 million.

And lest we think this is an issue outside the church walls, 43 percent of women obtaining abortions identify themselves as Protestant, and 27 percent identify themselves as Catholic. One in four women has at least one abortion by the age of 45 -- both non-Christian and Christian alike. Where was the voice of Truth -- the church?

Mary Comm of In Our Midst Ministries, Inc. sums up the issue best as she writes, "We (the church) have been an unintentional accomplice to the millions of lives lost and to the multiplied millions of lives devastated by abortion. We didn't want them to abort. We didn't mean for them to abort. But, because of our lack of knowledge, because of our fear, we have continued to stand by and do nothing. We, God's hands and feet in this dark and hurting world, have been unintentional, unknowledgeable accomplice, but an accomplice nonetheless."

May today mark the beginning of change within the church, as God's people, in unity, seek His forgiveness.


Heavenly Father, we have turned our backs on you and your principles in your Word. We have allowed man to usurp Your role as God over life and the number of our days. But we come to you in brokenness and repentance over our sin. We cry out for Your mercy and ask you to remove the scourge of abortion from our land. Use us as your vessels, Lord, to bring the light of Your Truth to our nation once again. Because of Christ we pray, amen.

Carmen Pate
Co-host, "Point of View" talk show

20 posted on 03/08/2011 11:47:17 PM PST by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: All

Today is the beginning of a somber season — when we
are reminded of the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert.

But we are filled with joy!

As we prepare to commemorate God’s victory over death
with Christ’s resurrection, we look forward to the
lifesaving results of this spring’s 40 Days for Life
campaign ...

... and we’re off to a fast start!

David Bereit, 40 Days for Life’s national director,
and I have both already spoken at 40 Days for Life
kickoff events these past few days and the excitement
is HUGE!

Let’s begin in Nebraska.

For one thing, I can tell you that Nebraskans are
one dedicated group of people!

Over the weekend, I flew to Omaha to help Nebraskans
United for Life kick off their 40 Days for Life vigils.

One of the vigils is located outside one of the few
late-term abortion facilities in America.

The abortionist makes no apologies for it, with a
big billboard that says “ABORTION & CONTRACEPTION
SERVICES OF NEBRASKA” right above his door.

Despite the cold, the local 40 Days for Life leader,
Mary Crosby, had invited a large crowd gathered to
pray for the doctor and begin 40 days of prayer and
fasting in front of a place that takes innocent human
life in the womb up to 24 weeks.

Click here to see a couple of pictures from Omaha —
one of me with Mary, and one where I was speaking to
the vigil participants at the kickoff event:

In Glendale, Arizona, Monica reports the campaign
there is holding its prayer vigil outside a Planned
Parenthood abortion center. That’s where the kickoff
was held, which Monica describes as “an amazing,
peaceful vigil” attended by many prayer volunteers.

Click here to see a photo of the 40 Days for Life
vigil in Glendale:

In Orange County, California, the 40 Days for Life
team launched the spring campaign with a baby shower.

“Around 80 people gathered in this celebration of
life,” said Alejandra, one of the local leaders.
“We celebrated the lives of twin boys saved from
abortion and helped two newborn girls in need.”

Click here to see photos of the 40 Days for Life
baby shower in Orange County:

Those are just a few of the record 247 locations
taking part in this campaign — and we can’t wait
to see what God has in store.

The best news — YOU can join in!

Click here to be a part the 40 Days for Life campaign
nearest you:

21 posted on 03/09/2011 7:44:32 AM PST by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: Salvation

Holy God,

During these coming 40 days, we ask that You help us consider the lives of the unborn-—especially those for whom death is planned before life outside the womb is achieved. May the prayers of all your people bear bountiful fruit as we join with others across this nation to pray to You, our Creator. Help us to pray with passion and unwavering faith, completely in agreement with Your Word in choosing life, and choosing it abundantly. May our prayers honor You Who did not withhold Your only begotten Son, our Savior. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

22 posted on 03/09/2011 6:49:46 PM PST by Faith
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To: Faith

Thanks for the beautiful prayer.

23 posted on 03/09/2011 10:41:59 PM PST by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: All

Day 1 - March 9



That we may use these 40 Days for Life to plead for God's mercy and grace upon all those involved in the sin of abortion.


Blow the trumpet in Zion! Proclaim a fast, call an assembly. Gather the people, notify the congregation. Assemble the elders; gather the children and the infants at the breast… Let the priests, the ministers of the Lord, weep and say, "Spare, O Lord, your people."

-- Joel 2:15-17


The toll of abortion cannot be measured. We hear estimates of almost 50 million innocent victims, but that's only one aspect of the harm that has unfolded in abortion's wake. There are also the mothers and fathers of these millions, as well as the grandparents, brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins. Unborn lives destroyed. Lives of the living shattered.

It's overwhelming and depressing, but even in the midst of such unfathomable darkness, the church teaches us to have hope. Yes, it was indeed Calvary that followed Christ's 40 days in the desert, but without Calvary there would have been no Resurrection - His victory over death that opened the gates of heaven to those who believe in and follow Him.

The psalmist encourages us to go humbly before God as we seek His will: "A clean heart create for me, O God, and a steadfast spirit renew within me… Give me back the joy of your salvation and a willing spirit sustain in me… O Lord, open my lips, and my mouth shall proclaim your praise" (Psalm 51:12, 14, 17).

We are called to be God's messengers; or as the Apostle Paul told the Corinthians: "We are ambassadors for Christ, as if God were appealing through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ: be reconciled to God" (2 Corinthians 5:20). That is the true message to all we encounter at the abortion centers and in our communities who have been deceived by the Culture of Death. We don't bring condemnation; we bring God's good news.


Lord, we ask for the strength, courage, wisdom, determination and stamina to carry out this mission according to Your will. Guide us, we pray, as we go forth and proclaim Your truth, always doing so with a spirit of love and compassion, as was demonstrated to us by Your Son, Jesus Christ. In His name we pray, amen.

David Brandao
Communications Director, 40 Days for Life

24 posted on 03/09/2011 10:42:32 PM PST by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: Salvation

Heavenly Father,

We come together with other believers in this nation, exalting the Name of Jesus, our High Priest in heaven. We pray for each lost soul who has been deceived by the ways of this world, asking that You place people in their paths who will share the Word of Truth with them. Fill them with Your unconditional love for their child. Help us to continue in prayer and in active involvement until every precious baby is received with joy and is cherished as Your blessed creation. In the mighty and awesome Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

25 posted on 03/10/2011 11:18:40 AM PST by Faith
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To: Faith

From an email:

Just two days into the largest 40 Days for Life campaign
ever and we’ve seen record crowds at kickoff events
across the United States — and beyond!

A posting in the 40 Days for Life blog by Nancy really
says it all: “Prayers are the best weapon we have to
fight the evil of abortion.”



I just got back from a GREAT 40 Days for Life kickoff
rally in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

They held their event in front of the Planned Parenthood
facility, which is getting ready to expand its abortion
capabilities. Please keep the Virginia Beach volunteers
in your prayers!

While I was there, the local ABC affiliate came out to
interview Marcia, the local coordinator.

To see a couple of pictures from Virginia Beach — a
photo of me and some of the local team members and a
view of the kickoff rally — please go to:


David Bereit, the national director of 40 Days for Life,
helped get the first-ever 40 Days for Life campaign in
Silver Spring, Maryland off to a great start. It was an
exciting night for this Washington, DC suburb.

For a look at the Silver Spring kickoff — there’s a
photo of David speaking to the group and another one
of volunteers signing up for the vigil — please go to:


The 40 Days for Life team in Lafayette, Indiana also
had a great turnout for their opening.

This campaign also marks the first 40 Days for Life
effort in Lafayette. As is the case in Virginia Beach
and Silver Spring, their vigil is also being held
outside a Planned Parenthood facility.

Members of the clergy from various local churches took
part in the kickoff event, which featured a prayer
gathering followed by a procession to the vigil site.

To see photos of Lafayette’s prayer volunteers
marching to Planned Parenthood, and then praying
peacefully outside that location, please go to:

As this 40 Days for Life campaign is just getting
started, there’s still plenty of time for you to join
in — and to spread the word to everyone you know.

Here’s that link to the listing of 40 Days for Life

Look for the city closest to you, click on the name —
and let the local team know you’re ready to help.

Another blog comment reminds me that the Lord will
respond to your willingness to stand up for the

“God is listening,” wrote Bernadette. “He will answer!”

26 posted on 03/10/2011 5:49:10 PM PST by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: All

Day 2 - March 10



May the King of the Universe, who entered this world as a helpless infant, give us the humility to be healed.


My power is made perfect in weakness.

--2 Corinthians 12:9


The great mystery of the Humility of God is very near and dear to the mission of those serving in pro life and in a special way, post abortion ministries across this nation. For those wounded by their participation in abortion, the door to healing often feels like crossing an abyss of great fear: fear of judgment, fear of being torn apart by the pain, by self hatred and rage at those who hurt and abandoned you, and manipulated you in your time of temptation. For men in particular, entering the unknown waters of emotional vulnerability, so necessary to healing calls for a different kind of courage that feels deceptively like weakness.

The door to healing is humility. It is born in the inability to no longer control the pain, to live with the consequences of that tragic decision to reject life. The hearts cries out, "I have committed a grave offense against my Creator and I am consumed by regret, grief and sorrow!"

During these forty days let us pray for all who have participated in abortion and with love call them to healing and reconciliation. With healing these women and men can become as John Paul II proclaimed in the Gospel of Life, "the most eloquent defenders of everyone's right to life."

Jesus proclaimed, "I am the Vine, you are the branches" (John 15:5). To bear the greatest fruit, the branches must be pruned. Each level of pruning of the vine requires a deeper level of humility so that we can abandon ourselves to His will. This is not a lofty theological concept as much as it is an earthy experience of pulling weeds, tilling rocky soil, pruning and healing the vines. "If a man wishes to come after me, he must deny his very self, take up his cross, and begin to follow in my footsteps" (Matthew 16:24).


Lord, during these forty days, we ask that with each day of this sacred vigil, everything in us that separates us from your perfect will would be pruned from our hearts and souls. In this blessed freedom may we experience a powerful anointing of your Holy Spirit. Filled with confidence and trust may we proclaim with the mother of Jesus, "Let it be done to me, according to your Word."

Kevin Burke
Executive Director, Rachels Vineyard Ministries

27 posted on 03/10/2011 5:51:03 PM PST by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: Salvation

Bump for life!

28 posted on 03/10/2011 6:31:29 PM PST by Faith
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To: Salvation

Heavenly Father,

You are the Author and Giver of life and You have a special plan for every child You have created. We confess that each precious baby is perfectly and wonderfully made. We pray that the lives of all unborn children would be preserved and that they would be welcomed into the arms of those You have called to love and nurture them. Use Your people to bring messages of hope to the mothers and fathers considering abortion. May each of them know of Your love and may they bring glory and honor unto You by choosing life. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

29 posted on 03/11/2011 5:11:21 PM PST by Faith
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To: Faith

Today’s email from Shawn Carney:

For me, THIS e-mail is the most exciting message of
every campaign!

This is the first report of babies saved so far during
this 40 Days for Life campaign. I know we are ONLY
THREE DAYS into the campaign, but God has no time limit
on working miracles — here are just a few:


On Wednesday, the first day of the 40 Days for Life
campaign, a young woman pulled into the abortion
center’s parking lot. “She and a friend sat in their
car for over 20 minutes,” wrote James. “The young
mother kept looking over at the pro-lifers praying.”

She would look at the sign with a picture of a baby
in the womb — and then cover her eyes.

“As time went on, she kept looking over at the people
praying and she would look for a longer period of time,”
James said. “Finally she rolled down her window and
listened to a counselor speak to her of the love and
help available.”

On a typical Wednesday, this facility in Rockford
performs 15 abortions. “Today, because of the power
of prayer,” said James, “that number was cut in half
to seven.”

To see photos of the 40 Days for Life vigil in Rockford,
please go to:


“We arrived early to pray at the abortion facility,”
said Eileen, the local coordinator of the 40 Days for
Life campaign in Beaumont. “The good news is that the
water was turned off due to the construction activity
going on nearby. We were elated thinking no abortions
could be performed due to lack of water.”

The prayer volunteers had an opportunity to talk to one
of the construction workers in the area.

“He is proud to call himself a Christian, reads the
Word every day, and is most vehement about the evil of
abortion,” said Eileen. The volunteers invited him to
come and join when he has time off, and he said he
would try to do so.

“I believe in what y’all are doing,” he said. “I wish
I had more time to do this type work. We need more
people doing this, that’s for sure.”


“We had a victory for life today in Wilmington,
Delaware at the Planned Parenthood on Shipley Street,”
wrote Elizabeth, who tells her story on the 40 Days for
Life blog.

Elizabeth was praying alone when a young man walked out
of the abortion center, tossed his hands in the air,
shook his head and sadly said, “I tried.” He had tried
to talk his girlfriend out of having an abortion, but
she just wasn’t listening.

He sent the young woman a text message, telling her
that Elizabeth was outside praying for her. Soon, she
came out and said it was too late — she had already paid
$500 and she was going through with it.

She went back inside. The young man couldn’t handle it.
He drove away.

But Elizabeth kept praying. She spoke to a second young
couple and told them about the situation, and asked if
they could go into Planned Parenthood to tell this
first young woman that someone was still outside praying
for her.

They went inside. About 10 minutes later, the woman who
was scheduled for an abortion came out.

“I asked her if she had chosen life for her child,”
Elizabeth wrote, “and she said yes!” Elizabeth gave
her a big hug.

“Please,” said Elizabeth, “even if you are the sole
person witnessing to life as I was today, know that
with God, all things are possible.”

30 posted on 03/11/2011 9:51:18 PM PST by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: All

Day 3 - March 11



Pray for your local pregnancy help center: for those who answer calls from women considering abortion, those who provide ultrasounds, and those who personally help mothers prepare to parent or place for adoption.


Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.

--Psalm 82:4


When a woman arrives at her local pregnancy help center, the hard work of "rescuing the weak" begins. They listen to her. What desperate circumstance is driving her? They act. A professional ultrasound and medical care is provided. They pray, "God use us." Then, they take up her burdens and work towards life. It is cross-bearing for the child-bearing.

Recently, I prayed for one volunteer who was working with one mother in her struggle. Here is what "rescue the weak" looked like in this one case:

  • Aug 3: She made an appoint-ment for Thursday to get an abortion and while she feels terrible about it, she also feels like she has no choice. Pray that her heart is changed!
  • Aug 10: She is 12 weeks along but missed her appointment. She had some good conversa-tions with people at the preg-nancy center. She is now considering adoption.
  • Aug 13: Things are down again. She now has an abortion scheduled for Monday. Pray!
  • Aug 17: Missed appointment! God is working in her life.
  • Sept 1: We've hit another rocky period. She has an abortion scheduled for tomorrow. She found out today that her parents are planning a trip to visit her and she is panicking.
  • Sept 15: Missed third appointment. But feels like she has no choice. Please pray today.
  • Sept 20: She fears her parents but has agreed to another ultrasound (a breakthrough).
  • Sept 22: I was there with her for her ultrasound. She saw her baby moving and made the realization that she wants to carry her baby.

Please keep praying against attack by the enemy. We are overwhelmed by seeing God's hand move in this situation and are so very thankful for the prayers lifted up by each one of you. God is good!


Father, we praise you for this one sister who gave herself, heart and soul, to rescue this one mother and baby. O may you empower the hundreds more today who are serving in our pregnancy help centers. Grant those answering calls, providing ultrasound and following up with a bold spirit of truth, love and perseverance.

31 posted on 03/11/2011 9:52:54 PM PST by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: Salvation

Holy Lord,

Make us useful unto You, that we may be faithful in this battle to preserve life. May the longings of our hearts be in complete harmony with Your will. Fill us with a holy passion for life and for You as our Creator. May we begin each day in praise and worship, recognizing our total dependence upon You. You have promised to fully equip us for everything You ask us to do. May we never grow weary in doing good, for Your Word states that in due season the harvest of our labor will be reaped. Make us instruments of Your peace as we stand in defense of the unborn-—for those who have no voice. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

32 posted on 03/12/2011 9:40:58 AM PST by Faith
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To: Faith

Today’s email from Shawn Carney

There’s no better way to put it. As far as the abortion
centers are concerned, 40 Days for Life is just bad for

While this is not the main reason that we pray outside
abortion facilities, it does show that when women
choose life, it affects the one thing the abortion
industry really cares about — money!


“Three years ago, when we did our first 40 Days for Life
prayer vigil,” said Janet in Augusta, “Family Planning
Association of Maine hung a banner with a comic strip
type character with the words ‘defend the truth.’”

This facility has used a high-profile (but ineffective)
program called “pledge-a-picket.” The idea is to get
pro-abortion donors to pledge a certain amount of money
for each person praying outside the building.

Recently, she said, they spent big money on a new
surveillance system. “They’ve focused some of their
resources on us. We are costing them money.”

The Augusta campaign was featured this week on WABI-TV
in Maine.

The reporter interviewed a spokeswoman for the abortion
center, who complained of demonstrators “harassing” their
clients. The video then showed a couple of volunteers
against a background of snow — bundled up on a cold
Maine day — quietly praying for an end to abortion.

For a link to the WABI-TV news story and a picture from
their report, please go to:


A record crowd of 120 turned out for the kickoff of the
fifth 40 Days for Life campaign in Syracuse.

Coordinators noted that the Planned Parenthood facility
in Syracuse was the first freestanding abortion center
in the United States.

It opened for business on July 2, 1970 — 40 years ago
(abortion was legal in New York prior to the 1973
Roe v. Wade ruling).

“We are thrilled to be here and do God’s work and
bring His light and love and mercy to this darkest
corner of our city,” Jeannie, one of the coordinators,
told the crowd.

“We’re uniting in prayer and fasting with 247 cities,”
she said. “That’s tens of thousands of people praying
and fasting. And we’re expectant that God will do great
things for us.”

To see photos of the 40 Days for Life kickoff in
Syracuse, please go to:

Saturdays are often “procedure days” at abortion centers.
In plain English, that means Saturday is the deadliest
day of the week for innocent unborn children.

Please consider joining a 40 Days for Life vigil today.
Who knows? Your prayers may help save a baby.

All you have to do is show up and pray. God will handle
the rest!

To find the nearest 40 Days for Life campaign, please
go to:

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To: All

Day 4 - March 12



Pray that we each will daily put on the full armor of God, so that we are strong in the Lord and the power of His might.


For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore, take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all, to stand.

- Ephesians 6:12-13


I am confounded to see how the battle over the issue of life is perceived more often in churches today as political rather than spiritual. Ironically, the enemy has used this twisted perception to silence many in the body of Christ. We must see the battle for what it is and if we are to be prepared to face the spiritual enemy on the issue of abortion, we must daily "put on" the armor God has given us:

  • Gird your waist with Truth (vs. 14) - Commit your emotions to believe truth and to speak truth, regardless of the repercussions.
  • Put on the breastplate of Righteousness (vs. 14) -It will protect our hearts - the innermost springs of our beings - from all unrighteousness so evident in this fallen world.
  • Shod your feet with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace. (vs. 15) -Preparation is vital if we are to be effective in God's work.
  • Taking the shield of faith (vs.16) - The Accuser will instill doubt, fear, and guilt. Faith acts as an invisible shield that deflects such false accusations.
  • Taking the Helmet of salvation (vs.17) - A helmet protects the head, the brain and in turn our mind and thoughts. Satan hopes we will set aside divine revelation for human reasoning.
  • Taking the sword of the Spirit (vs.17) - The Word of God, the only offensive weapon in this armor, was used by the Lord Jesus against Satan. The living Word is powerful and effective.

Our armor is complete. We are ready to wage war, and the next verse tells us how, "Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the spirit." (vs.18)


Dear Lord, as you lead us into the spiritual battle of abortion may we be reminded that the battle is truly Yours. We thank you for equipping us with Your armor. Lead us daily to put it on! Thank you for allowing us to serve under your command, and for hearing our requests for direction and protection. Thank you for the victory that is ours because of Your Son Jesus, amen.

Carmen Pate
Co-host, "Point of View" talk show

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To: Salvation
Pinged from Terri Dailies

35 posted on 03/13/2011 11:30:16 AM PDT by wagglebee ("A political party cannot be all things to all people." -- Ronald Reagan, 3/1/75)
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To: wagglebee; Faith

Today’s email from Shawn Carney:

When the first nationally coordinated 40 Days for Life
campaign was being planned in 2007, we hoped for
20 cities, honestly. Of course, we weren’t thinking
big enough.

In September 2007, the first 40 Days for Life campaign
launched in 89 cities. And it’s now grown to 247 cities!

Then, when we thought this would ONLY be a campaign for
the United States ...

... well, we were wrong again! We’re in nine countries
this campaign.

Here’s a quick world tour of some of our 32 international
vigil locations:


London is back for its second campaign, and Cheltenham
is along for its first.

The London campaign continues to have a strong reach
into the international community, and more nations may
be joining 40 Days for Life in the future — with help
from Robert, the campaign coordinator in London.

Robert sent along a link to a short video promoting
40 Days for Life in London.

I’ve watched this several times and it’s downright

This video is directed at a specific community in
England’s capital, and the on-screen information is
presented in their native language — POLISH!

To see the Polish video about 40 Days for Life in
England, please go to:


The 40 Days for Life coordinators in Spain have jumped
into this project with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm
and hard work.

The first inquiry we received mentioned the possibility
of a campaign in Madrid. As the months went by and the
word spread, that has grown to TEN different cities!

40 Days for Life in Spain now has its own national team
and its own web site — and people are answering the
call to pray and fast for an end to abortion.

To see photos of the 40 Days for Life campaigns in
Madrid, Segovia and Puerto de Santa Maria, please go to:


Georgia was once part of the Soviet Union, and abortion
continues to be a major concern there. Please keep this
campaign in your prayers; not only does it have great
potential to save lives (one baby saved already!), it
also has the potential to foster greater unity in the
Body of Christ.

“Every denomination that exists in Tbilisi is
participating,” said Carolyn, who is coordinating this
first-ever campaign in Georgia. “This is truly

Carolyn sent some photos from the vigil in front of
Parliament in Tbilisi, which is Georgia’s capital.

I don’t understand the words — and I certainly can’t
read the language. They use a totally different alphabet.
But Carolyn says the signs read “choose life” and
“abortion stops a beating heart.”

That sounds quite familiar, doesn’t it? It shows that
abortion is a worldwide problem — and that God has a
worldwide answer.

To see pictures from 40 Days for Life in Georgia, please
go to:


There are six cities Down Under for this 40 Days for
Life campaign — the most yet in Australia. And it
isn’t springtime there. This campaign begins in the
final days of summer, rolling into early autumn.

The kickoff in Sydney was quite an event — and we have
the video!

Check out the Sydney 40 Days for Life kickoff at:

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To: All

Day 5 - March 13



May God's justice sober our society, and may mercy triumph over judgment.


Surely for your lifeblood I will demand a reckoning; from the hand of every beast I will require it, and from the hand of man. From the hand of every man's brother I will require the life of man. Whoever sheds man's blood, by man his blood shall be shed; for in the image of God He made man.

- Genesis 9:5-6


The value of every human being can hardly be seen more clearly than with this verse. God, the King of the universe, has created all human beings in his image, and declares forthrightly that shedding the blood of any individual will require the blood of the one who shed it. God's concern for human beings is not limited to any particular group. Indeed, his concern is universal, and includes male and female, young and old, born and unborn, disabled and able-bodied, the citizens of every nation on earth.

Abortion, the deliberate killing of the unborn, is the shedding of innocent blood. Surely the blood of millions upon millions of innocent children cries out to God. It is true that we live in an age of grace, and yet this passage (among many other texts which express similar sentiments) should give every thinking Christian pause.

Christians of all people, entrusted with the Word of God as we are, must take a stand. We must speak out. We must do all that we can to protect the innocent, to pursue justice, and to encourage the repentance of all those who bear responsibility for this great evil. Only in this manner can we hope to forestall the judgment that must otherwise surely come.

This passage should also be seen as an encouragement to educate and disciple our children and grandchildren about what it means to be human, and the responsibility that will become theirs in this ongoing struggle.


O Father, forgive us for our lack of courage and our want of compassion for the unborn and for those lost and hurt by abortion. Fill us anew with your Spirit. Renew our minds, strengthen us in righteousness, help us be people of salt and light within our nation. May every human being, from conception to natural death, be treated with the respect due those made in your image. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Rev. John Brown
Director, United Friends for Life (United Church of Christ)

37 posted on 03/13/2011 4:30:31 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: Salvation

Holy Lord,

Make us useful unto You, that we may be faithful in this battle to preserve life. May the longings of our hearts be in complete harmony with Your will. Fill us with a holy passion for life and for You as our Creator. May we begin each day in praise and worship, recognizing our total dependence upon You. You have promised to fully equip us for everything You ask us to do. May we never grow weary in doing good, for Your Word states that in due season the harvest of our labor will be reaped. Make us instruments of Your peace as we stand in defense of the unborn-—for those who have no voice. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

38 posted on 03/13/2011 5:11:01 PM PDT by Faith
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To: Faith

Thank you so much for the prayer.

39 posted on 03/13/2011 5:38:30 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: All

Today’s email from Shawn Carney:

When people hear about babies saved from abortion, it
motivates them to trust God — and participate in
40 Days for Life.

After all, how often do you have an opportunity to
literally help save a life just by peacefully praying?

It’s already happened in this campaign ...

... 35 times (that we know of)!

Here are just a few of the miracles that God has
granted ...


Prayer volunteers at the 40 Days for Life vigil in
Orange County were caught by surprise as the doors of
the abortion center flew open and a frightened young
woman literally ran out as fast as she could ...

... barefoot!

A young man came out looking for her. The barefoot
runner was his girlfriend, and she was there for an

Eventually, she was found nearby, and vigil participants
offered to get her something to eat. When they sat down
to their meal, the young woman told her story.

She was six months pregnant and was already on the table
at the abortion center. She had an IV and was in the
process of being sedated. But she was still alert enough
to realize ...

.. she simply couldn’t go through with it.

“God’s grace poured into her heart,” said one of the
40 Days for Life volunteers. The young woman found the
strength and courage to remove the needle from her arm,
to quickly get dressed (except for her shoes!) and run
out to safety.

“Our prayers from outside helped her get that courage
to leave the table and run away,” said the volunteer.
“I realized how important our role is.”


40 Days for Life participants in Houston say the campaign
has been quite eventful already.

There’s a mobile pro-life pregnancy counseling center
in Houston, and it is often parked outside Planned
Parenthood’s huge abortion facility.

Women arriving for appointments at Planned Parenthood
are offered assistance in this vehicle, and volunteers
say many of these women are willing and eager to listen.

“This was possible through the grace of God,” said
one volunteer, “even with several Planned Parenthood
escorts on the scene.”

Two abortion-minded women visited the mobile center.
One of those two made a huge turn around after seeing
her unborn child on the ultrasound image and chose life.

The other simply said she would think about it, so she
was given information about pro-life resources. Please
keep her in your prayers.

To see photos of the 40 Days for Life vigil at Planned
Parenthood in Houston, please go to:


One of the 40 Days for Life volunteers in Milwaukee
watched as a couple pulled into the parking lot at the
abortion center. The woman got out and walked into the
building while the man remained at the wheel of his
truck. So one vigil participant walked over and struck
up a conversation.

Eventually, the volunteer started talking about his
dad, who was born during the Depression, less than nine
months after his grandparents got married.

“I couldn’t think of a worse time to have to worry
about feeding another mouth,” he said, “but my
grandparents did the right thing.”

The driver then opened his door and said, “OK, then
I’m going in. I’ll talk to her.”

He came out later, but shrugged his shoulders and
said, “I tried, but she ain’t with it.”

But the prayer volunteer encouraged him, “Go back and
try again. You have nothing to lose!”

The man went back inside again, and finally the couple
came out together — smiling — and got back into
their vehicle.

“We didn’t get it!” he said.

“Amen!” said the 40 Days for Life volunteer.

“Amen!” replied the guy in the truck.

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To: All

Day 6 - March 14


That those tempted to abort may understand that their child is already present, and already a real person.


And it happened, when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary that the babe leaped in her womb; and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit. Then she spoke out with a loud voice and said, "Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb! But why is this granted to me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me? For indeed, as soon as the voice of your greeting sounded in my ears, the babe leaped in my womb for joy.

-- Luke 1:41-44


Jesus not only loves unborn children -- He was one himself!

Think about this for a moment.

We often hear people speak of a pregnant mother by saying, "She's expecting a child." Now if one is expecting a package, the package is not yet there. As reflected in our verse for today, however, this is not the case with the mother. Her gift is already there. The pregnant woman, a mother already, does not have a child "on the way," but has a child, already present and in full possession of his or her human rights, starting with the right to life.


Jesus, open my eyes to your presence in the life of every child. Open my heart to joy in the birth of every child, a birth that reflects the joy of your own birth in Bethlehem. As you shared life in the womb of Mary, so now send your protection upon every child still in the womb, and grant to their mothers the strength and joy that comes from welcoming the gift of life. We pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life

41 posted on 03/14/2011 3:11:46 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: All

Today’s email from Shawn Carney:

40 Days for Life is a call to sacrifice.

During these 40 days, many of you sacrifice food, time,
sleep, television and other comforts. This of course
sounds good but can be VERY hard (especially when
you’re tired, hungry — and college basketball is on!).

But these detachments help us to reflect on what is
eternal and everlasting — God’s love!

And it’s most gratifying to know that people just like
you are going out of their way to pray, fast — and
sacrifice — on behalf of God’s innocent children.


You may be familiar with 2 Chronicles 7:14, the
scripture verse in which God tells us, “humble
yourselves and pray.” It’s central to the 40 Days
for Life message. A 40 Days for Life volunteer in
this Canadian city learned that it was possible to
both show humility — and to be a sign to others.

The volunteer arrived at the vigil site to stand and
pray. Passersby barely seemed to notice. But “after
a while, I felt convicted to kneel in prayer.”

At first, there was fear of looking stupid, small and
weak. But the fear soon melted. A short time later,
this vigil participant looked up and began to notice
the reactions of people driving by.

“It was very different now. I can best describe their
facial expressions as stunned, surprised and intensely
watching — sincerely amazed at what they were seeing.
I realized it was jarring for them to see someone
worshiping and appealing to God in such a public,
humbling manner.”

The world views humbling oneself as a position of
weakness. “Yet, by placing myself in a position of
weakness, it became a position of strength: strength
to witness; strength to pray more fervently; strength
to stir the human heart.”


The call to humble prayer is also being heard in
Orlando, where the 40 Days for Life vigil is taking
place outside a facility where late-term abortions
are performed.

On a recent day, it is estimated that more than 30
abortions took place — well into the evening. Vigil
participants say the atmosphere at this place is
most disturbing.

“A peaceful prayer presence is so very needed,” said one
40 Days for Life participant. “Silent peaceful prayer
is so necessary at the unhappiest place on earth.”

For a photo of 40 Days for Life vigil participants
kneeling in prayer in Orlando please go to:


David Bereit, the national director of 40 Days for Life,
often asks people to consider this: “Many of us have
worked jobs where we’ve put in 40 hours a week; why not
try to put in 40 hours at the vigil over the course of
40 Days for Life?”

Daphne in Canton has responded to that call to sacrifice.
“I am challenging you to something that I have challenged
myself to during the 40 Days for Life campaign — to pray
for 40 hours. I am calling it the 40 Hour Challenge,” she
said. “I am inviting all of you to embrace the Cross and
take up the 40 Hour Challenge.”

What to pray for? Daphne suggests praying for 40 Days for
Life, for the campaign’s local and national leaders, for
everyone making the sacrifice to pray at the abortion
centers, for all those pondering abortion and all those
affected by abortion. “The list goes on and on,” she said.

Just in case you haven’t checked the list of 247 locations
where 40 Days for Life vigils are going on TODAY, please
go to:

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To: Faith; nina0113

Day 7 - March 15



Pray that the abortionists and all workers in abortion facilities would be troubled in their souls regarding their work and would seek truth.


Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamor, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice. And be kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake has forgiven you.

-- Ephesians 4:31-32


We see the evil and oppression in the world, the arrogance of those who mock God, the millions of innocent lives destroyed because of the greed of a few. Our flesh tells us that we should take justice in our own hands, but instead of vengeance, the Lord calls us to love our enemy, to forgive others as we have been forgiven.

God loves the abortionist and the Planned Parenthood advocate just as much as He loves you. It breaks His heart to see them in bondage to sin and He is giving you this opportunity to introduce them to the Savior who sets the captive free.

Though you may not experience direct interaction with these souls, your presence will not go unnoticed. Your non-verbal communications speak volumes about the God you serve.

Forgiveness is an act of obedience to God (Colossians 3:13). Forgiveness is not condoning or overlooking the wrong behavior of others, but rather it is freeing ourselves so that God can work mightily through us to touch their hearts for Him. Let's join our hearts with His in recognizing that those in the abortion industry are not the enemy, but rather they are blinded by the enemy. God desires that we bring them the message of truth and hope found in Christ, but the messengers He will use are those willing to forgive.


Dearest God, You tell us in Proverbs that the foolish and the wicked lack wisdom and understanding. I pray you will trouble the souls of those in the abortion industry so that they hunger for truth and cry out for freedom. I pray that my life would reflect my redemption so others may see it and trust in You. In obedience to You, and by your grace, I choose to forgive others as you have forgiven me. In the name of Christ my Redeemer I pray, amen.

Carmen Pate
Co-host, "Point of View" talk show

43 posted on 03/15/2011 5:05:29 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: Salvation

Two moms changed their minds today. Praise be to God!

Holy God,

We may never know, this side of heaven, the extent to which our prayers are being answered during this 40 day campaign. It is easy to be discouraged and to fall into the devil’s traps of deception. But You have called us to pray-—to be strong, and to take courage. You have called us to walk by faith and not by sight. You have called us to trust in You with all our hearts, and to lean not upon our own understanding. And so we pray, with hearts yearning for Your most powerful answers, and with a faith that is confident in knowing that You do respond to the prayers of those who call You Lord. In the Name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

44 posted on 03/15/2011 5:11:05 PM PDT by Faith
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To: Faith

And here is the email from Shawn Carney about positive coverage in the media!

Local media outlets have been all over 40 Days for Life
campaigns since we kicked off in 247 cities just last
Wednesday ...

... and we’ve seen great — and positive — coverage of
YOUR campaigns!

Here are just a few examples:


Chris Veneklase of the 40 Days for Life team in Lansing
had an opportunity to talk about the campaign on Tony
Conley’s morning program on WILS-AM. It’s a secular
station that also features nationally syndicated hosts
such as Laura Ingraham.

Things got very personal — and quite moving — when
it came to a discussion of the overwhelming number of
abortions that are recommended when doctors discover
that a child in the womb has Down syndrome.

Tony Conley said he tried to get a representative of
Planned Parenthood to come on the program. But no one
was interested.

To hear a short clip from the interview (it’s
powerful!), please go to:


This marks the first 40 Days for Life campaign in
Modesto, and the local team was featured in a story
in the local newspaper, the Modesto Bee.

It’s not a political or noisy protest, said local
coordinator Mark Jeffords. “It’s a Christian prayer
vigil, definitely not a protest,” he said. “We’re
trying to raise public awareness. There won’t be
any shouting.”

Mark emphasized that the campaign is “also are trying
to reach out to the women. We want to tell them about
the Modesto Pregnancy Center. They also have services
for women. I hope the women realize there’s a person
in their bodies who is coming into the world and also
understand that they’re not alone.”

For a link to the full story in the Modesto Bee,
please go to:


The first-time 40 Days for Life campaign in Lafayette
got the attention of the Journal and Courier locally.

In this case, a Planned Parenthood representative DID
speak to the reporter, rattling off the standard line
about vigil participants “harassing patients.”

The newspaper also included a picture, which proved to
be worth more than a thousand Planned Parenthood talking
points. The picture shows two women quietly praying on
the sidewalk — no “harassment” whatsoever!

“We’re simply there praying,” said Lafayette campaign
coordinator Judy Watson. “How could anybody not want that?”

For a link to the Lafayette Journal and Courier story —
and the picture — please go to:


As part of their community outreach, the 40 Days for
Life team in Tallahassee participated in a memorial
service for aborted babies at a local cemetery — and
WCTV, the local CBS affiliate, reported on the event.

The station interviewed local coordinator Chris Moleski
for the report. She said that 40 Days for Life “is a
campaign that has been developed to give people an
opportunity to bring about an end to abortion through
prayer, fasting and community outreach.”

For a link to the WCTV story — including the video of
the news report — please go to:

45 posted on 03/16/2011 10:46:14 AM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: All

Day 8 - March 16



We pray for a renewal of our zeal to offer generous help to the unborn and their families.


If I have despised the cause of my male or female servant When they complained against me, What then shall I do when God rises up? When He punishes, how shall I answer Him? Did not He who made me in the womb make them? Did not the same One fashion us in the womb?

-- Job 31:13-15


The ground is level as we stand before God.

Job lived with an awe provoking sense of God's expectation of him, particularly regarding his obligation to care for the weak and needy. He knew that in God's economy everyone stands on level ground when it comes to our status as God's creatures. Because of that central truth, we must take care of each other.

Job also knew that he didn't deserve any of the good things God gave to him. Instead, those blessings came to Job from God's benevolent heart. As an extension of that knowledge, Job instinctively linked his obligation to be generous to others to God's kindness toward him.

As in Jesus' parable of the unmerciful servant (Matthew 18:23-35), Job knew that it is an egregious sin to deny to others what we enjoy ourselves. He actually calls down on his own head severe condemnation and even punishment should he fail to share with others out of his own abundance (see verses 16-23).

Proverbs 3:27 reads, "Withhold not good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of your hand to do so." Some things are so obvious that we don't even need to pray except to ask of God forgiveness and the power to do what so obviously needs doing.


God, forgive us when we try to explain away the obligation we have to help others who need help. Enable us to not devalue them because they are in the circumstance that they are in, but to see them for what they are, those, who like us, were formed by your hand in their mother's womb. Amen.

Rev. Rob Schenck
President, Faith and Action, and National Clergy Council

46 posted on 03/16/2011 10:47:56 AM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: Salvation

Holy God,

Only when we return to those things that You hold dear will there be peace and blessing in this nation. You have set before us the choice of life and blessing, or death and destruction. May we choose to honor that which You love. May we choose life and choose it abundantly. Great is Your faithfulness, for You watch over Your word to perform it. In the Name of Jesus, Amen.

47 posted on 03/16/2011 11:20:37 AM PDT by Faith
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To: Faith

Today’s email:

Let’s not kid ourselves. Women are the heart and soul
of the pro-life movement.

My wife got me involved by taking me out to pray at
Planned Parenthood way back when we were dating. David
Bereit, our national director, also got involved in
pro-life work through the example of his wife.

This week, the call for more men to stand and pray came
from one of the local 40 Days for Life coordinators
after a bully got vocal with a woman who was praying at
the vigil.

This is just one example of how important it is for men
to get more involved in the campaign — and what a
difference it can make when men decide to man-up and
take Christ to the front lines of our culture war.

So thanks to all the men who are taking part in 40 Days
for Life! (And the women too, of course!!!)

Oh, by the way — today is the day everyone gets to be
Irish. Congratulations!


One volunteer in Worcester got involved in 40 Days for
Life after his wife asked him to pray.

He’d always been pro-life, he said, but “I have always
kept my mouth shut.” After all, he’s a guy, and we’re
always told that abortion is a “women’s issue.”

Then he visited the 40 Days for Life web site and did
a lot of reading. “I cried more than once,” he said,
“for the unborn, for their moms and for my inactivity
in the past. I asked God to forgive me for being silent
these last 40 years. I was wrong to keep quiet. I will
not be quiet any longer.”

This volunteer now has a plan. “I am going to fast as
often as I physically can,” he said. “I will pray every
day. I will ask others to pray.”

Thanks, he said, “to you all for standing up, speaking
up and doing something positive for the little ones.”


This is the first 40 Days for Life campaign in Fort
Collins, and new volunteers are excited to have the
opportunity to pray for an end to abortion.

“No matter how many rude gestures and remarks we got,
we also received waves of support, honks of approval,
even a friendly hello from a mom who slowed down enough
for her two toddlers to see us,” said Maria, one of the
vigil participants.

“It was truly a rewarding evening, knowing we have made
an impact.”

Speaking of men joining the campaign, a local Knights
of Columbus council prayed together at the Fort Collins
vigil. I can’t say enough about the Knights and the
strong, faithful support they continue to show for
40 Days for Life!

To see a photo of the Knights of Columbus in Fort
Collins, please go to:


Haylee, the 40 Days for Life coordinator in Anchorage,
says she has a couple of items guaranteed to motivate
you even further.

One young man stood and prayed at the vigil for seven
hours. “And some of that time he was all alone,” she
said. “That shows determination and commitment!”

Then there was a team of men who covered midnight to
7 a.m. “The temperature fell to -4 and yet they stayed
out there praying to God and putting action to their
beliefs,” Haylee said. “Praise the Lord!”

To see a photo of another group of 40 Days for Life
volunteers praying in the cold, in the snow, in the
dark, in Anchorage, Alaska, please go to:

48 posted on 03/17/2011 10:21:47 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: All

Day 9 - March 17



Pray that the post-abortive woman would be repentant, accept forgiveness, be healed and restored, and bring glory to God with her new life.


I acknowledged my sin to You, and my iniquity I have not hidden. I said, "I will confess my transgressions to the Lord," and You forgave the iniquity of my sin.

-- Psalm 32:5


Because abortion is legal in America, many have justified their choice. "If it's legal, it can't be wrong, right?" We now have an entire generation of men and women who have never known abortion to be illegal; a generation of people who have never been broken over their sin of abortion.

As a result, the consequences of unconfessed sin weigh on their souls, yet they have never connected the dots as to why their hearts are heavy. No wonder we have millions of women who are struggling with depression, addictions, eating disorders and more.

Post abortion syndrome is very real but recovery begins when the individual agrees with God as David confessed in Psalm 51:3-4, 14, "Against You, You only, have I sinned, and done this evil in Your sight - that You may be found just when You speak, and blameless when you Judge. Deliver me from the guilt of bloodshed, O God, the God of my salvation."

Brokenness is the key to accessing God's glorious mercy and healing. Christ came to heal the broken hearted and He is waiting with open arms to take the post-abortive woman on a glorious journey of healing and restoration if she will only run to Him.

God will not waste any sin we lay at His feet. Imagine millions of healed and restored post-abortive women like myself singing aloud of His righteousness and giving testimony of His love and forgiveness. What a day of rejoicing that will be!


Heavenly Father, you are our Healer. You have forgiven all my iniquities and removed my transgressions from me as far as the east is from the west. Guilt no longer has dominion in my life. Lord, we pray that post-abortive women across this nation will run to You to receive the gift of redemption and healing that comes from You only. In the name of our Savior we pray, amen.

Carmen Pate
Co-host, "Point of View" talk show

49 posted on 03/17/2011 10:25:45 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: All

Today’s email from Shawn Carney:

Abortion thrives on despair.

The despair of women often leads them to believe that
abortion is their only solution. The despair of clinic
workers helps convince them they are doing a good thing
and trying to help women. Even the despair of the
Christian may lead to the hopelessness of believing
that abortion will never end.

Well, in 247 cities right now, your prayer presence
is crushing despair and bringing hope!

The constant theme of all the stories that I hear from
local 40 Days for Life teams is that we should never,
never, NEVER give up!

Even if the situation appears hopeless, God is always


A young woman got out of a car that had a Christian
fish pin on it ... determined to keep her abortion
appointment at the facility where the 40 Days for Life
vigil is taking place.

A counselor tried to talk to her, but she just offered
a crude gesture, hissed at the prayer volunteers and
walked in.

“We didn’t give up,” said Angela, the local 40 Days
for life coordinator. “We kept praying.”

An hour later, she came out to smoke a cigarette and
saw members of a Bound 4 Life youth group who were
praying at the vigil.

“What are they doing?” the young woman asked.

Angela answered, “They are praying for your baby.”
The young woman flipped her cigarette towards Angela
and went back inside.

Another hour passed — another hour of constant prayer,
particularly for this young women.

She then came out again and literally ran — weeping —
into the arms of the youth group members.

“Thank you for being here!” she cried.

“I didn’t do it!”

Then the full story came out. Her father was pressuring
her to abort — even though, she said, he claimed to be
a Christian. Her mother said she would not help raise
another baby as she already had a 3-year-old at home.

The young woman feared her father would put her and her
child out on the streets for not going through with the

“We told her of our resources and how we could help her
to find shelter and get back on her feet,” Angela said.
“She hugged us again and thanked the group for being

To see a photo of the 40 Days for Life vigil in Granite
City, please go to:


One of the Helena 40 Days for Life volunteers tells of
a young woman considering abortion. Fortunately, this
young woman’s co-worker realized there was an
opportunity to minister to her.

The co-worker invited her to the 40 Days for Life
kickoff — which she attended. At the kick-off event,
she picked up a card for a local clinic pregnancy
resource center and gave the people there a call.

“We’re told that she received an ultrasound and made
the decision to keep the baby,” said Ben in Helena.
“We will continue to check in on her and provide
assistance as needed.”


Two people were praying at the 40 Days for Life vigil
when they were politely interrupted by a woman who
wanted to give them cookies — cookies that her daughter
was selling for her scout group.

“I know you probably think you can’t make a difference,
just standing on a street corner praying about abortion,”
she said, “but I’m here to tell you, you can!”

Ten years ago, the woman had an abortion scheduled.
But when she arrived, “two people just like you were
praying quietly on the street corner outside. Because
of them, I didn’t go through with it. Today I have a
beautiful daughter who’s alive because of those people
who chose to pray.”

What more can I say? Please keep praying!

50 posted on 03/18/2011 9:47:37 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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